Bathhouse Lures Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

Weekends, the local bathhouse opens at 2pm, and this Sunday, I was there at 2:15pm.

My weekend had already been enhanced by Friday’s visit here, spending an exquisite time in the whirlpool, ending with the incredible balance of excruciating pleasure and unstoppable desire as he played with my cock slit, a feeling beyond orgasm under the total domination of a knowing stranger’s skilled touch. However, I ended up spending too much time watching a couple of gay porn scenes set in a sauna, enjoying a hit of rush in the porn theater while wondering if the next scene would involve group sex.

Finally noting the time, I rushed to leave by 4:40pm, barely time to return home before 5pm, when my wife had planned to do some outdoor decoration and flower shopping.

On Saturday morning, I enjoyed another part of the comfortable repetition of married life. First, enjoying some organic smoke in the early morning, doing a bit of writing and surfing. My wife has little interest in getting stoned, in major part because she finds the smell very unpleasant, but as long as I don’t carry any scent, she doesn’t care. She also tends to be disinterested in porn, though the occasional scene will really get her off – though she doesn’t like to admit afterwards.

Slipping naked into our bed around 7:30am, I layered the blankets so as to enjoy her warmth, stopping any complaints about cold drafts. Downstairs in front of the laptop at 6am can be cold in the spring, even while dressed and drinking cups of hot fluids.

When she rolled over to play with my nipple, I could not stop from talking about how much I was a slave to the pure pleasure of my nipple being pleasured as I stroked myself. Something very commonly seen in gay porn, though only rarely in straight porn. As I got hornier under her touch, I began to moan and talk about how such gay sex was irresistible, both nipple play and rimming.

‘Do you like looking at men?’ she asked me, her flicking light touch becoming sexier as she moved closer.

‘I like looking at sexy cock,’ was my panted reply, knowing that I was too turned on not to keep talking, ‘not men exactly.’

‘But you’ve been hard watching men, haven’t you? Touching yourself? Tell me.’

‘Oh fuck yes, hot group sex- we did poppers – fuck – he touched – my nipple – men fucking – so hot.’

‘Do you want to cum?’

‘Fuck yes – make me cum so good’ I said, lost in a familiar haze of sexual intoxication.

Other questions followed, with distracted answers, unable to distinguish fantasy from memory. By the end, I was talking about cumming with a man, repeating ‘cock to cock, cock to cock,’ as my cum jetted, feeling it splatter against my skin, pumping myself as she kept sliding her finger over my erect nipple.

Taking a day to recover, on Sunday afternoon, I was at the local baths around opening time.

I drank my beer, went upstairs to do a first hit of poppers, then walked down the spiral steps to the basement, taking a quick shower before walking up the hot tub steps.

The whirlpool was already occupied, with 3 men, two of whom seemed to know each other çanakkale escort in a flirting sense. I sat next to the man on the left, not close, but still clearly picking my interest. He was likely in his later 30s, a bit heavy set, but also muscular. His response to my first fleeting foot contact, along with a bit of cock play, was pretty much his entire reaction during the entire time.

Not that I cared – stroking myself in the whirlpool while getting another man hard is something I certainly enjoy, including the element of challenge. After all, one measure of sluttiness is by seeing just how turned on you can make other people. A measure that shows me in a pretty good light, at least here.

Though he was a bit of a challenge in another way, as apart from his cock itself, he never really reacted to anything I did. But his cock’s reaction was gratifying, as he went from hard to completely rigid. The masses of water from the central fountain became currents his cock were exposed to, my hand riding it through the waves. And then showing it off, as another man entered the water across from us.

I had felt him almost cum several times, each time closer, ending with an exquisitely close dance along the edge of orgasm. As we slowly wound down, he not as hard in my wrapped hand, the attendant came down, said ‘no sex’ and left again. The other man had no reaction at all, but it seemed a good time to leave. I didn’t feel any real guilt – he didn’t cum, though I could certainly agree that he ha come very close, making it a reasonable call on the attendant’s part. Keeping the whirlpool clean is in everyone’s interest. And not too many visits ago, I had watched a man get sucked off, with the cocksucker not making any effort to swallow the pumping semen.

Still, this was embarrassing in its fashion to me, being only the second time in my life being officially ‘caught.’ I knew about the camera, but any concern about being captured on it had disappeared long ago.

It has been 3 decades since I was last ‘caught’ in such a fashion. That first time, it was a cop shining his flashlight into the front of the family car, where we were stretched out in the front, my hand was playing with my first girlfriend’s braless breast, covered by a white cotton top. Nobody was technically exposed, and the cop didn’t care anyways, except to say this parking area was closed at night.

After waiting an interval for the attendant to return upstairs, I switched from the whirlpool to the steamroom. Still wondering at the utter lack of expression from the other man, whose right hand had moved to his 3/4 hard cock, head turned a bit to eye the other man’s crotch.

The steamroom’s wet space is an undoubtedly approved area for men to have sex with other, especially in the darker areas. I sat, jacking, seeing a group form and change and grow as different men got each other off. A man sat next to me, and though we stroked each other for a while, the heat was higher than normal. He left before I did, the group still swirling in the middle, larger than any of its individual members. A çanakkale escort bayan group I had consciously remained separate, just enjoying the male action.

Showering off, to cool down and get clean, took its time, as a couple of men came down the steps. I went upstairs, did a hit from the brown bottle, and to the darkroom, heart pounding, still remembering how good it felt to be rimmed in the dark.

Today, it was still empty, unsurprisingly.

Back in the steambath, it took no time to find a man that wanted to play with my cock. His fingers had trailed lightly against me while walking by, a subtle invitation which was easily accepted. I waited until he had about moved on before responding, my foot sliding over his. We turned, standing closer, our hands quickly finding the other man’s rod.

I did not want to get cock to cock today, something I knew somewhat avoid, having dealt once in the past year with the consequences of not being shaved. Keeping an angle meant that our cocks were being rubbed against slick skin, a delicious sensation. My position made it easy for him to start kissing my neck, sinking me deeper into pleasure, his cock becoming more forceful, making me need to resist him.

Without stopping the game, of course. Sometimes, I would surrender to his stroking, sloppily kissing his neck as he turned me into a fuck toy, the tide then flowing in the other direction as he would sag against me as I jerked him off, right to the edge. As he recovered control, he began to move with a certain purpose.

This motion essentially forced me gently into the corner, face turned to the wall. His hand played over my ass, making me turn a bit, a simple rejection of such games. He did not mind when my hand returned to his shaft, as his own stroking slowed into a lazily satisfied grip. He began to move his entire body, pressing me further against the wall, turning me on. At a certain point, I knew that he would cum all over me, the desired result of my jacking him.

He kept thrusting powerfully along my sweaty body, pumping my cock, his other arm across my chest, holding me tightly as his juice flowed in hot spurts. As the waves of liquid orgasm passed, he began to slide against me, hand gripping my rigid length. It felt fantastically slutty to enjoy his semen on my body, grinding against each other, coating ourselves with the slippery stickiness.

He left a bit before me. After showering off, I went upstairs and explored. Within the darkroom, there seemed to be two men. I listened, since the darkness was too deep for even indistinct outlines. Going quickly into the nearest cabin, I did a hit of rush, taking out a couple of condoms.

Entering the darkness, I stretched out, placing my bag against the wood panel wall at near side of the platform. Even after moving around a bit, I never discovered the original pair that had attracted into the warm darkness. The platform is quite comfortable, and there is a certain attraction to being naked in the dark and horny, simply waiting for a stranger to appear.

As I’d hoped, more men entered. escort çanakkale The second one lingered, possibly sensing a presence before his hand roved along my leg, causing a small sigh to escape as my leg shifted, guiding him upwards. I was leaning, the left hand supporting me, the right hand reaching out to touch his upper body, quickly finding a nipple and making it erect.

He moved onto the platform, close enough for me to trail my hand down to his cock. He moaned as I began to jack him off, his body moving closer in the darkness. His lips found my nipple before his hand did, making me desperate to feel him as I thrust my hips against him, revealing just how horny I was, my cock against his now lightly pressing weight.

His weight continued to grow against me as I played with his cock, both of us turned on, an arm cradling my head as he kissed my neck. Still kissing, he began to press me down, and I let him. A sensation of surrender that made me hornier, giving in to a man’s desires and his strength, having him in charge.

Laying down in the dark, my cock rigid in his grasp, knowing that a stranger could happen upon us at any point, I felt his chest slide along my torso as his talented mouth approached my wanting cock. Surrendering like this had created a fantastic state of sluttiness, balanced only by fact that a condom was required if certain games were played.

This is a point I’ve been doing my recent best not to compromise, with fair success, especially considering how seductive the pleasure of an uncovered cock in a willing cocksucker’s mouth truly is. A fact that all too many cock sucking men understand too well, though when it comes to determining the top in this game, I remain fairly determined to prevail. Much like wearing a helmet while on a motorcycle – there is simply no attraction in taking preventable risks.

But when he moved on top of me, our cocks touching, I knew that it would be easy to simply enjoy him doing whatever he wanted. He took his cock and pressed it between my legs. Downwards, as his stiffness began to slide against my balls, his arms at my side. We were tongue kissing as he began to move, my hard cock between our sweaty bodies.

This was the closest I had ever allowed myself to get to being ass fucked, a hot cock so close. It was a thrill to move so close to one of my last fantasies, but very aware that several essential elements were completely missing. Something he seemed to recognize too, as we simply remained like this for a while, the very edge of his cockhead sliding delicately over the very top of my ass. I held his head to press my tongue deeply into his mouth, my motions reflecting his.

Lifting his body, my hand on his sexy cock again, he shifted to my left side. Then he began to slide sensually against me, his weight nicely balanced. It was soon obvious that he was not going to stop until he came, which had been my goal anyways.

His hand stopped moving along my shaft as his cock swelled noticeably, and I felt a hot wetness spread its magic between us. For the second time in less than an hour, I’d had a man cum on me. And I loved it.

Getting my helmet, for his part, the attendant averted his eyes, neither of us exactly certain of how to act – after all, nobody actually came in the whirlpool, a reality that had nothing to do with his intervention. Which had caused a moment of official notice into something which is generally left undisturbed.

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