Bathhouse 2004

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Finally curiosity got the better of me. I had heard of the men’s bathhouse but this was a time before the internet. The bath house was truly the mystical of the places of unknowns. As it turns out, in a post internet world even with all these stories available the little known world of the bath house still lives on.

It was a Tuesday night in the dead of winter. I was at home and into my 4th beer when I finally had the courage to go. I had called the place once and even gone the door but couldn’t muster up the courage to go in. I considered myself straight and was 100% interested in women but I couldn’t shake my thoughts of men having sex with men. I had tried gay porn but all the ripped men in the cheesy porno made it seem even more fake than straight porn and didn’t satisfy my desires.

I lived on the boarder in an edgy part of the city, I wasn’t in the dodgy portion but it was mere four blocks west of Main St. and four blocks south, I knew where it was, the door to place was just off an alley that was just off a side street.

I walked with a heightened pace on my way. I reached for the door, it seemed to weigh 600 pounds as I swung it open. I stepped inside the little reception area. To my right was a small lounge with a few men sitting at the bar and one tall table. Only one looked up at me for a moment, with the opening of the big door the cold from the winter night rushed in. In front of me was young man in his late 20’s sitting behind an iron barrier, kind of like you might see at a gas station. He had a little portable black and white TV on.

He looked up at me as I hadn’t yet moved or approached the desk, he half smiled and asked if he could help me? I stumbled on my words and approached the desk. He explained the price, lockers and something about a membership, none of which I was processing. I simply laid $20 on the counter, he smiled and paused for a moment.

“Would you like a room, then you can have your own privacy if you wish?”

I still had not spoken, “sure, I guess, yeah, that will work.”

He gave a key for a locker that was on a plastic elastic ring and a key for the cabin room.

He buzzed me in and I grabbed the large black metal door and it opened with much less effort than the main door. He went back to his TV program.

I had butter flies in my stomach and I felt uneasy as I stepped in, this was it, I was doing it. Once I was through the door me he gave me a towel and a condom. I quickly snatched them without making any more eye contact and scurried on. There was a short hallway that opened into a locker room area, no one was around. The anxiety I had started to fade. I went to my locker and shed my cloths in seconds, I wrapped the towel around me. I felt more relaxed that I had been able to strip without anyone there.

I started down a long dark hallway, passing cabin doors on the way by. I had room

3, as I passed room . I knew I’d have to keep exploring the place to find mine. The place was a maze and it was dark. The red light bulbs provided only a dim light. I discovered the movie room which was TV monitor in the wall playing gay porn, there was really ripped athletic guy, watching naked.

We made brief eye contact but passed on each other, I walked slowly along to the shower area and there was a dude washing his droopy cock, he looked like he’d been washing his cock as a bit of a show for any on lookers. As I walked slowly I realized I was the on looker and he smiled at me but I kept moving. I walked up to a sauna and popped my head in, there were a few men sitting in the heat but nothing happening to speak of so I continued searching for my room.

Around another corner I found it. It was a tiny room with a massage height table, with no sheets, no pillow and a chair on the corner. I noticed there was no ceiling above and the entire place was open above the walls. All the rooms seemed to in a square around the main entrance, with more çanakkale escort red lights and a some kind of mesh cover on all the rooms.

Moments after arriving a middle eastern man appeared at my door. He was maybe 45 years old, thinning and receding hair, 5’10, maybe 185 pounds. His chest was fairly hairy but tasteful with gold chain around his neck with and a really short beard.

He was wearing pair of burgundy shorts and I noticed a wedding band. He introduced himself as Ahmed, shaking my hand, he spoke decent English but with a very thick accent. He asked if I would be interested in a relaxing massage? I said yes, that would do. He told me he’d be back with his massage oils and that I should get comfortable. I laid down with my towel on and he was back in what seemed like 10 seconds and promptly locked the door.

I was on my front and he immediately reached for my towel pulling it out from under me. He poured some oil onto my shoulders and I was feeling like I was going to finally relax. I was ready to see where this would lead with my new friend? After rubbing my neck for barley 30 seconds he moved to my exposed ass and began rubbing my bum cheeks with massage oil. The feeling was wonderful and I let out a deep breath.

Suddenly his hands were between my cheeks separating them and searching for my anus without my much of a delicate touch. My eyes shot open and I was very aware of his probing of my most virgin area but I figured he was just doing what he was doing and my relaxing massage would continue. He applied more massage oil to my bum crack and kept rubbing into my crevasse.

Without warning he climbed on top of me and stretched out along my body. He began kissing my neck and rubbing my head while pushing himself on me.

“You are so beautiful, you are so sexy.”

He was kissing me on the cheek and neck. He was using his hands to turn my head towards him. He was forcefully sticking his tongue in my mouth from the side in between saying, “you’re so beautiful.”

I could feel his beard rubbing on my face and the whiskers scratching me each time he dipped in for an open mouth kiss. He continued to force his tongue into my mouth.

I had never kissed a man but I was drunk on alcohol and so man horny. I simply wanted a massage and this was part of the experience. He continued laying on me and making out with me, it was a new sensation feeling his weight on me and I liked it. He backed up onto his knees and put his hand on the back of my neck and held it forcefully.

I was confused as to what he was doing as he wasn’t laying on me any longer or massaging me. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. I believed that since my cock and balls were under me I was not in any serious danger, obviously with alcohol, I had miscalculated which area I should have been guarding. In a matter of seconds he plunged towards my ass and aimed his cock right in the middle. I lurched up and he held my neck down, he repeated in his thick accent, “you are so young and so beautiful, I must love you.”

The next stab he made was with his cock and he hit the bulls eye, and immense pain shot through me as he pushed his cock into my no longer virgin bum hole. He was now on top of me humping away with short but pointed thrusts. The pain was intense and I tried to grab onto the edge of the bed to pull myself forward to ease the pressure on my poor asshole. He humped me feverishly while kissing my neck and telling me again and again, “I must love you.”

He increased the pressure on my neck and the pain was getting worse in my ass, I felt his cock go as deep in me as it could. This was moving too fast. I had come here to investigate, maybe to get a hand job, maybe, just maybe get a blow job but this was not what I had anticipated. I was getting fucked in the ass! He smelled musky and I could feel his hairy chest on my smooth back. I remembered the celling was open çanakkale escort bayan and I guess I could have shouted out but I was frozen in silence as he pumped my asshole at his leisure. I mumbled, “that hurts,” still trying to pull myself away from his cock stabbing into me.

I began to panic and he must have sensed it as he withdrew his cock instantly and whispered in my ear, “you are so beautiful.”

I could feel his breath and beard on my ear and I was getting that tingly feeling. He suggested I get on my back and I was instantly relieved that the assault on my poor virgin butt hole had stopped. He helped flip me over. He was now standing at the end of the bed near my feet. He got a hold of my legs and pulled my entire body towards him. With the massage oil, which really was lube (and thank god he had used some) I slid easily towards him. Again, he said, “I must love you.”

I could now for the first time see his cock. It wasn’t the 12 inch horse cock that I had envisioned was in plugging my bum hole only moments ago. It was slightly smaller than my own. It was brown and nice looking, straight with a nicely formed pink head much lighter in color than the rest of his cock which was light brown.

I was staring at his cock, I was memorized by it and I willingly watched him line it up at my butthole again. He pushed forward. Much slower this time and he easily penetrated my air tight sphincter, which only moments ago was trying to eject his cock.

I felt his cock inside me again but instead of pain, in this new position there was a feeling of intense pleasure, fullness and I dropped my head back and let him pump me. I reached down and began to stroke my rock hard cock while Ahmed fucked me like a girl, he had a sweat coming off his forehead as he intensified his pounding into me from his standing position. I was so full, what a strange sensation, what a wonderful feeling. He leaned in kissed me again, only this time I accepted his tongue.

Whatever he triggered inside my ass was now responding and for the first time ever I could relate with both men and women who desired a cock in their ass. I felt my cum start to build as his balls bounced off me. Not wanting to make a sounds with the open ceiling, I bit my lip wishing I had discovered this euphoric ass pleasure years ago!

Ahmed was sweating in the heat of the bath house and the energy he was exerting to butt fuck me. He grunted and a moment later he unloaded his cum shot into my bowels and squirted his seed inside of me. He pumped as his sweat dripped onto my chest.

He withdrew his cock prior to my own cum shot and suddenly the rush was gone. He grabbed his shorts and was out the door in just second after he had made his best attempt to impregnate me.

I instantly knew what all women have felt at some point in their lives, a man dropping his load and then leaving. I had been guilty of it myself, payback is a bitch.

I got off the table and felt the cum in my ass and some of it dripped down my leg. In all of the suddenness of the moment, I realized he had penetrated me bare back and the cum was inside me now, nothing I could do to undo it. I was not longer a real virgin, as so many hetro-men are. I had been fucked and fucked good. I had the semen to prove it. I leaned over and more cum slopped from my bottom onto the floor and was easily visible under the dim red light. I was proud to have made love to married man who gave me his seed, I only wished he would have stayed longer, to embrace each other after our love making. I wanted to love him more, I wanted him to fuck me again, I wanted to hold the cock that had, “spermed” inside me. Fuck what a rush.

A voice came from my half open cabin door, I looked over at 60+ year old white man, naked, with his man meat hanging out for me to see, no shorts or towel on him. He was much hairier and slightly smaller than my previous ass escort çanakkale fucker lover. He was also wearing a wedding band.

He said he noticed me from the lounge and came looking for me after I entered the front door. He looked at the cum on the floor and smiled. He told me he had followed me in and listened outside but didn’t know who was getting fucked. I showed him the cum on my fingers from my bum and he licked his lips.

He was my grandpas age. He asked could he join me? I was so tuned on from my first man to man, cock in the bum, cum in my bum experience that I said yes eagerly and he locked the door.

He was much gentler than Ahmed but there were no introductions this time. He immediately began French kissing me and rubbing my cock and running his other hand all over my body. It was quite different feeling a man’s larger, coarser hand roaming my inexperienced body. He began pinching one of my nipples and sucking on my neck, much like my first man lover he was whispering in my ear, “you’re so hot, I love your boy body,” between kisses and licks on my neck.

Between kisses he said, “I want to molest you.” And he was molesting me, all over. I couldn’t get enough. I let him grope me and kiss me on the mouth. He didnt use any tongue but it was hot just the same. I could feel his stubble on my face as he loved me.

I reached down and touched my first cock. I placed my hand on it and felt it hardening. I was thrilled that his old man cock was growing before me, in my own hand. I was making him hard. I was so proud. He could tell I was like a kid at Christmas with a new toy, so he obliged and opened his legs so I had better access to his fuck tool.

He had thick pubic hair and I ran my fingers over his cock finding his ball sack below and squeezing them gently, my fingers dancing in his pubic hair.

He continued kissing me and taking the lead between us. I was happy to assume to roll of bottom. (or the girl, as I thought of it then) We continued making out like teenagers on a first date without all the hassles and inadequacies of that stage in your life. Fuck I thought, he was old enough to be my grandfather, I had a bum full of cum and a cock in my hand, fucking glory to me!

He looked squarely in the eye and said. “you’re new around here, new, young meat around here is rare and I want to be the first to get your cum.”

With that he collapsed his mouth onto my cock and began bobbing up and down while gently tugging at my nut sack. With the alcohol still running through me, I was so horny I began to fuck his mouth.I placed my hand on his head and guided him up and down. He didn’t need help, he was a seasoned cock sucker and he had identified new meat and he was now reaping his rewards. I was his toy.

I announced I was going to cum. He took his mouth off my cock and grabbed my dick and with a few full length strokes I shot the largest 3 cum shots of my life directly at his hairy chest as he was coaxing me.

“Shoot on me boy, give me your cum, oh yeah,” like a total pervert but it only added to the intensity of orgasm.

As I emptied my balls, I ended up pushing more of Ahmed’s cum out or my ass. What a surreal feeling, I was shooting cum from one side and leaking it from the other. Fuck me, think about that for a moment! I need some cum in my mouth to complete the trifecta.

He looked at me like a I was prize he had won and held my balls tight in his fingers. “Oh nice shot, I’d like to have that again if you’ come back here, will you be my lover boy, huh will you?”

I was totally spent and just nodded yes as he smeared my massive cum load into his chest with his free hand and rubbed it in like he was applying suntan lotion. His chest was glossy and slick and he seemed pleased with himself.

He gave me a deep kiss, holding me tight and hugged me like I was his younger girlfriend and he kept nibbling on my ear as I was getting my bearings back.

I left the bathhouse shortly after my cum shot. Excited with my night. This experience would start my quest in life as a man, no longer a virgin in any sense of the word, who now desired not just women but men too and it continues to this day. Since then I have spent many days at the bath house getting fucked and fucking.

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