Birthday Surprise

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All parties are 18 or over in this story.

Amber just turned eight-teen today but was celebrating it alone. Her parents were gone on a business trip and had sworn that they would make it up to her later. Kathy, Amber’s best friend, was out of town, and her little brother was staying over at a friend’s house. She wanted to be alone with her boyfriend anyway because she was ready to lose her virginity to him, but he couldn’t come over. He told her that his parents were making him watch his brothers as they went out.

Amber thought she would spend her whole birthday alone until she saw her neighbor Susan sitting in a lawn chair. Susan was a kind and charming woman with long blonde hair. Looking a lot like A.J. Cook from Criminal minds but with a bigger and firmer ass. Being beautiful as she was made Amber wonder why she never saw any guys around her house. Not that she was spying or watching her every move, but in the last three years, she had never seen a guy around her place.

Susan was wearing a white blouse with the top three buttons undone and tan pants. The woman was relaxing from what Amber suspected was a hard day while drinking a glass of red wine. She didn’t want to bother her, but she was lonely and needed someone to talk to. Amber didn’t want to sound like a whiny little girl as she explained how bad her birthday was going.

While unloading how awful her day was going, she accidentally let it slipped out about her plan to have sex with her boyfriend. She didn’t mean to get that personal with her and felt embarrassed over it. Sex was a sin. Well, at least that’s what her mother said. She was surprised when Susan praised her for her decision to have sex and warned her that the first time often sucked, but it does get better.

Susan was eager for Amber to have a good time on her birthday that she took her into her house where they could talk some more. “Since it is your birthday, here is something to liven up your day. I am only doing this because it’s your special day, and please don’t tell your parents!” Susan said, pleading to Amber.

Amber never drank any alcohol before and didn’t really want any now, but she didn’t want to seem uptight. Swallowing her pride with a mouthful of something that was sweet-tasting, and found that she liked it. Amber figured it was better to test it out with someone safe that won’t take advantage of her. Letting herself relax drank a couple more glasses while enjoying Susan’s company and soon forgot about her trouble.

She was having a real good time until Susan’s phone rang. She had to come in to fix a work problem for a client who asked for her by name. It was like she was destined to be alone on her birthday, and forces were making sure that it happened. Susan told Amber that she was sorry, but she could finish her drink before going home.

Amber felt weird being in Susan’s house all alone, that she downed her drink fast. She felt the alcohol hit her all at once when she tried to stand up. Amber found herself unable to walk straight or think clearly. The only thing she could think of was that taking a cold shower might help. Whenever she felt sick, taking a shower before going to bed helped make her feel better.

Too afraid to walk home, she went in search of Susan’s shower. Amber staggered into the bathroom connected to Susan’s bedroom, where she quickly removed her clothes before stepping into a walk-in shower. It helped her a little, but she became a little light-headed, and when she got out, Amber put on a pink silk bathrobe that hung on the wall. Needing to Lie down from the dizziness she felt, she laid on Susan’s bed until it passed but ended up falling asleep.

Amber woke up with a jolt of pleasure running through her body. The first thing that she noticed was that the room was dark. She could hardly make out anything in the room with enough light to give objects within the room unfamiliar shapes. Amber soon realized that her robe was undone and could feel the night air dance across her naked flesh. Her nipples were hard and had the type of ache that only touching it could cure.

The reason they were hard was that somebody was between her legs licking her pussy. The pleasure that came from it was beyond words and was like nothing that she ever experienced before. The stranger knew what they were doing, sliding their tongue inside her and sucking on her pussy lips. When the person found her clitoris, she let out a long low pitch moan before biting her bottom lip.

It surprised her that she wasn’t trying to stop what was being done to her. This was the type of thing bad girls would do when these things happen to them. Good girls would say no and try to stop what was happening, but she enjoyed it too much ever to make it stop. She started to feel shameful because she began to think this may be Susan’s boyfriend and that she also had one of her own. Knowing she should say something to fix his mistake, she opened her mouth, but the wave of pleasure paralyzed her tongue.

The man must have assumed finding her lying on his girlfriend’s bed that beylikdüzü escort she was Susan. She could see how he could make that mistake in a dark room with someone with similar features as his girlfriend. Amber was also a blonde, and even in a dim-lit room, one couldn’t tell them apart. Amber could only hope that she looked that good at that age. Susan was twenty-six, and to a teenager like Amber, that was a long time away from eight-teen.

She opened her mouth to tell him to stop before things go any further than it already has, but only another moan escaped her lips. A tremble of pleasure ran through her that made her powerless to resist what was happening. Amber opened her legs wider; she couldn’t believe that she was going to let him fuck her without saying a word.

Grabbing her breasts, Amber squeezed them and played with her nipples. The stranger between her legs didn’t need any help hitting the right spot because he somehow knew where to touched her. It’s like this stranger knew her vagina inside and out. When she found the strength to push aside the desire to have his cock inside her was about to speak up when light from a passing car came through the bedroom window illuminating the room.

For a moment, she only registered that it was someone with long black hair, then it hit her. Susan’s boyfriend wasn’t between her legs, but her friend Monica was. It surprised her that she didn’t immediately push the girl away but what she was doing felt too good. It was one thing when she thought it was a guy between your legs licking her pussy with a skillful tongue. Amber’s mind told her this was wrong, but her body didn’t care and wanted it to go on.

Feeling too good to stop, she let Monica have her way with her and had her first orgasm. It hit her hard like a ton of bricks, making her arch her back and curling her toes while screaming at the top of her lungs. The sound that came out of her mouth was between some kind of wild animal and a demonic entity. She didn’t care that she just lost her virginity to another girl and just the fact that it felt unbelievably good.

Hearing the woman’s seductive voice calling out from between her legs revealing a secret that she never knew about her neighbor. “Susan. Susan, my baby doll, your pussy tasted extra good tonight like I was tasting your juicy cunt for the first time,” Monica said teasingly.

Feeling Monica’s body sliding across her own as the girl crawled on top of her and realized the girl was also naked. She could feel the girl’s large soft breasts pressing against her flesh while her bare pelvis rest between her legs. The girl spoke again, but this time she teased Amber with a kiss on her shoulder after every other word. ” I got a great idea; let invite your sexy neighbor over for some fun. What was her name again? Oh yeah, it was Amber! I hear today was her birthday, and now she is legal for us to play with.”

Amber’s body tensed up at this revelation and felt excitement hearing this woman unwittingly confessed to wanting to fuck her. She understood now why she had never seen a guy hanging around because Susan was gay and Monica was her lover. Being mistaken as someone lesbian lover should have disgusted her, but somehow she didn’t mind the mixed up.

She was too afraid to speak; Amber did something that surprised her when she kissed Monica. She couldn’t believe she did that, and it took a few tries before finding the girl’s lips. When she found Monica’s mouth felt her tongue slipped inside that was coated with her juices. While they were kissing, Monica sensually massaged her small delicate breasts with tender affection.

The kiss was amazingly soft, warm, and delightfully addictive. Amber lightly caressed Monica’s back as they kissed before sliding her hands down it to the girl’s ass and squeezed it. She never wanted to embrace another girl like this before, but now she found that she wanted nothing more. Not knowing how long they laid there kissing and touching each other, Amber discovered how okay she was doing sexual things with another girl.

Amber hoped that no car would come by, shining their light in the room and ruin this moment. Fearing if the girl knew that she wasn’t Susan, she would stop their lovemaking, and she had grown to love the experience. Amber had passed the point of ending this, and the memory of her boyfriend faded away to nothingness. The pleasure was too great to run from that she was more than willing to do whatever Monica wanted.

Feeling a single finger working around her breast now and gradually down toward the areola in a spiral pattern. The touch made her body tingle all over and made her nipples a little bit harder. She didn’t think it could get any stiffer or more sensitive than they were right now. Whenever Monica touched her nipple, it made her cried out and moan. Monica slid her hand between her legs and inserted a finger inside her. Breaking their kiss Monica told her in a hot sultry voice. “I got a new toy for you, sweetie. I can’t wait to use it on you. Come and feel it!”

Monica guided her hand to the avcılar escort toy; Amber felt something long, thick, and smooth. Amber didn’t know what she was feeling and could only guess it was a sex toy. “I know you’ve never used a strap-on before, baby, but I promise that you will enjoy this. Turn around and get on your hands and knees!” Monica said, ordering Amber to reposition herself.

Doing as the woman told her, Amber felt Monica getting in position behind her. Monica’s hands found her ass and squeezed it before tracing the head of the fake cock around her wet pussy. It almost slid in from how wet she was, but Monica was a master when teasing a lover in bed. She slowly eased all seven inches inside Amber’s pussy that ended up breaking her hymen and caused her some pain. When the girl started thrusting her hips into her, the pain she first felt was pushed aside by the rising pleasure.

Monica held tightly on Amber’s legs as her thrusts picked up speed and pounded her virgin pussy in submission. Monica slid her hands down to her breasts, squeezing them as she bent over to whisper into her ear and giving her a fucking that she will never forget. “Let’s invite Amber over tomorrow, and we can fuck her together! How about it, baby? We can turn that girl into our little slut and teach her how sweet a pussy can tasted.” Monica said in a lustful heated voice.

It turned her on so much, hearing this woman confessing how much she wanted to fuck her and not knowing she was doing just that now. Amber kept her eyes shut as she felt an orgasm building up within her and bit down on her lower lip in pleasure. Between the grunts and moans, Monica’s words started to be drowned out.

“Mmmm…Ummm…oh,” she emitted squeals of delight. Monica’s voice became intense and demanding. “I saw how you look at her firm ass and the shape of her perky breasts this morning when she wasn’t looking. Let’s fuck her, or I will not finish.” She slowed down enough to tease her of forth-coming pleasure without getting her the orgasmic release she now craved.

Amber wanted to weep from not being allowed to cum, but was too afraid to speak. “Just one word, my dear. Just one word and I will fuck you like no ever had before!” Monica said, teasing her into speaking words that could give the game away. Needing to cum so badly, she didn’t know she did it until it was too late. Yelling in a loud, lustful voice, Amber screamed out, “Yes! Yes! Yes! I will be your little whore; just fuck me!” The fear ran through her body, knowing Monica must have known that her voice wasn’t Susan.

Monica seemed not to notice as she grabbed Amber’s hair, pulling her head back as she picked up speed. The orgasm was coming back, and this time it was stronger. The loud moaning sounds coming from her once again filled the room. When the orgasm hit, her body was unprepared from the pleasure that shot through her.

“Ahhh…mmmm…fuck!” Amber screamed out in delightful joy. Amber couldn’t believe that she let this woman fuck her and how much she enjoyed it. When Monica let go of her hair, she was too weak to keep on all fours, so she crashed her face into the pillow. Monica wasn’t finished and kept her ass up, continuing fucking her.

The pillow kept all her moans muffled, but each orgasm that followed wreaked her body with a pleasurable weakness. After the third powerful orgasm, she passed out and had an erotic dream. She dreamt about having sex with Keira Knightley when her best friend Kathy walked in naked, with her dark hair tied back in a ponytail, lowering herself between her legs. Kathy’s face was filled with undeniable lust, and she spoke in a voice with desperate longing in it. “I’ve been waiting to do this for the longest time now.” Lowering her head, but before she could make contact, Amber woke up.

The thought of sleeping with Kathy made her nipples stiffen and her pussy moist. The girl was a month older than she was and before last night was more experience with sex than she was. She was pretty sure her friend had never spent a night with another girl being fucked into total exhaustion. She started to wonder what pussy tastes like and wished that Monica was still in the room to find out.

Her mind went back to Kathy’s naked frame, and she began to touch herself while pretending that they were having sex. This scared her and made her wonder if she was a lesbian now. It didn’t scare her to be a lesbian, but the reaction from other people did. Knowing she will never be accepted, Amber decided she would keep this a secret as long as she could. Letting out a low whimper and she came over her fingers, she resisted the urge to lick her juices from them.

Amber tied the robe loosely around her body as she got out of bed in the hope that Monica was still here. She wanted to repeat last night’s fun and be able to remove her robe in a flash. Amber found Susan instead in her dining room drinking some coffee at a glass table. Susan smiled at her as she sat down. “I see you had some fun while I was away.” She said with a devilish smirk. Amber lowered her head in shame. esenyurt escort “I am sorry things just got carried away,” Amber pleaded in her defense.

Susan let out a light laugh. “There’s nothing to say sorry about. Monica told me everything. I should warn you that she likes to play games with people and has a thing about fucking impressionable young girls. She found you in my bed and pretended she thought you were me. By the way, we are just friends and not lovers. Like I said, she likes to play games.”

Amber’s mouth dropped open in shock for a moment before she smiled from the ride that she was taken on. She couldn’t deny the fact that she enjoyed the whole experience and was more than willing to do it again. Monica was an exceptional lover with the way she knew her body and how to touch it.

“I can see that you are not mad at her for her dirty little trick. She really is a good person, but someone that liked having a lot of sex. She is more adventurous than me and goes after whoever she wants.” Susan said, explaining her friend’s debauchery ways.

Amber noticed Susan’s eyes looking down with a hint of lust and desire for something on the glass table. It took her a moment to realize that her robe came undone, revealing some of her bush to the woman. This excited her to the point that she spread her legs wider to tease Susan a bit. She couldn’t believe that she was acting like a slut, and her action made Susan choke on her coffee. The robe opened further than she thought it would, sliding off her lap completely, leaving her silky legs and a glistening pussy totally exposed to Susan’s gaze.

Susan stared at her legs and the thick patch of blonde pubes that was between them. The woman’s eyes shift upward toward her chest that was barely covered by the robe. A good portion of her breasts could be seen with a hint of a nipple peeking out. Amber had never let herself be this exposed to someone before and made no move to cover up.

Amber wasn’t exactly a good girl but a long way from being a slut. At least not before today. She was getting off on exposing herself to Susan. It was like she was in a dream when she rose from the table; her body was powerless to deny what it wanted. Amber allowed the robe to fall off as she walked toward Susan. The woman could only stare at her beautiful nude body with lustful eyes. When their lips met, they shared a fiery hot kiss between them.

Amber’s hands roamed over Susan’s body, squeezing one of her breasts through her blouse, feeling a hard nipple. She wasn’t wearing a bra that Amber found thrilling. Twisting the nipple made Susan moan into Amber’s mouth and made her even bolder. Amber lowered her hand between Susan’s legs, playing with her pussy through her dress pants. Breaking their kiss, Amber climb underneath the table to correct a missed opportunity.

Amber started undoing Susan’s pants, sliding them off while taking her shoes and panties with them. Susan had a thin patch of pubic hair that Amber found to be cute. Not sure what to do next, she just started licking the best way she knew how. Amber liked how it tasted but was unsure if she was doing it right.

She was glad when Susan started to direct her to the right spot and started moaning loudly. Showing her she was on the right track, her body squirmed around and let out a series of moans. “To the right a bit…mmmm… a little higher… Ahhh. That..mmmm is…Ahhh… it… Fuck I am cumming!” An orgasm erupted through Susan’s body, making Amber proud of her newly found skill in licking pussy.

Amber knew that there was no going back from this after discovering how much eating pussy turned her on. She was naked underneath a table, face wet from another girl’s pussy juice, and instead of feeling shameful, she was looking forward to the next time. Looking up at Susan, she watched the woman removed her blouse until she was naked as she was. Susan’s nipples were thick and were poking out like two little erasers.

Susan pulled Amber from underneath the table into a long passionate kiss. The woman didn’t seem to mind tasting herself on her lips and drank down her juices with delight. Amber felt herself being dragged back to the room where the loss of her innocent happened and was thrown on the bed in a playful matter. Jumping on top of her, Susan started kissing wildly all over her body. Taking one of her stiff pink nipples into her mouth, Susan began biting playfully and sucking on it, sending a ripple of pleasure down her spine. The series of kisses and bites soon followed down her stomach until the woman got to her pussy. Amber didn’t know how intoxicating and alluring the scent of her pussy was but that Susan ate it with a hunger of a wild animal.

The sensations that ran through Amber’s body by Susan’s artful tongue showed that Monica wasn’t the only one that was also a master at cunnilingus. “Mmmm…Ahhhh…Ohh..fuck..Yesss.” Arching her back, her legs slightly tighten around Susan’s head, rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. A long “mmmm” came out softly at first but was getting louder. When the powerful orgasm hit, her legs held Susan’s head so tight that she couldn’t hear the earsplitting moaning scream that came from her. “Mmmm…Oh fuck…Yesss… mmmm…oh fucking Godddd… that was good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32