Beach Bum

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It was a beautiful warm sunny day in late august, perfect for a trip to the beach. So I grabbed a towel and a six pack, hopped into the jeep and headed to my favorite spot.

I love the surf and dunes, but like to get away from the crowds. I park at the very end of the lot and follow the sand path toward the lighthouse. A few minutes down the path there is a perfect spot secluded by dunes on either side, but still close to the water.

As I turn the corner, I almost step right on a beautiful woman laying on her back in the sun. “Oh sorry” I say. My initial disappointment that my spot is taken is rapidly replaced with interest in this beautiful woman.

She is wearing a two piece bathing suit, with blue bottoms tightly clinging to her long slender body, and a bright rainbow top covering her ample breasts. Her legs slightly parted, I notice how the fabric of her suit stretches tight revealing the fullness of her pussy lips. I feel my cock stiffen.

My eyes linger before I realize that I am staring, and I quickly look up to her face. But that provides little to reduce my firmness as as her face is beautiful: her large eyes full of playful intelligence, and her full lips form into a knowing smile. Unsure weather my excitement is apparent, I blush and stammer a hello.

Shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand she asks “would you care to join me?”

I would so love to do much more than that! “Yes, thank you” I stammer and lay my towel next to hers and sit before she can notice my bulging swim trunks.

Sitting up on our towels, We chit chat for the next 20 minutes learning all about each other. I offer her a beer and she gratefully accepts. We clink bottles in a mock toast to the sun god. I just love watching her lift her bottle to her lips and drink.

“I’m glad you came along…”, she says pausing, “I’ve been wanting to… sun my… back and need someone.. to apply sunscreen” she gives me a naughty grin.

My mind races. I quickly blurt “I’d be more than happy” as she hands me the sunscreen and turns onto her tummy and smiles.

I squeeze the tube over her back and watch the creme emerge and drop onto her back. I reach down to rub it in and touch her back. Her skin is soft and warm. I can feel my body respond again as I slowly rub the lotion along her back, shoulders and spine, almost as if I were giving her a back rub. She hums softly enjoying the sensation.

She turns her head to me, cheek on the towel, “would you undo my top? I just hate tan lines” and she gives me that wicked smile of hers. I unclasp her top and move the straps to either side. As I apply more sunscreen across where her top was, I admire the shape of her breast. Apart from the nipple, I can see the whole underside of it.

“Be sure too get my waist and thighs, I just hate when I get a burn… down there” she smiles knowing how this is driving me crazy with lust. I eagerly comply, applying a bead along her pant line, sliding my fingers just under her suit as I do.

Her suit not leaving anything to the imagination I admire her firm round bottom, feeling the muscles of each upper thigh. Kneeling, I peak between her thighs, and see no evidence of any hair at all, even though her suit is cut very high.

“There” casino oyna I say, setting the lotion down. There is no hiding my huge bulge as my cock is now fully erect, a fact that I see she has noticed gauging from where she is looking and her huge smile. I just now realize that my condition has in full view ever since she turned her head to the side. I blush deep crimson and turn on my stomach. Ouch! She chuckles softly and closes her eyes.

Each lost in our own thoughts, we soak up the sun quietly, enjoying the warmth on our skin. My thoughts were naturally focus on her in various erotic positions with me as her lover. Needless to say, this did not resolve my state of excitement.

After a bit, I hear her stir, roll over and sit up. I look and see her sitting, bare breasted, looking pensively from the dunes to the ocean and back. Her breasts are beautiful. I love the shape and how her pink nipples protrude slightly. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to lick and suck them.

I ask “is everything OK?”

She smiles and looks down in a rare show of embarrassment “ummmm, that beer, I umm, need to use the facilities”. Seeming to come to a decision, she stands, smiles at me, and walks slowly to the surf. I watch her beautiful ass sway and with each step as she wades past the rolling waves, until the water is just covering her suit.

She turns, and spreads her legs slightly, back slightly arched, breasts proudly bared, and looks up at me with a naughty smile. Mesmerized, I watch this beautiful woman stand still, knowing full well that she is peeing in the water. Our eyes meet, as she shares this most intimate moment with me. I realize that I must have this woman.

Sitting up, I watch her walk out of the surf and back to the towels, so enthralled that I forget to even try and hide my raging hard on.

She stands before me, hands on her hips, and asks “have you ever sun bathed nude?”. Without thinking I respond, “no, but I will if you will”. She laughs and then to my amazement, slides her index finger of each hand under her suit bottom and slowly peals them down her long thighs. And there before me is the most beautiful erotic creature I have ever seen. I can’t help but look from her tummy to the short landing strip of hair, to the full wet lips of her pussy, drips of salt water dropping to the sand. My cock jumps at the sight.

“Ahem” she says playfully before I realize she is waiting for me to strip off my trunks. I’m in real trouble now as there is no hiding my rigid erection any longer. I quickly lift my hips, and slide my trunks down and off. Once free from its constraints, my 7 inch cock springs upward to full attention, revealing a long trail of precum running from tip, down the shaft, well on its way to my balls.

Her lips form a circle as she let’s out a soft moan, clearly surprised at the extend of my excitement. Without taking her eyes from my cock, she kneels beside me, reaches over, and wraps her fingers around the shaft. We both watch as she slowly slides her fingers upward, dragging the silky skin over the head, and then back down. With each stroke, she spreads my natural lubricant over my cock until her hand easily slops up and down the shaft.

It feels slot oyna so wonderful. I watch her breasts as she strokes and notice that both her nipples are erect. I watch her face, so intent on stroking my cock, until she looks up and our eyes lock. As I look at her lips, she lens forward, and kisses me deeply, hand still firmly on my cock. Her lips are warm, soft and salty and part slightly as I tilt my head and kiss her back.

I feel her tongue quickly dart along my lips in search of mine. I respond in kind, our tongues dancing together playfully. Her kisses are so wonderful and erotic that we almost forget her fingers wrapped around my firm cock. However, her resumed stroking quickly reminds me of my building pleasure.

I reach up and hold her breast in my hand, squeezing gently, sliding my palm over her hard nipple. I can feel its effect in how her kisses become more and more urgent. I slid my hand down her side to her hip, and then around behind and squeeze her firm bum, lifting her slightly.

She crawls forward, lifting one knee over my legs, all while we kiss breathing heavily. Leaning back slightly, looking down at my cock pressed against her wet pussy, with the shaft resting between her lips and the head against her enlarged clit, she moans softly.

Pushing forward on her knees, my cock slides down her pussy until the head rests between her lips. Then sitting back, it slides upward, parting her lips and then rubbing hard against and over her clit. She continues this motion, rubbing herself against my cock, each time pressing a little harder.

Then she leans forward and kisses me deeply. This changes the angle slightly so that the head of my cock rests between her lips, pressing against the opening to her vagina. She pauses momentarily, her tongue pushing into my mouth as she leans back and my cock slowly pushes into her.

It is an awesome feeling as she slowly slides down my shaft. The warm, slippery wetness of her pussy surrounds my cock on all sides, pressing tightly as she envelopes me. She continues until the full length of me is inside her, and her clit is pressed tightly against my pubic bone.

She pauses like that, moving her hips side to side and back and forth, massaging my cock deep inside her with every movement, while rubbing her hard clit against me. We both moan into each others mouths as we continue to kiss.

Then our lips part as she arches her back and closes her eyes. She lifts up my shaft until the head nearly emerges, before sliding back down. Slowly at first, then faster and faster as she fucks me like an animal. I can hear her panting, and feel my shaft tighten and balls tingle as a precursor to orgasm. No.. I.. prolong.

I lean back and reach up with both hands caressing each breasts, rubbing her nipples. She sits up, my cock buried deep inside, eyes closed and her body shudders. Then she gasps loudly and cries out as her body shakes in violent spasms. Impaled on my cock, I feel her pussy grab and release it in erratic spasms. I feel a flood of wetness when she lifts slightly trying to resume her up and down motion. But she is unable to control her body as it continues to buck in orgasm and she falls forward onto my chest.

I roll her onto canlı casino siteleri her back, my cock still inside feeling the spasms of her pleasure. I slowly lift my hips and then descend, making love to this beautiful woman. The sensation is wonderful. I feel her wet warmth pressed around my cock as it slides in and out slowly.

After her first climax passes, she regains some control and lifts her hips to met each thrust. She spreads her thighs wide, bent at the knees and rests them on the back of my legs. She slides her hips with each thrust as if she were trying to crawl upside down, urging my cock deeper with each thrust.

I reach under her with my hand and cup the cheek of her ass from underneath. I love the taught feeling of her muscles as I thrust into her slowly, balls pressed against the sensitive skin of her ass.

Our pace quickens as we continue to kiss lustfully. I can feel her inhale deeply through her nose and then hold her breath, before gasping in more air. I can feel her moans as we kiss.

Once again she cries out, bucking her hips wildly as her pussy clamps down on my cock. It feels wonderful when it spasms like that. My cock is so hard, and tingles in anticipation. I feel my balls tighten. I stop thrusting and hold still as her uncontrolled spasms continue unaware. I fell my cock clench. I squeeze tight. It flutters as the sensation slowly passes.

After her movements subside somewhat, I lean back and lift her left leg up and across my body, swiveling her around my cock until she is face down. I push deep into her pussy from behind as she groans with each thrust.

I grab her by the hips and lift her to her knees, her chest and face still on the blanket, with her arms extended over her head. I just love watching my cock disappear between her pussy lips from this angle. Her curve of her waist, the shape of her hips, her beautiful ass spread wide, my clock plunging in and out of her pussy. She gasps and grunts and pushes back against me as I plunge deep into her. Fuck, I think she is going to cum again.

I feel her body contract again, while she spreads her thighs wide, then straighten, knees, legs and feet off the ground, suspended in mid air only by my cock. I hold her tight and plunge deep, feeling my orgasm rise. Fuck. She grunts and groans in pleasure. I am at the point of no return, about to spew cum deep inside. Her pussy contracts around my cock, urging it to cum, milking it like a cow.

Thrust to the hilt, my cock explodes in uncontrolled contractions, spurting cum deep into her pulsating pussy. The pleasure radiates from my cock, threw my pelvic muscles, to every part of my body. Euphoric, I feel my cock continue to pump cum into her pussy.

We stay coupled like that until the waves subside and we laugh together before collapsing on our sides, cock still inside her now cum filled pussy. I wrap by arm around her waist just under her now tender breasts. I kiss the salty skin of her neck, contemplating my new found love of the beach.

I wake to the cry of a sea gull. The sun is much lower now and I am covered by her blanket. She, along with her belongings, are gone now. I look longingly for her up and down the beach, but without success, am disappointed.

I pull the blanket up as a couple walks by arm in arm, unaware of what transpired earlier. Then I see her note on the blanket with a heart drawn around her name, number and email. I smile happily as I pack up, eager for the next beach day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32