Best Friends, Maybe

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Her eyes were green and her lips always smudged with dark red lip stick. Her hair was a golden brown, that bounced down her body to those amazingly round breasts she never hid so well in a low cut top. She was curvy with a skinny waist and lovely hips. Her legs were long and lushes leading down to sexy high heels. She was a beauty – sexy, confident, and bisexual.

I suppose I could tell you everything about her, like what an amazing lover she made. Or how she loved to slowly lick your bottom lip right after kissing. Perhaps I should mention her fetish for whipped cream… or perhaps I should include how she normally like to play a little rough. Maybe none of that really matters in the long run, but oh gosh that girl new how to turn some heads on the dance floor.

But really in the long run none of this actually matters. So, let me take you to the moment where things start to matter…


“Are you really going to wear that!?” Kaylee gasped at me in total shock then rolled her eyes, “No, you are not.” Grabbing my hand she led me into her bedroom and shut the door. “I really do not know what you’d do without me as your best friend… seriously Alex you look like a ‘wanna-be’ mother.” She started to rummage threw her closet. “No one would ever look at you like that…” she rambled on.

My eyes gleamed up those lushes legs to the shortest tightest jean skirt ever made. It hugged her ass perfectly, showing the amazing curves most girls would kill for. I questioned if she even had underwear on… a thong perhaps? No, everything was too tight, it would escort bayan have shown. The idea of her pussy exposed under the material made me bite my lip… Such a dirty little secret.

“Hmm.. What to have you wear?” she mumbled under her breath, bring my attention back for only a moment.

The skirt was followed by a blue tank top that cling to her skinny waist. The material stretched around her wonderfully formed breast. A hint of cleavage was showing and my eyes were fixated on it.

“Get naked.”

I gulped, “what?”

“You heard me.” She giggled and pointed to the outfit she had tossed out, “need help?” her smile turned devilish – this was her type of game and she now made it my move.

My brain was trying to process. Naked. Clothes off. Nothing on. Right now. Here. With her. Me. Naked.

She walked towards me slowly sensually. Her perfect manicured finger nail was pressed against my lip, as she whispered in my ear, “No, need to be a chicken.” Her hands were now resting on my hips as she dragged the shirt up with her fingernails.

I shivered.

She giggled then slipped her fingers to my jean zipper and slowly undid them. The material fell to my feet with one push.

“Now, isn’t that a pretty sight.” Her tongue licked across her bottom lip. The smell of her body surrounded me. Her lips trembled against my lower ear “You know Alex, I always wanted to see you naked.” Her fingernails run down my sides, “You are so damn sexy… I dream about you sometimes and oh my gosh.” She practically moaned the last few words.

Her izmit eve gelen escort lips trembled against my neck barely, hardly, just the slight presences. Her hot breath had changed slightly as it beat down against the flesh on my neck. “Kaylee…” I whispered her name.

Her eyes pierced into my gaze look at me, almost to my core. Her green eyes slowly shifted from side to side. Her fingers brushed the hair away from my eyes. Her head came the sliest bit forward. Her tongue licked her bottom lip only to drag her teeth against the same spot. Her beautiful eyes shifted again. Her hot sexy lips barely brushed mine. The kiss deepened, her lips enclosed mine, tasting me, teasing me, exploring my mouth. Her tongue danced with mine, the taste of her was over whelming. Her teeth bit my bottom lip a little as she pulled away.

“Damn’ girl.” her breathing was deeper now, faster, needier. Her fingernails dug into my shoulders as she shoved me against the wall. Her lips found my bottom ear and slowly sucked, only to make a trial of kisses down my neck. I felt her teeth find my skin, before gently sucking. I was gasping the slightest bit. She then started kissing to my collarbone and playfully sucking.

One hand was slowly pushing it’s way up under my bra while her other hand lay on my upper thigh. Her teeth bit into my skin again.

Her voice whispered, “I know you want me.”

Her lips entrapped mine, kissing me passionately. Her hand had slipped under my bra and lay against my tit. Her fingernails slowly circled around the nipple izmit otele gelen escort as her tongue slowly slipped in and out of my mouth. Her fingernail pinched my nipple at the same moment she bit my bottom lip. I hardly noticed her hand on my lower leg starting to rub the area.

She freed my tits from the bra and started to kiss her way down to one. Right beside the nipple she playfully bit, only to start so suck, leaving the smallest hickey. Her other hand was now rubbing my pussy threw my underwear. Her hot tongue licked my nipple before latching her mouth onto it. She sucked playfully at first, only to go harder.

Moaning I dug my fingernails into her back.

She played with my nipple between her teeth. Her fingers had now slipped into my underwear, she started to rub my clit.

“Oh gosh…. ” I gaped, “Oooooh!”

She freed my nipple for a moment, “Moan for me bitch, moan!” she commanded. Her fingers were now fucking my warm wet hot pussy. My hips started to rock a little, as I was moaning. Her lips found my other nipple and began to suck.

“Ooooohhhhh!” I screamed

“You’re going to orgasm for me bitch?” She smiled devilishly.

I nodded while biting my lip and digging my fingernails into her back harder.

I screamed when I felt her tongue against my pussy. Her hot wet silky tongue licking my aching needing pussy. Her tongue found my clit as her fingers worked my sex whole. She quickly added more pressure to each movement.

“OOOOOH GOD!” my body shuttered as the most powerful orgasm ever consumed me. She did not stop but kept licking until my body came back down from the high.

She slowly came back to eye level and passionately kissed me.

“Get dress” she pointed to the outfit, “I’ll be waiting in the car.” With that she walked out of the room as if nothing had happened.

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