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My wife was gorgeous and very sexy. She’d always fantasised about having group sex and I’d always wanted to watch her fuck. Then she told me she’d always had a rape fantasy as well! I decided I’d try to fulfill all those fantasies in one go.

Here is my story.

Dee was 32 and still exceptionally sexy, despite the birth of our two children.

We’d married after a school romance, and as far as I know, had no sexual partners apart from each other. This picture shows Dee this year as we prepared to go out. We were going dancing at a club and she wore this sexy black and pink outfit as the club we were going to was frequented by many bikers.

We arrived at the club and Dee immediately set to drinking and flirting with as many men as she could. I took up my place at the bar, and enjoyed watching as she flirted and danced with them all. She loved to dance and rub her crutch against theirs, enjoying the swelling of their loins against her pubic bone. On many occasions I had watched her excite a man to erection with her body, grounding her ass against his groin, only to jump away and abuse them when their dicks were hard, making them look foolish in front of the whole club crowd!

The events that took place this particular evening were significant as they marked the beginning of my putting the plan into action.

I watched as Dee was dancing with a particularly rough looking biker. He was about thirty five, wearing all black leathers, and obviously heavily into the bike scene. My Dee looked tiny as she strutted her stuff in front of this huge man, rubbing her tits all over his jacket as they danced. I noticed her reach down and stroke his erect dick through his jeans, and then suddenly she leapt back and began laughing loudly, walking away from him as she left him standing there.

He started to chase her but his path was blocked by a bouncer, and before I knew it, a full-scale brawl had broken out, all because of Dee.

When we got home that night, Dee was insatiable. She sucked me off in the car on the way home, and couldn’t get enough of my dick in bed later on. We screwed everywhere in every position. At one stage she leant over the kitchen bench and begged me to fuck her ass as she stuck a huge zucchini in her freshly cum soaked pussy. It was incredible!

I went to work the next day realising that I was living with a sexually explosive woman who obviously got turned on by taunting men in public places, using her body as a weapon. I decided I was going to fulfill our fantasies but with me in control for a change. Dee would come to learn that I too could be creative when it comes to sex.

On a Friday night about three weeks after the biker incident, I again went to the same club. I was looking for the guy who had danced with Dee and been thrown out during the fight. I found him, and with some fear and anxiety in my bones, I approached him at one of the pool tables where he was playing. I put my coin down and waited until it came my turn to play.

“Name’s Steve” I said to him.

“Carl” he replied, “Your break.”

I broke the balls and began playing. He was an average player and I beat him by three balls which seemed to annoy him.

“I was here for the fight the other night” I told him.

“Which one” he said, as if he had a fight every night of the week!

“The one that tramp in the pink mini skirt caused.”

“Oh that slut! If I ever got my hands on her again she wouldn’t walk for a week” said Carl, playing into my hands beautifully.

“I tell you what” I said, “If you beat me I’ll tell you where you can find her.”

“You’re on mate” he said as he looked me in the eye to see if I was serious.

I let him win the game without giving it away, and we went to the bar for a drink. I told him I went to the same gym as Dee, not telling him I was her husband, and we arranged to met there the next day at six o’clock, when I knew Dee would be working out.

We met as arranged, and in the car I explained to Carl that she had done the same thing to me a few weeks earlier, and that I was ken to pay her back also. Just as we were deciding what we’d do, she arrived, dressed in her gym gear, wearing lacy canlı bahis black see through tights as well. She looked awesome.

She strode into the gym like a bitch on heat, and I wondered what she actually did once she got into the weight room. She always fucked me ragged on her workout nights as well, so I presumed she was flirting as she did when we went dancing. I knew she always came home wet from either a shower or a spa, and wondered if she hadn’t stepped beyond our marriage with any of the muscle bound studs in the gym.

It was really quite simple after that. Carl sat in the car steaming at the nostrils, and told me to leave everything to him. I asked him what we were going to do, and he said,

“I’ll be in touch later in the week to let you know what’s happening” before getting out of the car and heading off.

I spent the rest of that week avoiding Dee’s advances, and waiting for the call from Carl . It came on Thursday night.

“Meet me at the same place tomorrow. Bring a mask. You’ll be coming with us.”

I asked him what he had in mind and he said,

“She’ll be well and truly paid back, by you, by me and by the boys from the club.”

I became instantly erect as I realised my plan was working perfectly! Dee was going to be raped by several men and I was going to be able to watch. I was incredibly excited and spent the next day not being able to concentrate on my work.

That night I again refused to have sex with Dee, and she became furious, abusing me for being a useless piece of shit. She taunted me saying she could have any man she wished.

I simply rolled over and said, “Be my guest Dear!” . She hated that and got out of bed, taking her vibrator to the spare bedroom

The next day all sorts of thoughts were going through my head. Was this really what I wanted? Yes. Would Dee be safe? Don’t know. Would Dee enjoy it? Don’t know.

The uncertainty of the whole thing made me edgey all day, and by the time I knocked off and headed for the gym, I was like a cat on a hot tin roof.

I met Carl and locked my car, climbing into his van. He introduced me to the other two guys in the van, they were Hoots and Scar, real nasty looking bikers. Carl explained that we were going to follow Dee from the gym to her house, and grab her as she got out of the car, and then take her to the biker clubhouse where the gang was assembled ready to gang rape her. Carl said that Dee had done the same to them at the club, and that she had earned a reputation as a prick tease which the whole gang wished to set straight. I could hardly contain myself as I pulled my balaclava over my head.

Dee’s car was in the car park as we sat and the boys passed round some beers. We shared a few jokes but it was clear that everyone was edgy. I asked if any of them had done anything like this before, to which they all replied

“Yeah, heaps of times.”

That made me feel a little more comfortable as I presumed they all knew how far they could go without hurting the victim.

Just as those thoughts were in my head, Dee emerged from the gym two young muscle bound studs following her to her car. She kissed both on the cheek and then climbed into her car before driving off. Carl fired up the van and we followed her into the street.

As we approached our house, we watched Dee pull into the driveway. Carl gunned the van into the driveway behind her and before she knew what was happening, Hoots and Scar had grabbed her and bundled her into the back of the van, Scar with his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming.

Carl took off as in the back, Hoots, Scar and I got moving. Hoots pinned her to the floor as Scar put gaffer tape over her mouth. I took the handcuffs they’d given me and cuffed her hands behind her back. Then Scar took a length of rope and tied her ankles to her wrists so she could not move.

It was an incredible sight. Her eyes were filled with terror, as she surveyed the back of the van and realised there was nothing she could do. To make it worse, Hoots pulled out a black scarf and covered her eyes so she was totally blindfolded as well.

As we pulled into the club house, I noticed there were about fifteen bahis siteleri bikes parked in the car park. Shit I thought, they were really going to do a number on my wife. I began to wonder if I should have done this, but I knew it was too late to pull out now even if I wanted to.

Carl drove straight in through the open roller door, and as the doors opened, I saw that there were about eighteen guys hooting and yelling. Plus the four of us in the van and I realised Dee was to be fucked by twenty two men! Then the show began.

Dee was hauled out of the van and the roller door was closed. Loud rock music was playing but suddenly stopped as Carl got out and the group went silent. Dee was laying on the floor face down, hands and feet bound by handcuffs and rope. Her blindfold was removed and I watched her eyes show more panic than before as she assessed her predicament. The rope was untied, freeing her legs, and Carl ordered her to stand. She didn’t move and was greeted by a savage slap across the face, before she swiftly jumped up, eyes filling with tears. I took a back seat and found myself a stool near the bar, sipped on a beer and set my video camera whirring. I wanted to show Dee her ordeal time and tme again whenever she reminded me of what a lousy lover I was.

Carl approached her and said, “Remember me you prickteasing bitch?.”

Dee shook her head, before it dawned on her. Suddenly she realised who he was, and her eyes opened wider in absolute terror. Carl tore the gaffer tape from her face and said, “You’re gonna pay for the treatment you gave me” and with that, tore her blouse completely from her magnificent body.

Buttons flew everywhere as she stood in her track pants, runners and bra. She’d worn one of her black lace push up bras, and she looked awesome, sweat dripping down the gap between her tits from nerves or sweat, it didn’t matter which.

Three bikers came forward and tore off all her clothes, before tying her cuffed hands to a rope and winching her up towards the roof. They then took out a white corset and placed it over her body. She was then ordered to kneel on the floor with her hands above her head. Her glorious tits spilled out over the top of the corset, and she tried to close her legs. The music was then turned back on and several guys got undressed, leaving on their boots, and removing their belts from their pants. Dee was then hoisted up to a standing position, before being mounted on a rack that was obviously purpose built for administering beatings.

Her legs were spreadeagled and tied to each leg of the rack, and her ass was exposed magnificently, awaiting its obvious treatment.

Dee started to scream loudly in protest, but the music drowned out her voice, and the first guy moved in. He took out a leather paddle, and rubbed it across her left ass cheek slowly, teasing her wickedly, before suddenly slapping it down on her cheek with tremendous force. An incredible slapping noise reverberated around the garage and she cried out in a blood curdling scream. Another strike with the paddle and a gag was placed in her mouth to muffle the screams.

The guy beating her went berserk, flailing away as if his life depended on inflicting the savagest beating of all time. By the time he had finished, Dee’s cheeks were bright red and swollen, and she was clearly balling her eyes out in incredible pain.

Following her beating she was untied from the rack and placed face down on a rug, her beautiful body hogtied completely, her bright red ass cheeks glowing invitingly as her butt stuck itself up in the air. Her pussy and asshole were open for all to see and abuse, and I got an incredible erection as I wondered what lay in store for my prickteasing wife at the hands of these vicious and obviously fearless bikies. She looked incredible, and for a moment I again had doubts about the wisdom of bringing her here and exposing her to these ruthless rapists. That soon passed however as a middle aged biker positioned himself behind Dee and without so much as a how do you do spat on his dick and stuck it balls deep into her dry cunt.

Her eyes shone wide open as he plunged into her, and she tried to scream through the gag. She looked bahis şirketleri at me and all of a sudden her eyes changed from those of fear to the look I had come to know so well. She fluttered her eyelids and began to push back against the huge biker fucking her pussy for all he was worth. Suddenly the guy stiffened his whole body and drove his dick as far as possibe into my wife, dumping his load of sperm deep into her pussy. I looked at Dee’s face and knew she would now be ok, and that she had finally succumbed to the pleasure’s that were within her.

Three more guys fucked her in that position before Carl ordered a change of position. Dee was placed on a chair with her back exposed, her hands and feet tied to the chair. Hoots then took out a fierce looking cat-o-nine tails and showed it to Dee, before whipping it savagely against her breasts.

She screamed, but then taunted him saying, “”ah! You stupid fuck! You can’t hurt me with that you piece of shit!”

I wished she hadn’t said that, but her eyes showed fire as she prepared for the inevitable thrashing she would receive. I rubbed my crotch and zoomed in with my video camera.

The next half an hour was the most intense period of my sexual life! Carl whipped her back three times and told her to beg him to stop. She refused and spat on him. He then thrashed her ten times, drawing out many bright red welts on her back as can be seen from this picture taken by the bikers.

He asked her again, “Beg me to stop you silly slut.”

“Fuck you, all of you” Dee taunted again.

Hoots then came around to her face and pushed his dick into her open mouth and said, “Suck it you stupid whore. Suck it while Carl beats you within an inch of your slut life.” She did and Carl did.

In the end her back and ass was a mass of red marks, welts from the savage beating she experienced. It stopped only when Hoots unloaded a huge gob of cum into her mouth before pulling out and spraying her face with several more jets.

Dee was then lowered to the floor and untied, except for her hands, and the fucking began in earnest.

She had had three dicks in her pussy and one cum in her mouth and face, but she had only just begun……….

On the floor, she was placed on her knees, and her hands untied as three men moved in and filled each of her fucking holes. I was stunned and excited beyond my wildest dreams as I watched my tease of a wife treated like a slut and fucked senseless. I listened to the squelching noise the dick in her pussy made, and watched in awe as the guy screwing her there tensed up and pumped his sperm into her hot cunt. He was quickly replaced by another who inserted his long dick into her sopping hole. The guy in her mouth was next to cum, spraying her face as she closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue to catch the wads of cum landing there.

Again he was replaced with another, and the guy in Dee’s ass rammed her solidly, spewing cum into her bowels. She squealed in pain as he stuck it deep in her butt, and actually looked concerned for the first time as the guy with the biggest dick moved in to fill the vacancy left in her anus. Dee was suddenly grabbed by the hair by the guy whose dick was in her mouth, and he jammed it in gagging her, as the big guy positioned his dick at the entrance to her ass.

The guy in her pussy pulled out slightly while big dick rubbed cum and spit all over his dick and then pressed it inwards. Dee’s eyes popped out of her head as his massive organ split her butt hole. He inched it in slowly until he suddenly slipped all nine or ten inches into her tight hole. Once he was all the way in, the guy in her cunt started pumping furiously again, and she struggles to swallow as the guy in her mouth came all over her chin and tits.

Carl could see she was struggling, and so said, “Hurry up and pump your cum guys, she needs a break.”

The two guys left fucking her complied, filling her both holes at once with hot sticky cum.

When they had finished, Dee was laid flat on the floor and every guy in the place who was able to started pulling himself. I couldn’t wait any longer and joined the group, pulling out my cock and getting ready to squirt. Dick after dick began shooting cum all over her tits , body and face until she was a cum soaked mess. The last thing I did at the biker gang bang was take this pic, showing Dee covered in cum but happy as can be.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32