Broadway Love Story

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This is a standalone story, but also a follow on to Broadway Lust Story. People liked Tony and Ty and wanted to hear more about them, so here you go. (Reading Broadway Lust Story first is recommended, but not necessary.)

Tess-O’Meter — Green/Amber.


Tony’s cell rang as he was about to go into the gym. Waving at today’s gym-buddy to go on ahead, he answered, “Hey, this is early for you. Did you skip the debauchery last night?”

Ty laughed, he sounded so close Tony had to stop himself from spinning around to check, “No, we just kept it to under five hours.”

“Good call.”

“Yea. Listen, Tony,” Ty didn’t sound like himself, “I need to talk to you about something.”

“What, Ty, is this bad news, did something happen?”

“No, it’s not bad news. Good news really,” he paused. “Tony, I’ve been asked if I want to extend, another three months.”

“Oh!” Tony rubbed his chest and sat on the cold steps, “Well that’s really good news, Ty. Great news actually.”

“Yea,” Ty sounded unsure.

“It is,” Tony insisted, as his heart sank, “You know, you love the show, you get to pay bills, get fed, it’s good news.”

“But I don’t get to see you, and I won’t until February. We’ll miss Christmas and New Year.”

“One Christmas, one New Year, and we can FaceTime, and then we can do a postponed holiday when you get back. I can probably get some time off by February. A few days, we can celebrate properly. It’ll be even better,” Tony concentrated on sounding positive.

“There’s no chance you could get away? Just a couple of days.”

Tony rubbed the back of his neck, “Ty, we open in two weeks, and right now it feels like a pile of shit. I don’t see how, unless you’re close at Christmas?” he asked hopefully.


“Perfect, I’ll borrow a car and nip over!” he sighed, “Any chance you can come home for a few days before?”

Ty matched his sigh, “No, no chance, we’ve got no breaks. Christ I miss you.”

“I miss you too, but it’s three months. Just three months.”

“And I already haven’t seen you in three months,” Ty complained. He sounded as miserable as Tony felt.

Tony felt bad, he had made it out to Ty’s tour twice, but not recently.

“Well if you were in the Navy I’d see even less of you.”

“I’m not in the Navy, Tony!”

They sat for a moment.

“Oh!” Tony said, breaking the silence, “I have a new dance for you.”

“A new FaceTime dance?”

“A new FaceTime sexy strip dance, just for you.”

“Can’t wait,” Ty sounded happier, “What’s the music?”

“You’ll love it, ‘If they could see me now’, it’s a real tease,” Tony grinned as he heard Ty laughing.

“I thought it would make a change from Cher,” Tony explained.

“Cher’s a Goddess, why do we need a change?” Ty asked,

“Yea, yea, we all know about your obsession,” Tony teased, “Listen, Babe. I think you should do it. Producers remember stuff like that. Three months will go really quickly, and I know you’ve been having fun.”

“I know. I do know, it’s just I was really looking forward to seeing you this weekend, and holding you, and licking your-“

“Stop!” Tony laughed, “I get the picture, Christ I’m at the gym, don’t get me turned on.”

He grinned when Ty laughed again.

“Okay, you’re right. It’s not like I was looking forward to working the bar again. I’ve got a meeting later, I’ll let them know. I love you.”

“I love you too, let me know how it goes,” Tony said quietly, and continued to sit for a while as the loneliness washed over him.


Tony threw himself into work over the next few days.

The entire cast was in typical ‘we open in less than two weeks, please stop giving us notes and changing things’ mode.

It was hectic and fun, but Tony was struggling. He had been looking forward to Ty being in the audience on opening night. They had never got to do that for each other.

Nipping into Duane Reade for some heat spray, he realized he had missed a text.

Stopping dead in the middle of the street when he read it, ignoring the bumps and curses from passers-by.

‘I love dance, but I love you more. I hate working a bar, but I love you more than I hate it. I’ll be home late tomorrow,’

The next morning Tony busted ass at the gym with a huge grin on his face.

By 7.30am he was at dance class, still smiling.

He arrived at the theater at 10am, and still smiling, collected his notes from the preview the night before and spent three hours learning a completely new dance.

At lunch, he let the complaints and opinions wash over him, and happily rubbed a cramp out of another dancer’s leg.

“Why are you so full of beans today?” Polly asked him, wincing as his strong fingers teased the cramping muscles in her thigh.

“Ty’s coming home today.”

“I thought he extended?”

Tony shrugged, “He changed his mind,” and laughed as Polly gave him a smacking kiss.

“I thought you were super happy. Do you remember when I asked you about a threesome? You gonna ask him about that?”

Tony patted her knee kindly, “Sure, Polly, I’ll ask him at never-the-hell o’clock!”

Polly bahis siteleri laughed loud enough to make the whole diner turn and look and then stood and stretched gingerly, “Okay, that’s better. Thanks, Tony.”

The afternoon was a blur of rehearsal, more changes, one of the leads having an almighty anxiety attack, and then a late afternoon preview.

Tony showered afterwards, rubbing at a bruise on his thigh from where Polly had messed up the timing in the new dance.

An inch the other way and she would have taken him out for the rest of the performance.

He gave his cock a gentle stroke, “It’s okay buddy,” he whispered, “She wasn’t aiming for you.”

The cast gathered on the stage for more notes and a warning about another dropped dance, another new dance to learn and for the lead characters a new song.

Tony was asked to stay on as the lead characters and understudies learnt the basics of the new song.

He didn’t know why, but he stayed, helping with blocking and movements, and thought it was much better than the original.

Everyone had the whole of Monday off, a rare treat, so he hadn’t felt that he could refuse to help.

It was 9.30pm before he headed home. Stopping off for cheap champagne and Subway.

He knew Ty’s flight was due to land at 11pm.

Tony set the bottle in a bucket of ice. The same bucket that was placed by the window in heavy rain.

He put the Subway in the fridge. Ty would kill him, but it was a special occasion.

He showered, again. He didn’t want to see Ty for the first time in three months smelling of heat spray.

He dressed, fussed with his hair, put on some quiet music, changed, and then paced a little.

Finally, he lay on the couch to try and relax. Ty should be home soon.

That was his last thought before he went out like a light.

Thirty minutes later Ty walked in and found Tony crashed out on the couch.

Dumping his bag, he smiled and kissed him. Tony didn’t stir.

Ty put the Champagne in the fridge. Ate half of one of the subs he found in there.

Showered, and still Tony hadn’t moved.

“Ah, Baby. You look tired,” Ty said as he slipped his arms under Tony, braced, and lifted him.”

Tony snuggled into his shoulder, “Ty? That you?”

Ty placed him on the bed and quickly stripped off his jeans, “You’re dreaming, baby. Go back to sleep.”

“Hmmmm, Ty?” Tony mumbled as Ty lifted his shirt away.

Ty quickly stripped and slipped into the bed, spooning Tony, “Just a dream. Go back to sleep.”

With a satisfied sigh, Tony did as instructed.


Ty was roused by a strange dream the following morning. He was on the train, clinging to the doorway while some asshole tried to push him out.

Shove, shove, he tried to call for help but no one was interested. He reached out and grabbed an arm hearing “Yea, wake up, gorgeous.”


Opening his eyes he barely got to focus before Tony’s mouth crashed down on his.

He laughed into the kiss, realizing that the shoving was actually Tony’s not-so-dry humping of his thigh.

He broke the kiss to gasp, “Are we a little over excited this morning?”

Tony shoved the sheet aside and started to kiss his way down Ty’s body. He was rubbing his cock directly against Ty now, and Ty could feel himself hardening.

“It’s like Christmas came early,” Tony mumbled excitedly as he licked and kissed, “I woke up and there’s this naked guy in my bed. I can’t remember the last time I had a naked guy in my bed.”

“That would be the last time I was home, you little fucker.”

“Oh yea, I’ve been busy!”

Tony sucked hard on a nipple making Ty’s entire body arch.

Then Tony raised his head, “Why didn’t you wake me last night?”

“You were out of it, and you looked so tired.”

Tony slid back up, rubbing their cocks together again and kissing him, “I’m sorry, I really wanted to welcome you home.”

“It’s okay, I know how hard you’ve been working,” he shuddered in a breath, “Tony?”


“I really need to cum, right now.”

Tony grinned and rolled over onto his back, pulling Ty across to straddle him.

“Cum on me, Babe. I’ve been watching you jack yourself off in twenty States. Give me the live show. Now.”

“Yea?” Ty half laughed but then sat across Tony’s waist and began to stroke himself harder.

“Hey,” Tony complained, “I can’t reach my cock with you sat there.”

“I want you to cum on my ass afterwards,” Ty panted as he stroked and writhed.

Tony reached up and massaged Ty’s chest and abs. Tracing the groves and whispering encouragement, until Ty blasted his orgasm all over Tony’s chest and stomach.

Ty laughed as Tony looked at the mess, “Jesus, Ty. I’ve got cum in my armpits!”

Ty giggled as Tony fixed him with a glare, “You think you’re funny?” he giggled harder.

“Come here,” Tony made a grab and brought Ty back against him, smearing Ty’s own cum over his back, then he hiked Ty’s hips up and pushed his shoulders down, holding him against the bed.

“You want me to cum on you?”

“Please. Fucking cover me, Tony. I want you all over me. canlı bahis siteleri I’ve been dreaming of it.”

Tony obliged until they were both a sodden, sticky mess.

“Will you look at that,” Tony commented, running a finger through the globs of cum in Ty’s crack. Ty gasped and wriggled back a little, “dreams really can come true.”

The clean-up shower took a while with kisses and rediscovery of each other.

Then they headed into town. Tony had rehearsals that afternoon, but no preview that day.

Ty decided to hit the gym and work off some of the stiffness from the travelling the day before, before he went to talk to the owner of the bar that he had worked at on and off in the past.

When he got to the gym he was delighted to see one of his oldest friends. One of the first friends he had made when he came to the city.

Gene was a little older and Ty relied on him for guidance. They had worked together on shows and some benefits. Gene had even lived with him and Tony for a few months at one point, following a flood in his apartment.

Gene pulled Ty into a big hug, “It’s so good to see you. How was the tour?”

“It was great, but I really needed to come home. I know it’s stupid when they were offering work.”

“No, Ty. It’s not stupid. You have to do what’s right for you,” Gene reassured him.

“I guess.”

“Look, I know it’s easy for me to say because my wife comes from money, but we work in an unpredictable business. I haven’t forgotten my roots. We have to be willing to take risks or we would spend fifty years in one show.”

Appreciating Gene’s support, Ty cooed over some new pictures of his baby girl and then started his work-out.

About an hour later Gene wandered over.

“Ty, I know Tony’s busy with this opening, but we’re having a grill out tomorrow. Will you come over, see Sarah and Gemma?”

“I’d love to, and Tony’s got tomorrow off, so he’ll probably come.”

“Even better,” Gene grinned, “Well, I’ve got a massage upstairs, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Ty finished his work out and then headed for the bar to speak with the boss.

They agreed some shifts, starting the following week. Bry was cool, and was flexible about things like auditions, call backs and this is the opportunity of a lifetimes.

Ty was heading back home with a shopping list that Tony had gratefully given him, when his phone rang.

He had left his wallet at the gym.

He headed that way relieved; he would have felt like a dick not being able to pay for a bunch of groceries.

As he passed the alleyway next to the gym, he stopped at Gene’s unmistakable voice.

“Why don’t you suck my cock and find out, asshole?”

What the hell?

Ty crept into the alleyway, shocked to see Gene being held by two men, a third was bouncing slightly on his feet and rubbing his fist.

Gene’s mouth was bleeding.

They all look round at his, “What’s going on?”

“Does it look like your business?” one of the men spat at Ty.

He held his hands up for peace, “Hey it’s cool, man. I just wondered what this guy did to piss you off.”

“Our hotel said this was a good gym, nice environment you know. Then we get here and find this fucking queer in the sauna.”

Ty frowned, “How do you know he’s a queer?”

“He’s a fucking dancer,” the man bounced a little towards Ty, then back towards Gene. Ty realized he was drunk.

“Theater,” the man said in a high-pitched voice, making his mates laugh hysterically.

Ty waited a moment, but then realized that Gene was being stubborn and rolled his eyes.

He moved forwards, “I fucking hate queers,” he said, injecting venom into his voice, “do you mind?”

The two men holding Gene laughed and held him firmer as Ty walked forward, his lips a snarl, his eyes narrowed and fixed on Gene.

He pulled his fist back and slammed it straight into the guy on Gene’s right.

Gene immediately found his balance, spun, and belted the other guy.

They both turned and looked at the third man, who stared horrified for a few seconds and then turned and ran. Closely followed by his two friends.

Gene doubled over laughing and wiped his mouth.

“Jesus, Gene,” Ty turned on him, “Why the fuck didn’t you just tell them you’re straight. Show them a picture of your family?”

“It’s none of their business what I am,” Gene protested, standing up and rubbing his stomach.

Ty lifted Gene’s shirt, “They get your ribs?”

“No, I turned away, made out like they got me good. Idiots, they couldn’t even insult me properly.”

“Stubborn dickhead!”


“No, you.”

Gene laughed good naturedly, “What you doing back here?”

“Forgot my wallet, lucky for you.”

Gene slung an arm around Ty’s shoulders as they walked out of the alley, “I appreciate it Ty. Let’s grab your wallet and I’ll buy you a thank you ice-cream.”

“Ice-cream, are you crazy?” Ty asked, “I’ll take a sorbet.”



Tony and Ty were separated quite quickly once they reached Gene’s house the next day.

Ty wandered outside with Gene to look at the garden, and Tony found canlı bahis himself quizzed on every Broadway production that had ever existed by some of Gene and Sarah’s neighbors, who were self-proclaimed ‘show-maniacs’.

Then Gene reappeared with burgers on salad in lieu of a bun.

“Don’t you ever eat carbs?” another neighbor asked, as he munched on a loaded hot dog.

“Sure,” Tony confirmed, “Some can be good energy, but not white bread.”

Gene was distracted by something over Tony’s shoulder, “You may or may not want to look, but Ty’s on the trampoline.”

“What?” Tony froze with his fork halfway to his mouth, “Are you joking?”

Gene just shook his head, then shuddered and turned away, “I can’t watch anymore.”

Hot dog guy laughed as he chewed, “What, you guys scared of trampolines?”

“ALL dancers are scared of trampolines,” Gene said.

Tony nodded, “Fastest way to break a bone. I can’t look,” he added, keeping his back resolutely turned away.

“Distract us,” Gene begged his neighbor, who turned, grabbed another hot dog from the lady currently overseeing the grill, and began to munch with renewed vigor and loud exaggerated moans.

“He’s a cruel man,” Tony told Gene darkly. Gene nodded sadly in agreement, making his neighbor laugh in delight.

Ty, despite considering himself fitter than most, was beaten by the kids in regard to trampoline endurance and took himself off for a drink.

Locating a light beer in a cooler, he turned back to watch them continuing to bounce and flip.

He took a sip but struggled to swallow as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, closely followed by a voice he had hoped never to hear again.

“Well, look what I’ve found here. Ty Pinkfeather.”

Ty felt his stomach drop to the floor, even as he forced his muscles to move, to turn and face the danger, “It’s Maka, you asshole. Don’t you fucking touch me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr Maka. What are you doing with yourself these days? Rain dances for tourists in Times Square?”

Ty didn’t bother with a response. He knew only a panicked sound would come out and he didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.

Years of training allowed him to calmly place his beer on a table, skirt around his tormentor, and head for the house.

Years of forcing his body to move in unnatural ways, allowed him to stop his knees from buckling, even though he had no idea how he was able to stand, let alone walk.

As soon as he entered the kitchen, and was out of sight, he ran.

Tony had been half engaged in a conversation with the small group when he felt a wave of emotion hit him.

Pivoting, he quickly located Ty and watched him carefully walk around a man and head for the house.

He looked calm and unhurried, but Tony could sense the tension and distress.

Casting a puzzled frown at the stranger, who was watching Ty walk away with a smug grin, Tony entered the kitchen just in time to see Ty take off like a rocket for the stairs.

Tony was right behind him as Ty flew into the first bedroom, crashed open the bathroom door and collapsed against the toilet bowl before being violently ill.

Tony’s heart was pounding. The sounds of retching were mixed with desperate sobs. Something was very, very wrong. Who was that man?

Grabbing a small towel and wetting it under the tap, he crouched with Ty on the floor, “It’s okay, Hey, calm down.”

He stroked the cool cloth over the back of Ty’s neck, as he seemed to purge his stomach of everything he had eaten in the last three weeks.

Eventually Ty spat and collapsed into Tony’s arms. He was still crying; Tony had never seen him so shaken.

“Come on, take a breath, did you eat something bad?”

“Jesus,” Ty trembled in Tony’s arms, as Tony cooled his flushed cheeks with the damp cloth, “Oh, Christ, I can’t stand seeing him here. How is he here?”

And suddenly, Tony knew.

He felt himself tense, “Wait. Is that him?” Ty nodded against his chest.

“That’s the fucking bastard who raped you?” Ty nodded again and whimpered slightly, trembling harder.

“You wait right here, you’re safe right here,” Tony tried to rise, but Ty clung to him.

“No, no, please Tony.”

“You just stay right in this room.”

Ty clung harder, “Please don’t leave me alone, please don’t leave me.”

“Okay, okay,” Tony pulled him close again, “I won’t ever leave you.” He rocked and soothed for a while until Ty’s sobbing calmed slightly and some of the tension left him.

Tony was trying to think of an exit strategy, so he could go and beat the crap out of the stranger in the garden, when Ty frowned, pulled his wrist away from where Tony had been patting the cloth gently against his cheeks, and asked him with a hiccup, “Is this the world’s smallest towel?”

“It is pretty dinky,” Tony admitted.

“It’s a bib!”

They both jumped at Sarah’s voice from the doorway, and turned to look at her and Gemma, who was snuggling into her Mom’s shoulder.

Ty tried to muster a smile, “Sorry Sarah, I’m not feeling too good.”

She shook her head and moved forward holding up a hand to stop him, “I’m sorry Ty, I heard. I was changing Gemma,” he closed his eyes in defeat as she moved forwards, surprised when her arms slipped around him and he felt her lips gently press against his, the baby giggled, “How old were you?”

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