Black is Better Ch. 03

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WARNING: In my stories, I tend to use the “n-word” quite a bit. If you can’t handle reading that…then please leave.


Zach finally came back into consciousness. He looked out the window and saw the sun was high in the sky.

“Fuck! I can’t miss school. Today is the presentation.” Zach ran as fast as he could towards they door. In an instant, he felt incredibly sore. He reached his hands back and placed a couple fingers into his ass crack.

To his amazement, there was no butthole there…just a hole that seemed to go on forever inside of him. As far as he pressed the finger inward, he couldn’t touch the end. “That son of a bitch! Just because that nigger is bigger and stronger than me, he thinks he can do whatever he wants to my body.” Zach ran up to his room to get dressed. Every step he took caused a few drops of Tyrone’s cum to plop out of his ruined ass.

At school, Zach completely ruined his presentation. Tyrone was in the class when it was Zach’s turn to present. Tyrone just stared at him while grabbing at his noticeable bulge. Zach couldn’t help but watch what looked like a horses cock stuffed into the tightest jeans you could buy. Every time Tyrone shook his bulge, Zach could see mounds of flesh squeeze from one side to the other.

It was mesmerizing. He flubbed on every word, and stuttered endlessly in front of the classroom. Whatever little bit of confidence Zach used to have was completely lost. How could he call himself a man if he allowed Tyrone to use and abuse him like that? He felt powerless and worthless every time he even thought about Tyrone. The last class of the day was gym. Zach just couldn’t wait to get back home, where at least he could relax and try to forget about what happened last night.

Zach was standing, alone, in the boy’s locker room. All of the other boys had finished changing and left. Zach was just about done changing when he heard this loud sound coming from outside. His eyes became huge and scared. He recognized Tyrone’s voice, but there were more than one person. Tyrone was talking to a whole big group of people. Zach panicked and ran towards the lockers. He quickly opened the first one he could find and jumped in. He quietly closed the locker door in front of him and stared through the vents on the top of the door.

Tyrone walked into the locker room, followed by 10 more black men that were all as muscled and gigantic as he is. Zach instantly recognized their football uniforms. Tyrone had just finished football practice and was going to change with the rest of the team. As they started to take off their uniforms and expose their muscled bodies, Zach couldn’t help but watch in awe. He noticed that they all were wearing strangely huge cups around their dicks; athletic cups that bulged out down to their knees, practically.

“Yo, Tyrone, how’s that one white family doing that you were telling us about the other day?” Tyrone looked over at the other muscled black jock.

“Pretty damn good. The father is the hardest one to crack. His white bitch was the one who started this whole thing…so she wasn’t hard to convert. The sweetest meat has to be the son, though. That piece of shit has the tightest ass I have ever felt…well…he USED to have the tightest ass.” Tyrone let out an audible chuckle, as did the rest of the black team.

“Fuck…Tyrone. All this talk about splitting open white meat is getting me worked up.”

“Well, let’s hit the showers then so you can bust that nut.” Tyrone looked over to the main group. “Let’s hit the showers, my niggers. We’ve worked up quite the sweat.” At their quarterback’s command, and almost in unison, the whole team unstrapped their cups. Then Zach heard it…that familiar sound that haunts his dreams now: the sound of a heavy piece of soft meat slapping against a man’s thigh.

His mouth completely fell open as he saw 11 horse-sized black cocks flop down towards the ground. Somehow, every one of them had huge throbbing veins running through the entire foot long shaft. Some were even bigger than Tyrone’s was. One boy was so big that his cock literally hung down to his kneecaps. His entire body was massive as well. He must have been at least 7 foot tall and had more pounds of muscle on him than Zach’s entire body weight.

His cock was so big that once he walked over to the showers, it flopped from front to back so hard that the tip actually slapped the man right in the ass. As they turned on the water, Zach couldn’t help but stare admiringly as their foot long flaccid cocks glistened when wet. There entire bodies glistened, really.

Every inch of their muscled bodies shimmered and seemed to bulge out even more when hit with steaming hot water. To Zach’s amazement, he looked down and saw that his own cock was rock hard. ‘But how is this possible? I’m not gay!’ He thought to himself. He was almost disgusted with himself that he could allow a high school football team to get him sexually erzurum escort excited.

“I’m gonna bust that one nut I built up, okay Tyrone? All that talk about white fuck slaves has made me brew up a pretty heavy load.” He chuckled a bit and slapped the side of his nutsack. His tennis ball sized nuts flung from side to side like a pendulum. Tyrone looked over at him with a smile.

“Have at it, my nigger. There’s a drain over there for your big, fat load.” The young boy walked over to the drain and grabbed his giant soft cock at the base. He spit a couple of times on the shaft and started jerking it furiously. To Zach’s amazement, within a couple seconds that black meat stick was rock hard and at least a foot long.

He started to make a couple of grunts and groans. Suddenly there was a load bang sound, almost as if someone had dropped a large boulder. To Zach’s amazement, it was from the young black boy’s stream of cum. That thick, hot cum seemed to shoot out of his horse sized cock like a fire hose. The second that heavy load hit the ceramic tiles on the floor, the whole room echoed with a loud bang. The young boy was panting heavily, but quickly regained his strength.

“You think that’s gonna clog the drain, Tyrone?” He actually had a concerned look on his face.

“Oh course it is. That’s the point. We’ve gotta give that worthless white janitor a reason to live. I’m sure he loves cleaning up a floor covered in thick, hot nigger cum.” Tyrone slapped him on the ass and walked over towards the lockers. Watching that incredible show of manhood and strength was far too much for Zach’s inexperienced little prick to handle.

A couple measly drops of cum dripped out of Zach’s 4 inch, rock hard cock. He let out an audible moan, almost sounding like a women climaxing. The entire black team looked over at the locker Zach was in. Tyrone raced over to the locker and threw it open. To his surprise, Zach was cowering at the bottom, with a couple tears crawling down his cheeks.

“P-please, Master. Don’t do this to me. I’ll do anything you want.” Zach had remembered when Tyrone beat him for not calling him ‘Master’. Zach wasn’t going to do anything that could get him beaten up. All he wanted to do was get straight home. He wasn’t about to give Tyrone a reason to punch him. One of the guys looked over with a surprised look on his face.

“Oh, fuck! Did that little white boy just call you ‘Master’? God damn! I guess that big ol’ nigger dick of yours really is a miracle worker.” Tyrone now had the biggest smile on his face yet. He finally had Zach right where he wanted him.

“This is the white son I was talking about earlier.” He grabbed Zach by the hair and pulled him into the air. Zach let out an audible yelp, as his hair was nearly ripped right out. “See…” To prove it, Tyrone flipped Zach over so that his ass was pointed into the air. He took his black hands and forced Zach’s pimply white ass cheeks apart. There was no asshole left; nothing but a giant hole that perfectly fit Tyrone’s cock, when hard.

“Oh shit! That boy’s gonna need diapers soon just to hold his ruined bowels in.” The black man stepped up closer to Tyrone and Zach. “Is that what you are, bitch? Are you just a disgusting little white baby who needs diapers?” He had the cleverest little smirk on his face. Zach knew that he shouldn’t talk back to any of these men. Each one of them could kill him with just their pinky finger.

“Y-Yes…sir. I am a worthless…baby” The entire room of black men erupted in laughter while Zach was audibly trying to hold back tears. Tyrone threw Zach’s body over to one of the benches so hard that he almost gave him a concussion. He grabbed him by the legs, and positioned him so that his ass was hanging off the edge, in full view of the entire team. Tyrone pointed a finger towards Zach’s open, sore hole.

“Well, niggers, what are you waiting for? We’ve got a whole feast in front of us. Dig in boys!” The team all let out a couple chuckles and grunts as their already massive meat sticks started to rise and get even bigger. Tyrone walked over to Zach’s head and grabbed him by the hair, lifting his head up. “Do you want the lube this time, bitch? Trust me…you’re going to need it, you fucking faggot.”

Zach looked around the entire room. All he could see was a sea of black muscles and cocks. He choked back tears and nodded at Tyrone. “That’s what I thought, meat sack.” To Zach’s amazement, Tyrone made a fist with one hand and rammed it down Zach’s throat. Zach could feel him digging around at the base of his throat. “Now don’t you throw up on me, white bitch…or you won’t live to see tomorrow.” Zach did everything he could to hold back the urge to puke.

Tyrone continued to rip apart his throat for a few seconds. As Tyrone slid his hand out of Zach’s throat, huge strings of slime and drool flung from his mouth and slid down Tyrone’s hand. “There we go…that’s just escort erzurum what your boy cunt needs.” He walked over to Zach’s raised asshole and threw his hand at it. He slapped and slid his open palm around as roughly as he could to make sure his entire ass was lubed up properly. Tyrone stood up, faced the other men, and stood silent for a couple seconds.

“Let the fuck fest BEGIN!” Tyrone yelled, as he threw his hands up in the air. In unison, the entire black team ran over towards Zach. One boy grabbed Zach by the throat and thrust his cock inside Zach’s sore mouth as hard as he could. Tyrone went over to the new kid who had just busted a nut in the shower.

“How about we get in there as the first ones to take that faggot’s ass today? I just know you’ve got another load saved up in that fat nutsack of yours.” He winked at the young boy, and put his arm over his shoulder. They both walked back over to the huddle of horse hung fuck studs that had formed around Zach. Tyrone grabbed the young boy’s throbbing dick and pushed it tight against his own pulsating cock.

“Fuck, Tyrone! Your cock is pulsating so hard it’s almost vibrating from all the blood flowing through it. This feels incredible!”

“Just imagine how great our two cocks will feel together inside that fuckbag’s boy cunt.” Tyrone grabbed their two cocks at their heads and thrust them as hard as he could towards Zach’s wide open asshole. They slipped in with no problem at all. All that slime and slobber Tyrone rubbed on Zach’s ass really did the trick. For the next few hours, every man on the team tried every one of Zach’s holes.

As disgusted as Zach was at this whole thing, he couldn’t help but be impressed. Even with all the porn that Zach had jerked his tiny little cock to, he had never seen a sight quite like this. All Zach could see was an ocean of foot long black cocks that seemed almost endless. The ecstasy of having all these men take care of him at once even made him drip out a few more drops of cum from his rock hard little dick.

He couldn’t even feel how many men were inside of him anymore. His ass had gone completely numb. He lifted his head and looked back to get a good idea of what was going on. To his amazement, he saw three huge black boys standing side by side with their arms around each other’s shoulders. They all had their horse cocks pressed up against each other and were simultaneously fucking Zach’s ass. After another couple of hours, things were still surprisingly fast and hectic.

These black boys had the strength to do this for a couple days straight, it seemed. Not a single one of them was tired or exhausted yet. Zach was barely conscious anymore. The torrent of nigger horse cocks that were flying in and out of his body’s holes left him almost comatose with pleasure. Tyrone stood up in front of the group and had to yell to be heard.

The loud roar of balls slapping against Zach’s ass, and Zach gagging audibly on a couple of black cocks, almost drowned out Tyrone’s words. “My fellow niggers…I think it’s about time that we put an end to this once and for all.” They all stopped what they were doing and stared at Tyrone. “You all know what I’m talking about; the one man who can ruin this white faggot better than any of us could.” The entire room began to shout and cheer, ‘Bubba…Bubba…Bubba!’ A few of the black men in the back stepped aside to reveal the 7 foot tall black man that Zach had seen earlier.

Zach had almost forgotten he was here, sitting in the back by himself. He towered over everyone else, and could barely stand up without hitting his head on the ceiling. This beast must have been at least 400 pounds of pure muscle. Zach saw that familiar cock from when he was hiding in the locker. Truly the biggest cock on the planet, this beast swung from side to side and hung as low as the man’s kneecaps. As he made his way over to Zach, his thundering footsteps nearly made the room shake.

Once he finally reached Zach, he leaned down and grabbed him by the hair. He lifted his entire body up off the ground with one hand, so that their eyes would meet. All Zach could see what his massive muscles; the most noticeable were his bulging biceps that must have been thicker than Zach’s entire body. ‘He is truly a god’, Zach thought to himself. Bubba leaned in close and whispered in Zach’s ear.

“I’s gonna break you like you’s neva been broked befo’.” He said in the simplest sounding voice. Bubba threw Zach back down onto the bench. Zach’s loose and dripping wet ass met Bubba’s eyes. “Mmmm…I’s love me some white fag butt!” He said in a childlike voice. Bubba licked his lips a couple of times, put on a big smile, and plopped his fuck stick down on top of Zach’s ass.

The sound of his superior black meat pummeling a white ass towards the ground make a loud ‘crack’ that echoed through the locker room. Zach would have been afraid that Bubba almost broke his pelvis…if he could erzurum escort bayan even think straight. The barrage of black horse cock he had earlier left him in a drunken stupor. The rest of the locker room looked on in amazement.

Bubba’s cock stretched from its’ base, over the top of Zach’s throbbing asshole, and all the way up to the back of Zach’s head. Bubba’s cock was practically as long as Zach’s entire body was. “What’s you wants me to do wit yo’ ass, boi?” Bubba said, slightly slurring his words. Zach couldn’t even think of a response…in fact he couldn’t even really hear what Bubba said. Zach’s mouth just instinctively replied.

“M-More…m…more.” Strings of drool were dripping out of Zach’s mouth, and his eyes were completely closed.

“Holy shit!” Tyrone was clearly amazed by what he just heard. “Well…I guess you really are a broken white whore now.” Tyrone put his hand against his forehead and shook his head back and forth. “You white boys really are so fucking weak. I don’t understand how some people can think that white men deserve to live…when something like this just occurs so naturally. Well…” Tyrone took a long breath and paused for a few seconds. “…You heard him, Bubba. Break this bitch for good!”

Tyrone gave a literal thumbs up motion to Bubba. The black giant just giggled like a school girl and lifted his heavy cock that was resting over Zach’s entire back. He leaned his head back and began to collect as much spit as he could. He thrust his head forward and a big pile of drool came flying out and landed on his cock. Bubba used both his hands to rub the slimy drool all over his cock. As he slowly pushed the massive tip into the gaping hole in front of him, Zach sprung back to life.

“Ohhh…FUCK!” Bubba’s cock didn’t even come close to fitting into Zach’s ruined hole, but Bubba wasn’t discouraged. His just licked his lips and forced the entire thing balls deep in one shot. “AHHHHHH!” Zach’s cock instantly started leaking cum while it was still soft. Bubba could tell that Zach was enjoying himself, so he started thrusting as hard as he could. The sound of Bubba’s basketball sized nuts slapping against Zach’s ass crackled through the entire gym. To Bubba’s surprise, Zach no longer had a pained look on his face; instead, a giant smile stretched from ear to ear. “You’s wants me to stop, boi?” He looked down at Zach with a puzzled look.

“N-No…I…need m-more.” Zach was barely conscious at this point, but still had a perpetual smile on his face.

“Das just whats I want to hear, boi.” Bubba started pounding Zach’s ass even harder than before. With every powerful thrust, Zach’s body slid further down the bench. Throngs of juices and precum came flying out of Zach’s ass with every pump Bubba put in him. This ridiculously rough ass ruining session went on for about an hour.

Finally, Bubba pulled Zach as close as he could to himself. “Me gonna fill dat boi pussy up to da brim!” Suddenly, Zach’s stomach ballooned outward and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Bubba grunted so loud the entire school must have heard. Bubba slowly slid his cock out of Zach’s ass, making sure not to let too much of his cum drip out onto the floor.

He walked over to one of the benches and threw his body down with a thunderous slam. The tip of his cock gently rubbed against the ceramic tiles on the floor. His cock was twitching and pulsating with every breath he took. What was left of Zach was no nothing more than a complete mess of sore flesh and cum. It wasn’t even possible to make out any discernible butt cheeks anymore. It was hard to even tell that you were looking at a man’s asshole anymore. It just looked like a giant dark hole that must have been a foot wide.

“Well, my niggers, let’s show this fag why nigger cum is going to be the only meals he’s ever going to get.” Tyrone grabbed at his own cock and marched over to Zach’s mouth. The team followed Tyrone’s lead, and soon a huddle had formed in front of Zach’s face. 11 monstrous black cocks were swinging back and forth in front of Zach’s face. Tyrone looked over at the youngest boy who he had helped fuck Zach’s ass earlier. “How about you blow your load first, huh? I just know you’ll make us proud.” The boy got a big smile and looked down at Zach’s stupefied face.

“Open up wide, you disgusting white faggot. I can tell you’re getting hungry.” With that last word, he grabbed his cock and shoved it as far down Zach’s throat as he could. With a couple of grunts and groans Zach’s stomach started to balloon outward again. All of a sudden Zach sprung back to consciousness.

An incredible warm feeling had washed over him. All of a sudden Zach felt this amazing ‘full’ feeling…like he had been hungry his whole like, and this food was his salvation. Every jet of the young boy’s cum made Zach shake and moan in ecstasy. Without even thinking, Zach reached out with both his hands and grabbed a couple of the massive cocks in front of him and started jerking them furiously.

“I knew a little nigger cum was all it would take to push you over the edge for good.” Tyrone was next to shove his cock down Zach’s throat. His belly ballooned out even further. This only made Zach moan even loader and jerk those black cocks even faster.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32