Badger Forever

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Badger forever …

It was Badger again. Hadn’t heard from him for ages; “Like to come over to see me this afternoon, Jim?”

“Yeah, great, where are you as if I didn’t know?”

“In the potting shed, had to get away from the wife didn’t I! and as it is pissing down Cant do anything ion the allotment so – stuck in this shed I was thinking of something so much better I could be doing with you.”

“So I am just a sideline if it rains Huh” I teased.

“Jim, you are much more than that, so get your ass over here and I will show you!”

Now I was excited, Badger my be getting on a bit but it was much more thrilling with him than lately with my girl friend, she was going through a heavy period or whatever girls have and she is so fragile I daren’t touch her. And anyway Badger cab always do something Vanessa can’t and to feel the throb of his hard cock up me is heaven on earth!

Vanessa had offered to don a strap on but I guess it still; wouldn’t feel the same as a real live cock, having tried many things in my youth, realising how putting things up inside gave me such a thrill..

But there has never been anything better to gratify my soul than Badger. I just knew it would be an afternoon of sheer bliss just being his instrument for the afternoon to do with me as he wishes, for an oldie he had the wisdom t give me the very best so I quickly drove to the allotment site, parked and made for Badger’s pad donned with a good umbrella because it was pelting down, but once in the potting shed I knew I would be dry and ripe for Badger’s enjoyment of me.

“Hello, kaçak iddaa Jim” he greeted with a smile, his eyes giving me that look I knew meant he was hungry for me.

“Hi mate, it’s so good to see you again, thought you’d had enough of me.”

“Never, Jim it is just that I have had to put up with a two week holiday with the Mrs enough said?

“Enough said and I know you never fuck her now, it is more of a companionship thing yeah but you find solace with me?”

“You got it in one, Jim now let’s take a gander at what I’ve been missing, almost forgotten what it looks like.”

I dropped my jeans feeling good standing there letting this wonderful el old gut have his kicks.

“Great” he said sniffing me through my boxer shorts, “I have missed that smell!

“Sorry, aint had time to wash up” I returned being aware that I was perspiring a bit, more like I was hot for his fuck of me.

“You know that doesn’t matter one iota, in fact I like it soiled, makes it seem so much more carnal, I just love your ass Jim, bend it a little for me? I love the juicy bits to roll around in my mouth.”

I did. “No over the bench will be nice, I want just to sits between you legs and enjoy you.”

I knew I was going to be in for the most wonderful oral doings Badger loved to do, specially when, after I’d dropped my boxers and bent over the bench and felt his rough fingers spreading my ass cheeks wide apart, hearing him sniff me and feeling him fondling my cheeks the way I love.

“If only you knew just how much I have missed the smell, taste and fuck of you.” he murmured

between kaçak bahis panting, I could tell he was getting excited by the tome of his voice and it was lovely just being all ass for him, for him to do just what pleases him best, and the feel of his rough palm cradling my cock and balls, making it grow so quickly as I felt the warmth of his breath between my ass cheeks so divine.

“Nice baby?” he said squeezing my balls now, teasing the rim of my hole with his tongue.” let me give you a nice stiff wanking as I lick your ass, MMM!”

I chilled and enjoyed the moment of sheer luxury, knowing how right I was for Badger and his wanting, I moved my ass cheeks to feel his mouth and tongue working on me so frantically, wanting then to be all hole for him too, all cock and all ass as well.

That is how he made me feel, the way he spoiled and enjoyed me, the thought of soon having that splendid prick if his slowly working it head into me the way he does, then stretching as wide as can bee to let him get a full deep penetration as I feel his cock thrusting in me so beautifully.

After smoothing his fingers and tongue between my ass, fingering and giving me the most delightful feelings he asked if I would straighten up and face him and immediately, knowing just how Badger likes me, I anticipated his next move and we in a sort of a magic dream, the thought of his bearded mouth cocking and sucking me.

You always give me a good rise ‘O cock’ he breathed in his West Country accent, ” I like the way it looks and the way you jerk it up tempting me, you see I know what you are at, illegal bahis Lad” he chuckled, beginning to stroke the whole length of me, teasing my balls each time he went down again.

“Go on Lad give it a jerk, specially for me?”

I did and immediately he took it deep inside his opened mouth, I could feel the business of his tongue working my foreskin tight back to he could suck my p-hole ardently, making my whole body tingle.

Then after a feed of me his strong hands grabbed my thighs, twisted me around again, and then his tongue was busy between my ass again, sucking and sucking and like he was an animal not being able to get enough of my ass and cock, pressing my cock backwards as he sucked ass and managing to suck cock too, like he was feeding on all I could give him.

Then: “This ass is ready for fucking now Lad” and I yelled “YES YES” – He stood up then and I heard his zip undo, glanced around and saw his ripe seven inches ready to strike, “squeeze it foe me just a bit and it will be ready” he screamed. He never wanted me to suck him before fucking which I really would have liked but was content in doing that after fucking which he took a great delight in, making me suck the remnants of the hot cream he had just shot all over my hole and ass .

At first, when he asked me to do that I felt adverse to it, but now it comes as standard and I really have got to enjoy the taste combined, ending up smothered in his cream as he is in mine when we finish with one more last deep rough fuck, he taking me on all fours like a dog and by the end of that I have been well fucked and serviced, feeling very numb and when I leave him to wallow in his memories I feel he is still there deep up my ass, the feeling so wonderful and belonging and I guess I shall always enjoy Badger’s fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32