Best Night of My Life

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This is my fourth story.
It’s quite bizarre and just a fantasy, so don’t have a go at me for realism.
Now, enjoy…
Best Night of My Life
On the bed. That’s where I was. On the massive queen-sized bed. I stretched out my naked body out to the corners of the duvet. My body was tired from the long day in the sun we’d spent. But I was now reenergized for what was to come.

In they came. They both came in through the door in front of me. Naked as the day they were born, 14 years ago, like me. Their bouncy curves jiggling as their hips swayed in time with their foot movements. Zoe and Abbie.

Zoe was pale skinned, with long brown hair, just past her shoulders. Usually it was straight and tidy, but now it was wild and messy, just like the following events were going to be. She had amazing tits, 32DD, and an ass to die for. Her pussy was nicely shaved, with a light pink tone to it, the clit poking out at the top. Her legs were pale and smooth, with small feet and cute little toes at the bottom. Her face was beautiful. Zoe was by no means fat, but she wasn’t super skinny. She had curves in all the right places.

Abbie was equally good looking. Her hair was a light shade of brown and the same length as Zoe’s. It was sometimes curly and usually straightened, but, like Zoe, now it was wild and messy. Her face was extremely beautiful, and she had nice tits as well; not as big as Zoe’s, but she was by no means flat-chested. Her tummy was flat and toned, and her pussy was shaved and pink. Her ass was small and tight, and her legs were thin and slender, with, again, small feet with cute little toes at the bottom.

As they entered the room they stood in front of the bed and eyed up my body. I was fairly handsome, with long straight dark brown hair and a average built body. My cock was 7 inches, which was pretty big for a 14 year old. After each nude body had been looked at and thoroughly admired, the girls then got onto the bed and one got on each side of me. Abbie on my right, Zoe on the left.

I turned to face her and then started kissing Zoe with burning passion and desire. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths, dancing around our teeth with one another. Meanwhile Abbie was rubbing my body in a tight embrace. After around 4 minutes we broke the kiss and I turned to face Abbie. I gave her the same, 4 minutes of purely passionately kissing, with Zoe rubbing my erect cock and thigh. I then broke with Abbie and leaned my head back into the bed. Abbie and Zoe then leaned over my body and started kissing each other in the same way. I was met with four rather large boobs dangling in front of my face. I therefore rubbed all four then put one of Abbie’s in my mouth. Meanwhile I used my free hand to massage and caress Zoe’s milky breasts. By this point I heard both girls moaning at my sucking and fondling. I then swapped roles, sucking on Zoe’s nipples and rubbing Abbie’s.

I then heard a loud squiging noise as the girls parted lips. I continued to suck Zoe’s boobs as I casino şirketleri watched Abbie slide down the bed towards my penis. By now it was a full 7 inches and rock hard. Abbie eyed it up before rubbing the foreskin up and down its length with her hand. She then gave the head a lick with her smooth wet tongue, and then licked up and down the shaft. She fondled my balls a bit before slipping my cock into her warm mouth. She took the head in and sucked on it like a lollipop. She then took it out her mouth with a loud pop, before spitting on the swollen head and putting it back into her mouth. She then sucked further up the shaft, taking in around 4 inches. She then paused with only 4 inches in. This displeased me, and so I thrust my hips forward and pushed all the way into her until I felt the tip of my cock touch the back of her throat. All the while Zoe continued to moan as I drove her wild sucking on her tits.

Above me I heard Zoe moaning, below me I heard Abbie gagging. My penis was super stimulated by now, and every lick and suck from Abbie’s tongue sent an electric jolt through my entire body, making me bite hard on Zoe’s nipples. My free hand that wasn’t holding Zoe’s enormous boobs soon found Zoe’s tight pink pussy. I began to work on it, rubbing her clit and around the entrance to her vagina. Soon I had worked two fingers into her cunt, pumping in and out, making her moan even louder, if it was possible. Her breathing quickened and her body soon started to pulse as she had an intense orgasm. I pushed three fingers deeply into her, before pulling them out and slipping them into my mouth, tasting her sweet juice, then lifting them to Zoe’s mouth to allow her to taste them.

As Zoe calmed from her intense pleasure, I felt the wet mouth around my cock disappear. I looked down the bed and saw Abbie standing up, her boobs swaying as she moved. She then turned to face me, lifted a leg over my body and squatted down. In this position she was crouching over me with her already wet pussy hanging just above my waiting cock. She then lowered her body and engulfed the head of my penis in her pussy. She was tight as fuck. I heard her gasp as her vagina adjusted to make room for my thick dick inside it. When she seemed okay with it, she lowered herself some more, taking around 2 inches of my long shaft.

As Abbie tried to take my massive cock, Zoe had recovered and was ready for more. She therefore stood up on the bed and moved over to my head. She then, like Abbie, lifted a leg over me and squatted. I could see her dripping pussy centimeters from my face. She gave her clit a good rub before lowering herself completely onto my waiting mouth. I immediately poked my tongue out and stuck it into her. She gave a small, girly gasp and then moaned in pleasure. I felt her pussy walls grasp onto my tongue as she came close to another orgasm. I simply wiggled my tongue and she gave in completely, moaning loudly as she flooded my mouth with beautiful juices.

Meanwhile Abbie was riding my cock like a horse. She was bouncing up and down as my thick cock filled her deep pussy. She had already had one orgasm, and was verging towards another. Soon, inevitably, she squealed in pleasure as she cummed around my thick penis. As I gave one final thrust, I touched her womb. Her pussy tightened around my cock, casino firmaları and so I started cumming deep in her pussy. I shot squirt after squirt deep into her womb. After we had both finished, she collapsed on top of me, her head resting on my chest, my cock now only half hard, still buried deep in her pussy.

Meanwhile, on my face, Zoe had recovered and was hot and sweaty from moaning from the extreme pleasure I was giving her. Her hair had been messed up even more, and she had beads of perspiration dripping down her body. Soon she was cumming again, flooding my mouth with sweetness again. Zoe then collapsed like Abbie had, her stomach on Abbie’s back, her head by my cock. In her exhausted state she opened her mouth wearily, letting her tongue slip out of it. She then slowly licked my cock poking out of Abbie’s pussy. This brought my cock back to life, and my regained strength got Abbie up. She stood up, slipping my cock out of her. A cocktail of mine and her cum dribbled down her smooth pale leg. Zoe had regained part of her strength and managed to lift her head and lick up Abbie’s thigh. She then swallowed the cummy mixture before resting her head back down.

Abbie then walked across the bed and lied down beside me. She turned to me and gave me a long kiss. After a while I found her tongue had seemed to stop dancing with mine. I broke the kiss and looked at her. I had kissed her to sleep. I looked down at Zoe. She was asleep with my cock in her mouth. I shrugged, lied my head back down, and also fell asleep.

I woke up later with a brilliant taste in my mouth. It was apparent that Zoe’s pussy left a great aftertaste. I looked around. Nothing had changed. Abbie was next to me with her mouth still wide open. Zoe still had my cock in her mouth. Both girls were still asleep. I looked Zoe’s body over again and noticed her rather good looking ass, almost inviting me, with her still wet pussy and her tight pink asshole. I then looked back at my penis and realized I had a rather large morning wood. This gave me an idea.

I managed to get off the bed without waking the girls. I walked to the side of the bed where Zoe’s feet were hanging off. I looked at her ass and grabbed her thighs gently, not wanting to disturb her. I pulled her legs off the bed softly. Her ass was now on the edge of the bed. I spread her legs and revealed her tight asshole. I pulled her ass cheeks apart to gain a better view of her anus. I bent down and looked into her dark hole. My cock stirred and I remembered my idea.

I had to give her puckered asshole a bit of lubrication. I licked my finger with my tongue and sucked on it. I then rubbed it around the inside of Abbie’s gaping mouth before sticking it into her anus. I heard a soft moan as it twisted and rubbed my finger around her ass. Once her dirt track was nice and wet I stood up and took hold of my cock. I rubbed the foreskin up and down a bit. I then went over to Abbie and rubbed it around Abbie’s wet mouth. I then turned back to Zoe and eased the head of my cock into her extremely tight ass.

It was as tight as nothing I’d ever had before. Way, way tighter than Abbie’s pussy. She gave another soft sleepy gasp as I eased more of my swollen dick into her. Soon around two inches of my cock was buried in Zoe’s tight asshole. I eased it further and güvenilir casino further into her bowls. Soon I was all the way in. Just then I looked up and saw Zoe looking as me, smiling. She had a massive grin on her face as I started pulling my cock back. Once I was nearly all the way out I eased myself back inside. I did this repeatedly, building up a rhythm until I was pounding her tight asshole. I then started slapping Zoe’s ass cheeks, making her moan louder. I spanked and slapped them until both cheeks were red. This gave me more energy and I pounded her ass even more rigorously.

Meanwhile, Abbie had woken up. She looked round and saw Zoe on her chest, screaming on the bed with her ass and legs hanging off the bed with me pounding her ass from behind. After a minute she regained her sense and went over to join us. She gave Zoe a long wet kiss, Zoe moaning down Abbie’s throat. Abbie then broke the kiss and lied on her back and spread her legs. Zoe immediately buried her head in Abbie’s already wet pussy, licking all around her clit. Meanwhile Zoe had one hand underneath her sweaty body buried in her tight vagina, fingering herself with three fingers. Meanwhile I thrust my hips in and out of her.

Soon I felt the familiar tingling sensation deep in my balls. I quickly pulled out of Zoe’s ass as she started an orgasm over her fingers. Meanwhile Abbie was moaning loudly during an intense orgasm over Zoe’s face. I quickly rubbed my cock and soon thick white ropes of hot creamy sperm was flying all over their bodies. It landed on their tits, asses, legs, bellies, hair and faces. After a minute of shooting cum my cock finished and I collapsed next to the girls on the bed. Both girls, exhausted, started licking each other’s faces before sharing one final long kiss with both each other and me. I could taste my salt semen on their tongues.

Just then the door opened. A woman in a tight maids outfit came in. What she saw was three fourteen year olds, two of them girls covered in cum, and the other a boy with a now soft penis. The sheets were a mess as where the teenagers. She quickly saw us all and then left the room. After that we all fell asleep.

A few hours later we all woke up. It was just the beginning of the morning. The cum on the girls bodies had dried and become crusty. We all took a shower together in the large walk-in shower in the ensuite. During it we kissed and groped each other lovingly. The rings on the girls fingers were still on, getting all the cum washed off of them in the shower.

7 hours before…
I walked across the beach with my two new wives. Everyone else was left back in the bar where the wedding reception was held, but we had announced that we were retiring for the night. The hotel was just on the other side of the beach, and we were strolling along it holding hands, Zoe in my left hand, Abbie on my right. Their sexy hips swayed in their white bikini bottoms. The top halves had been taken off, due to the strict topless only rule we had had at the wedding reception. Their large breasts swung in the breeze as we walked across the deserted sand. I quickly released my hands from theirs and pulled the strings on their bottoms. They both fell of freely. We just continued walking in the warm night. I pulled down my trunks and so we were each naked. We all giggled and they both kissed each of my cheeks. When we got to the hotel they told me to go into the room first and lay down on the bed. I did as they said, as they waited by the door.

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