Blind Lust – Redux

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This is a retelling of my previous story, Blind Lust, from the point of view of the mystery man. Enjoy!


It was probably the weirdest phone call I’ve received in my life.

Jeffrey and I had just finished dinner and were cleaning up the kitchen when the phone rang. Jeffrey answered, then handed it to me. “It’s Linda… from the wine shop.”

“Hi Linda! What’s up?” I thought it was a little odd to be receiving a call from Linda as we didn’t have any wine on order at the moment. I’d been buying wine from Linda for years. Once Jeffrey entered the picture, we often hung out after tastings with her and her husband Rick.

“Steven, I have a really bizarre favor to ask and I know it is a huge one. If the answer is ‘absolutely not’ I will totally understand. Is now a good time?”

A little perplexed but more curious, I answered, “Sure. It never hurts to ask.”

She giggled nervously, “Well, I hope you’re right. There’s a much longer story that I’ll explain to you and Jeffrey if you tell me you’ll at least consider it, but here goes…”

“Rick had an accident at work and has lost his vision for a couple weeks. The doctors are telling us that it will be totally fine but he is really depressed. I’m looking for something totally out of left field to cheer him up and there’s a fantasy he confessed to me a long time ago that I’d like your help with…”

Here she paused. I heard her take a couple deep breaths for courage. “Rick can’t see a thing so it would be totally anonymous, but I’d like him to give you a blowjob.”

There was silence on the line for quite some time as I tried to pick my jaw off the floor. Yes… that was a really bizarre favor.

The silence must have been torture. “Steven, I’m really sorry I’ve offended you. Please at least accept my apology for overstepping the line.”

“No.. no…” I laughed. “I’m certainly not offended and I’m not sure if I think this is such a good idea but you’ve certainly made me curious what the hell is going on.”

Jeffrey was now eyeing me strangely trying to figure out what was being discussed.

“Well, I’m glad. If you’re free I’ll drop by with a special bottle as a treat if you’ll at least hear me out. I know that this is asking a ton and I’d like to explain it to Jeffrey myself. What do you say?”

“Sure. Come on by. You can’t start a request like this and then leave me hanging!”

In her best mock serious tone she replied, “Steven — that is exactly the opposite of what I am trying to do!”

Fifteen minutes later Linda, Jeffrey, and I were sitting in the living room sipping an amazing ice wine as Linda fidgeted while we made small talk.

Finally, it was Jeffrey who broke the ice. “Linda, I’ve got to know what this huge favor is! Steven told me that this was going to be a weird evening but he refused to tell me any more than that. Out with it, woman!”

“Where to begin? Well, Rick had an accident at work last Friday and his eyes are badly burned. He’s temporarily lost his vision but the doctors have assured us that it is temporary. He’s going to be fine but he’s pretty badly depressed. He’s refusing to do anything except stay in bed because he’s so embarrassed at needing my help for just about everything.

I’ve tried to cheer him up in my own ‘special way’ a couple times but it really isn’t helping his mood. He’s a visual guy and I think it almost makes it more painful for him that he can’t see me. Well, I’ve been trying to think of something to snap him out of it and I think I’ve come to the answer, but I need help.

Jeffrey… With your permission, I’d like to borrow your boyfriend.”

We both looked at Jeffrey waiting for his reaction. I was impressed that he kept his poker face. He raised one eyebrow a bit and said to me with a bit of a smile, “Now I know why you didn’t want to tell me yourself!”

“So, a few months back Rick confessed to me that he had always considered himself bisexual but had never acted on the urge. He’s always had this fantasy of giving a blowjob to some mystery man that he never really gets to see other than his cock. It occurred to me that this would be the perfect situation for acting out his fantasy. He can’t see a thing so it would be totally anonymous. We’ve got many gay friends around the area so he’ll never suspect it would be you. I want to surprise him, help him fulfill his fantasy, and that’s it. Nothing more required from you.

“I know this is a huge deal and I truly hope I’m not offending eskişehir escort bayan you by asking. I know that you two have been together for a while now and I don’t want to upset your relationship. I know that this is definitely not a normal request. I’m not trying to recruit you into a threesome where I seduce you, too. I’m not trying to find Rick a steady boyfriend and I don’t expect you to do anything else.”

She suddenly seemed exhausted after getting through her story. She slumped back into the couch and took a deep drink of her wine.

I stepped up immediately so that she wouldn’t be left in uncomfortable silence for the second time tonight. “Linda, I can’t say that I’ve ever been asked any question this unique before but I’m definitely not offended. I hope Jeffrey isn’t either. I can’t promise that I’ll say yes and I can’t even promise that I can give you an answer tonight but would you give us a few minutes to talk?”

“Sure… I know this is something you need to discuss. Take your time. Rick is sleeping and he thinks I’m at the shop tonight.”

I topped off Linda’s wine, took Jeffrey’s hand, and walked upstairs where we could talk to each other candidly.

He started by asking the most basic question, “Do you want to do this?”

“Well, first of all, I don’t NEED this. I’m not trapped, confined, longing, or anything like that. If I did something like this it could only be because I knew that it wouldn’t change anything with us. I like Rick and I think I could get into it. So, yes… I guess what I’m saying is that I want whatever you want.”

It was a complete cop-out and I knew it. We went back and forth for a while, feeling each other out on the possibilities until we came to an agreement.

When we came down the stairs Linda stood up, smiling nervously. Jeffrey went straight to her, took each of her hands in his, and said, “Ok, Linda you can borrow him but there will be conditions.” She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a tight squeeze.

“Thank you, thank you!!!! Whatever you want — we’ll work it out. I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough.”

“Oh, I’ll get my thanks all right, but it is Steven that is going to owe me, not you!” He gave me a sly wink.

“Ok… I don’t know if this would make it better or worse, but would you like to watch?”

Jeffrey just shook his head no. It took a few more minutes to work out the details and we walked Linda to the door. She gave each of us a big hug and turned to go. With a brief pause, she looked back. “Steven, I don’t quite know how to ask this but…. Are you huge? I know from experience that it might not be the best introduction for Rick if you’re, umm, ‘over-packing’ shall we say.”

“I, uh…”

Jeffrey cut in, “Sweetie — Rick will be just fine. Steven’s got a beautiful 7″ cock that is just right. If it were any bigger I wouldn’t let him do half the things to me that he does!”


I’d arrived right on schedule and was sitting in my car waiting for Linda’s signal. Truly, I was wondering what the hell I’d gotten myself into. A few minutes passed and Linda waived to me from the window. I thought here goes nothing!

I let myself in through the door quietly as I heard the shower going down the hall. I tiptoed into the kitchen and stripped out of my clothes, folding them neatly over a chair. I’d dressed for simplicity today, just a simple button up shirt and some linen slacks – commando underneath.

I thought about the odd sensation of being nude in someone else’s home as I walked down the hall and into their master bedroom. The door to the bathroom was open and I watched Linda soaping up Rick. The foggy glass doors hid most of the details but the moving silhouettes gave the scene a bit of erotic mystery.

The water shut off and the two dripping bodies emerged into the bathroom. Linda flashed me an excited smile and a thumbs up before drying them both off. She gave no indication that the nudity bothered her. Rick’s chest was wide with a spattering of hair. The relative coolness of the room (and probably plenty of teasing by Linda) left his small nipples stiff and crinkled. His stomach was flat and it was obvious that he took care of himself without quite having that chiseled look.

A thin trail of hair ran across his abs and met his neatly trimmed pubes. His cock and balls were shaved smooth but the hair above was trimmed flat and bristly — just like my own. His cock was eskişehir escort semi-erect and just a little pinker than the rest of him, flush with his arousal. Linda watched me studying him and I blushed as I realized that I was slowly stroking my cock in front of her. She ushered Rick past and quickly returned.

I was pushed into the shower and given a bottle of her shower gel. She watched me lather up my body with more than a casual interest. Under the noise of the water we were able to whisper to one another.

“He has no idea that you’re here. This is going to be perfect! It is almost too bad, though, that he can’t see a thing. Your body is gorgeous! If you weren’t gay I’d suck your cock myself!”

Chuckling quietly and blushing a little from the compliment I countered, “Now, now! You’re not so bad yourself. If I ever decide to switch teams it is YOUR doorstep that I’m arriving on.”

Linda handed me a towel as I stepped out and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Deal!” As she led me down the hall to where Rick was waiting I felt her hand cup my ass and give it a quick squeeze. Turning over my shoulder to scold her she mouthed, “Couldn’t resist!”

Linda positioned me in front of a naked Rick who was sitting on the couch stroking himself. I could feel her bare breasts pressed into my back as she got as close as she could before whispering to Rick.

“Lean forward and stick out your tongue.”

Rick licked his lips in anticipation and scooted to the edge of his seat. My cock twitched with anticipation of my own. Linda reached around me and gently guided Rick’s mouth to my cock. Finally it was the moment of truth! I leaned forward and rested the head of my cock on his tongue.

He froze but didn’t move. I think all three of us were wondering how he would respond. I was nervous but aroused at the same time. He seemed surprised but not alarmed. At least he didn’t pull away — I’d secretly been fearing rejection.

“Just lick it.” Linda said soothingly as she slipped to his side — giving him permission, easing his conscience, spurring him on. And that is exactly what he did. With more curiosity than hesitation he began to tongue the tip. His mouth was hot and his breath warm on my body. He reached forward and held my thighs. I could feel him gently shaking as he slowly explored me. When he closed his mouth around my slowly growing cock I gasped in pleasure.

He sank to the root and sucked hard against me while pulling at my cock. His tongue never stopped caressing the underside as he pulled at me slowly. As I grew he pulled back a bit and focused just on the end. I don’t think he was ready to take all of it yet. I reached out to hold his head and nudged him gently, moaning to give him some encouragement but queuing him in that I was ready for more.

Using my thighs for leverage he began to bob up and down on my cock, wetting every inch with his spit. For a novice cocksucker he was doing a pretty damn good job! With each stroke he was getting deeper and it took all of my will to not thrust into his face to meet him.

Linda was kneeling beside me stroking between her legs with one hand while she held their camcorder in the other. Jeffrey and I had been pretty explicit that I wasn’t ready to star in their sex tape but she had promised to focus only on Rick’s face and my torso to capture the action there. Part of me was turned on by the exhibition of the situation. I’d never had an audience before — or a film crew for that matter!

Rick’s hands left my thighs and cupped my ass cheeks gently pushing and pulling me into his mouth. Once we built up a rhythm he let me go — that took trust. But having been on the receiving side many a time myself I knew the pleasure that he was getting from just letting himself go and become my fuck toy.

I fucked his mouth, first slowly and then picking up the pace. He was drooling all over my cock and moaning loudly. Linda’s was rolling and pinching her nipples but her eyes were glued to my slick cock as Rick took it all. He finally managed to take me to the root and held me there for a moment. I heard his breath coming in short gasps through his nose but all I felt was the delicious sensation of being pushed into the opening of his throat. Miraculously, he kept rotating his tongue as best he could even while deep-throating me.

I was starting to get a little light-headed and motioned for Linda to get me a chair. As I slowly sunk onto the chair he followed me, almost escort eskişehir as if he was afraid to let my cock go. I pushed my ass to the edge of the chair and moved one of his hands to my balls. His fingers caressed me softly as his mouth took me in long, smooth strokes. He cupped my balls and alternated between gentle squeezing and soft caresses. He seemed to know exactly what I needed. I could see his own hard cock swinging with each motion between his legs. Linda was maneuvering around us and panning back and forth across Rick’s body — there was no way he was going to be able to deny how much he was enjoying this when she had a close up shot of his own stiff erection swinging around!

His mouth was beginning to tire and he brought his right hand up to stroke my shaft while licking and sucking just the head. Growing bolder his other hand began to wander, teasing my taint and even grazing my rosebud. I couldn’t contain my moans and even though I vowed to be as silent as possible to maintain my “mystery man” status I just couldn’t hold back.

Suddenly I registered Linda’s presence at my side. Gone was the video camera, apparently now resting atop the tripod behind me off to one side to capture all the action. Instead she squeezed a huge squirt of lube into her hand and pulled his hand from beneath my ass. She jacked his fingers like he was jacking me and then returned his slippery hand to my balls.

The slippery fondling felt heavenly and his teasing index finger began to circle my puckered hole with slow determination. I alternated between pushing up to force more of my cock deeper into his mouth and down to force his finger to enter my ass.

I motioned to Linda to let her know that I was getting close. She smiled and slid into position behind Rick, pressing her nude body against his back.

“He’s getting close. Be ready for it.”

She wiggled her slimy, lube-covered hand at me, winked, and reached around to grab his cock. I let out a loud gasp as his insistent finger pushed into my ass to the first knuckle. He slowly rotated it as he picked up the pace jacking me off into his mouth. I suddenly felt harder than I could ever remember. My hips thrust up pushing me deeper into his mouth. His finger dug further into my ass, rubbing and finger-fucking me in time with his mouth and other hand.

I let out an enormous groan as my orgasm hit me. His mouth gripped me tight as I pumped load after load of cum into him. His fist pumped in time with my spurts and he never stopped sucking. I felt like I was dumping a gallon of cum into his mouth and I was amazed that he could take it all on his first try! When I was completely spent he took me all the way to the root and moaned around my cock. I was almost too sensitive to stand it but I realized that Linda had just brought him to his own peak.

He was growling around my cock as Linda’s fist pumped his cum all over the floor. I could hear their bodies slapping together as he fucked her hand. His free hand wrapped around my waist and held me as my cock slowly softened in his mouth. As my breathing returned to normal I ran my fingers through his hair as he rested in my lap, still unwilling to release my cock.

Linda finally pulled him back from me and hugged him tight to her body. My ass popped closed in that wonderful combo sensation of loss and relief. She slipped her sloppy hand back from around him and started to fuck herself with it. I stood and backed into the kitchen, watching her drive herself over.

I slipped back into my clothes as I watched her cum. This was the first time I’d ever seen a woman have an orgasm. Her fingers were a blur across her clit and she was pressing her upper body as close to Rick as she could. She screamed as she came and I marveled at the similarities and the differences between the peaks of each sex. I decided that watching Linda cum was a beautiful sight to behold regardless of your sexuality.

Linda returned from her own world proclaiming to the room, “Oh my god that was incredible!” I had to agree. I blew her a kiss and gestured towards Rick with a big thumbs-up.

She held him tight and whispered into his ear, “It appears that you are a quick learner. You’ve earned two thumbs up and a big smile.”

As I made my way to the door Rick reached out to find my now empty chair. Head tilted, he felt around for me, obviously listening to try to locate me. I laughed out loud as I heard Linda exclaim, “I think you’ve sucked enough cock for today — one to a customer!”

As I walked to my car I thought, oh boy… Linda is going to be in trouble! That man is hooked on cock!

Driving home my mouth started to water as I thought about keeping up my end of the deal with Jeffrey. For starters, as soon as I got home I still had a blow-by-blow replay to perform with me in the role of the novice cocksucker.

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