Been Had

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Solo Male

It’s a slow night at the club. I’ve spent the evening dancing on the sparsely-populated dance floor with this Sapphic succubus with big tits, a soft pouting mouth and hands that can’t stay still. They’ve been cupping and massaging my ass during all the slow numbers, and brushing up against my tits during all the fast ones. I think once she got a quick nipple pinch in, but I couldn’t be sure. The more she drinks, the more I’m touched. So I keep buying.

It gets later and later and she’s teasing me more and more. She should be careful. Little girls with big tits shouldn’t play with fire.

But during one particularly slow number, enough alcohol had been consumed where our mouths were devouring each other and, though we hadn’t realized it, we’d simply stopped dancing and were kissing and tonguing on the dance floor as if we were in the privacy of my own living room. My tongue found her earlobe and for something different, I start licking it. It’s then that I feel it: that hand between my legs, rubbing the denim of my jeans. So warm there, so wet under the clothing.

I take her earlobe between my teeth and nip. She gives a little yelp and smacks my ass playfully. I put my mouth right on her ear kocaeli escort and say, “Let’s go to the bathroom.” Now her hands are squeezing my tits through my blouse, no longer just brushing but grappling them, the nipples rock-hard between her fingers. I pull back, licking my lips and her eyes are locked on them as I do.

“You have such a nice mouth,” she says. “Put it on my pussy.”

“I have every intention of putting it there,” I answer, taking her hand and striding towards the ladies’ room door. I have no idea how many other women were watching or had been watching our little floor show. I am focused. Laser-beam libido. I am going to make this little wench pay for her flirtations.

Miraculously, the loo is empty so we head quickly to the handicapped stall (more room). I immediately push her up against the wall. She’s already pulling her t-shirt up, letting those giant breasts spill out into her hands. Without ceremony, I squat down, push her skirt up and bury my face into her pussy. She’s soaking, sweet and tart, and soon my mouth and cheeks are smeared with her juice and sweat. Lick lick lick. Suck suck suck. I take her clit between my teeth and bite lightly. She screams, writhes against the kocaeli escort bayan wall, humps my face with powerful thrusts of her hips. Her ass is soft and firm, and my fingers dig into the yielding flesh as I hold her fast to my stroking mouth.

As I’m pushing my tongue inside her as far as it’ll go, I slide one hand between my spread legs to pleasure my clit under my own very short skirt. It’s engorged and sticky with my juice and my fingers slide easily from clit to pussy. Suddenly, I feel another hand slide between my asscheeks from under the stall wall and a finger, not my own, meets my finger and begins to slide in and out of me … first one, then two, then three fingers, the thrusts and pushes increasingly harder and more demanding, which in turn makes me devour my partner even more urgently …

I remember feeling her hands holding my head firmly to her shaven pussy and how my own body was shaking as I pleasured and was pleasured … just as I cum, a hot, engulfing mouth now affixes itself to my own pussy – my benefactress must’ve laid down on her back to taste me – and as I feel my own incredible wetness flush from my body, my partner comes into my mouth and I izmit sınırsız escort drink her in … hot liquids, I can barely swallow her, can barely get a breath. She’s giving me all her come.

A few minutes pass, and my little slut abruptly pulls her T-shirt and skirt down and opens the stall door, like she’s gotten what she wanted and she’s leaving now to find another victim … of course, now, there are several women in various stages of arousal outside the stall, listening as we’d had each other and, while I still squat on the floor, another comes in and presents herself to me.

“We’ve been watching you and listening and we want in on the action,” she says, pushing me back up against the wall and pulling my blouse off. Her hands close around my tits and she doesn’t bother closing the stall door. My nipples are bitten, licked, sucked, kissed as a couple more women enter the stall and stand either side of me, their hands holding my tits out to be sucked, their tongues exploring inside my ears, or both kissing me at the same time, all three of our tongues slithering drunkenly together as I moan and cry under their ministrations.

And, as each woman inevitably pushes me to my knees so I can eat them out, that hand from nowhere pushes between my parted thighs and I come and come and come … Finally, around 4 in the morning, I leave the club. My hair’s a mess, I reek of female and sex and pussy, but I’m still horny.

Time to go home to my girlfriend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32