Bart’s Domination Ch. 02

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Bart woke to his arms tingling and something brushing his face. He attempted to swat away whatever it was, but his hands were caught on something. His hands tried to shake themselves free of whatever they were caught in, but it was of no use. Slowly his blue eyes opened to a sea of chocolate and he could feel fingers caressing his flesh.

His morning vision started to clear as his hands were freed and he realized it was a pair of large tits in his face. The memory of getting caught came flooding back and he recalled exactly what his penalty was. He was at the mercy of his secretary and would continue to do as she commanded.

She stood back with a smirk on her face and his eyes traveled across her body. Her body was no longer free of clothing and found he liked the cupless lingerie she was wearing. Lisa’s large tits and dark nipples looked even better in the morning light and loved the way the white lingerie added to the effect of her beauty. The chocolate flesh below was partially hidden behind the mist that clung perfectly to her body. His blue eyes traveled further down and he found she was wearing a fresh pair of white panties to hide the most precious spot she owned.

Her beautiful voice called out, “Eyes up here, white boy.”

His blue eyes were forced to tear themselves away as he looked up and said, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

Her chocolate hand reached between her thighs and she felt her fingers make contact with his balls. He tensed at her touch as she slowly squeezed and the tingling his hands no longer mattered. Tears started to roll down as he bore his wake up as best he could.

She had anger in her eyes as she squeezed, then asked, “Are you going to be a good boy, Bart?”

Through gritted teeth, he said, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

She smirked and said, “I doubt it, white boy.” Her fingers squeezed a little more, then asked, “Have you ever given a woman an orgasm with this worthless thing?”

He groaned out, “No, Miss Bennett.”

Her fingers released his balls as she said, “Good, white boy. Always tell me the truth, Bart, or there will be hell to pay. Understood, you worthless maggot.”

He nodded and said through gritted teeth, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

She glared at him and said, “Sit up, you worthless excuse for a man.”

He said, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

He grunted out from the pain as his bahis firmaları balls pressed onto the mattress, which caused her to laugh as she said, “Let’s see if you can actually please me, Bart. I want your hands to work my tits and your tongue to work my nipples. Don’t fuck it up.”

He nodded as his pale hands make contact with her chocolate tits and started to squeeze, which resulted in his head being yanked back hard. Bart yelped from the pain as he loosened his grip and started to slowly caress her large tits. She released his hair and he made certain to maintain the slow caress of her flesh and felt himself twitch between his legs.

His tongue reached out for one of her dark nipples and he found he loved what he was doing, despite the pain and threat of punishment. She let out a soft sigh as he worked them both and smiled at the sound. Bart got a little carried away and tried to take one of her beautiful nipples into his mouth, but his head got yanked back with tremendous force.

He had no way of knowing how long he worked to please her, but his hands and tongue were getting tired. There was not one part of her tits that had gone unnoticed by the soft touch of his hands and both hard nipples were permanently embedded on his tongue. The occasional correction from her furry made him wonder if he had any hair left on his head.

Her hands pressed hard against his shoulders and forced him back as she said, “That’s enough, Bart. Maybe you aren’t a completely worthless maggot. More like a worthless little shit, white boy. Follow me.”

She stood quickly to leave and he followed closely behind. The white lingerie fell off her athletic body as she walked and he could see the darkness of her body meet the white of her panties. The contrast was amazing and his eyes were lost on the sight before him. Lisa lead him into her bathroom and sat on the toilet with her legs spread. His eyes were drawn to the dark pressing through her soaked panties.

She snapped, “Get on your fucking knees, white boy.”

The sound echoed in the small room as his knees hit the tile hard and he was soon staring at the pink pressing through. He wished she had removed her panties first, since he desperately wanted to see the pink without interference of the wet panties. Her hands reached to the back of his head and pulled him between her thighs and the scent kaçak iddaa of her womanhood filled his nostrils.

He could feel the wet on his cheeks as he was pulled further and his face made contact with her soaked panties. She started to move her hips and moan as she pleasured herself with his face and more of her was released through her panties. Her fingers dug into his skull as she yelled out in ecstacy. His ability to breath was hampered slightly, but he did not risk punishment by pulling back.

Throughout the waves of her release causing breathing to increase in difficulty, he managed to stay right where he was. He was already in enough pain and had little interest in adding to anything. Then there was the minor issue of feeling her release through her panties, which gave him some degree of pleasure.

Her fingers loosened as she gave her last moan and said through deep breaths, “Guess you are good for something. Do you want a reward, you little shit?”

Bart nodded and could feel her grip tighten again, then she said, “Lay down on your back, Bart. I guess you deserve a treat.”

He laid as instructed and watched her remove her soaked panties and reveal her full bush. Her hands placed the soaked material against his hard dick and started to move it up and down his shaft. It was a little rough as she squeezed around his manhood, but he was feeling pleasure from her touch.

It did not take long before he was moaning out and the first shot was released into her panties. Her grip tightened and she started to stroke him harder, which caused the orgasm to increase and another shot of white reached its destination. She pulled the panties away from the head of his dick and felt his cum land on his stomach, but didn’t mind the sensation it sent.

She had him follow her into the shower, but made it clear he was not to touch either of them. His cum was drying onto his flesh and he wished she would let him at least rinse off. That was not to happen and he was forced to watch as he watched the white suds play against her chocolate flesh.

She was moving seductively before him and he was tempted to reach out to feel her flesh in his hands, but maintained control out of fear of punishment. Her chocolate tits danced before him and the soap covered only her dark nipples, which reminded him of twin mountains with snow covering the kaçak bahis peaks.

She turned slowly and her round cheeks drew his eyes at their splendor. Her cheeks were moving rhythmically and he watched their perfection. His hands were yearning to touch what was before him and he fought with all his might to prevent having what he desired. Bart could only imagine what it must feel like to have his pale hands on her dark beauty.

She was slowly turning again and her nipples were now free of the soap. They looked fantastic as water dripped off the peaks and down her thin body. His tongue had explored every ridge that lay before him, but it was not enough. He didn’t think anything they did would ever be enough for him to tire of the perfection before him.

The remainder of the day was spent focusing on her tits and she demanded far more perfection from his actions. A minor error on his part resulted in promised punishment later and from the amount of times she called him every name in the book, the pain was going to be intense. He dreaded the time when she collected and hoped she was not keeping track.

He was on his knees with wet panties fresh from her body stuck firmly in his mouth. The first contact between belt and flesh caused him to scream out from the pain. Another whack from the belt on the other cheek caused tears to streak down his eyes. Over and over again, she tore into his pale ass and he wanted the pain to stop. Despite his muffled cries for help, she did not give in.

Once the last whack was given, she used her foot to force him onto his back and his balls were in her hands. She squeezed with all of her might and he hoped he would pass out from the pain tearing through his body. She was merciless as she threatened to tear them off of his body. Just when he thought she was done, her hands squeezed again for good measure.

She looked down at him and spat, “You better do better tomorrow, Bart. If you think there was hell to pay today, you haven’t felt anything yet. Now get on the fucking bed, you worthless excuse for a man.”

She pulled the panties out of his mouth and he sobbed as he said, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

He moved to the bed and tried to be gentle, but her hands forced him down hard on his red ass. He grunted out in pain as she laughed. Her chocolate hands were reaching for the black straps and he knew it would be a long night. She pressed her naked body to his and he felt a little pleasure from her nipples pressing against his flesh. The minor pleasure was far from enough to wash away the pain she had brought to his body.

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