Bi-curious Ch. 08

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Bi Curious 8: Trip to the Coast

We finally boarded the plane and I half jokingly asked Dave if he planed on joining the club with me. He said, “Let’s wait till we see who the third person is.” It turned out to be a very attractive 38 year old divorcee with two children and she was going to the coast on business. Then she said the magic words, she was looking forward to getting some sleep on the flight. That’s all I needed to hear and slipped my hand under the blanket and stroked Dave’s cock. Within half an hour into the flight Judy, our third seat, had fallen asleep. I turned facing the isle and pulled my skirt to my waist. Dave slid down his shorts and was soon sliding into me. We didn’t want to wake Judy so I fucked him pushing back and forth on Dave. Not wanting to draw attention with our movements it was a slow fuck but Dave finally came in my pussy. I felt so warm and cozy I fell asleep there with my skirt still up around my waist. Dave rolled back into his seat and I assumed he went to sleep also.

When I woke a short time later Dave was sliding in and out of Judy. He told me that when he rolled back over Judy slipped her hand under the blanket and stroked his cock saying, “Welcome to the club. If you want a double membership I’m willing.” She then took his hand and put it on her pussy over her stretch pants. What’s a man going to do? There is a strange woman stroking his cock on an airplane and puts his hand on her pussy, of course he is going to fuck her. We don’t normally fuck outside our group but since we had all been with Larry and I have every intention of doing it again this week, I can over look this one outside adventure. They exchanged e-mail addresses, Judy always has her laptop. We never did get together with her again that week, we already had enough on our plate.

The plane landed and Ursula and Jason were waiting for us. She came running up to Dave and their embrace was more intense than when she greeted Tom for the first time knowing she was finally going to fuck him. We got to their house and it was a modest home much like ours but it was on the beach. You know how most people have hooks on their bedroom door for their robes, well theirs was on the back of their entry door. It seems they are home nudist. By that I mean they don’t go to nudist clubs but have been to the different nudist beaches and always go nude at home, so the first thing they did was strip. They invited us to do the same, which we did.

We sat and talked for a while and then Ursula asked me to help her with dinner. The guys got a couple beers and sat out back watching the ocean. We are almost always nude at Tom and Sharon’s and we have had many nude cookouts but Sharon and I never fixed a meal together naked. For me it was a tremendous sexual turn on to be doing something so non sexual with this beautiful naked woman. By the time we sat down to eat I was so turned on I was ready to fuck anyone and everyone, but everyone else was in just a comfortable loving mood, so I had to wait. Knowing these three I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long.

After diner Jason and I were sitting on the couch and Dave was in the chair across from us. We were chatting about what we wanted to do this week. Jason was telling us a little about Tantra without getting into much detail. Ursula came in with wine for all of us. Ursula passed out the wine and sat on the floor in front of Dave. She raised her glass and said, “Tomorrow we’ll start your Tantra lessons” then turning to Dave continued, “But tonight it is just cozy old fashion sex” and reached for Dave’s cock.

That was all the go ahead I needed and was on the floor with Jason’s cock in my mouth before Ursula even reached Dave’s cock. She was stroking Dave’s cock watching me engulf her husband’s cock and said, “This is going to be a fun week.” She then took Dave’s cock in her mouth. Dave had already cum twice that day but it had been several hours but with all the anticipation from all the e-mails he wanted Ursula badly and didn’t last long.

I caught Jason by surprise and it took him a few to adjust to the situation so he lasted a little longer. When I finished milking his cock clean I turned and Dave and Ursula were watching me. Licking my lips I said, “Ursula, you serve the best deserts” and we all laughed.

The rest of the night was just raw sex. The guys were ready to go again in short order. Jason had me bent over the arm of the couch taking me from behind. Dave laid Ursula on the floor and was pounding away in her. After both men shot their loads deep in our pussys, Ursula and I just looked at each other and went right into a 69. Each of us licking our husband’s cum from the others pussy.

We decided to call it a night and went into the bedroom. They had a Calif. King and while smaller than Tom and Sharon’s bed it fit us all nicely. With Ursula and I in the middle Jason slid in behind me and Dave behind Ursula. I was just dozing off when I felt Jason’s cock sliding into me. I opened my eyes and Ursula was watching bahis siteleri me. She knew her husband was fucking me by the way my body was being pushed at her. She just smiled real big and soon her body was being pushed at me letting me know that my husband was doing the same to her. We stroked each other’s tit and kissed the whole time we were getting fucked. We finally drifted off to sleep.

I knew Sharon was waiting by her computer for my e-mail so that was the first thing I did Sunday morning. I told her about the house and that Ursula and Jason were home nudist. You know when you go to a place like Burger King that has the playground, they have those little cubby holes for the kids to put their shoes. Well Ursula and Jason have that behind their front door. When guest come over they strip and fold their clothes and put them in the cubbies. They have friends that aren’t nudist but when they come over they strip like everyone else. They say they have never had sex with any of them. They just sit around naked and have coffee and talk. Well except for Larry and that just started. As a footnote to my e-mail I added, “The sex last night was great.”

When Ursula finished fixing breakfast she checked her e-mails and said, “I think this is for you.” I looked and there was an e-mail with the subject “For Lynn”. I opened it and there was a picture of Tom’s cock just at the entrance of Sharon’s pussy with just the note, “just a reminder of what is waiting.” We both laughed and went to join the guys for breakfast. The day was real laid back and we never started our Tantra lessons we did discuss it a lot. Ursula put on a tape called “Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy” by Charles and Caroline Muir. It was a good overview of Tantra and then Dave heard more about the lingam massage. When he heard about being played with and not cumming he had this shocked look on his face. Ursula patted his cock and said, ” We won’t get to that till about Thursday, by then you’ll be ready for it. Trust me.” She leans down and kisses the tip of his cock.

Reluctantly we got dressed and went out for diner. We made small talk and just had a good time. There was some petting all round but not much. When we got back to the house it was again time for some old fashion straight fucking. Once we were all naked again the guys wasted no time. They were all over us and before long Ursula and I were both on our backs getting royally fucked and that was only the start of the evening. I could feel my orgasm building fast at the urgency of Jason thrusting into me. When I felt him shoot deep in my pussy it pushed me over the edge as well.

We all lay there on the floor basking in the afterglow. I was laying next to Dave’s hip and reached over and started stroking him. Once again he started to grow and I rolled over to take him in my mouth. I got up on my hand and knees which opened my pussy for Jason. He came up behind me and with no effort slipped easily into me. I was loving having a cock in both ends when I saw a flash go off. I looked up with Dave still in my mouth and saw Ursula with her digital camera. She just smiled and said, “I thought you could send this with your next e-mail to Sharon.”

Ursula got us all a glass of wine and we just kicked back still on the floor. Ursula started things going again when she took Jason’s limp cock in her mouth. As it started to grow she got on all fours. Dave and I looked at each other as if to ask who was going to take advantage of that pussy waving at us. I reached over and stroked her pussy causing her to moan around her husband’s cock. Then I opened her up and told Dave to enjoy himself. He was on her in a flash first licking her wet hole then bringing his cock up to her. I was still holding her open and guided his cock into her. This time I had the camera and when the flash went off I said, “I’ll send this one with it.

While the guys were recuperating, Ursula and I went in to e-mail Sharon. It was just a simple e-mail with both pictures and a note saying, “Wish you were here.” Just as we sent it Sharon’s second e-mail came in. It was the same picture with the same message except the head of Tom’s cock was just inside her pussy. We grabbed the guys and headed for bed. This time our husbands lay behind us but the ritual was the same. Both wanted one last fuck before going to sleep. Ursula and I cuddled and kissed as our own husbands fucked us to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning Dave was still asleep. Ursula and Jason were already up. She was making coffee and he was setting up their massage tables. I had forgotten we were staying with a masseur and a masseuse. When Dave woke up we had a lite breakfast, then a massage. It was not a sensual or sexual massage, Ursula said it was a cleansing massage, but what ever it was I still got very excited with Jason’s hands running all over my body. When we rolled over on our backs I looked over at Dave and he was also becoming very aroused. His cock was rock hard. Ursula leaned down and kissed just the tip canlı bahis siteleri and said, “I’ll take care of that later.” When Jason heard Ursula he whispered in my ear that he was looking forward to taking care of me too.

After the massage they started showing us some of the basics. They would demonstrate on each other them come and do it with us. First was the greeting, they met each other and put their hands on each other’s chest and said, “I worship the God/Goddess within you.” It seemed silly but they had us do it over and over on them and when they brought Dave and I together and we did it to each other it didn’t seem so silly. There was a deep feeling there. They did the same with the melting hug. They looked so good when they did it and it felt very good when they did it to us, but when Dave and I did it to each other it was like we really did melt into each other.

Next was breathing and for that we went out in the back yard. Their yard was small but had a thick carpet of grass and was bordered by a high hedge. There was about a 10′ opening in the back leading to the ocean. I felt very exposed because anyone walking on the beach could look in. Ursula said that many people sun bathe nude or walk nude on the beach. As long as they keep it on the beach side and not the street side no one cares. Jason was sitting in a lotus position and had me sit on his lap facing him. His cock was rubbing the outside of my pussy and I wished he would slip it into me, but that wasn’t the exercise. He put his hand between my tits and brought my hand to his chest. I could feel his chest rise and fall and he started breathing with me so we would each breathe in and out at the same time. I looked over and Ursula was doing the same with Dave. I thought to myself, “I bet he wants to put his cock in her as badly as I want Jason’s in me. Jason pulled my face back to look at him. He changed his breathing so he was breathing out as I was breathing in. We stayed there looking into each other’s eyes and just breathing together for almost half an hour.

Just when I was really getting into it with Jason he had me get up and brought me to Dave. Ursula sat me on Dave’s lap like I was on Jason’s and Dave and I were looking into each other’s eyes. I don’t know about Dave but when I was with Jason I was thinking about sex. I wanted the cock I was sitting on inside me. Now that I was looking into Dave’s eyes and sitting on his hard cock I was feeling something very different. It was like we could see right through each other, as if we were one person and not two. I don’t know how long Dave and I stayed like that, it could have 10 minutes or two hours. Time had no relevance it was just Dave and I.

I came back to the real world when I saw some movement in the corner of my eye. We had been keeping a photo record of everything to share with Sharon and Tom. Jason had taken the camcorder off the tripod and did a 360 all the way around Dave and I. It was a beautiful moment but the mood was lost, Dave and I both busted out laughing. By now it was about 1:30 in the afternoon and was getting warm so Jason said, “I think it is time to get wet!” Jason and Ursula put down the cameras and grabbed us by the hands.

As we got up Dave and I grabbed the large beach towels we were sitting on and we all ran to the water. We played and frolicked in the water grabbing and groping each other. The air was warm but the water wasn’t and soon I was getting cold. I yelled to Dave that I was getting out and Jason followed me. After drying off I wrapped the towel around my waist. I wasn’t trying to cover up anything, I tied it in front so I was still completely exposed, I just didn’t want to carry it.

Jason took my hand and asked me to go for a walk with him. We were walking down the beach hand in hand talking about anything and everything. He admitted that when they came back from visiting us he was jealous of Dave and Ursula’s relationship and a bit worried. Dave was all she talked about for weeks. Then she started sharing her e-mails from Dave and he could see more what the relationship was. We had been walking for some time and Jason stopped. I don’t know why but I just pulled him to me and kissed him.

He seemed a bit standoffish as he pulled back and said, “I guess you remember this place.” I looked around and found myself in the secluded place Larry had brought us for the pictures. It was also the first time I went down on Larry after which he fucked me good. We had come from the other direction and I wasn’t paying much attention to where we were going. I whipped off the towel and swirled around and laid it on the ground. As I sat on the towel I took Jason’s cock and pulled him to me. I was stroking his cock and licking it as I looked up at him and asked, “Did you bring me here for any particular reason?”

Jason tried to pull away but I held him. He said, stammering somewhat, “I didn’t bring you here we just wound up here.”

Still licking and stroking his cock I blinked my eyes and canlı bahis said, “Now that you have me here what are you going to do with me?”

He was still stammering when he said, “I I I dddidnn’t have anything in mind. I’m not sure how we even got here.” Then trying to change the subject he said, “Larry is coming over Wednesday night. You’ll have a chance to get back together with him.”

I fell back on the towel pulling his cock with me. He fell on top of me and I whispered in his ear, “That’s Wednesday but we are here now and I want you inside me. I want to feel you pumping in and out of me.” Then I lightly kissed his lips.

He pulled back and asked, “What about Dave?”

I looked him dead in the eye and said, “They might be bestest friends but as much as they like to fuck each other I’m sure that’s what they are doing right now. The two of them alone with no one to interrupt them, what do you think they are doing?” All this time I have been rubbing the head of his cock up and down my outer pussy lips, I pull his head close to me and say, “We are all alone with no one to interrupt us so shove that cock into me.”

I pulled his lips to mine and as his tongue slid into my mouth his cock slid into my pussy. We have fucked many times but this time was different. We were alone, no one watching, no one waiting. It was just the two of us. Jason was sliding in and out with a slow even tempo, no hurry no rush. His cock felt different sliding into me, my pussy felt different accepting it. It was like it was the first time we had ever gotten together. My orgasm was building with each slow stroke. He seemed to sense my orgasm building as he would increase the speed the closer I came. By the time I was ready to cum he was blasting into me and just as he shot his load in me I started cumming.

Jason was laying on top of me with his cock still in me. He rolled us over on our sides and we kissed and stroked each other. We both said we could not believe how incredibly intense that was. I was stroking Jason’s cheek and asked, “Before our little group showed up you and Ursula had never done anything with another couple had you?”

He looked away and was stroking my tits and said, “No, we had never done anything like that. That whole week was a lot of first for us.”

I pulled his lips to mine and kissed him lightly and asked, “Since then you have never done anything with out Ursula there?”

He was making circles around my nipple and said, “This is another first for me.” His cock was hard now and his hips had been moving ever so slowly.

I told him, “I think that is why it was so intense, it is a first for me also. Tom and I had our own room once but even though Dave and Sharon weren’t in the room with us they were with us, and when Dick and I went into the bedroom alone there were still six people fucking in the next room. This is the first time I have been alone with anyone with no one to interrupt. I’m just glad I got to share it with you.” With that Jason rolled me back on my back and started fucking me faster while kissing me. I knew my second orgasm was only moments away. with the excitement of the two of us being alone together it didn’t take long for Jason to start cumming in my pussy. That sent me over the edge and my orgasm seemed like a continuation of his.

It would feel so good to just cuddle here for a while but we don’t want to be trying to find our way back to the house in the dark. It is already 5:00 and we have been gone 3 hours. I’m sure Dave and Ursula took full advantage of it but they had no idea when we would be back. Jason and I had walked out there hand and hand but we walked back with our arms around each other. We shared something very special and it has brought us much closer together.

When we came in the opening to the yard Dave and Ursula were laying on the other beach towel fast asleep but Dave’s cock was still in her so we know they enjoyed themselves as well. I came over to Ursula and kissed her waking her up. She opened her eyes and rolled back just slightly but enough for Dave’s cock to slide out. The first words were, “My God that was fantastic. Did you guys enjoy it as much as we did?”

I just smiled and kissed her again and said, “Yes we did, twice, and it was so intense.”

She just rolled farther over on her back with this big smile and said, “I’m glad.”

Jason knelt down and kissed Ursula and asked, “Did you have fun?” With her eyes closed and a big smile she answered, “Oh, yes, did you enjoy yourself?”

He kissed her again and said, “Without a doubt.” Then he went into the house.

I sat next to Ursula and was rubbing her body and her tits and said, “That was the most fantastic intense orgasm I have had in years, but I think we should keep it within the group.”

Ursula started stroking my body playing with my tits and said, “I agree. That could become addicting very fast.”

I smiled and said, “Well, maybe just once more before we leave but you two get the beach and we get the house.”

Ursula laughed and said, “See, I told you it was addicting, but we’ll see.” She put her arms up under her head and said, “I am so hungry and so horny the last thing I want to do is fix diner.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32