Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 01-03

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Justin and I are long gone our different ways. The following story no doubt contributed to our split, and it was no use me complaining and pointing out that all we did was fulfil his fantasy. Or that he had pushed me into it, each time a little further until…well until this happened.

Chapter 01

We lived in Melbourne in an eighth floor apartment. It was small, modern and trendy with so many bars, cafes and restaurants within walking distance that there was nowhere else we wanted to live.

Privacy was a different issue. Our balcony was crescent shaped with a modern glassed in railing, and wile it screened us from our neighbours in the same building, across the road, perhaps 25 metres away, was another, taller apartment building. There were also office towers on either side of that apartment which made several dozen windows that could look onto our balcony. And that was where the trouble started.

Justin loved it when I walked around in skimpy clothes. Like most men would I guess. I’m slim, 172cm tall (that’s around 5’8″ for my American cousins — are you the only non-metric nation in the world now?) and back then my hair fell halfway down my back, dark brown with the slightest wave (and would go frizzy in the rain — and you have to hate that right ladies?). Small B cup boobs, but I’m proud to say very pert with pencil thick nipples that poked out of whatever I was wearing whether they were erect or not. So Justin loved it when I wore no bra, ensuring all men I spoke to (even the gay ones) would drop their eyes when greeting me.

Don’t get me wrong, I was into what he was into, but for the other reason. He was the voyeur and I was the exhibitionist. But, and it is a big but, I need to be pushed into exhibiting myself. Or drunk. Or turned on.

We had been out drinking the night it all started, we staggered into our apartment and began dragging our clothes off in the living area. When I was naked, my nipples very proud and erect, Justin stopped, stepped back and grinned at me. He dared me to go out onto the balcony. It was after midnight, and a quick glance showed only a couple of illuminated apartments across the way. So I did it. The air was cool and I felt the goose bumps rise on my skin as I stepped into the outside air. And my clitoris sent its message of happiness throbbing into my belly. I walked to the railing and looked down, watching two cars crawl along the narrow road. The noise of the city rose to meet my ears and I felt public and very exposed.

From directly across the road on the same level as our apartment, I saw a match flare on a darkened balcony. I couldn’t see who had struck the match, but I shivered with the knowledge that whoever was there could probably see my silhouetted shape against the light of our apartment. I was fairly certain that they would not have been able to see my nakedness, not on the darkened balcony.

And then the lights in our apartment were extinguished and for a moment I felt a sense of gratitude to my live in lover and boyfriend, the man who I was starting to think could be the one. Until the lights on our balcony flashed on, completely illuminating me, then were switched off. I spun to look for Justin as the lights came back on and stayed on. He too had seen the flare of the match and had deliberately darkened the apartment to keep himself from view, then flashed the balcony lights to attract the smoker’s attention. For I was fairly certain as a smoker myself, that what I had seen was someone lighting up.

‘Turn the lights off Justin,’ I said trying to keep my voice calm despite the rising embarrassment I felt.

‘No,’ he replied, equally calm sounding. There was a competitiveness developing as part of our relationship. I could have easily walked into the dark safety of the apartment, but I would have lost to his dare. I had to return when I wanted to, not because he had made me.

‘Then I’ll come inside,’ I said.

‘No, I’ll do something for you if you stay out there.’ His voice had gone a little husky and I felt myself shiver in lust. I do have one voyeuristic element to me, and that is watching men masturbate. Male self-pleasure is a great turn on to me and Justin knew it. And as I stood naked on the balcony I saw in the half light of the apartment his naked form sitting in a chair just inside the window. I watched as his long-fingered hand wrapped itself around his erection and he began to stroke himself with a languid wrist bending motion. I shivered again.

‘Turn side on so they can see you,’ he muttered and I did. From across the way, if they were indeed watching, they would be able to see most of my front now. I didn’t care whether they were watching, the point is that they could be. The element of excitement or arousal that comes from being an exhibitionist is not always knowing that you are being watched, but that you could be.

Justin sat and I stood watching each other for almost five minutes. He lost, his excitement overcoming his competitiveness, though truth be known he was only escort ankara seconds ahead of me caving in. He beckoned me inside and without another word I straddled his lap and we fucked on the chair. Our breathing was ragged and harsh, his hands explored my breasts and back and face as I rose and fell on his lap. He didn’t last, he had been too turned on for too long and I felt his hot come spurt inside me as he growled like a cornered fox. I buried him deep in me and watched his face contort as he came, then as he began to relax, but before he softened and slipped from inside me, I rapidly moved my hips back and forth. Our juices trickled from inside me and onto his lap as I used his still partially hard shaft to stimulate my clitoris and then I too came, a vision of being watched by a long haired man standing on his darkened balcony across the street with a glowing cigarette between his fingers the final prompt that released my inner ecstasy.

It turned out my vision was partly correct.

Chapter 02

The following Friday morning I was standing outside the small shop that served the apartments in the area, waiting for my cab to collect me and take me to work. A young blonde girl walked down the street towards me, seemed to hesitate and then asked if I had a light. She fished out a packet of Alpine cigarettes as she asked and automatically I reached into my bag for my lighter.

‘Do you live in there?’ she asked, pointing to my apartment block across the road. And I knew then that she was the smoker in the dark. Her hair was long, almost as long as mine. I guessed that she was perhaps 19, (at the time I was 26), and despite wearing a loose fitting sports sweater and track pants, I figured she had a nice athletic body.

‘Yes,’ I nodded as nonchalantly as I could while I flicked the wheel to ignite the flame. I watched her lips clamp on the filter and her cheeks curve inwards as she drew back.

‘Eighth floor?’

‘Uh, yes.’ I had considered lying but couldn’t see the point.

‘You know with your balcony lights on everyone can see.’ A faint smile played at the corner of her mouth and her eyes challenged me to deny what she was saying.

‘And did you enjoy what you could see?’ She blinked and the smile disappeared.

‘Oh, I,’ she stammered, unsure of how to take my confrontation. ‘I wasn’t saying that I…’

‘I couldn’t see you, but I knew you were there — when you lit your cigarette.’

‘Oh.’ She looked alarmed now, as though the fact that I knew that she specifically had been watching was somehow more embarrassing than the fact that I had been naked and on show.

‘So did you watch, or go inside?’ I smiled now. My cab was coming and I was glad I had the chance to escape.

‘I watched.’ Her reply was whispered.

I leaned forward and placed my lips against her ear. ‘Naughty girl,’ I whispered, then climbed into my cab and didn’t look at her as we drove away.

When I told Justin that night about my encounter, he became very turned on. So much so that I was able to have him lie on the bed, completely naked, and pleasure himself to orgasm as I described her to him. I was fully clothed and his come splashed onto my black pants leaving a sharply contrasting stain.

We went out to dinner, then to a bar to see a band, arriving home again just after midnight. We were in our bed naked, me kneeling on the mattress with his thick cock in my mouth when he spoke.

‘Go out there again.’

‘What?’ I knelt back and looked at him.

‘I want you to go onto the balcony again.’

‘Why, do you think she might be just waiting for me?’

‘Maybe.’ It was clear to me that the thought that the blonde might be there was enough motivation for Justin. But it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted sex and I wanted it now. I also had an impending sense that he wanted this part of our sex life to be explored further. And so in the best spirit of competition, I wanted to push his boundaries, just as he was pushing mine.

‘Okay then,’ I agreed. ‘You go out and get yourself on your seat, I’ll be right behind you.’ I held up my hand to silence his question. ‘You don’t get to make all the rules you know.’

He obediently left the room, erection bobbing before him, and I immediately opened my lower bedside drawer and extracted my silver dildo. I had three, the classic metallic slimline model that I had picked (which I nicknamed Mack the Knife because of the ease with which it could penetrate me), a large black one that possessed internal rotating balls and a clit stimulator (for when I was feeling VERY horny), and a lifelike, Caucasian flesh toned model. We used the latter for double penetration, Justin inside me anally and this inserted into my pussy. That was when I was VERY horny and feeling VERY naughty.

From my wardrobe I slipped on a pair of scarlet stilettos. As slutty as they come and rarely worn, Justin never the less loved them. My final piece of the costume was a large purple feather boa which I wrapped around my neck ankara escortlar and draped down the front of my body. It covered only a little of me and only when I stood still, but in my opinion it added to the allure.

With Mack hidden in my palm and up behind my wrist, I walked into the main living area. I consciously avoided meeting Justin’s stare, though from the corner of my eye I saw that he was slowly stroking himself. The balcony was darkened so I stood in the open doorway and looked across at the windows opposite. I counted four that were lit. I also noted that two floors slightly below us in the office building to the right were fully lit. Being a Friday I guessed that the cleaners were still in residence. Or perhaps they had forgotten to switch off the lights when they left.

I reached to the wall beside me and switched the balcony lights on, squinting against their brightness, then switched them off and back on. I heard Justin groan and knew that he was immersed in his fantasy. But I didn’t turn to look at him or acknowledge his reaction. Instead I strode onto the balcony, my heart pounding wildly as I stared at the darkened balcony that I thought was hers. I was wrong, but only by one balcony. Her match flared and for a moment I thought I could make out her face, but it was my imagination of course. But it was her response to my presence, her signal that she was watching again. That she was in fact a “naughty girl”. Now I was wet.

I had an audience of two, my boyfriend naked and masturbating in the darkness behind me, and a blonde stranger who I knew nothing about other than she smoked Alpine. I reached the balcony and leant against it, thrusting my chest slightly forward so that the boa slipped to the side and revealed my breasts. The traffic was light tonight so that the more distant sounds of the city reached me; the beep-beep-beep of a reversing truck, the clackity-clack of what was probably the final train for the night heading into the suburbs. The normality of it all, and the sheer size of the city calmed my nerves as I realised how small I was within this glass and concrete metropolis.

I turned to lean my back against the railing and looked into the darkened apartment. I could make out Justin’s dark shape in his chair, but not the expression on his face.

‘She’s there.’

‘What? How do you know?’

‘She lit her cigarette again, just like last time.’

‘Ohhh.’ The sound was both an acknowledgement of the fact and a statement of his lust. I turned away from him again to face my other voyeur. This time I gripped Mack by the base and held him up so she could see him. The lights from the city and the balcony were reflected in his shiny surface, and this was why I had picked him. There would be no doubt that she would see what I was holding. I brushed it across my face and brought it to my lips. Opening my mouth I slipped it in and began to fellate it. I turned sideways so that she could still see me, but now I brought Justin into view.

‘Oh fuck Alex!’ he exclaimed. ‘Oh Christ I’m coming!’ It was too much for him and I listened to his climax, excited but disappointed. He had come way too soon for my liking. I took six of Mack’s seven inches or so into my mouth, holding my head still as I slid his thin tapered tip into my throat. I had already had Justin there and he was bigger than Mack.

I wanted him inside me however, so I grabbed one of the outdoor chairs and turned it so that I was mostly facing my unnamed voyeur, but so that Justin could still see what was happening. I placed my feet on the arms of the chairs so I was positioned as though on a gynaecological table. And I slid Mack into my slick pussy with one motion.

‘Oh yeah,’ Justin growled, ‘I’m hard again.’ That excited me intensely and I began to piston Mack in and out, twisting his base so that the little electric motor began to purr and his gentle vibrations pulsed through my insides. I was losing my references to the outside world now, all my concentration was on my own pleasure. This is when I am a completely selfish slut and would willingly oblige any sexual demand. This is when Justin can get me to beg him to fuck me anally, to call my pussy my cunt, to tell him that I want him to fuck other women while I watch…in short to meet anything he desires. I’m embarrassed the next morning if he callously reminds me of my wantonness, but now, with Mack inside me working his magic as I thrust him to and fro, my mind is filled with the vision of the athletic blonde across the street, her hand inside her panties as she fingers herself.

And I come in a massive orgasm that strikes so quickly that my right foot slips off the arm of the chair and lands almost painfully on the tiled floor. I pull my left foot down with slightly more care, trapping Mack inside me as the waves of pleasure roll from my pussy upwards through my abdomen and stomach and explode against my brain like a tsunami meeting a rock sea wall. My whole body is tensed, legs together, back straight and from across ankara kaliteli escortlar the street it would be possible to think I was in pain, not pleasure. But it’s a fine line after all.

Finally it ends and I slip Mack free from the prison he endures without complaint, switching him off and letting him slide onto the tiles. My breathing is ragged and my heart is pounding again, but this time in the post orgasmic glow, not the beating of fear.

‘Do you want to fuck?’ Justin’s tone is gentle, not demanding, acknowledging that he has witnessed one of my biggest orgasms ever and that perhaps I am spent for the night. But I’m not. I stand on legs that shake slightly and look across the way. On cue she draws back on her cigarette, (post orgasmic for her too?) and I smile and wave. The only real acknowledgement that I have offered her. I see movement from the office building nearby and see three figures pressed against a window looking towards me. All men from what I can see, so I send them a kiss and a wave. They clap their hands and high five each other as though in some way they think that they contributed to my pleasure.

As I walked inside I wondered how many others were watching from their darkened balconies or windows. I have noticed that the apartments that are lit invariably have drapes drawn, shielding their occupants from unwanted eyes. Justin flicks off the light as I step inside then scoops me into his arms. He walks in silence to the bedroom and places me on the bed with such gentleness that I feel a wave of love for him. I remember my school friend Anna, a girl of strong Catholic values, warning me away from boys who are too open with their desires.

‘They are not the type you marry,’ she admonished me.

‘I just want to fuck them, not marry them,’ I had retorted, wanting to shock her. Which I did.

But right then I wanted to marry Justin because his actions in bringing me here were a loving acknowledgement of his respect for me fulfilling his fantasies. He slid his face between my thighs and I resisted.

‘I’m too sensitive..’

‘I’ll be gentle, I promise,’ he said. And he was, his tongue lapping gently around my labia, stroking softly across my clitoris and the tip barely parting my lips. His tongue lapped away the residual exhaustion and began to re-build the lust inside me. As my heart began to race again I finally submitted to the tension inside me, grabbed his head and pulled his face against my pussy. In response he rammed his tongue inside me as far as it would go, but it was the five o’clock shadow on his top lip that scraped across the sensitive surface of my clit that sent me over the edge again. Normally I didn’t like the feeling of his stubble, but the animal was loose tonight and anything bad was now good.

His gentle ways were gone now as his tongue lashed my clit and his strong hands pinned me to the bed as I came, writhing under his tongue. There were no thoughts of blondes or cleaners, just the sensation of his lapping and the fire in my belly.

‘Fuck me now,’ I ordered in a gasping voice. I like clitoral orgasms but it is the vaginal type, the ones like Mack gave me on the balcony that really finish me off.

Justin was inside me in a flash, his cock so hard that for a moment I wondered if he’d lied about coming earlier. His mouth landed on mine and our tongues entwined in a frantic bout of lustful wrestling. I felt dominated but safe under his strong body and wrapped my legs around his buttocks and used my heels to urge him ever deeper, while my arms wrapped around his neck to hold his face against mine.

I knew that he really had come earlier, for his endurance was longer than normal, which was a good thing as he was able to ride me into my third orgasm for the night. My clenching pussy muscles sent him over the top and we came together, a softer more gentle orgasm for both of us and one that gave the sensation of a loving union rather than an animalistic copulation.

As he slid from inside me and rolled onto his side, I rolled towards him, ignoring the warm stickiness that followed his exit and hugged him. I placed my mouth against his ear.

‘I love you.’ They were words I had never used after sex before, it was too obvious and too deceptive. Normally. But tonight I knew I loved him, despite Anna’s warning.

Of course I hadn’t considered that Justin’s mother had warned him about girls like me.

Or that he would listen.

Chapter 03

We met again outside the shop on the following Monday morning. Being late spring the days were becoming warmer and today she was wearing a short-sleeved, floral dress that clung to her small waist and emphasised breasts that were much fuller than I had imagined under her sweater.

‘Hello,’ she said simply as she passed and went into the shop. I barely nodded, my mouth going dry and I was thankful that she hadn’t stopped to talk. I mentioned earlier that I could be mortally embarrassed by what I did under the influence of lust, and I was sure that my face was reddening now. I was wishing desperately that my cab would be on time for once when she reappeared from the shop already unwrapping the fresh packet of cigarettes. She smiled and approached me, flipping the lid and offering me one.

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