Bath Time’s Over

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Note from the author… This story is the 4th in the “Jimmy and Arane” series, written by DiamondJim and me. You may find links to the other stories in the series under “Favorites” in our profiles. Please remember to vote, and we love positive feedback.


Softly, as if from a distance, I heard my love’s voice intruding on my dreams. My mind kept replaying the previous hours’ enjoyments as I struggled with how much I’d enjoyed my first lesbian encounter with Debbie. My blood sang through my veins as I remembered her touch and the pleasure we’d found together.

After our explosive climaxes in the tub, we held each other as the jets soothed and stimulated our over-sensitive nerves. Soft whispers intermingled with the gurgling of the water as we talked and kissed. “Debbie,” I said, “There’s something I’d like to do for you, but we’ll have to get out of the tub first.”

With a little frown of confusion marring her otherwise perfect brow, Debbie asked, “What did you have in mind, Rane?”

“You’ll have to see,” I teased as I stood up in the bath. Water sluiced down my body, creating rivulets that snaked over my slightly rounded belly before teasing my already sensitive bare mons. Debbie also stood up to get out, and my mouth captured a drop of water that was clinging to her taut nipple. She stepped onto the bathmat, and as I bent over to let out the water, I felt her expert fingers slide from my clit to my pucker, spreading my juices and exciting me once again. After helping dry each other off, we ran naked out to grab our dresses and heels and threw them on, not bothering with underwear.

“We’ll be back shortly, Jimmy!” I called as I grabbed my purse and Debbie and I raced out the door. We barely heard his “Where ya going?” as the door shut behind us.

Once out on the street Debbie and I, walking arm-in-arm, walked the three blocks down the street to an adult novelty store I knew. Her face turned pink, partly from embarrassment and partly from excitement. “Rane, what are we doing here?”

“Debbie, I want to take your pleasure up a notch. I was bahis firmaları thinking we could buy a strap-on so I could fuck you from behind.” Without a word, she looked at me, her small breasts beginning to heave as her breathing quickened. She grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me deeply, our tongues tangling together. Moments later we broke the kiss to go inside to make our purchase.

We walked back to mine and Jimmy’s Brownstone, stopping every so often to kiss and surreptitiously slide a hand under the hem of the other’s dress, feeling soft skin beneath our questing fingers. We raced up the stairs and into our large bedroom. Going through the living room, Jimmy looked up at us with a question in his warm brown eyes. I stopped long enough to give him a lingering kiss. “I just bought something to use on Debbie. Do you want to watch?”

Jimmy was touched, because he knows how possessive I can be, and here I was trusting him enough to let him watch me play with my friend. I had him sit in the chair by the window, and I couldn’t help but pause for a few minutes to look at him, watching the candlelight dance over his features, warming his skin and highlighting his eyes, now growing ever darker with passion. His gift of trust required a gift in return, and I was determined to give it to him. Walking over to him, I straddled his lap as I kissed him once more, my dripping cunny leaving behind the evidence of my arousal as it pressed intimately against his throbbing cock through his slacks. After grinding against him a little bit, I hopped off his lap and went over to help Debbie out of her dress.

She and I both stripped, leaving our strappy heels on. She lay down on the bed, arms above her head, legs slightly parted. For months I’d heard how giving she was during lovemaking, but it never sounded like she received the pleasure in equal measure, so this night I was determined to make sure she received as much pleasure as she could handle. My mouth worshiped her small, perky breasts, drawing them deep into my mouth and twirling my tongue around her nipples, each in turn. Her back arched, kaçak iddaa forcing her breasts deeper into my mouth.

Leaving her nipples for the cool air to dry, I kissed down Debbie’s sternum, gliding my tongue over her firm belly to her sensitive belly button, stopping briefly to sup there, tonguing it and nibbling the edges before continuing on towards her shorn mound. Her musky scent rose up to meet me, and I was surprised not to find the fragrance distasteful. From his seat by the window, Jimmy was breathing harder, and his hand kept slipping down to rub his throbbing cock through his pants. An ever-widening circle of precome was staining the material, and I could tell he wanted to pull his thick root out and start stroking it. As I took that first lick of Debbie’s netherlips, Jimmy said, “That’s it, baby girl. Eat her pussy like you suck my cock.”

I ran my tongue from Debbie’s dripping slit up to her clit, sucking gently on the hardened nub. I let my teeth graze it lightly before going back down and pushing the hood back with my tongue. She writhed on the bed, her hips arching towards my mouth. I let my tongue slide back down to her slit, thrusting it in while my fingers rubbed her nubbin in small circles. When I could feel her body start to tremble, I removed my mouth from her delectable pussy and, after one more rub, took my fingers off her clit, sucking them clean.

I raised up over her, letting my breasts drag across her chest before kissing her, letting her taste herself on my lips. Our lips separated long enough for me to whisper, “Get on your knees, honey.” She rolled over and got up on her hands and knees, her tight sweet ass in the air. I fingered her pussy, sliding one, then two, then three fingers into her tight hole, preparing her for the phallus that would soon be penetrating her. I buckled the harness of the strap-on around my waist and slid the head over her clit, letting her juices wet it. I pulled back just enough to press it against her opening, nudging it slowly in. I pulled it back out, then back in, fucking her with its thickness. I leaned over her and kaçak bahis started rubbing her clit, all the while plunging in and out of her sweet cunny.

So intent was I on pleasuring Debbie that I didn’t realize that Jimmy had left his chair and had stripped off his pants. Suddenly I felt the heat from his body behind me moments before I felt his hand smack my ass. The shock of that made me thrust harder into Debbie, pounding against her cervix. She moaned loudly, and I could feel my juices beginning to drip down the inside of my thighs. Jimmy then used his cock to smack my throbbing clit, heightening the pleasure with a touch of pain. I was stuck between wanting to continue pleasuring Debbie but also seeking my own fulfillment on the end of Jimmy’s shaft. I settled for begging him to please fill me. He rewarded my pleas by withdrawing his cock completely, causing me to whimper involuntarily. Then I felt his strong hands cupping my hips, bracing me for… I screamed as he thrust his thick member into my tight cunt, filling me, stretching me more than I’d ever dreamed possible. He pounded my pussy, matching my thrusts into Debbie.

As the pleasure rose even higher inside of me, I strummed Debbie’s clit even more insistently, striving only to make her come around the dildo filling her. The climax welled inside of me, fighting to get out, to take the pleasure Jimmy was offering me. At the same time, I felt Debbie’s legs trembling against mine and knew her orgasm was close. Holding Debbie to me with my hand on her clit, I reached up and tweaked her swollen nipples. With a scream, she threw back her head and came hard on the phallus. Moments later, with a final plunge, Jimmy began to come inside of me, the throbs and pulses of his climax setting off my own, making my own scream tear from my throat as my cunny milked his cock, drawing every bit of come from his sac.


I feel liquid heat flowing over my hand and groggily wonder about its source. Surely Debbie isn’t still coming on me? Then as a ray of early morning light pierces my eyes through the blinds, I awaken, sleepily bringing Jimmy’s face into focus. I realize his wide member is filling my hand, and it’s still throbbing with the last remnants of his orgasm. I look up at him with a smile before licking my cum-covered fingers clean.

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