Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 8

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Finally the girls finished showering and retreated back to Nicole’s bedroom. “Whew, that was amazing down there” Sylvia said. “I know, and the whole time I thought Mandy was making all that stuff up about there being a dungeon here” Brandi said. Nicole giggled as the girls continued to make small talk about the evenings events and the dungeon. Looking at the clock, the girls realized that it was getting quite late. Everyone had to be at work in the morning so Nicole turned off the light. All four girls slept in the bed together. It was crowded but they all managed to get their arms and legs into position to sleep.

The alarm went off in the morning and everyone hurried along their way. Sylvia and Brandi went home to get ready for work. Mandy however stayed at Nicole’s as she had her work clothes with her. “Well Nikki, it’s your big night tonight, are you ready?” Nodding her head as she sat on the edge of her bed Nicole softly said “it’s now or never.” The two girls began to get ready for work. “Bring your dress and stuff to work so when I’m done with you, you will be ready for your date.”

Mandy stepped back into the shower while Nicole went to her father’s room. Opening the door of her mother’s walk in closet, Nicole reached in and took out her mother’s red dress. Nicole held it up to her as she looked in her father’s mirror. She opened her mother’s dresser that was in the walk in closet and took out one of her new white thongs. Next she took the stocking and garter ensemble and finally the white strappy platform heels. She looked down at the white lace bra but opted to go bare back for this special occasion.

Nicole closed the dresser and then the door to the walk in closet. She pranced back down the hallway to her room. When she opened her bedroom door she was met with the most beautiful image that she could think of. She stood and just watched as Mandy stood naked before her mirror. She was bent at the waist and was toweling her wet hair. Nicole thought about walking up to Mandy and going down on her but decided against. She needed to save her energy for her father tonight.

Standing up and turning around Mandy was momentarily shocked that Nicole was so mesmerized by her nakedness. “I didn’t hear you walk up behind me” Mandy said. “God I wanted to walk up to you but I decided to save myself for tonight. “Good idea babe” Mandy said as she reached down for her hair dryer and turned it on. Nicole got ready for work. She stripped naked and pulled her thong on. Suddenly the phone rang. Nicole walked into her father’s room since the hair dryer was making a lot of noise.

“Hello” Nicole aid softly into the phone. “Hi sweetie, its daddy” the voice said on the other side. “I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be ready at 7:00pm tonight” Steve said. “I can’t wait daddy, I have missed you so much lately” Nicole said. “Well baby, I have to run, I’m busy here today” Steve said.

“Buh-bye daddy” Nicole whispered as she heard her father hang up the phone on his end. Nicole walked back to her room. Mandy was stepping into a thong as Nicole entered the room. “Who called” Mandy asked? “It was my dad” Nicole said as she pulled her shirt over her head. “Is everything still on for tonight” Mandy asked? “He is going to be ready at 7:00pm Nicole said as she pulled up her cut off blue jeans. Walking behind Nicole, Mandy reached around and cupped Nicole’s breasts.

“MMMMMmmmmm… I love it when you don’t wear a bra at work” Mandy said as she squeezed Nicole’s tits. Nicole sighed as the feeling went straight to her cunt.

“Didn’t you see the package Sylvia brought you last night” Mandy asked? “No, what package” Nicole asked with a puzzled look on her face. “Over there” Mandy pointed. Nicole looked and saw a box that resembled a shoe box. She walked to the small table and picked up the box and then walked back to Mandy. Slowly she opened the top and before her eyes laid the sexiest pair of heels she ever saw. Nicole reached in the box and picked up a heel. “God these are so hot” Nicole said. Mandy who was still standing behind Nicole reached around again and squeezed her breasts. “Why don’t you wear them to work today” Mandy asked. Nicole looked at the four inch glass slipper in her hand. She set the heels down on the floor and stepped into them. Immediately she was as tall as Mandy.

Nicole sat on the edge of her bed. Mandy reached down and picked up Nicole’s left foot. She raised her leg upwards and brought her foot to her face. “Girl if you wear these tonight, your daddy is gonna want to suck your toes all night long” Mandy said. Mandy lowered her face to Nicole’s foot and traced her tongue and lips across Nicole’s exposed toes. “God that feels so fucking good” Nicole said softly. Mandy placed Nicole’s foot back on the ground. Mandy finished dressing. “Well, it’s work time” Mandy said. The girls grabbed their stuff and Nicole picked up her outfit for her date. Nicole led the way through the house towards the front door. “God girl if you could only see the difference in you since I first met you” Mandy said. “You were kind of a prude when you first walked into casino şirketleri the salon that day when you were looking for a job. Nicole stopped and smiled at Mandy as Mandy walked through the front door. Nicole locked the door and then pulled it shut.

“I’ll take you to work today babe” I’ll drop you off in your dress so you don’t have to worry about snagging anything” Mandy said. Nicole walked around to the back side of Mandy’s car. Mandy joined her and opened the trunk for Nicole to put her dress and supplies in. Mandy closed the trunk and then walked around to unlock and open Nicole’s door for her. “Oh shit, wait a minute” Nicole said as she ran back into the house. A moment later Nicole reappeared. “I forgot these” Nicole said as she held up her nipple rings for Mandy to see. A wicked grin flashed across Mandy’s face as she said “girl, your pulling out all the stops tonight aren’t you?”

“Yep, this is probably a once in a lifetime chance so I have to hit it with everything I have” Nicole said as she sat down in the car. Mandy closed her door and then walked around and sat down at the driver’s seat. They headed towards work. “Girl, those are gonna distract your poor daddy all night tonight” Mandy said as they sped down the road. “That’s my plan” Nicole said. The girl’s continued on their journey to the salon. They made some small talk before pulling into the salon parking lot.

“You better bring your stuff inside in case it gets wrinkled in the trunk” Mandy said. Nicole walked to the trunk and picked up her stuff. Mandy unlocked the salon and the girls walked in. Mandy turned on the lights and Nicole hung up her dress in the small closet. She placed the bag with her supplies in the closet as well. Nicole reached into her purse and pulled out a picture of her mom in the same red dress. She handed it to Mandy. “Can you make me look exactly like this” Nicole asked? “Absolutely” Mandy responded as she handed the picture back to Nicole. As soon as work is over girl we will make you your mom’s identical twin. A smile appeared across Nicole’s face.

Nicole went about her work. As she set up, there was a different feeling in her today. She was happy but yet at the same time she was a little scared. As she opened up the pool area and turned everything on she felt the butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Soon there were people using the basement. Nicole was washing and drying more towels now than she ever did when she first started. She went back up to check on everyone upstairs. She met Mandy in the weight room. “Mandy we need to buy more towels” Nicole said. “Grab that catalogue and look up the same towels and order more” Mandy said as she returned to her customer.

Nicole took the catalogue and went to tanning room as it was the quietest room. She looked up the towel she needed and then called in her order. As she hung up the phone she saw the top of the tanning bed open. She couldn’t believe it when she saw this extremely sexy blonde lady that she had never seen before. She was totally naked and had the nicest set of breasts. As the lady stepped out of the bed she looked at Nicole and said “hello, I’m Victoria.” Nicole walked towards her and extended her hand. “I’m Nicole, I work here.” Nicole couldn’t believe how comfortable she felt as she stood before this tall naked bronzed beauty. Victoria stepped into her sexy black heels as she sat down on the chair next to the table. “How long have you worked here” Victoria asked?” Nicole watched as Victoria reached down and picked up a nipple ring. Nicole was lost for words as Victoria guided the post through her nipple. Looking up at Nicole Victoria saw her staring. “Never seen a nipple ring before” Victoria asked? “Only the clamp on ones” Nicole mumbled as she was lost in the beauty of Victoria’s breast with the nipple ring through it. “I do have a set of nice clamp on ones” Nicole mumbled.

Victoria reached out her hand and took Nicole’s hand and guided it closer to her. “Here Nicole” Victoria said as she picked up her second nipple ring. “You can have the honors of putting this one on me” Victoria said as she smiled at Nicole. Nicole opened her hand and Victoria set the nipple ring in her palm. Their hands touched each other’s and seemed to linger there for an eternity. Nicole felt her hand begin to tremble as Victoria slowly slid her finger tips across her palm. Nicole took the ring and slowly moved it closer to Victoria’s nipple. “You are gonna have to give it a tug to stiffen it up a bit in order to get the post through it” Victoria said as she again smiled at Nicole.

Nicole swallowed hard as she glanced down and saw Victoria’s pussy lips glistening and parted open. Nicole reached out with her thumb and forefinger and lightly squeezed Victoria’s bud. She pulled on it slightly as Victoria said “pinch it and pull harder, it won’t come off you know.” Nicole squeezed Victoria’s nipple and tugged on it. Surprisingly it stiffened to allow Nicole to push the post through it. Nicole hooked the ring and let it go, causing the ring to hang down from Victoria’s nipple. “There, that wasn’t so bad was it” casino firmaları Victoria asked? “Not at all” Nicole responded as she watched Victoria stand up. She watched Victoria pull on a g string and then a pair of cut off denim shorts. Nicole couldn’t pull her eyes away from Victoria’s ass as half of her bronze ass cheeks hung out. Next Victoria pulled on a white tank top. Her nipples and rings were clearly visible through the thin white material. “Thank you for your assistance Nicole” Victoria said. “Your welcome Victoria” Nicole shot back. Victoria reached into her small black purse and fumbled through her stuff. She handed Nicole a business card. She looked into Nicole’s eyes and said “call me some time if you want to.” Nicole took the card and watched as this sexy blond woman walked out of the room. Nicole watched as her sexy ass wiggled as she walked out of the salon.

Nicole had all kinds of feelings racing through her right now. She was already excited about going out with her father tonight. Now she helped a goddess put her nipple rings on. As Nicole walked down to the basement she couldn’t shake her thoughts of Victoria. Nicole saw her swollen pussy and wondered if she had caused that. She also liked the nipple piercings she had. As Nicole began to fold a load of towels she decided that in a couple days she would call her and ask her about her nipple piercings. The more Nicole thought about how hot it would feel to have pierced nipples the more she wanted to call her. Suddenly Nicole realized that her panties were getting wetter and wetter by the moment.

Nicole continued to attend to the patrons. She just wanted this day to be over and when she looked up at the clock she realized that this day had just started. She walked up to the weight room and passed out a couple of towels to some sweaty ladies. Next she picked up a broom and began to sweep up the hair on the floor around Mandy’s feet. “Having fun” Mandy asked? “A blast” Nicole said as she winked at Mandy. After she finished sweeping she put the broom away and went back down stairs. Everyone seemed content and the crowd of patrons seemed to be dwindling a bit. Nicole went to the washer and started another load of towels. She threw the wet towels into the dryer. She sat down on the love seat that was under the stairs. She was a little tired so she figured she would take a break down here.

Nicole laid on her back as she put her feet up on the arm rest on the other side of the love seat. Suddenly she became really tired. She tried to keep her eyes open but suddenly she fell asleep. Nicole heard a voice but couldn’t seem to open her eyes. She knew it wasn’t Mandy’s voice so she knew she wasn’t in trouble. Suddenly Nicole realized that she was looking down upon herself. She looked into her mother’s eyes. Nicole became frightened as her mother began to laugh. “Tonight I’m going to have your father again” her mom said as she laughed. Nicole shouted “no your not mom, I’m going to have him!” Suddenly Nicole saw her mom stop laughing. She reached up and grabbed Nicole by her shirt and pulled her face to hers. There were mere centimeters between their noses as Nicole was forced to stare into her mother’s eyes. “You will never fuck your father, do you understand me” her mom said sternly. When you are in his bed and you think your legs are spread open and his cock is fucking you” her mother stopped as she winced her eyes as if to instill terror into Nicole. “That wont be your pussy he is fucking, it will be mine.”

“I will be the one feeling all of the pleasures of your father’s cock.”

“I will feel your father swell to massive proportions inside of your pussy.”

“I will feel him cum inside of your pussy.”

“You will only be there for your body.”

“I possess your soul and I will fuck your father.”

“You only will think you will fuck him.”

“Do you understand me you fucking little bitch” her mother said sternly. Nicole felt her mother twisting her shirt around her neck. She nodded her head as if to submit to her mother. Suddenly Nicole jumped up. She nearly hit her head on the bottom of the stairs from jumping up so quickly. My god, another dream Nicole thought to herself as she got up to check on her patrons.

Everything was going along nicely. It wasn’t too crowded but yet it wasn’t so slow that it was boring. Thoughts of her mother coming into her life through her dreams was beginning to make her nervous. Maybe this was a sign that she shouldn’t make a move on her father. Maybe she should just be a role model daughter. Suddenly the feeling in her cunt reminded her of what it would be like if her father crawled between her legs tonight and she forgot all about the short dream she just had.

Nicole went about her business as the day went on. There were only a few ladies left and it was still early afternoon. Nicole sat down on the love seat and drifted off into a day dream about her new friend Victoria. She seemed almost mesmerized by her perfection. She didn’t even notice a flaw on her naked body. As Nicole sat there thinking about her she began to formulate questions güvenilir casino to ask her when she called her. Nicole wanted to be friends with this woman so she figured she better have a few questions ready in order to break the ice. Nicole was really intrigued with her nipple piercings and wanted to know more about them. As Nicole thought about how she slid the post through her taught nipple she reached up and squeezed her own bud, causing it to stiffen under her shirt.

As Nicole continued to reminisce about this mornings conversation with Victoria she realized that she was becoming excited. She felt the warm sticky goo in her panties as she sat there. Suddenly she snapped out of it and jumped up off of the love seat before she would have to satisfy herself. She went around and began to clean up.

Nicole walked up to the weight room. Mandy was walking back to the lady whose hair she was styling. “Mandy” Nicole said with a smile. “Yes” Mandy said as she turned around and looked at Nicole, noticing how hard her nipples were. “Can I have about an hour to go run a couple of errands?”

“Sure baby, hurry up, I’ll need the time to get you made up” Mandy said.

Nicole grabbed her purse. She walked out the door and jumped into her car. She drove down to her church and parked her car. She walked in and knelt down and began to pray. She saw Father Joseph as he walked into the confessional. Nicole was a little curious about going back into the confessional as the last time she was in there she saw Father Joseph masturbating through the thin piece of linen that separated them.

Nicole stood up and slid down the pew. She pushed the curtain aside and stepped into the confessional. She knelt down and began to pray. Seconds later, Father Joseph slid the window open. Nicole saw his sillouhette as he sat there before her with his head resting in his hand. “What brings you here” Father Joseph whispered. “Bless me father for I have sinned, my last confession was six months ago.”

“Father, I have tried to be a loving daughter but I keep having dreams of my mother” Nicole said. “Tell me about them” Father Joseph replied.

“Lately I keep having dreams about my mother and in them she is mean and evil” Nicole said as she paused. “Do you feel there is a reason your mother keeps coming to you” Father Joseph asked? “I don’t know” Nicole said after pausing briefly. “There must be something my poor soul, something that is causing your mind undue stress which brings your mother back to you” Father Joseph whispered through the cloth. Again Nicole paused. “Go on my child, let it out” Father Joseph whispered. Nicole continued to pause as memories of her dreams about him fucking her began to overwhelm her. She felt herself begin to tremble as she knelt there before one of God’s servants.

“There is one thing” Nicole whispered. “What my child, I couldn’t hear you” Father Joseph said. “There is one thing” Nicole said a little louder but still quiet enough so if anyone was outside the confessional she still couldn’t be heard. “Please tell me my child” Father Joseph said as he prodded Nicole along.

“Do you remember what I had talked to you about the last time I was here” Nicole asked? “About the feelings you were having for your father” the priest said? “Yes” Nicole replied. Father Joseph sat there waiting as Nicole paused a long time before saying any more. Father Joseph just sat there waiting with his head resting in his hand. “Everything is about to culminate tonight” Nicole said in a whisper. “You can’t let that happen” Father Joseph said sharply. “You must control yourself before it is too late” the priest said. “Even though there are references in the bible of incest you must not let it happen or you will be committing one of the worst sins imaginable.” Father Joseph said. “Are you aware of the implications” the priest asked. “Yes father” Nicole said weakly. There was now a long pause on both sides of the confessional.

“This is why your dead mother keeps coming back to you” She is trying to stop you from making a grave mistake my young child” Father Joseph said. “Heed her warning or walk the path to Satan” the priest whispered. “Do you understand the seriousness of this” the priest asked? “Yes Father, I do” Nicole said weakly. They finished up and Nicole walked back to her pew and prayed. As she knelt there she began to wonder if she should cancel her date tonight with her father. She looked around at all the candles as she watched Father Joseph walk across the alter and then out of the church.

Nicole sat back in her pew and began to meditate. She began to think about her date tonight. She drifted off into a state of relaxation as she began to try to picture tonight’s events. As she thought about her father she felt something. Something was tugging her arm. As Nicole tried to open her eyes she suddenly realized that it was pitch black. She also felt something covering her eyes. Nicole stumbled as she was being pulled up to the alter. She felt a strong grip squeezing around her wrists as she was forced to step up onto the alter. Suddenly she was slammed face first into the large wooden beam cross. She felt her arms being lifted and she felt her shirt being lifted off of her. She felt her arms being pressed against the wooden cross beam. Suddenly she felt some discomfort as her wrists were tied to the beam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32