Birthday Cabin – Day 03

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This is a rewritten upload of chapter 3 of a story I had on here previously. This chapter is where the rewrites have the largest changes, with the second half of the day being completely new. This continues to be a story with near-constant sex in it. That is the premise.

Birthday Cabin- Final Day


Lianne’s eyes flutter open and she bites her lip, having been jolted awake by one of the intensely erotic dreams that had filled both her nights here in the cabin, her hand even having found its way between her legs as she had slept. Her chest rises and falls steadily as she catches her breath, looking up at the ceiling in the dim light of the pre-morning. Her head turns and she looks over at the other side of the bed, the shape slumbering next to her facing away from her so she couldn’t be sure who it was. It was unlikely to be either Jin or her husband, the former having been chosen to stay with her the previous night, and the latter having kept himself out of the random drawing to choose who would stay with her to greet her in the morning. She ponders for a moment what consolation prize her husband would give those who hadn’t been chosen to greet her, since if she knew anything about her husband it was that he was emphatic about fairness. A smile comes to her face as she thinks for several seconds, hoping that whatever was chosen involved her in some way.

She shakes her head to clear out the fantasy starting to build in her brain and looks over at the clock on the bedside table, the time just before 6am. Her tongue flicks across her lips and she looks over at the shape beside her, the man likely to start the day’s activities right away should she wake him. As much as she had enjoyed herself so far she wasn’t certain she wished to add four hours onto the amount of time the men had spent with her the previous day, even if today was their last in the cabin. After watching the man for a few moments to make sure he was still asleep she slowly raises herself up, the sheets slipping off of her to reveal her heavy, bare breasts. She gingerly turns and slips her long legs out from under the covers and off the edge of the bed, resting her feet on the floor and slowly standing. Her head turns and she looks back at the form still laying under the covers on the bed, his steady breathing indicating her movements had not roused him.

Her steps are slow and deliberate as she makes her way across the floor to the bathroom, the sturdy construction as well as the carpet on the floor keeping any creaking from occurring, but even so she still wanted to be careful. After stepping into the side room and quietly shutting the door behind her she flips on the light, her eyes squinting for a few moments as they adjust, then a slight smirk coming to her face as she looks herself over in the mirror.

With how much the men had worked her over the previous day she was surprised at how little indication of their activities showed on her body, having been asleep when they had cleaned her up the previous night. Her pussy was damp and her thighs were soaked with her juices, but that was from the dreams that had flooded through her slumbering brain. After fixing her hair somewhat and looking herself over, hefting her heavy breasts in her hands and turning back and forth to look at herself with a critical eye, she nods then flips the light off and quietly opens the door once more.

Seeing the man still asleep in the bed she slowly makes her way to the door leading to the hallway and slips outside, heading to the stairs and tiptoeing her way down to the ground floor. The large windows in the living room keep the place well-lit during the day, and even now in the pre-dawn it was easy to see the shapes laying on the couches and mattresses that had been set up, filling the space. Since the cabin had only three bedrooms most of the men were sleeping in here, and as she stands at the entrance to the room and looks them over a wide smile comes to her face.

Just knowing that they had all come here this weekend just for her made her feel wonderful, even above the amount of pleasure they had already given her. She bites her lip gingerly as she considers waking them all up and getting things started, but quickly remembers the rather early time and shakes her head, instead turning and heading to the kitchen to get herself a drink of water.

Quite refreshed, she heads back upstairs and into her bedroom, starting to head towards her side of the bed before pausing and looking over at the sleeping figure. After a moment she makes her way around the bed and looks down at him, a wide grin coming to her face as she recognizes him. Her tongue flicks across her lips as her gaze drifts down Vincent’s body to the large bulge in the sheets, the young man’s incredibly thick length having stretched her wide open numerous times over the last two days, although now that she thought on it she had yet to have it in her mouth. She stands there staring down at him for several long moments, then after glancing at the clock again she sighs gently and shrugs to herself, unable to erotik film izle resist the young man’s dick and figuring she may as well start the day on her own terms.

She kneels down beside the bed and slowly pulls the sheets up, revealing Vincent’s slim and toned body then the massive shaft of his half-hard cock. Her hand reaches out and she brushes her fingers along the warm length, moving them up and down the shaft for a few moments. Her fingers then close around the shaft and she begins pumping her hand gently. She feels his cock begin to thicken in her grasp and she smiles widely, glancing up to his face occasionally to check if her actions were waking him.

Once his thick cock is fully hard she leans in and slowly drags her tongue against the tip, swirling it in circles several times before dragging it down the shaft. She repeats this several times, her breasts pressed tightly against the side of the bed as she bobs back and forth, Vincent’s dick quickly becoming coated with her saliva. As she leans her head back and sighs happily she keeps her eyes on the rock hard length, considering it for a few moments before taking a deep breath, letting it out, then leaning in once more.

Her lips brush against the tip of his cock, then she opens her mouth and starts to push the length inside, her lips stretching wider and wider around the incredibly thick shaft. Her eyes close and she starts to suck gently once the tip is inside her mouth, her tongue pressing tightly up against the underside. After she pushes forward a few more inches she feels fingers grip her hair and tug her forward more, her eyes flicking over and meeting Vincent’s gaze, a wide grin on his face as he looks down at her. “Goddamn, Mrs. M… couldn’t wait to get started, huh?”

She smiles back at him around her thick mouthful and shrugs slightly, the young man having been her subordinate at work for too long for him to be comfortable using her first name, even in a setting such as this one. As his fingers tighten in her dark red hair she starts to suck a bit harder, his grip tugging her forward more and more until half his length is buried inside her mouth, her lips stretched tightly around the shaft. Her eyes close again and she drags her tongue quickly back and forth against the throbbing length, the young man starting to bob her head up and down slowly.

After a few minutes she hears him sigh heavily and release his hold on her hair, her eyes flicking over to look at him once more. She sees him shake his head then hears him chuckle softly before he starts to shift his position, reaching down to grip her slim waist. “Michael would kill me if he saw me letting you do this… we’re supposed to be here for you. You’re too fucking good at that though, so hell if i’m going to stop you. But let’s try this instead.” He then tugs her up and pulls her onto the bed, turning to lay back onto the mattress with her body on top of him, her breasts squashing against his stomach.

His hugely thick cock had remained buried inside her mouth through this entire process, and after the momentary surprise she smiles around her mouthful and resumes bobbing her head up and down the length once more. His hands rub gently up and down her back and sides, then move to grip her big ass tightly before he leans up and drags his tongue against her bare pussy. Her eyes close and she moans around her thick mouthful, shifting slightly on top of him and pushing herself back more against his face.

Her head bobs faster as he returns the pleasure she had been giving him, his tongue dragging around her soaked pussy then slipping inside, flicking back and forth before brushing against her clit. She breathes harder, her muffled moaning growing in volume as her pleasure rises quickly, her body having become incredibly sensitive after how much the men had put her through in such a short time. After just a few minutes her fingers tighten on the sheets and she trembles in Vincent’s grasp, her juices coating his face as he continues eating her out while her orgasm floods through her.

His tongue drags against her a few more times as she catches her breath, but she soon feels him shifting underneath her and sliding her body off of him. His fingers brush through her hair as he smiles down at her, her lips still stretched widely around his incredibly thick shaft. “As much as i’d love to fill your mouth, I just love your pussy too much… I hope you don’t mind.” He then pulls her head up until her lips slip off of his cock, then releases her hair and moves around behind her while she flicks her tongue across her lips.

She turns her head and watches him, feeling him grip her hips and tug her up slightly until she was on her knees in front of him, her upper body still resting on the mattress. As much of his cock as she has just had, the most important part had been denied her. “I don’t… as long as you give me a taste sometime before today is over.” She then bites her lip as she feels the tip of his dick brush against her soaked pussy, his fingers tightening on her large ass as he holds her still. film izle After grinning widely at her he nods in agreement, then tugs her back at the same time he thrusts forward, quickly cramming every inch of his length inside her.

Her eyes open wide and she lets out a loud moan of pleasure, Vincent’s thick cock stretching her incredibly, his hips pressed against her skin as he holds himself still for several long moments. Her head lowers to rest on her arms and she gasps for breath, slowly adjusting to his size. When he starts to pull back she bites her lip as the movement sends pleasure flowing through her, then when he slams forward again she lets out another loud groan.

This continues for several minutes until he is pounding hard into her stretched pussy, her ass jiggling in his tight grasp and her body rocking back and forth on the bed in front of him. As her moans and cries of pleasure grow louder and more frequent the door to the bedroom soon opens and several men step inside, her husband’s familiar bulk in the lead. As one man climbs up onto the bed and rubs his hard dick against her face she smiles up at him then flicks her tongue against the thick tip. Her lips stretch widely around the thick shaft as her mouth is quickly filled, her eyes shutting tightly and her body trembling with pleasure as another orgasm floods through her from Vincent hammering into her nonstop.

As her orgasm dies down she glances over to the side, seeing the clock sitting on the bedside table. She sighs heavily before returning her focus to the thick shaft stretching her lips wide, another man climbing onto the bed next to her and obscuring her view of the table and the clock on top of it, the readout having just then ticked up to 6:47am.

Each man takes his turn with her, the bed creaking underneath them and her loud groans and cries of pleasure filling the room on the rare occasions her mouth was left free. Whether from eagerness to finish after the previous night’s sudden ending, or the knowledge that today was their last full day with her, or maybe just from normal morning enthusiasm the men all quickly fill her up, dumping their loads into her pussy, ass, and mouth. There are enough of them, however, that by the time the last one finishes the first one is ready again, the men easily slipping into the same cycle they had kept up almost nonstop the previous two days.

She quickly loses track of time as the group works her over, one moment being pinned between two guys in the shower, the next laying back on a couch with her feet bouncing in the air as one of the men slams into her from above. Once bent over an ottoman getting spit-roasted, then on her back on top of a man on the floor with another between her legs as they both hammer into her. So it continues until her husband calls out that breakfast is ready. Her brain is somewhat fogged from pleasure when the meal starts, but by the time it has finished she finds herself mostly re-energized and ready when the men lift her from her chair once more.

A few hours later finds most of the men hanging out, chatting or playing card games. The exceptions were set up in a chair on the far side of the living room, Steve sitting down and resting against the comfortable back while he talked with his friend Greg who was standing in front of him. Between the two men is Lianne, her back pressed against Steve’s chest with his cock buried in her ass, Greg holding her long legs up and spread apart while he steadily pumps his huge cock in and out of her soaked pussy.

The redheaded woman occasionally joins in on their conversation, having started to adjust somewhat and gotten into the rhythm of the celebration after experiencing a day and a half of it, but mostly she is distracted by the amounts of pleasure the two men were giving her. Her gasps and moans filling the living room serve as a constant reminder to everyone present why they were all there, their frequency and volume serving as indication that they were doing an incredible job.

Her body rocks back and forth on top of Steve each time Greg thrusts into her, the movement causing the large cock filling her ass to shift inside her. Steve’s thick fingers press into her flesh as he squeezes her heavy breasts tightly, massaging the huge orbs even as they jiggle in his grasp. After a few minutes have passed Greg gradually picks up speed, hammering into her faster and faster as her moans become more and more frequent. This hard pace is interrupted when the sound of the front doorbell fills the cabin, everyone’s heads turning to look over towards the front entryway, Greg included as he slows his thrusts then comes to a stop fully inside her. Everyone except Lianne, her eyes shut tightly and her arms tightening around Greg’s shoulders as she moans incoherently, her body trembling between the two large men. The rapid pounding had drawn another orgasm from her and for those few moments as pleasure crashes through her she is unaware of anything else.

Michael stands up from the chair he had been sitting in, having been watching his two gym buddies seks filmi izle plowing his wife, stopping as he moves past her and leaning down to kiss her forehead before continuing on towards the entryway to answer the door. After exchanging a glance with Steve, Greg shrugs slightly before resuming his hard thrusting, Lianne’s head resting back against Steve’s shoulder as she gasps for breath while recovering from her orgasm.

As Greg pounds into his friend’s wife faster and faster he bites his lip, starting to get close to his own orgasm, but when he hears his name being called he stops again, Michael yelling in from the entryway. “Hey Greg, could you bring Li over here for a moment?”

Steve sighs heavily when he hears this as well, then shrugs and nods at his friend. “Go ahead, but i’ll be wanting my place back when you’re finished.” After smirking and nodding Greg moves his hands down to Lianne’s ass and grips tightly, lifting her up off of Steve’s dick then straightening up to carry her. Lianne groans loudly when she feels the length sliding out of her ass, her arms wrapping around Greg’s shoulders again as he lifts her up. Her breasts are squashed against his chest and his cock remains buried inside her pussy while he brings her out of the living room and towards the front door, soft gasps coming from her with every step as he can’t help but to bounce her in front of him each time.

After reaching the door he looks over at Michael then nods and turns around, letting Lianne get a better view out the door with her head resting on his shoulder. Her eyebrow raises slightly and she looks over at her husband then back at the figure standing in the doorway. It was a forest ranger in a crisp uniform, the man appearing to be in his late 50s, his hat held in his hands as he had taken it off when he saw Greg approaching with Lianne held in his arms.

“This is Chief Ranger Woodford, Li. I guess a few of the passers-by had called in about how many cars were here for so long. Our party seems to be a bit bigger than most others held in this cabin.” Michael grins at Lianne then, his hand raising to brush a few strands of hair out of her eyes. The ranger clears his throat and nods, obviously having been surprised by the situation within the house but quickly recovering. “That’s right, miss. Your husband here explained what was going on. I just wanted to speak with you, make sure everything was going alright.”

Lianne smiles widely when she hears that, turning her head and grinning at her husband before reaching a hand out and gripping his shoulder, tugging him forward to kiss him deeply on the lips. While she does this Greg shifts his feet into a more stable position then tightens his grip on her ass and starts to thrust upwards again, her eyes widening and a muffled moan coming from her before she breaks the kiss and tightens her arms around Greg’s back again. She groans under her breath for a few moments as she gets used to the thick cock pumping in and out of her pussy once more, then raises her head and smiles at the Chief Ranger.

“Oh, everything is going amazingly… this is the best… mmh… birthday i’ve ever had…” Michael beams at his wife when he hears that, watching her briefly before turning back to the ranger standing in the doorway. “We’ve booked the cabin for the entire weekend. I thought we’d have to take some time off here or there to give her a break but she’s gone nonstop, it’s been incredible. I married an amazing woman.”

Chief Woodford chuckles and nods, the expression of pure bliss on Lianne’s face quite evident to him. “It certainly seems like it, if this has been going on for three days now.” He pauses for a few moments, then continues. “You know, now that I think on it, these cabins have actually seen this happen a few times over the years. In fact I recall just a few months ago during the slow season one of my rangers brought his fiancee here before their wedding. He invited most of the single fellows in the department along, plus quite a few from the local fire house as well. They were there the whole weekend same as you and I hear the young woman had quite a good time, again like yours seems to be having.” The older man laughs under his breath and shakes his head, evidently not judging the situation at all, simply finding it an odd curiosity.

Michael smiles at the ranger as he listens, then his eyebrows raise slightly and he glances over at his wife, thinking for a few moments. Finally he smiles to himself then pats Greg on the shoulder. “Thanks Greg, go ahead and bring her back to Steve, the guy is probably squirming.” The two men grin at each other then Michael turns back to the ranger while Greg carries the moaning Lianne back into the living room.

Steve was sitting in the chair still, his fingers tapping at the arm, then perking up as Greg carries the redhead back around in front of him and lowers her down. She gasps loudly as Steve grips her hips and positions her over him before tugging her down, his still-hard cock pushing completely inside her ass in one smooth motion, the man letting out a happy sigh as her tight hole engulfs his dick. The two men adjust themselves into comfortable positions then resume their hard thrusting, getting back into the rhythm they had been in before the visitor had interrupted.

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