Bi-Curious Erotic Massage Ch. 03

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“Oh my God!” Casey blurted out. “You sucked them both off? That’s incredible! And you liked it I assume?”

“Well yeah,” I replied. “I really didn’t think anything was going to happen since Jack had a trainee with him, but in the end the sexual tension was too much and I before I knew it I had Jack’s cock in my mouth and Sean fucking me from the other end. We were just caught up in the moment and I went with it.”

“Wow. Jack has never mentioned any past experiences like that to me before. Usually his massages result in either some light erotic touching or hand jobs depending on the client. The fact that you both went down on each other at the first massage was pretty incredible, but now with two guys…holy shit!”

“Jack told me what we did was certainly not the norm.” He was pretty clever though in how he positioned his cock near my face several times to see if I was interested. And Sean kept rubbing my asshole and poking it with his huge cock. I have to give them credit though. They never pushed themselves on me and they were so polite when they asked me if I would like to try things. It just made the whole experience natural and really stress free.”

“So I guess this means you like to bottom mostly. What about being a top?” Casey said.

“I think I know what you mean. I haven’t really thought about fucking a guy before. I’ve only fantasized about oral. Being fucked was ok, but I don’t really have any desire to be on the other end unless it involves oral.”

“Well it seems like you lived your fantasy and then some! Blowing two guys is pretty incredible. So what’s next? Are you going to give Jack a call and schedule another appointment? The next time it will probably be just you and Jack, or maybe you and Sean?”

“I’ve thought about it a little,” I replied. “I’m a little worried that the next time will be a disappointment since it would be hard to surpass what just happened. Plus Jack said this was unusual and not to expect it. I’ll probably schedule another appointment. I’m not sure when though.”

“Hmmm…,” Casey mused as he thought about what I said. “So what else have you fantasized about? You wanted to try touching another man when you first went for the massage, and you ended up having sex.”

“I don’t know. I fantasized a lot about oral sex before the first time with Jack, and then after that last incredible massage I started fantasizing about being the center of attention with a lot of guys and sucking them off. Getting to do that with two guys a couple weeks ago was more than I thought even possible.”

Chuckling, Casey replied. “I have to say that experience with Jack and Sean was definitely hot. But if you want to keep working on that fantasy, I might have another option for you where you could take it further if you wanted.”

“Really?” I replied surprised. “What are you talking about?”

“It’s kind of hard to explain. I never told you about this before, but I used to go to some parties where guys hooked up for sex. It wasn’t really about finding relationships but that happened sometimes too. It was more of a thing organized by a friend of mine to provide a safe environment where people could feel free to have fun sexually. It was a club with membership. Each member had to be tested for diseases regularly, not a drug user, and of course practiced safe sex especially outside of the parties. Membership was exclusive. You had to be sponsored by another member to get in. I stopped going about a year ago when Hugo and I started dating.”

“So what are saying? You would get me a membership to this club?”

“Yes, I would sponsor you,” Casey said. “You could go and check it out. There would be no pressure to do anything and you could just mingle and leave, or if you met somebody or some people you liked you could see what happened. I would go with you to introduce you to my friend and others I know that might be there and then I would leave you. I’ve been at some pretty incredible parties in the past and even witnessed a few orgies. Would you like me to make the call? I think you would like it.”

Hearing this from Casey started my mind racing. Was I ready for something like this? It certainly sounded intriguing and there would be no pressure to stay if I didn’t find it interesting. “Ok,” I replied. “If you can get me in I’ll go and check it out with you. But I might be a fish out of water and not blend in.”

“You will be fine and I think you will enjoy it even if you don’t participate in any activities. I’ll make some calls and get back to you.”

Casey and I finished our lunch and then I went back to work. Of course all I could think about was this party. I had no idea how often they occurred. Why didn’t I ask him that?!

It took a couple days before Casey got back to me. “Hey John,” Casey said as I picked up the phone. “You are all set. I made some calls and you were accepted as a member. All you need to do is get tested and then retest each month if you want to continue. The next party is coming up in a couple weeks. I told edirne escort them you would be there so hopefully that works for you. It is on Saturday the 17th.”

“Ok, thanks,” I said. “You are coming too, right?”

“Yes, but just for the introductions. Gotta run. I’ll send you the details and recommendations for the testing over email.”

The next two weeks were the slowest two weeks of my life. I thought about the party almost non-stop. What kind of guys would be at this party? Would they be as nice as Jack and Sean? Would they make me feel at ease? I know I’ll be a nervous mess when I show up. And what the hell am I trying to do anyway? I thought about not going several times, but Casey made the calls to get me in and it would be shitty to back out.

Saturday finally arrived and Casey and I agreed to meet at his house and then drive over separately. The party was at his friend’s house in a posh neighborhood set back away from other houses. Casey said there were a lot of gays and lesbians in this area and a few of the neighbors were members.

We got to the door and Casey’s friend Jason appeared and gave Casey a hug and kiss. “Hello! Welcome. It’s been such a long time, stranger.” Casey introduced me and we entered an incredible house. The foyer alone was nearly half the size of my home. A grand staircase was off to the side heading to the second floor where I was told there were five bedrooms. An additional bedroom was located on the main floor and there were two more in the basement.

Jason gave us quick tour and he introduced me to several people along the way. It was all guys and I counted probably close to thirty of them. There was music playing in the back room and on the back patio, and people were spread out between the huge family room and connecting living room area as well as outside.

Beyond the patio were a beautiful swimming pool and landscaping and a private backyard with just woods beyond the fence.

After about thirty minutes Jason and Casey had introduced me to everyone briefly and gave me the tour, and then Casey said he had to run. “I’ll take care of him Casey. Enjoy your dinner with Hugo and don’t be such a stranger,” Jason said as Casey headed to his car.

As we watched Casey drive off, Jason turned to me and said, “Casey told me a little about you on the phone. He said you were bi or still trying to figure that out.”

“Yeah I guess that’s an accurate description.”

Jason continued, “Well don’t worry about it. I was 28 before I started figuring out who I was. I know several other guys here who started out like you also.”

We continued chatting for several more minutes and Jason seemed to know how to make me feel at ease. He eventually started talking about the history of the parties and told some incredible stories of sexual escapades. “So,” Jason said. “Casey did tell me a little about your experiences with Jack and your fantasies. I hope you don’t mind. He was hoping I could help you out. These parties are all about experiencing fantasies or whatever you feel like.”

“What did he say,” I asked.

“He said you had oral sex with Jack. All I ever got was a hand job by the way,” Jason said laughing. “Yes, I know Jack too. He’s become a good friend of mine. Casey also said you had oral fantasies about being with multiple guys? “

“Shit!” I thought. “Something like that,” I replied. “I really don’t know what I want. I enjoyed what happened with Jack and I have fantasized since about taking it further. It’s kind of a stupid fantasy.”

“I wouldn’t say that, and many people have that fantasy. I know probably four or five people in there that would like to have a lineup of guys jack off on their face. We even had that happen once a few years ago.” One of the members told me about it and I helped him out by finding several guys willing to help him fulfil his fantasy. It really wasn’t that hard to arrange,” he said laughing.

A bit stunned I didn’t know what to say. What I was picturing in my mind made my cock twitch. “Let’s go back in,” Jason said, “Let me know later if you want to talk about it further. Just relax and have some fun. There is no pressure to do anything.”

We went back in and I grabbed a sparkling water. The party seemed to have a few more people since my tour and a few of them came up to me and introduced themselves. A lot of the guys were really nice-looking with nice bodies. I looked back at Jason and realized he probably had a nice body under his loose-fitting clothes. Some others were definitely not my type, if I really had a type.

One thing I noticed was that there was a lot more physical contact than I would find at a straight party. Whether I was sitting or standing, it seemed like the person I was talking to would often reach for my arm innocently just to make contact. Or someone would come up to me to talk and briefly grab my bicep or my shoulder. It seemed like maybe it was a way of indicating an attraction toward me.

After about an escort edirne hour I noticed that many guys had taken off their shirts and soon I was talking to one of them who came up, reached for my bicep and said hello. “Hi I’m Robert,” he said. The first thing I noticed about him was his nipple rings and then the tattoos across his upper arms and shoulders. His pectoral muscles were large and well-defined and I found it difficult to look him in the face and not stare at his art.

I then realized how square I looked compared to anyone else. I came over in a casual cotton button up shirt and nice jeans. As I looked around people had on clothing that showed off their bodies more, and now some of that was removed with all the shirtless men.

Robert gave me a little background on himself and asked who I was and if I knew anybody. Several times he reached out and touched my forearm as we spoke. “You have a really nice body John,” Robert said. “You must work out a lot. You look uncomfortable though and a little too formal. Do you mind if I undo a couple buttons? “

Robert’s hands were already on my top button and he swiftly undid three of them so that I was unbuttoned about half way. “That’s better,” he said. He reached up again and spread my shirt out a bit and accidentally or purposely brushed my nipple with his fingers in the process. He then reached for my sleeves and undid the buttons and rolled them up. “Ok, even better,” he said smiling.

After a few minutes a couple other shirtless guys came over and said hello. They were Jared and Craig. Both of them had big hairy chests but closely trimmed and looked quite strong. They also had on athletic shorts that were a bit too tight and showed their bulge in the crotch. As was the norm both of them found ways to touch me as we conversed.

Then another guy came over who was more effeminate and seemed to know the two I was talking with. “Hey! How did I miss you? He hugged them both and I saw his hand cup each of their packages briefly as they separated. He looked at me next and said, “Oh please Darling. Let me help you with that. I’m Robby”. Robby reached for my remaining buttons and unbuttoned them all in rapid fashion. “That’s better. Now let me get a look at you.”

Robby reached and put both of hands inside my shirt and spread it wide open and then stepped back a half step. “That’s what I’m talking about, Darling. What’s your name?”

“Hi, I’m John,” I said laughing. Robby had on a tight tank top, striped pastel shorts, and sandals. He was smaller than most of the guys in the room, but he was fit and somewhat good-looking for a guy.

“Very nice to meet you,” he said, emphasizing the word “nice” as he looked me up and down one more time. “Watch out for these two. They have been known to take advantage of new people,” he said winking at me playfully. Still with his hands wrapped around the sides of my ribs Robby slide his hands up across my chest and reached to the collar of my shirt and pulled it down over my arms and then threw my shirt on the couch nearby. “You won’t be needing that,” he smiled, and then he squeezed my crotch as he walked off. “See you in a while darlings.”

Jared and Craig laughed at Robby’s departure. “Don’t worry, he grabs everyone’s balls,” Craig said. “So what brings you to this little party?”

“I have a friend who sponsored me. His name is Casey,” I replied.

“Ah yes, Casey. We haven’t seen him here in a long time until this evening. We had some fun times together.” Both Craig and Jared looked at each other nodding in agreement. “Casey definitely liked to play,” Craig continued. “So, what about you? What are you into? Are you here to play around a little or meet someone new?”

I really didn’t know how to respond. Why was I here exactly? As I thought briefly it occurred to me that I was here to continue figuring out who I was. “Play, I guess,” was my response.

“Oh, I like that answer,” said Jared emphasizing the word “like”. “A little birdie told me you wanted to have a little fun tonight, so I’m glad it was true,” he said smiling. “Don’t be a stranger,” he said as he reached for my bicep and squeezed it, then he let his hand brush across my chest as he moved on to get another drink. Craig followed in tow and winked as he left.

“A little birdie?” I thought. Casey! He must have told people something as we walked around. Just then Jason appeared along with a friend. Jason wrapped his arm around my shoulder and introduced me to Simon. Jason had his shirt off now like most of the guys and Simon did also. Both had very nice bodies and clearly took care of themselves.

“Hello,” Simon said as he reached forward with his right hand to shake. I shook his hand and he brought up his left to my rib cage to increase the warmth of his hello. “I’m pleased to meet you. Jason says you are a friend of Casey. He and I go way back.

“Nice. I have known him for a long time also; since college actually.” Jason kept his arm wrapped around my shoulder edirne escort bayan as we chatted briefly. I noticed his fingers doodling across my right chest occasionally as I talked with Simon about things we had in common with Casey. After a few minutes Simon said he was going to check in on a few more people.

Jason turned me to meet someone else standing nearby. It was his friend Matt who was standing with Robby and another guy. Matt had a strong grip as he shook my hand and clearly checked out my body as he said hello. What stood out about Matt were all the tattoos he had across his chest and arms. He clearly lifted weights and had incredibly muscular forearms.

“Is this new?” Jason said as he reached out to touch a spot on Matt’s chest.

“No, it’s been there awhile.” It seemed obvious Jason just wanted to touch Matt. And then I felt Jason’s fingers swirling around my right nipple. “I see you came packing some heat tonight”, Matt said looking down at Jason’s crotch I looked down to see what he was talking about and I noticed for the first time that Jason was wearing some tight shorts and the outline of his rather large cock was clearly visible.

“I’m always packing,” Jason chuckled. “So, John here is Casey’s friend. Be gentle if you two decide to play later.

Robby appeared suddenly from behind Matt. “It looks like you plan on playing with him, Jason.” Robby said grinning. “Leave that poor man’s nipple alone.” Robby brushed Jason’s hand off my chest and placed his there sizing me up. “Damn you have a fine chest,” John. “I can’t blame Jason for hogging you. Nice and firm. Just the way I like it.” Robby ran both hands across my chest and down to my abdomen, and then to my crotch. “And these Jeans are really nice. They might be a little too loose though. Oh yeah, there is something in there. Boys, he is packing something too and he is just not ready to show us yet!”

Everyone laughed and then Jason said he was going to start the music on the patio for dancing. Robby unbuttoned the top of my Jeans and whispered, “Just making it a little easier for next time, and he left to help Jason with the music selection. Matt and I continued to talk for a few minutes and he pointed out that I would look really nice with pierced nipples. He talked about the rings he had and then reached out to touch me and demonstrate how the process works. “That is if you don’t mind a little pain at first,” Matt said. “I find it makes me incredibly horny having them in. Do you want to feel what they are like?”

“The nipple rings?” I said. “Sure”. I reached out touched one from his left nipple and noticed it seemed to be a high-quality piece of jewelry. “That’s nice,” I said.

“You can get anything from a very cheap post to something that costs thousands of dollars.” Matt reached out to touch my chest to make his point. He then leaned in and said, “I think you are pretty hot by the way. I’m a top so if you feel like playing a little later I’m interested.

He stepped closer before I could respond and placed his right hand on my crotch and squeezed. “Robby was right. You are hiding something here. I hope you let me see that later.” Matt shifted to my side and grabbed my hand. “It’s ok if you want to feel what I’ve got.”

My hand was placed near his crotch but not on it. I reached forward and cupped his balls and cock. “I think I might let it out later,” I said in response. Matt winked and then headed outside.

On my way to the back door a few more guys introduced themselves and followed the same protocol. A little touching, commenting on my looks, showing off their bodies, and then letting me know they think I’m hot, or cute as one guy put it.

As I got to the door the music was playing and a few of the guys had already worked up a sweat. As soon as I stepped outside Jason reached and pulled my arm to get me into the middle and start dancing. The music was good and it was upbeat. After only a few songs I noticed a sheen of sweat on me and the other guys were glistening under the lights.

Between songs I made an attempt to sneak off the dance floor but Robby was there to catch me. He was only wearing his tight underwear now. “Where are you going, Darling? You have got to be boiling in those Jeans. Look at you.” He ran his fingers across my chest and looked at the moisture left on his fingertips, and then licked them clean. “Yum!” he said.

I then felt his other hand on my zipper and he pulled it down. “Let’s get you out of these before you melt.” Robby dropped to his knees in the middle of the dance floor and yanked my pants down to my ankles. Whistling commenced by a few guys around us and before I could react Robby was lifting my foot and taking off my shoe and sock. He then did the other one and swept away my Jeans. As he stood up he reached for my crotch as he had done every time before. “That is much better,” he said as he squeezed my cock through my boxers. “I’ll put these away for you.” And he disappeared back inside.

Matt then came up behind me and put his arm across my abdomen and pulled himself in close so that I felt his cock digging into my lower back. “Let’s dance to this one,” he said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the middle of the crowd and faced me as he started dancing. Jason appeared next to him, and then Craig and Jared appeared.

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