Black Women Dominate White Women

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Sometimes, I wonder why. Why do I do the things I do. I don’t know. Perhaps a psychiatrist could tell me. Or perhaps not. Whatever. My name is Rachel Antoine Lawson. I’m a six-foot-tall, curvy and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m an out and proud lesbian of African-American and Haitian descent working as a Massachusetts State Police officer. Life is okay these days. Professionally and personally, I am thriving. I’m also actively into BDSM, and I’m really into Race Play. It’s a lot of fun. People who think it isn’t fun simply haven’t tried it. Trust me on that one.

BDSM is something most people think of as a dirty and unseemly practice. It’s about more than whips and chains. It’s about dominance and submission. It’s an expression of human sexuality and sensuality. It allows men and women of all races, sexual orientations and walks of life to get in touch with a part of themselves they keep hidden. Many of us are switches. Some of us are dominant. Some of us are submissive. It’s simply how we roll. There are lots of black people, Asian people, Middle-Eastern people and Hispanic people in the world of BDSM. It’s not just for kinky white people.

Tonight, I’m having some fun with my slave, a wealthy Irishwoman named Monique O’Shea. She’s tall, with red hair, gray eyes and alabaster skin. One of those uptight white women you see walking around, acting like they own the world. There are a lot of them in Boston. It seems that Irish people don’t realize that blacks and Hispanics along with Asians will soon outnumber them in Boston. Their heyday is over and they don’t even know it. Tomorrow’s America will have a population kocaeli escort that’s mostly non-white. How will white people deal with not being the shot callers in tomorrow’s world? Only time will tell.

Monique O’Shea is getting some practice in loss of power in my basement. She’s tied up and bent over a wooden bench, completely naked, face down and ass up. I stand over her, a gloriously naked Black Amazon dominating a silly white slut from the big city. In my right hand I hold a long black leather belt. I smile wickedly as I beat Monique with the belt. The stupid white slut squealed as I gave her ass the sound beating I knew it deserved. I just love dominating these weak white sluts. Most of them are completely spineless. That’s why they’re drawn to a strong black woman like myself. They know I can do what nobody else in this world can. Only a strong black woman can put an arrogant white woman in her place. And white bitches know this implicitly. That’s why they don’t like us.

Take Monique O’Shea for example. I met her at a dyke bar in Boston’s South End. She was checking out the scene on one of those weekends where her rich hubby Brendan O’Shea was out of town. Like so many of the white women at the bar, she was drawn to me. And why shouldn’t she be? I’m tall, gorgeous, smart, educated and refined. I’m also a very strong individual in every sense of the word. Yeah, lots of these socialite broads are drawn to me. Mostly I don’t give them the time of day but there was something about Monique O’Shea that I found particularly annoying. Her inbred arrogance. I wanted to beat it out of her. Luckily, she was a natural submissive who loved to be taken to the limits of kocaeli escort bayan her mind and body. And that’s exactly what I did to her.

I showed her the true extent of this Black woman’s power. First, I had her strip for me. This she did quite eagerly. White chicks think they’re so hot. Most of them got flat chests and flat asses but the gay men who run the modeling industry think they look good. What do they know about true feminine beauty? They’re into guys, duh! Everyone with a lick of sense knows that the Black woman is the most beautiful, daring and amazing human being on the planet. Black women are strong, beautiful and dangerous. That’s why we’re both revered and feared by men and women everywhere. Monique was drawn to my beauty and power. That’s why she ended up on her knees before yours truly.

I inspected Monique’s body from my throne-like chair. The skinny white slut had an okay body. Her tits and ass weren’t big but hey, she was okay. I made her turn around and gave her flat white ass a good spanking. Hard and fast, I smacked her ass. Monique yelped as I spanked her white butt hard. I laughed and replaced my hand with a wooden paddle. Her screams filled the basement. I didn’t care. I continued to spank her ass with the paddle, delighting in the sounds she made. I spanked her ass until it turned red. Then I tied up her hands and feet and positioned her on the bench, face down and ass up. That’s when I began whipping her. The whip lashed her back, her breasts, her ass and even her face. She squealed like a bitch. How I loved that sound. I couldn’t get enough of it. So I whipped her some more. And I whipped her good. Monique’s izmit sınırsız escort screams could have woken up the ancient dead. And if you ask me, they would love what sounds she was making.

After whipping Monique O’Shea for some time, I decided to switch things up a bit. I donned my favorite strap-on dildo, a mechanized tool, and sprayed it with lube. Then I whispered something into Monique’s ear. I let the rich white slut know that I was about to fuck her ass with my strap-on dildo. Her ass was mine. Without further ado, I spread Monique’s ass cheeks wide open and pressed my dildo against her puckered asshole. With a swift thrust, I went in. Monique’s scream was a sound I will never forget until the day I die. A primal scream of fierce pain and joy. I gripped her hips and slammed the dildo into her asshole. As hard as I could. Monique howled. Laughing, I gripped her long red hair and yanked her head back while sodomizing her. I thrust the dildo deep into her while incessantly berating her. I called her a weak white slut, a no-good whore and a submissive bitch. Head down in surrender, she took all I had to give, and then some. I fucked her for a long while. To top things off, I pressed a special button in my mechanized dildo and unleashed a spray of hot artificial cum deep inside Monique’s asshole. Monique squealed as my hot artificial cum filled her asshole. I pulled the dildo out of her ass and made her suck on it.

Afterwards, I removed Monique’s bindings. She thanked me for a wonderful session, then showered before leaving my house. I smiled as I watched her car pull out of my driveway. She was going to be walking funny tomorrow. And it’s all because of me. I grinned from ear to ear before going to bed that night. I love dominating silly white women like Monique. As a strong Black woman, it’s my duty. My sworn avocation. And I do it happily. I know lots of white women out there crave Black female domination. So who’s next?

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