Ballet School Ch. 04

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Chapter Four-Penance

We both woke up at almost exactly the same time. He smiled at me and then laughed.

“I’m so glad you’re a morning man Jay.”

“Me too Chris, I love getting up early and training actually. Are you?”

“Hell yeah, except for one thing might make me want to stay in bed today.”

“What’s that,” he said smiling.

“This,” and he put his hand on my cock and started stroking me slowly and gently.

I was already hard and immediately fell under his spell, arching back and jumping into his hand, my legs spread under those incredible thighs. Man he made me horny.

“Finger my hole Jay. I want you inside me again. I need your cock in my ass.”

Something was on my mind from last night and despite my raging hard on, I had to say something.

“Chris, I need to ask you something.”

“What, anything”

“Well, it just seemed like the way you knew exactly what you wanted me to do, fingering and fucking you and how quickly you came to that. Have you had sex like that before?”

He looked at me with a saddened look and nodded, a tear rolling out of his eye.

“I thought so and it doesn’t matter Chris. It matters that you’re honest with me. I love that about you.”

“If I told you the truth about me, you wouldn’t want me anymore.”

“Chris, I’m no angel either. We all make mistakes and true love is about understanding and forgiving. I know that much.”

“What I’m going to tell you may be hard to hear and it may sound like some kind of preferred story, but it’s all true. To my shame, it’s true.” I sat and leaned back and said,

“Just tells me and we’ll work it out, I promise you that.”

“Okay well here it goes, the whole twisted truth of my initiation into sex. I used to dance after class often staying late at the ballet college I went to after high school and there was a caretaker there, a really nice guy named Jim. He was a short stocky bear who had a great build. Powerful legs, strong firm ass and a nice belly and chest, hairy but not like a Sasquatch or anything. Really nice guy. He started talking to me at nights and soon was stopping by every night and he was really friendly and supportive of me.

One night I was really working hard and had taken my shirt off and built up a great sweat. He came in with a towel for me and started talking to me about how hard I worked and how proud he was of me. He said you’re going to be a great dancer. Then he said to me, I’m curious, the dance belts that you guys wear. Does it hurt or is it uncomfortable. I told him that I was used to it and didn’t even notice it. In fact I really liked thong underwear. It felt liberating and you could move without feeling restricted which was really important as a dancer. Then I glanced down at his cock, which I had been doing more and more as I got comfortable with him. In fact I couldn’t even control it anymore. His cock had a nice length, really thick and was sticking out to the side of his zipper making a noticeable bulge in his tight, blue work pants. Man he had a nice thick cock and really big, round and meaty balls that hung beautifully on either side of this zipper. His pants were tight and pulled up high on his powerful physique .

He saw me looking again and smiled. He had caught me once before and I blushing had left the room really quickly. This time I don’t really mind. In fact I wanted him to catch me. He really turned me on. Then he asked if he could see my belt. I asked him why and noticed bursa escort this look in his eyes. I can only describe it as the look of a hungry wolf and it made my knees tremble and my stomach tingle with desire. He said that he always wondered what they looked like and he didn’t understand why we wore them. I explained that we wore them to keep things from flopping around basically and so that there were no underwear lines showing in our tights when we danced. He laughed and said yeah I could see things flopping around being a distraction and then he looked right at my growing cock. Do you like the tights that you wear he said starting right at my growing bulge.

I said that I did, as it felt like you weren’t wearing anything. He told me that he thought it was uncomfortable because you seem to wear them really tight, tighter and higher than the other guys. I just smiled and said I didn’t like things moving around on me and wanted to focus only on my dancing, so I wear them tighter and higher than most. I can see that he said and smiling looked hungrily again my now throbbing, hard cock, straining against my dance belt. He asked again, will you show me what yours looks like, I’d like to see it. I shrugged and said why not, acting casual even though at this point my whole body was shaking . I was getting really turned on and actually enjoying the attention. I started thinking about me sucking his thick cock and having him fuck me instead of my usual fingers or large cucumbers when I was really horny. I would shop for the biggest and longest ones I could find and fuck myself with them. I loved it, but always felt lonely and empty afterwards.

I peeled off my tights, hung them on the barre and stood in front of him, feeling a bit exposed and awkward. He was really checking me out and asked if I would do a pirouette for him. I smiled and said sure and did a twirl for him. He asked me to do it again, but slower. He told me that I had a beautiful body and should be proud. I blushed and thanked him and turned again slowly, flexing my legs and my ass as I turned. He exhaled slowly his eyes burning into me, as I turned and came to a stop, he was inches away from me starting intensely into my eyes. My eyes were gleaming with desire and my mouth practically hanging open. You know Chris he said, I’ve worked here a long time and I can tell you that you get a sense for people. I nodded and he went on.

My sense right now is that you want me to take my pants off and touch you. Is that right Chris. I nodded barely able to breath. He took his pants down and hung them on the barre beside my tights. He took off his T shirt and I gasped at the power in his body. He had thick back muscles, covered in hair and powerful shoulders. He turned to me and showed me his white jockey bikini briefs, his cock and balls straining to get out. He walked over to me and put his hand right on my balls squeezing them firmly and reaching around, slid his other hand between my cheeks and started stroking my hole. I almost came right away. I rolled my eyes back and decided to let him have his way with me, completely and fully. He took my dance belt off slowly sliding it down my hips and then kneeling in front of me, cradled my swollen balls in his hand slowly licked around the head of my cock.

He pulled me into his warm mouth with his hand as his mouth slid down over my aching cock. I want going to last long and soon I was pumping in rhythm with his mouth, moaning escort bursa and panting like crazy. He grabbed my ass with both hands and began sucking me really aggressively sliding and sucking, I gasped, on gonna cum and he nodded and slid down his mouth almost till my balls and pulled back sucking my cock all the way. I bucked into his mouth and shot a huge load that he gulped up hungrily. He stood up smiling at me and pulled me into his warm, hairy body. He hugged me close and both of his hands squeezed my firm ass and pulled my stiff cock against his thick bat like cock. He kissed me deeply and swirled his tongue around mine, sharing my hot load with me. At first I was a bit thrown, but soon started sucking on his tongue like it was candy.

He ground against me and nestled his head against mine and then lay me down on the floor on my back, spat on his hand, and knelt between my spread legs. He pushed them as wide as they could go and started teasing around my hole with one finger getting me really wet and slick and then he corkscrewed that thick finger into me and I bucked my hips up into his hand. My hole was really wet and he began finger fucking me harder and faster, really pushing into me, so much that I was moving across the floor. He put two and then three thick fingers into my pulsing hole, really driving hard and deep into my ass. He looked at me and said you’ve really worked your ass over haven’t you. It stretches really easily even though it’s super tight. It’s going to hug my dick like a python.

Do you want me to fuck you he said. I could barely breath or think, I mumbled yes. Say it louder boy and he smacked me on the ass hard. Yes I yelled, fuck me. He said it again and smacked me even harder. Say it again boy. Yes yes please fuck me now. He lay down on me, and pulled my legs up over his shoulder his thick cock, pushing between my ass and whispered in my ear, I’ve been wanting to fuck you since I saw you and then pushed that thick head slowly into me. It was painful, but he went really slow and soon it didn’t hurt, but felt really warm, right and amazing. Oh man he fucked me so hard and I came again, cum splashing all over his belly. He grunted and groaned louder and faster and screaming pumped hard into my ass gushing his thick load of cum deep into me.

The next night, I stayed late again and hoped that he would come back. Close to the end of my session he came around.

He made small talk and then said follow me. He didn’t ask, he ordered me. I went with him to his office and in his storage room he had a surprise for me. He had a bed in there that he used when he worked late and now the room was lit with a red light and there were candles burning in there. On the nightstand beside the bed, was a collection of vibrators, butt plugs, whips and lube. I was so turned on, I walked straight into the room and on the bed he had laid out an outfit for me. There was a leather collar, a latex thong, two sets of leather handcuffs and nipple clamps. Face the wall he said. I stood by the bed and faced the wall. He out the collar on first around my neck, then the thong, pulling it up right into my ass and tight around my swollen balls lifting me off the ground onto my toes and rubbing my balls and cock with the tight latex. I gasped as he stretched me up high barely able to stand.

My legs were rippling and he slid his hand up the back of my thigh and slapped my ass really hard. Next came the cuffs around my ankles, then bursa escort bayan my wrists and finally he turned me around and clipped the clamps onto my nipples. I was so close to coming, my cock was dripping into the latex and down my shaft. I was ready to do whatever he wanted. I didn’t know what had gotten into me and why I liked this, but I did. I loved being his sex slave. Put your hands up over your hand Chris. I did as I was told, willingly and he looped rope through the metal rings in the hand cuffs pulling my wrists together and then looped the rope through a ring in the ceiling, he pulled on the rope lifting me up till my arms were extended over head and then more until I was standing on my toes. He tied the rope to another loop in the wall and walked around me admiring me. I was so turned on Jay. I have to tell you this because you need to know who you are with and whether you’ll want to be with me at all after I finish telling you everything.

“Go on Chris”

“Walked slowly around my stretched out body, gently touching my hips, thighs, bulge and ass and then he smacked me hard on the ass. I bucked forward in shock and pain, dangling from his ceiling. He asked me if I liked being his little bitch. I said yes, because I did like it. He smacked me again and again and in between cupped and smacked my balls and pulled on the nipple clamps. Gently st first, then harder and harder until My nipples were aching, my ass was burning and my balls were swollen from the spanking and hard cupping he was doing. He asked if I was ready for bed and I nodded, really exhausted at this point and unbelievably horny. I was completely burning up. He untied the rope and then pulled the nipple clamps off me quick and fast. I gasped in pain and immediately he slowly rubbed and then twisted and then rubbed them, alternating between hard and soft, he spun me around and reached around twisting my one nipple really hard and squeezed my balls through the right latex thong really hard until I was gasping like a dog in heat. I had never felt so much emotion and erotic passion before.

He laid me down face first on the bed and cuffed my hands to rings on either side of the bed spreading my really wide legs wide with his hands. I lay there trembling realizing that I enjoyed this a lot and wondering why. I know now why I do. My whole life I’ve been in control and succeeded at everything. Always best in class, highest jumps, always danced the lead. I’m not bragging but it always came easy to me, and eventually I just outworks led everyone so I got even better. I think I liked this because I didn’t have to be in control. In fact I had no control. He had turned me into a sex slave and I loved it. That night he fucked me the whole night long. He used the largest vibrator he had, thick and over ten inches long in between fucking and sucked and licked my cock and balls while fucking me with the giant dildo he had till I cam into his mouth and on my chest and all over the room 6 times or more.

After I came, each time he inserted a larger and larger butt plug, till I felt like I was stretched really wide open. While I had the butt plug in, he fucked my mouth each time coming and making me swallow. He came at least two times in my mouth and three in my ass. My mouth was sore and my ass felt used but so tender and sensual too. By the time we were done I was completely drained and the weird part is I wanted more and more and more sex. The more he did it to me the more I wanted it. I became an ass nympho. He could just touch me there and I would shake and lose control and want something anything in my ass. One night he fucked me with a huge dildo for over an hour and still it wasn’t enough. I begged him for more and he couldn’t get it up, so he figured something out that would satisfy me.

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