Beth Gets Seduced by Gym-Bros

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[Comment: Beth is my girlfriend! We have a lot of kinky fantasies, but recognize that many of them are unrealistic/impractical for carrying out in real life. To cope, we’ve decided to write them out together. For this one, she described a fantasy and I wrote the story. If you enjoyed it, leave a comment or send a message! She’s very excited for strangers to react to her private fantasies. If there are other raunchy scenarios you want to see Beth in, let us know what you want to happen to her next!]


Beth went to the gym after work, as usual. She dressed relatively modestly, tight black leggings and a pink tank top, hoping not to arouse the attention of the other men at her small apartment gym. Lately, it seemed like they stared at her more – sometimes, they even approached her with a bit of casual flirting. She always rebuffed them. She worked the elliptical every day for 30 minutes, and it was located conveniently so that everyone in the weight-lifting area could watch her tight ass at work.

Every time she walked from the machine to the water fountain, it was obvious. The men failed to hide their bulging cocks in their shorts – many of them didn’t even try to hide it. Those ones just watched her, hungrily, like lions eyeing a gazelle. To an extent, it made her nervous. There was a part of her, though, that found it a bit arousing – she never thought of herself as sexy, and was really more of the quiet nerdy type. In any other setting she probably wouldn’t have stood out; but as the only woman in the gym, her petite frame and flowing red hair drove the men crazy.

Beth wasn’t one to engage in casual relationships with men, she had a very conservative upbringing and found the idea a bit scandalous. Sometimes though, in her fantasies, she was bolder. As her mind drifted during long workouts on the elliptical, sometimes she imagined that she was a different girl. When men flirted with her at the gym, she would flirt back. When they invited her back to their apartment, she’d accept. When they offered her a drink, she’d accept that too… and in many of those fantasies, she found herself on her knees with a dick in her mouth.

On some days, her fantasies didn’t even make it back to an apartment. On those days when she was feeling especially horny, she’d imagine herself “accidentally” walking into the men’s locker room. Their cocks would immediately spring to attention after seeing her tight petite body, sweat glistening on her skin and turning her pink tank top semi-transparent. She’d be seduced by the size of their members, and find quickly find herself at their mercy – depending on her mood, she’d take one pinned against the wall or she’d take one in each end on all fours. Either way, the other men would watch and wait to deposit a load on her shivering, satisfied body after she came.

This was one of those days. She was in the middle of a particular naughty fantasy involving a group of college boys and the locker room shower, when she was abruptly snapped back to attention by the sound of a male voice from beside her. She turned to see a football-player-looking guy, easily over 6 feet and well-muscled, greeting her. Having just been snapped out of her raunchy fantasy, she felt herself quiver a bit at his sight. She managed to respond with a shivery “Hey”. He had a clear bulge in his shorts – she hoped that was from checking out her ass.

The rest of her workout continued more or less without incident, though she noticed him watching her a few times – her braless tits bounced up and down as she exercised, and the sight of it seemed to make his bulge grow a bit harder. When she finished, she got off the machine and headed to the water fountain. He followed behind her. By ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar now, she was a bit excited by the prospect of this handsome man finding her attractive – she decided to tease him a bit and bent over 90 degrees to drink from the water fountain, highlighting her tight ass and nearly brushing it right up against him. When she turned back around, he stepped forward and closed the gap between them. She looked up into his smoldering eyes and knew she was smitten by lust. They were so close that his erection brushed up against her slightly. It drove her wild.

“What are you doing after this?” He asked. She was shaken; she didn’t know how to respond. Her pussy ached – she wanted to go home with him so bad.

“Nothing, just a shower.” She replied. He smiled and said, “I’ve got a shower. Come on.” He turned and walked out. What a cocky bastard! She didn’t know what to do – the other men in the gym noticed the encounter and watched her expectantly. They had been waiting for her to abandon her morals; was this finally the moment?

Fuck it.

She followed him out the door, tagging along behind him like a puppy – a very horny puppy. She was a little nervous as she followed him back to his apartment; she hadn’t really planned this through. Was she planning to fuck him? No, she thought, definitely not. A little flirtation is one thing, but a random hook-up with some guy from the gym is a whole nother. She decided right then that she definitely wouldn’t have sex with him. What if her boyfriend found out? She cast the whole thing out of her mind.

At least, she thought that’s what she decided. When they arrived at his apartment, she was greeted by the sight of a nude man getting out of the bathroom – clearly just finishing a shower – his enormous cock immediately growing semi-erect upon seeing her. He was thinner than the other guy, and covered in tattoos. She felt her pussy quiver.

“Oh hey man,” tattoo-guy said, “Didn’t know you were comin’ back from the gym so early – or bringing anyone over. I’ll throw somethin’ on.”

“Nah, you don’t have to.” Football-guy said. “She came here for dick anyway.”

She was shocked. Of course she didn’t come here for dick! Although… maybe she did? “I – I didn’t…” she stammered.

He slapped her on the back. “I’m just kidding, babe. Don’t worry about it. You still need to take a shower?”

She couldn’t tear her eyes away from tattoo-guy’s dangling cock. It looked delicious… he started to stroke it, staring at her. Her tank top was still drenched in sweat, and she was sure her perky tits were completely visible. She was hypnotised, staring at it… watching it get hard in front of her.

“I guess I’ll take a shower.” She said, finally tearing herself away. Hopefully some cold water would cure her horny state. Football-guy gestured to the bathroom. “Help yourself,” he said.

She moved into the bathroom and undressed. As she stepped under the water, her mind once again began to drift. What was she doing here? She loved her boyfriend, even if she had always fantasized about this exact scenario… unthinkingly, her hand reached down and found her clit. She started touching herself thinking about the situation she had gotten herself into; the situation that might develop from here. She heard the bathroom door open and froze. What the fuck was happening? With the shower curtain closed, she couldn’t see who had entered.

“Hey, listen. You don’t have to do this.” It was tattoo-guy’s voice, “but I do think you want to. So honestly? You might as well.”

She peeked around the shower curtain and saw him – his cock was rock-hard. He took another step toward her, and ankara götü büyük escortlar another. He was close enough now that she could feel his breath against her skin. Why wasn’t she moving? Shouldn’t she do something? React! He grabbed her hand and guided it down to his cock. Without even trying, she began to stroke it. Unbelievably, it grew even more in her hand.

“I knew you wanted it.” He said. His fingers found her pussy, soaking wet, and plunged inside. She moaned; his fingers stroked her from the inside while his thumb massaged her clit. Overwhelmed by lust, she sank to her knees and took his cock into her mouth.

“Fuck yeah, I knew you were a slut!” He plunged his cock into her throat, making her gag. Drool spilled down her chin and she struggled to breathe. I’m not a slut, she thought! Well… maybe I am right now. She looked up at him with bright blue eyes. He grabbed her red hair and began viciously fucking her mouth, skullfucking her with lustful abandon. She had never been treated so roughly before, and it made her pussy drip.

“Please fuck me!” She said. Her voice was muffled by the cock stuffed in her mouth. He relaxed his grip; she gasped as she pulled her head back. “Please please fuck me!”

He laughed. “Oh we will.” As he said it, he took her by the hand and led her out of the bathroom. We? What does that mean?

When she stepped back into the living room, the answer became clear. Several guys were waiting, naked, erect cocks ready for her. It was the men from the gym! The football-looking guy stepped forward, huge cock dangling. “I went back to the gym and gathered up some folks. You’d never guess, but these guys were so excited to hear that you’ve given in to your slutty side.”

Suddenly she felt disgusted. “Slutty side!? I’m not a slut!” She yelled.

He chuckled. “The cum dripping down your chin says otherwise, sweetie.”

She had forgotten that she was completely naked in front of them, face still red from being skullfucked, chin dripping with drool and cum. Fuck. She saw their cocks, obviously yearning for her tight pussy. She yearned for them too; she wanted nothing more than to be taken by all these fit handsome men – let them use her however they pleased. For the second time that day, she thought: Fuck it.

She took a step forward and grabbed a cock in her hand. These men were strangers – she didn’t even know their names. This one was slightly bigger than average, maybe 7 inches. She got on her knees, and the cock slid easily into her throat. Before she could protest, her hands were placed around 2 other dicks – she stroked them eagerly. Who was she? Where did this girl come from? She had never even had a one night stand, and now she had a cock down her throat and one in each hand… and lustfully waited for the situation to escalate even further.

She sucked the cock in her mouth with glee, gagging and choking as spit and drool dripped down her chin and splashed onto perky little tits. She stroked the cocks in her hands, jerking them faster and faster as her arousal continued to grow. The men around her jerked off as well – it wasn’t long until one of them groaned loudly. He grabbed her by the hair; “take it, bitch!” he burst, cum sprayed onto the side of her head and onto her cheek. She had never gotten cum on her face before… she loved it.

“Cum all over mee!” She begged, sucking cock with renewed vigor. As she requested, the man in her mouth pulled his cock out and began jerking off over her. “God, Beth, you really are a fucking slut.” He said. His cock painted her with cum. Her hands dropped down to her clit and she fingered herself, moaning loudly, her body racked with the beginnings of an orgasm.As ankara çıtır escortlar she came, the men she had been stroking came as well. Soon cum was dripping down her face, plastered in her bright red hair. She came harder than she had ever cum before – she was still shivering as two other men grabbed her by the arms and dragged her over to a nearby couch.

“We’re not done with you yet, you whore.” The football player sat her on the couch and spread her legs. She looked up at him and silently plead to be fucked like the slut she had become. As his cock slid into her soaked pussy, she felt an electric shock of pleasure surge through her body. He plowed into her roughly, making her small tits bounce. He wrapped one meaty hand around her petite waist and the other around her throat. She began to shake immediately – she was already cumming for a second time. Before she could cry out, tattoo-guy shoved his cock into her throat.

Their rhythm was perfect. They plowed into her from both ends and she felt like she was being used like a fucktoy. She never would have known she enjoyed being treated this way; never would have thought she wanted to be fucked like a slut. Now that she was getting it, she wasn’t sure if she could ever go back.

The men inside her switched places. They manhandled her into a doggy-style position so she was on all fours, with football-guy in her throat and tattoo-guy in her pussy. Others continued to watch. One brazen man approached her face, cock rock-hard watching her bounce back and forth between two dicks. He shoved his cock toward her face, and her mouth stretched wide to accommodate 2 dicks down her throat at once. Her moans grew louder – she was incredibly turned on by her own slutty actions.

The 2 dicks in her mouth fucked her face relentlessly, forcing her even deeper onto the cock in her pussy. Some of the spectators stepped forward, overwhelmed by the sight of her being used like a doll, and sprayed their cum onto her. It dripped down her tight ass and from her tits, matted her red hair, and caked her face. The raunchiness of the situation consumed her – her legs shook and she moaned into the cocks stuffing her throat. She came again, for the third time.

“Yeah Beth that’s it, baby. You love being fucked like a bitch, don’t you?” Football-guy said. Beth could only nod through the crashing wave of orgasm that washed over her. He took his dick out and slapped it against her face. “Acknowledge me, you slut. Tell me what you like!”

“I love it! I love being fucked like a bitch!” She mumbled around the cock in her mouth. It was too much for him, and he dumped his load down her throat. She had never swallowed cum before, though, so most of it poured out from her lips and down her chin. Tattoo-guy was still savagely fucking her pussy. “Tell me you’re a slut!” He said.

“I’m such a fucking slut,” she cried, “I love your cocks!” As she said it, she realized the words were true. She really was a slut. She loved being gangbanged by these strangers. Football-guy tore her from the couch, throwing her to her knees. “Take all this cum, you slut.” Obediently, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She had seen this before in porn movies, and she wanted to mimic it perfectly. Beth stared up at them with bright blue eyes, tongue out, begging to be painted with cum.

Tattoo-guy dumped a load on her face, and so did football-guy. Several others came forward to take a turn as well, some of them content to jerk off onto her while others had their way with her mouth before unloading their deposit. By the end of it, she was a filthy cum-stained mess.

“Ah, hey, Beth. Is this your phone? You’ve got some messages.” One of the guys stepped out of the bathroom, having taken her phone from the bundle of clothes she had discarded earlier, and handed it to her. Sure enough, there were several missed messages. All from her boyfriend. Well, too late to take it back now, she thought.

She smiled, cum dripping from her face. “Can I still use your shower?”

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