Best Friends With A Twist

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Let me start by saying that I am a 25 yr old str8 male and live in STL I am 5’10 165 tan athletic and about 7in.

Well this took place about 4 weeks ago with my high school sweetheart and her best friend from grade school. Bethany my ex was about 5’6 115 blonde hair green eyes and a knockout body with tons of kink built up inside. Amanda her friend was about 5’4 120 short brown hair and eyes and a little bubble butt.

We had gone out to a bar in South County for ladies night on a Thursday I had picked them up from Beth’s house. When I arrived Beth came up and kissed me as usual and Amanda greeted me and said hi. They both looked hot, Beth was was wearing a black mini shirt and a red shirt that was open on the back and some hot little sandals. Amanda was also wearing a black mini skirt and a yellow shirt with some black shoes.

Well we got to the bar and meet some of our friends up and there and of course all the regulars that came in on Thursday were there already. We got our pitcher of beer and sat around and talked for awhile there were maybe 8 of us at the table.

Well we did our regular thing went and popped some money in the juke box and started playing darts. Now Beth wasn’t bad but Amanda was horrible and never had a good game. Beth always wanted to make bets between us like a blow job in the bathroom or something kinky and exciting. But that night I guess she was feeling a little more drunk then usual because she said if she won she would get to pick what we did after the bar and I agreed. Back in grade school Amanda and I dated but never did anything sexual and for the last 4 years she had a boyfriend and was very faithful so I never thought It would have involved her but I was wrong. We finished drinking and got in my Jeep and Beth said we should go get a hotel room at Best Western since we use to get Jacuzzi rooms all the time when I worked there. Amanda did not want to and Beth said we could just go there and drink and play some card games like we usually do when we drink. Amanda finally gave in and said that she would go for a little bit and get picked up later.

Before we got there we stopped and got some cards and some beer and headed to the bahis firmaları hotel. When we got there I went and got the room and left them in the Jeep. When I came back they were giggling and said they wanted to go to the room and start drinking some more. When we got inside the room it was the same one we always use to get and the Jacuzzi and mirrors all around it and a big bed.

Well we cracked open the beer and start playing the game asshole and as usual I was losing and getting real drunk. Beth then said she wanted to play strip poker and Amanda did not want to because she hated her body and kept saying that her boyfriend wasn’t there and it would not be fun for her. After awhile of Beth convincing her she gave in and said that she would just play one game and then she was going to get picked up. So we started playing and I was ahead they both had their shoes off and their skirts off. They both looked really hot sitting there in their thongs and shirt and nothing else and I was getting close I had on shorts and boxers. I lost the next one on purpose and ended up in my boxers and they were finally sitting there in just there thongs and nothing else. Amanda wanted to quit and Beth convinced her after we were done we could get in the Jacuzzi and would be under water. Amanda agreed and lost the last hand and we just stripped and ended the game to get into the Jacuzzi.

I turned on the radio and grabbed a couple of beers and hopped in with them. I sat opposite the end that they were on and we just sat there and talked and listened to Amanda tell us how bad she felt for her boyfriend not being able to be there and Beth was trying to tell her everything was harmless and it was just a fun drunk night and Amanda came too ease a little bit.

Beth had a small foot fetish she use to like to play with my dick with her feet and suck her own toes and have me do it too. It was something fun and kinky.Beth started to rub my dick that was growing under water and Amanda had noticed and asked what she was doing Beth said I always do this it’s fun and he likes it. At that point Beth said see watch and Beth raised her foot up to my mouth and told me to suck her toes and Amanda’s eyes kaçak iddaa about popped out of her head when she saw that and said that it was weird but kinda kinky. Beth told her to hold her foot up and Amanda did and Beth leaned over and started sucking on her toes and Amanda was in shock that her best friend was sitting there sucking her toes. I was about ready to cum all over myself and held back and just watched and drank my beer. Beth only did it for a couple minutes and we just all sat there drinking not saying a word just enjoying the water. Amanda said she was ready to get out because she was getting wrinkled and was hot.

We all got out and wrapped up in towels and continued to drink and watch TV on the bed and Amanda said that she was going to get dressed and call someone to pick her up and Beth said she was going to talk to her and for me to go get ice. When I got back Amanda said that she was gonna stay cause she couldn’t find a ride that late. So as we sat there Beth started rubbing my dick through the towel and Amanda had turned and seen it and just kept watching TV. Beth finally took her towel off and moved mine aside and start licking the head of my dick and the full length and Amanda just turned around and was staring at Beth giving me a blowjob and said “hello” I’m still in the room and Beth took her mouth off my dick and told her fine then you can help me. Amanda had a shocked looked on her face when Beth said that and told her go ahead this will be a first for us too. With that Amanda leaned over and started giving me an amazing blowjob. As Amanda was doing this Beth just watched and smiled at me. Beth reached around and took off Amanda’s towel and was squeezing her ass and playing with her boobs.

While Amanda in between my legs Beth got underneath Amanda and started eating her pussy. As soon as Beth touched her tongue to her pussy she began moaning. Beth has never eaten pussy and Amanda has never done it but they were both enjoying it. This lasted about ten minutes and I blasted down Amanda’s throat and on her face and she juiced up Beth pretty good too. Amanda turned around to Beth and she started kissing Amanda and they began grabbing each other. I went kaçak bahis over to the couch and started drinking another beer enjoying them and took out my camera and started snapping pictures of them and getting hard again. They got into a 69 and started eating each other out for awhile like they hadn’t eaten in days. While this going on my dick was getting harder by the minute.Beth motioned for me and I came over and they broke the 69 and Beth said she wanted me to fuck Amanda while she watched and she said she still had a boyfriend and Beth said you have already gone this far and Amanda said your right.

As I entered her I went really slow and she just let out a slow moan and closed her eyes. As I picked up the pace she started moaning louder and I turned around and Beth was sucking one her foot and toes and had the other one rubbing up and down on her pussy getting off. We did this for awhile and I pulled out and told Amanda to get on all fours and Beth laid underneath. As I entered her doggy style Beth was licking my nut sac as I was pounding her pussy. Out of nowhere Amanda said she wanted me to stick it in her ass that she loved it so I pulled out and lubed her asshole up with her juices.As I slid it in she pushed back hard and wanted it all at one time. As I got the pace going Beth was still licking my sac and her pussy taking turns.

After about fifteen minutes of this I said I was gonna cum and pulled out and Amanda turned around and her and Beth started kissing and right before I was gonna cum they stopped kissing to catch everything and I blew all over them and they licked every drop off of each other and Amanda leaned up and cleaned my cock off of both our juices and finished cleaning it and leaned down and gave Beth a kiss.

We all fell on the bed and all fell asleep with one one each side of me. We woke up and I had a hard on and Beth began blowing me and started giving me a footjob and Amanda had woke up and Beth asked her to join. So there I was hung over and two sexy pairs of feet were playing with my dick. After about ten minutes I blew my load all over there feet and they both sucked each others toes and cleaned them up. We all got in the shower and got dressed and I dropped Amanda off first and she leaned in gave us both a kiss and said thanks.

I dropped Beth off and she said she will see what Amanda was doing the following weekend. Hopefully it will top this experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32