Black Meat For My Sister

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I am Gerald and my close friends call me B-H. It is a nickname from high school. It is Big Head shortened. For some reason mother nature gave me a big head on my cock and not much length or girth. In high school, when in the shower with the guys after gym they all teased me and wished they had what I had but I was wishing for a normal cock.

Because of that, I did not date in high school much where it would get into sex. When I did and once the girl felt my cock, they would find some excuse not to go further.

I was dating a girl in her senior year that lost her cherry to a senior the year before but over the summer, he moved away. I was a freshman at the U and almost twenty.

I was not into a study girl at the time. Jill was a friend of my sister, who was also a senior. Being eighteen they could get into places some of their classmates could not and those that were nineteen took the eighteen year olds to some hot spots. That is how we met. We seemed to hit it off.

We went to a dance one night and while dancing Jill said, “Gerald you turn me on. Let’s go out to the car and get it on. You have been somewhat reserved but I am so horny for a cock since Bill left town and the dildo cannot do what a real can. Is it because I’m your sister’s friend or do I not turn you on?”

“Yeah it’s because you are my sister’s friend and well might blab details to her.”

I did not have the balls to tell her I never had my cock in a girl and the fact I was disfigured made me shy.

“Hey guy it’s none of her business so what do you say, okay or no?”

I was horny knowing she was offering me her pussy, I did not have to beg for it and well it was going to be my first piece of ass. We went to the parking lot. By pure luck, I had parked in a darker area and a distance from the school so we were secluded unless someone made a deliberate appearance.

She had a sleeveless blouse on that hung lose with buttons down the front and a skirt that was mid-calf in length.

I walked with a boner to the car. We turned and kissed and my hands went to her butt cheeks. Her hands struggled to open the buttons on her blouse. When she had them open I heard, “Suck on them, Ger.”

I lowered my mouth, was enjoying the hard nipples, the firmness and the nice size as I held them and worked my mouth on them. She was holding my head and guiding me.

She was panting and then said, “Ger I don’t have any panties on and I’m so wet and horny. I know you do not bed hop much and I am on the pill so relax and make me feel good with your cock. I will lie over the hood and lift my skirt. Come on do me, don’t chicken out.”

I went with her. As she was lifting her skit and lying over the hood, I opened my pants and let them drop to my ankles. I had watched lots of porn so was not naïve at what to do. As I was looking at the lovely perfect butt, my balls actually began to hurt. I slipped fingers between her thighs and lifted her juices to wet my cock. She went “Mmmmmmmm,” when my hand was there.

“Hurry Ger, god I’ll cum without a cock in you don’t”

My heart was pounding as I took my cock and placed the head at her sopping wet pussy opening and shoved slowly.

When the head popped in she screamed, “Oh God Ger that is so fucking good, ohooo Ger I’m going to ooooo…ooo.”

As she was beating on the car hood and shaking, my cock slipped further in.

Her pussy was clamping and unclamping. “Jill, UUnggghhhh…uunnghhh…unnngghh…uuunnggghhh,” as I made my first delivery of my nut juice to a girl.

Jill began to fuck then and I was harder than ever. I humped forward as she humped back. We were grunting the feelings. When she went for another pleasure trip, it caused my cock to fire another load of semen into her.

I collapsed on her back, firing dry shots into her.

As she was regaining some of her air she said, “Ger, I thought Bill was good but my god that was the best fuck in my life. I want more of it if you want more of me.”

“Sure would be nice Jill.”

“It took Bill about 45 minutes to be ready for another go. How long does it take you?”

“Depends Jill. With a hot chick like you maybe thirty minutes.”

I had no idea. I just wanted to be better than Bill.

I pulled up my pants and hid my deflated cock. She asked me to hand her the purse. She took out some tissues, wiped and threw them on the ground. She then turned to me and said, “Let’s get a bite at Mc-D, and then do it again. I’m hornier now than before after having your cock in me. It was awesome. I never new orgasms could be so good.”

“Maybe it was because it been awhile.”

“No way Ger. That thing of your woke up nerves that have never been awake. You are the 5th guy and none of those other four seniors came anywhere close to bringing me off like you just did.”

We had our fries and burgers and then I asked if she wanted to go back to the dance. She said, “No way, find a place to park and fuck me more. I’ll dance on your cock and make us both feel good.”

I knew a place behind where I had a part-time job. We went there and casino şirketleri she did dance in my lap. Lucky for me even on this go around she had yet to touch my cock.

I took her home and we agreed to another date in a few days.

Two days later, I was in bed flipping through Playboy with headset on listening to music. I had my knees up and stroking a hard-on. I had taken my briefs off but had a sheet up to my knees. Folks were asleep and my sister Karen was at work. I was living at home to cut down expenses and used public transportation to and from classes.

I was brought out of my dreamland when the bed moved. It was Karen with a big grin on her face. When she saw the magazine, she said. “I bet that thing that Jill wants so much is hard. Is it?”

I blushed and heard, “I guessed right. Look at you blushing. Now I know why the guys call you B-H at school. I have been wondering a long time why that nickname.”

“Show it to me will you? Jill told me it sent her places she has never been and is constantly thinking of it.”

“God sis, no, I will not show it to you.”

“Okay be that way. I was going to let you see what I have and then you could tell me if it looked hotter than Jill’s.”

As she lifted to get off the bed, she grabbed the sheet and pulled it down but did not look. I tossed and turned all night wondering how my sister might look and if she was serious.

The next night Jill and I got it on and nothing was mentioned about Karen.

Later at home as I passed Karen’s room, she called me in. She had her knees up as I did the night before reading some rag and said, “Jill called and said that she just can’t get enough of your cock, please show me what has her so hot.”

“Sis are you serious?”

“No I just want to see you blush.”

I turned and headed to my room but my mind kept spinning.

The weekend had come; mom and dad had left the cities to visit relatives. Karen and I worked part-time. It was Friday night and we both arrived home a few minutes apart after midnight. We both were in the kitchen heating up food.

After some idle talk Karen said, “Jill keeps telling me how good you make her feel with it waking up nerves that never use to wake up. Please show it to me and I will let you peek at me to be fair. She had me so curious. I’d rather we did it in the open so I don’t have to sneak a look when you are in the shower.”

“You are serious aren’t you Karen.”

“Don’t make fun of it please, sis. If you do I will tell the folks you asked to see my penis and something is wrong with you.”

“Okay B-H I will not make fun of it. Take it out and let me see it.”

I got it out for her and because of nervousness, it was small but the head was not. Her jaw dropped and her eyelids opened.

She then stared at it and went to her knees for a closer look. Blood started to flow to it and it began to grow. I wanted to stop it but it had a mind of its own. She took it into her hands and held it while it expanded to full mast.

As she was standing, she turned her head, walked over and killed the lights, came back to me and said, “Do me like you do Jill, please Ger. I want the feelings she is getting from it, please. I know we shouldn’t but god Gerry, please, please. I will not tell Jill but then listening to her will not be so bad. Please, please.”

She happened to be holding it in her warm hands all the time she was talking. My balls were hurting. I was weakening because it was my sister but she was becoming a hot pussy to my cock.

“Okay, let’s go upstairs. I need to get off one way or another.”

When we got upstairs, she took me into her room and began to strip. I did the same because that is why we went upstairs.

Karen placed herself on the bed in doggy, so I knew Jill had told her a lot. Her pussy was shining in juices. I just was looking at a hot, wet, hairless, dripping pussy and the thought of it being my sisters had gone.

I placed the head at her door and shoved slowly. As it was making forward progress she uttered, “Oh my god, ooooo god, ohooooo.”

When the head popped in and it snapped shut around the shaft she went, “Mmmmmmmmmmm.” Then she said, “Don’t move Gerry. I just want to feel it like that. God I’m building with out you even humping. Gerry guys cum to fast sometimes. Let me set the pace but if you have to get off go ahead. I will understand.”

I was building at the same time with out moving. I could not believe it happening; just my cock locked in a hot tight pussy would do that.

I think we both had settled some and sis began slow movements. I placed my hands on her hips to rest them. I looked at her asshole once and decided my eyes need to focus elsewhere. It was too inviting for a finger or a cock.

“Gerry I feel now what Jill was talking about. This is awesome. You will be sending girls into orbit with that tool. Look, I think we are both going to get off quick once we make a fast move. Promise me this will not be the one only time. I am like Jill now I will want it a lot. Please sleep with me tonight. The folks are casino firmaları gone. Do me in the morning when you wake up with it hard and set to go, please.”

“Sure sis this I hope is the first of many. Your ass is so hot looking. God sis I will not hold out much longer. Your pussy is milking my cock. Oh sis, oh god sis it’s on its way.”

As I was making my delivery, we both were humping. Sis opened her mouth and out came, “AAhhhhhaaaa, ahhaaaaaaaaa, ohoooooo, god yes, fuck me Ger, fuck me, fuck me, ohoooooooooooooo god, so good, so good, Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm.”

Sis fell forward and me with her. When we had our breath, I rolled us to the side and rested. My cock did not deflate.

I started to thrust and sis humped to meet me. She was going, “Mmmmm…mmm…mmm…mmm…mmm,” with each stab of my cock deep into the furnace. I slipped one arm under her and the other over her and then cupped and squeezed her breasts. She moaned harder and humped faster. We lasted awhile this second time but the tempo was picking up. When I stiffened to fire, she let out a cry that would have taken the skin off a dead animal and my cock was in a vise grip causing me to holler as the backpressure in firing my juice was awesome from her pussy grip.

I was shocked to wake up with a hard-on in her. I felt her pussy spasm. I started slow thrust and sis moaned. My hand went to her breasts as hours before; I pulled her tight to me and slammed my cock into her. We were both panting as the climaxes took over our bodies. We remained motionless then until sis said, “Thanks Gerry for being nice to me. Folks will be gone yet tonight. Whose bed shall it be?”

We both giggled forcing my cock out. In the shower, she messed with my cock and said, “I will now know how the girl is feeling when you are using this on her. So what is on the agenda for today other than working later?”

“Same ole same ole.”

“I will not tell Jill that you and I are getting it on. She may think we are both sick. I’m going to do some shopping before going to work. See you tonight B-H, after work.”

When I had returned home after work, I knew Karen was there because her car was in the drive and a light was on in her bedroom. I made a sandwich, wolfed it down wanting to get it on with my sister again.

I had my shirt off and in my hands when I reached her door and when going for the handle I heard, “Babe, your white pussy is so tight. Does your pussy want this piece of black meat? ‘God yes, I cannot get enough of it.'”

I charged into the room, sis pulled the covers up but not before my eyes caught sight of the black dildo in her pussy. There was no person in the room. It was sound from a porn movie. I froze in my spot and my sister was embarrassed.

I turned and headed to my room. I then did not hear the sound and soon she appeared wrapped in a sheet and tears were streaming from her eyes.

We looked at each other for a long time and then I said, “So that black fake is better than mine, huh?”

She turned and said, “Fuck you, brainless.”

I heard her bawling for some time and then after I had let settle what she had said, I walked to her room. When I reached her door, I turned my back and said, “You are right sis, I am brainless. I am so sorry I made that asinine remark and hurt you as I did. It was not very mature or smart of me. I just felt rejected at the time and did not realize you have fantasies like me.”

“How can I make it up to you and get you to forgive me and give me another chance. I will even be willing to sit and watch it with you to show you I am serious and will not make fun of you. I guess I have thought off and on it would be hot to see a white girl getting it on with a black guy but never thought my sister had thoughts it being hot.

“I guess it is no different than me wanting a hot movie star and be doing you at the same time.

“Come on sis, talk to me. Either tell me to get lost, or to screw myself or invite me to watch the porn with you as a peace offering.”

I heard a sniffle and then, “Some night when you are sleeping I will cut your balls off and throw them down the toilet if you utter a word about this to anyone so you had better sleep with your eyes open. Now come here and tell me you are sorry again by looking me in the eyes, and then go fix me a sandwich, bring it back so we can watch the rest of the movie.”

I did as she requested.

We then watched the movie together. It was the first time I was seeing a white girl getting it from a black guy. The action and vocals had me hard. I tool off my trousers to get comfortable.

Karen then rested her head on my chest and worked my cock slowly. I was then having trouble watching the porn as my mind was going to the feelings waking up in my cock.

Karen made sure she went slow, very slow. Her manipulation just held me hard and feeling nice but not building to fire.

Before the black guy made a delivery into the hot pussy he was fucking in doggy position, he pulled out, went to her face, and shoved his black cock down her throat. He had it buried güvenilir casino to the base. He gave a few pumps holding the side of her white face with those black hands, looked to the ceiling, closed his eyes, stiffened and growled. The girl was swallowing from the throat action on the screen. My heart was pumping hard. I placed a hand on Karen’s head.

We heard, “Damn babe your pussy is tight and your mouth is awesome, let’s see what your ass thinks of black meat.”

The position we were in bed with me propped up and Karen’s head on my belly made it restful to watch the next scene. I was distracted from the TV when my cock head was sucked into Karen’s mouth.

I reached for her head to pull her off but she locked onto my cock with her teeth and I would have skinned myself if I pulled more.

“Please Karen; I don’t need that from you.”

As I released my grip on her, she let up with the teeth bite.

She then lifted onto her hands and knees, still with my cock impaled in her mouth. She tossed one leg over me. I was staring at her wet pussy and flower. I buried my face into her and drove my tongue into her hole. God it was so warm and tasted so good my cock expanded faster than it ever had. She moaned onto my cock as my tongue was swishing about in her. My nuts lifted to make a delivery. I moaned into her pussy as my nut juice was on the move; she orgasmed at the same time. I moaned harder and fired harder as I felt her swallowing my cum.

She let me deflate and then headed to the bathroom. I heard her rinsing and spitting.

When she came back to bed, I placed my hand on the side of her face, looked her in the eyes and said, “You did not have to do that.”

“I know but guys ask me and you being the first made it special. I wanted it.”

I then leaned in to kiss her. The tongue duel got me rock hard in no time.

I pinned her to the bed, lifting her knees to her boobs and plowed into her sweet tight box.

When we had recovered I asked, “Was you picturing that black guy in the porn doing you?”

“No B-H because the feeling your cock gives me won’t let me think of any other but when you are not in me I do wonder; it is so erotic seeing the skin contrast.”

“Yeah it looks hot.”

Sis and I were getting it on almost every night. The folks were sound sleepers and their TV was always on from the late show. Jill was a regular also, good for two or three times a week, mostly quickies.

About a month later, the super market where I worked part-time hired a black guy. I would overhear the white chicks talking amongst themselves about how he might be in the sack. I was surprised half wanted him half did not.

Jim and I hit it off for some reason. I found out over time that he was orphaned by a car accident and had no close by relatives. He was twenty-one and was working and using scholarship and loans for his pre-med classes. It was Thanksgiving time and I talked to the folks about having him come over for Turkey day making particularly sure they knew he was black. If they had been prejudiced I would never had brought it up. They agreed as I felt they would.

The meal went well and he was answering so many questions from my folks I finally said, “Give the guy a break. Let’s play dominoes or some other game.”

We did play several games and at ten, I ran Jim home. On the way, he asked whether Karen was a junior or senior and what her major was.

I replied, “A senior in high school.”

“You’re kidding. I wanted to talk more with her but your folks would not let me asks many questions. She was quite also and that probably explains it.”

“Yeah she is that way the first few times until she gets comfortable.”

We arrived at his place and I was thanked a million times for him having a great day.

When I returned home, the folks were in bed, sis was propped up in bed with a smile on her face as I stuck my head into her room. I asked her about the smile and she said, “When I use my toy I will put it on Jim. He sure was nice. He had brains to go with his looks. Knocking down a 4.0 is not so easy they say in college.”

I looked at her and said, “You want me to see if he has an interest in you.”

It was quite for a little bit and then asked, “Would you do that for me?”

“If the opportunity comes up but there is a condition.”

“Which is?”

“I want to watch somehow if you two get it on.”

Sis grinned and said, “That’s a fair request. It will make it hotter for me knowing my brother is beating the hell out of his meat watching.”

We hugged and went about our nightly fucking. She was already wet and naked.

As Christmas approached, I asked the folks if Jim could spend some time again. They agreed. I was hoping that they would agree so he and Karen might get to a point of getting it on.

Christmas arrived and Jim was happy to be spending time with us. Christmas day, he helped clearing the table after the meal. He also was spending more time around Karen in so doing.

Christmas night it snowed so we put an air mattress in my bedroom for him to sleep on, so I did not have to run him home. That put a damper on Karen’s and my nightly fun but she was happy because he was close by. I heard a muffle orgasm a little while after she had closed her door. I wondered if Jim had heard it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32