Beach Ploy

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Teen (18+)

I was just minding my own business at the time. I’d gone to the beach and had just changed into my swimming costume in the back of my van when it started. I like to park a little away from the main car parks. It’s a lot easier to keep an eye on my van that way. It’s a pain when someone tries to bust into it looking for tools and electronics, so I like to take a few precautions.

As I was saying, I’d just changed and was about to hop out when I heard a frightened squeak just outside the van. Glancing out the back window I could see this pretty young thing in a bikini, which she filled out very nicely. There was also this overgrown oaf there, and he seemed to be monstering her.

Liking the look of her, and not liking the look of him, I decided to intervene. I popped open the back door of the van and stepped out. I didn’t say anything, I just stood there, giving the oaf a nasty smile.

Looking back at me he could see that I was quite large and looked fit. In addition, I was carrying a very large wrench in one hand, casually tapping it on the other. All in all, the oaf decided discretion was called for and departed.

I tossed the wrench back into the van then swung the back doors open, clipping them into place.

“You OK?” I asked the young woman.

She was visibly trembling, but nodded.

“You don’t look it,” I pointed out. “You look shit scared, if you want my opinion.”

She straightened up a little at this, seeming somewhat indignant that I’d noticed and, worse, commented.

“I’m fine,” she snapped.

I should say, tried to snap, her voice sort of shook as she said it.

“You’re not,” I pointed out. “You’d better sit down for a while.”

I jerked my thumb towards the van.

“As you can see, I have a couch and a fridge. You can sit for a few moments and have a cold drink to help you relax. Don’t worry, we won’t be private. Both doors are latched open, so it will be like sitting in a waiting room or bus stop, in full view of everyone who passes.”

Considering the nervous state she was in my suggestion was actually quite reasonable. She was trembling so much that I thought she’d fall down if she tried to walk away, and I did have a large van. Quite big enough to walk in without having to worry about banging your head, and with both doors fastened open we were in plain sight.

It was probably the size of the van that overcame her doubts and she stepped up and sat on one end of the couch, still shaking slightly.

“I’m not usually such a wuss,” she said, “but it was so unexpected, and what’s more he smelled.”

I laughed and opened the fridge.

“I’m driving later, so I’ll restrict myself to a coke, but if you’re not driving may I suggest you have a UDL. I have some Lemon Lime & Soda, but they also have a bit of vodka in them. I feel the alcohol will help you calm casino oyna down.”

“Thank you,” she said. “I’d appreciate it. I’m here with friends and I’m not the one driving. We just got separated for a while and the guy appeared from nowhere.”

“Happens at times. You need to be careful,” I replied, passing her a can. “I’ll see you back to your friends in a minute, just in case the creep is still hanging around. Do you want a glass?”

She shook her head, opened the can and took a long drink. I hoped she’d had something to eat or that vodka would hit her like a bomb.

“Observing the proprieties,” I said, “I’m Neil. You are?”

“Tegan,” she replied. “You were right, I needed this,” she added, holding up the can.

I settled onto the couch next to her, but not too close. I didn’t want her to think I was coming on to her. Then we fell to talking while the vodka slowly helped relax her, aided in the task by a second can that I happened to have available.

Tegan wasn’t tipsy by any means, but she was relaxed. I finally broached the subject of the near assault.

“That creep didn’t actually hurt you at all, did he?” I asked. “It’s just that I noticed that your top seems to be slightly askew.”

Tegan flushed. “He tried to grab by breasts,” she said.

“He might be a creep, but he’s got good taste. You’ve got lovely breasts,” I said quietly. “But I think we should adjust this before you show more than you expect.”

I reached over and slipped a finger under the edge of her top, sliding the top into a better position. If my finger brushed her nipple, it was purely by accident, I assure you.

“These are very lovely you know,” I said softly, stoking the swell of her breast just outside the bikini. “Are you sure he didn’t bruise them?”

Tegan was looking at my hand where my finger was gently stroking her, and shook her head.

“You turned up before he could really do anything,” she replied.

“I think I should look, just to make sure,” I told her, and this time my finger slipped under the edge of the top and pushed the cup to the side, letting her breast spill out.

I brushed the nipple lightly, seeing it crinkle under my touch.

“That looks fine,” I said, “real fine,” and my hand wandered over to the other breast and repeated the treatment.

Tegan was breathing a little harder now, and also starting to look a little nervous. I smiled and removed my hand.

“I’m sorry,” I apologised. “I seem to have totally disarranged your top. It might be easier if you just undid it and then retied it.”

She looked scandalised. “I can’t take off my top in front of you,” she hissed. “I don’t even know you, and what’s more the van doors are open.”

“And what’s more, they’re staying open,” I told her. “And your breasts are already on display, and I must admit I slot oyna like them very much, so it won’t matter if you take your top off to adjust it properly.”

Tegan was blushing now, covering her breasts with one arm while looking at the open door.

“What if someone passes by,” she complained.

“Then they probably won’t even look in the van and if they do they won’t see anything. It’s darker here than outside. All they’ll see is shadows.”

I laughed suddenly. Reaching over I traced the white triangles where her bikini had been.

“Of course, they might see these and assume that someone is wearing a white bikini,” I said.

Tegan blushed then reached around behind her to untie the top. It was wonderful to see the way those breasts pushed themselves towards me, and I couldn’t help but cup my hands and let them press against me. Interestingly, Tegan didn’t try to stop me as I cupped her breasts, just dropping her hands to her lap, holding onto the top.

I was saying something to her while I gently stroked her breasts and rubbed her nipples, and she seemed to like it, but I’m damned if I know what it was. The next clear memory of what I was saying to her was when I found myself plucking at the ties at the side of her bikini bottom.

“Are these bows actual ties, or are they sewn in place?” I asked, curious.

“They’re ties,” said Tegan, so naturally I pulled on one and it slid undone without any fuss or bother.

I didn’t think it would be right to just pull on one of the ties, so I pulled the other with the same effect, and while the front of the bikini bottom still covered Tegan’s charms, if she stood up the bikini would fall.

“I want to see you,” I told her. “Will you stand up for a moment?”

Tegan flung another look towards the open doors. The van was quite well lit in the summer sunshine, and she must have felt as though she was about to go nude in public. But she stood up, and the bikini bottom dropped away from her, and she was absolutely charming.

I gently pulled her down onto my lap, one hand gently cupping a breast while I turned her head towards me so I could kiss her. We exchanged several long kisses, and Tegan was breathing hard, but she wasn’t so distracted as to not feel the way my erection was pressing against her.

Her hand drifted down to where it was pressing up against my bathing costume and she giggled as she loosened the ties and let the monster rear its head. Gently rubbing her hand over the head of it she spoke.

“I really feel I should be doing something nice for you,” she told me, “seeing as how you’ve been so nice to me.”

“You’re easy to be nice to,” I told her, “but if you feel that way…”

I smoothly lifted her up and repositioned her so that the head of my released monster was now pressing firmly against her pussy lips. Not entering canlı casino siteleri her, but letting her know that someone was knocking on the door.

‘Oh my god,” she said quietly. “I was thinking more in the terms of oral or hands.”

“If you prefer,” I murmured, “but you have to admit it’s excellently positioned if you want to just press down a little.”

“The doors are open,” Tegan protested. “Anyone might come and catch us.’

“All they would be able to see is you sitting on my lap,” I observed. “It’s not as though they’re going to see you kneeling in front of me or anything like that.”

I could feel Tegan starting to press more heavily against my cock, and knew she’d have to quickly decide one way or the other, or our bodies would take the decision from her.

She groaned, muttered “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” and relaxed, letting herself slide neatly onto my cock, which leapt upward, eager to fulfil its part of the bargain.

For a couple of moments she sat, nicely transfixed by my cock, while both our bodies adjusted to the feel of the other. Then I pressed lightly up against her, and Tegan started bobbing up and down in my lap.

My hands closed over her breasts, squeezing them in time to Tegan’s energetic little bounces, enjoying the feel of their softness while also enjoying the feel of my hardness thrusting firmly into Tegan’s internal softness.

We bounced along together, not rushing, but just enjoying. At one moment we heard voices and Tegan froze, rubbing her pussy frantically against me in an agony of suspense as some people walked past the open doors of the van. They were chatting and didn’t even glance towards the van as they continued on their way, leaving Tegan to giggle nervously and to then resume bouncing with enthusiasm.

All good things must end, and eventually our little togetherness session finished, and finished quite splendidly I must say. Both of us were gasping and totally relaxed at the end of it. If Tegan had wanted seconds she would have been right out of luck, but from the cat who got the cream look on her face I strongly suspected that she was quite content with what she had already had.

The best way to describe Tegan’s attitude afterwards was that she was totally chuffed. She’d had a very nice sexual encounter with someone who was effectively a stranger, had had it in what must be consider a reasonably public place while totally naked, and got away with it. Definitely chuffed.

Instead of escorting her to her friends, I went with her until she was in the change rooms. She’d decided to have a shower before joining her friends, and the change rooms were public enough that she didn’t have to worry about any creeps.

I left her there and wandered over to the lifeguard station to let them know about the creep. They recognised him from my description, and one of them headed off to find him and have a chat with him.

I returned to my van for some rest before I headed down to the beach.

One off stands can be exhilarating, but I wouldn’t mind meeting Tegan again some time.

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