Beginning the Babymaking Game

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Matt was perfect: the cliché tall, dark, and handsome type, with a winning smile and a great sense of humor. It didn’t hurt that his cock was huge. It wasn’t long before Ruth let the words “I love you” slip out of her mouth, but to her delight, Matt said he felt the same way. Their romance flourished, and by the time they graduated college, they were planning their wedding.

When they started planning their life together, Ruth didn’t want to have kids. Matt didn’t either. They stretched their budget to buy a studio in a trendy area downtown. Matt bought a sports car. They spent their extra income on fancy dinners, art, and trips overseas. All these decisions cumulatively made the idea of having a kid seem ludicrous: the local schools were violent and shabby, Matt’s car couldn’t fit a car seat, there was no way they could afford to live off Matt’s income if Ruth went out on maternity leave.

Things changed when Ruth’s college roommate Beth got pregnant. Seeing her belly swell stirred something inside Ruth, who soon found herself fantasizing about having a baby of her own. Soon, the fantasy began to consume her waking thoughts. She started visiting maternity shops to try on stretchy jeans, imagining her belly swelling, straining against the elastic. In the privacy of a changing room, her hands would inevitably slip between her legs. Seeing herself garbed in pregnancy clothes made the fantasy seem so real, she couldn’t help but pleasure herself.

Ruth knew Matt was totally opposed to having kids. He derisively referred to Ruth’s pregnant friends as “breeders,” and seemed to make a point of “thanking” Ruth for not trying to convince him to “spawn” whenever the topic of kids came up. Ruth worried Matt would leave her if she confessed her change of heart about having a family. So she kept it to herself.

Then, one night, Ruth drank a little too much and let her anti-baby facade slip. She was laying in bed, her thighs splayed open as Matt licked and sucked on her clit. She was about to climax when she heard the words “put a baby in me” come out of her mouth.

Matt froze. Ruth tried backpedalling, pretending she was joking, but nothing worked. Matt’s softening cock showed her attempts to minimize the slip up were useless. Ruth tried a different tactic – she leaned into her baby fever. She talked about wanting to make a little version of Matt, about what a great dad Matt would be, about how all her friends were having kids. Nothing worked. He wasn’t having it. Matt just reminded her of all the reasons they couldn’t have kids – they couldn’t live on one income, they couldn’t afford to move, blah blah blah. As Matt continued his anti-baby soliloquy, Ruth drifted to sleep.

Ruth awoke the next morning to the sound of Matt grinding coffee in the kitchen. Yawning, she shambled nude towards the kitchen, hoping her memory of the night before was just a dream. Matt quickly dispelled that idea.

“How fucked up were you, last night?” Matt asked. “Do you remember telling me you wanted kids? You were joking, right?”

She knew he was offering her an easy out – just blame the booze and move on. But hearing him say her deepest, secret desire out loud, she felt a stirring in her sex. Her nipples hardened. She felt slightly drunk with arousal.

Fortune favors the bold, she thought, stepping closer. Matt trailed off as Ruth pressed herself against him. Wordlessly, she slid her hand to his crotch, rubbing his semi-erect cock.

“I want your cum inside me,” she whispered, pressing her nude flesh against him. “I need it.”

Matt was unfazed. He somehow regained his composure, and continued his “why we shouldn’t have babies” speech. Ruth tuned him out, sliding down to her knees as she tugged his pajama pants down. To her chagrin, he pulled away before she could take him into her mouth.

“No bullshit, Ruth. I don’t want babies. You’re going to make me late for work.”

“What casino şirketleri kind of shitty sex ed class did you take? I can’t get knocked up from a blow job,” she said. She just needed to get him horny enough to make bad decisions. Matt sighed, moving closer, and Ruth set about her task. She slowly ran her hands up and down his thighs as she kissed his cock, taking it into her mouth.

Ruth swirled her tongue around the helmet-like tip of his hardening manhood. Matt moaned as her tongue found sensitive patch of skin underneath the hood of his cock. Decades of anti-breeding propaganda were no match for the ancient, primal need to propagate the species. Ruth could almost feel his skin stretching against her tongue as he throbbed harder, longer, and wider, preparing itself to mate.

She kissed his cock gently, before slipping him into her mouth. She locked eyes with Matt while his warm, throbbing length slid over her tongue. Ruth was still sliding her lips onto him she felt his hands grasp the back of her head. They stayed there, holding her steady as Matt slid his cock deeper. This was new.

No pain no gain, she thought, as Matt began slowly thrusting. She just needed to get him to the edge, then she’d pull away and force him to choose between fucking her bare or pulling up his pants and going to work unsatisfied. She moaned seductively and fondled his balls, hoping to speed things up. Matt just kept pumping. As his veiny length rubbed in and out of her mouth, Ruth slid a hand to the warm, wet spot between her legs that was aching to be filled.

Her finger easily slipped past her already well-lubricated lips. She was practically dripping with anticipation, ready to receive Matt’s seed. Or any man’s seed, at this point, Ruth realized. As she slowly rubbed herself, she imagined another man’s cock moving between her legs while Matt wasted time fucking her mouth.

Ruth was drunk with desire, she didn’t notice Matt’s balls tightening, or his cock tensing inside her throat. Ruth didn’t have any time to react when she felt him buck forward, jamming his cock deep inside her. He pulsed warmly in her throat, moaning as he passed the point of return.

Matt’s hands pressed firmly against Ruth’s head as he emptied his seed into her throat. Jet after scalding jet erupted from his cock, as Ruth struggled swallow all of his wasted seed. And then it was over. Cum was still slowly oozing from Matt’s cock, as he slipped out of her mouth.

“Now THAT’s more like it,” Matt said as he slid his pajamas back up and finished making his coffee.

The impromptu blowjob may have satisfied Matt’s cravings, but it had the opposite effect on Ruth. Matt came before Ruth could get herself off, leaving her practically mad with lust. Ruth was practically mad with lust. Her fingers and thighs were slick with her juices. Even so, it felt too weird to finish herself off while Matt stood there, sipping his coffee.

While pulling on some jeans for work, the front button managed to graze her clit, making her knees buckle and sending her sagging to the floor. Work wasn’t going to happen either, today, it seemed. She quickly sent an email letting her office know she was “sick,” and started planning out her unexpected day off.

Still buzzing, Ruth spent the day getting herself and the apartment primed for seduction. She spent the morning at her favorite spa, getting waxed, exfoliated, blown out, and styled. Once she got home, she poured herself a strong drink for lunch, cleaned, and picked an outfit for the night.

When Matt got home, Ruth was waiting at the front door to greet him, wearing high heels, a frilly apron, and nothing else.

“Welcome home, honey,” she said, while pulling him towards the kitchen. “I took a sick day, because I’m pretty sure I was still drunk this morning. My memory’s kinda blurry from last night to around lunch time. Hope I didn’t do anything stupid last casino firmaları night.”

“You don’t remember begging me to knock you up last night?,” Matt asked, suspiciously. “Or this morning?”

“Bullshit,” Ruth said, mixing Matt a Long Island Iced Tea. “You know I don’t want kids.” It wasn’t the classiest drink, but it was certainly fitting. Ruth could tell when Matt wanted anal sex, because he’d ply her with Long Islands in the hopes of dulling her inhibitions. It only seemed fair to use them now.

“You seemed pretty set on the idea last night,” Matt replied. “You sure the booze didn’t just get you to say what you really want?” He was testing her. Ruth knew her plan hinged on how she handled the next few minutes of dialog.

“You’re so full of shit, Matt. The thought having some creature in my belly literally makes my vagina clamp shut. Stop fucking with me and make us more drinks while I finish cooking.”

While Matt busied himself with the liquor bottles, Ruth snuck off to the bedroom to change. Passing the mirror, she checked herself out. The spa day paid off. Her silky, amber hair cascaded down to her petite, perky breasts. The smooth, pale orbs jutted proudly from her chest, punctuated by puffy pink nipples aching to be sucked on. From the neck down, she was smooth, polished, and hairless – except for the neatly trimmed strip of hair just above her pussy. Satisfied, Ruth slipped into her favorite robe, a short, silky number that stopped just short of covering her ass, tying it loosely to accentuate her cleavage. Perfect.

Ruth immediately began to regret planning such an involved meal. She was sopping wet. She desperately needed to be fucked, and couldn’t care less about eating. Matt was leering at her chest, hungrily, clearly more interested in her body than the food he was picking at. She fought the urge to let her robe drop to the floor as she cleared the table and walked towards the kitchen to get the main course.

“You’d make a great housewife,” Matt called out in a joking tone, “I bet the barefoot and pregnant look would be so hot on you.”

“Eat shit, honey,” she replied – fighting the urge to take him up on the bet. He’s still testing me, she thought. He’s getting me drunk to see if I was lying about not wanting kids. A smirk crept across her face. He’d have to drink as much as she did if he wanted to maintain this ruse, and at that point she’d probably be able to ride a couple orgasms out of him after he passed out if he couldn’t be convinced to fuck her bare voluntarily.

For the rest of the grueling meal, Ruth kept Matt’s glass full. By dessert, he was waxing poetic about how beautiful she was, while she rubbed her foot over his crotch under the table. She let her robe hang open, exposing her breasts, as she pretended to slur her speech. Matt didn’t have to pretend – he’d finished off at least five of his own strong cocktails, and – unbeknownst to him – most of hers too. When he accidentally knocked over his drink while trying to paw her breasts, Ruth knew it was time to act.

“I still think you’re fucking with me,” she said, “but if I really did beg you to cum in me, I think I know why.” She paused, making it seem like she was still forming a theory. “I mentioned something about condoms to Lisa and Nicole at happy hour last week. They couldn’t believe we’d never had unprotected sex, and they went on and on about how much better it felt. I’ve been fantasizing about it ever since.”

“So you admit you want to get knocked up,” Matt said, triumphantly.

“God no… I just want to see what it feels like without a condom. You’d have to pull out.”

“No baby, though, right?” Matt slurred, reaching down to massage Ruth’s foot as she rubbed against his growing stiffness. Ruth nodded affirmatively, then shrugged her robe off her shoulders. She couldn’t wait any more.

“Fuck it,” Ruth said, before gulping down her drink. “With all your talk güvenilir casino about ME wanting babies today, I half think you’re the one who wants me to get knocked up.”

“Nice try,” Matt sneered, falling into Ruth’s trap.

“I bet you’re just waiting to fuck me bare and ‘accidentally’ forget to pull out.” Ruth leaned down to unbutton Matt’s pants, letting her breasts graze his forearm. “So you’re put your money where your mouth is. You’re going to fuck me raw, and if you don’t pull out in time, I’ll know you’re full of shit.”

“You’re on,” Matt said, sliding his jeans down his thighs.

No longer restrained, his cock sprang to attention, jutting proudly from his lap. The tip was smeared with precum, revealing the extent of Matt’s arousal. His length bobbed gently, pulsing in anticipation.

“Fuck me, beautiful,” he said.

Such a charmer.

“Nice try,” Ruth said, while lightly gripping Matt’s shaft. “You want me to ride you, so you can claim I didn’t let you pull out.” Ruth draped herself over the table, presenting her pussy as Matt rose to join her.

Matt didn’t waste time on foreplay. He slipped into Ruth’s warmth, as he gazed into her eyes. Ruth quivered when she felt Matt’s stiffness filling her up. She groaned in painful pleasure when he bottomed out, bumping against the nubby entrance to her womb.

Matt sighed happily, beginning to slide out of her slippery heat. Ruth’s muscles instinctively clutched for Matt’s cock as it slid away from her womb, aching for him to fill her again. Ruth moaned her appreciation when Matt slid back into her. She felt her whole body tensing as he settled into a slow, deliberate pace, her toes curling as he moved inside her. A wave of pleasure exploded through Ruth’s body as she came around Matt’s length.

Matt groaned. He was getting close. Ruth wrapped her legs around his back, urging him deeper. His balls, wet with her juices, slapped against her as he pushed deeper and deeper into her essence.

“You’re about to cum, sweetie,” Ruth whispered, unlocking her legs. “Better pull out if you want to win our bet.”

“Not yet,” Matt said, moving her legs back over his back. “Not yet.”

Ruth gripped her legs around his back, and he hungrily pumped inside her. The quiver in Matt’s voice, his increasingly urgent thrusts, the thought of his seed rushing towards her womb – it was too much to bear. With a guttural moan, Ruth came again – harder than she’d ever come before, as her body milked her man for his genes. She felt her pussy clenching and releasing around him. Tingles of pleasure coursed through her. Matt was muttering “not yet,” chanting the words like a mantra as he thrusted deep inside her, rhythmically bumping against the entrance to her womb.

“Do what feels right.”

Four words. Whispered breathlessly into his ear, they were enough to send Matt down a path Ruth had started down weeks earlier. His pelvis slammed into her with finality as he instinctively pushed deeper inside her then he’d ever been. For a split second, it felt like his cock was stretching inside her, reaching out, searching for her core. Ruth felt herself flexing around him, preparing to drink in his essence.

Matt groaned as his cock spasmed inside her. Unable to hold himself up, he collapsed onto her. Ruth could feel him pulsing between her legs, throbbing as his seed coursed through his cock and into her waiting womb. They later together as his climax subsided, and his cock slipped from between her legs.

When the moment finally passed, Ruth helped Matt to bed. Filled. Satisfied. She rested her head on his chest as he drifted to sleep. She knew this was only the beginning. She’d ovulated last week, so there was no chance that the seed inside her would bear fruit. In the morning, Matt would undoubtedly say he still had no interest in having a family, and he would probably think he was telling the truth. If he even remembered tonight, he’d blame it on the booze. But none of that changed the fact that, moments ago, he’d surrendered to his primal needs. It was no longer a matter of “if” he’d give her a child – it was a matter of “when.”

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