Bad Timing Ch. 01.2

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What else should I tell you?

That Artur fucked me three times that night?

How Artur’s body was smooth, and how into it were etched lines of winged musculature. That he looked like a creature meant for water; and glistened the like. I spilled my eyes down his body to the shallow well of his naval– from which a fine line of hair found its delta below in a soft tuft. And that, just below, his long, smooth prick stood erect, trickling precum. I couldn’t stop staring.

Next to it, still longer and thicker—darker, was Evan’s. We are all uncut. My naked body pricked with frosted air, my two brothers painting warm strokes over me as we ground against one another. The excitement of it. It shocked through me and made my breath shiver. I laid with them, guiding both to the assurance of my total consent.

Can you see it?

Our undulating skin, upon which we breathed warmly, brushing against our lips, pinching in our teeth, tasting; bruising. I am throbbing. The heat of their cocks erotically burns my cool body. How I dutifully crawled to them. Licking down their shafts, down to their balls— gently taking them in my mouth while they hold my face, my hair. How they passed me around and passed around me, learning my body and teaching me theirs. I love the embracing shadows they cast on me as I lay below them. Artur brushing himself between my legs, teasingly putting pressure on my hole; I needed him. I told him I needed him. He denied, responsibly (“Mais on a pas de préservatif” bahis firmaları he reminded me sadly). But it didn’t matter. I coyly push down onto him– he catches my hips and restrains me, holding my gaze with faltering resolve. As if starved, I groveled. Shamelessly, I softly pleaded for him. “J’ai besoin de toi,” a phrase reserved for lovers; I’m blushing.

That I stirred his desire, which recoiled, grabbed me by the wrists and pushed me down onto my stomach- shunned. Before me, Evan gently lifts my head up and crawls his long fingers over my tongue. I closed my eyes and submitted to their movements. He arched himself forward and rested the candied tip of his long penis between my lips. I receive him. I savor him, enjoying his length and prompting twitches from him with my tongue and tight lips. Restlessly, he pulls my head forward onto him, forcing my throat open with his cock until my face presses into his abs; I gag, but he does not release me. That, behind me, ravenously biting at my nape, Artur’s jealous hand came to interrupt, pushing Evan back and stealing my saliva from Evan’s dick. Spitting again, Artur lathers his cock swiftly and forcefully penetrates my hole. The discomfort of him suddenly inside me at full-length is eclipsed by my lust for his abuse. I gasp for him, jaw-dropped and eyes open- trying to relax. He was desperate to claim me; wiping his wet hand up my back, he reaches to my shoulder and fucks me. From then on, I was no longer capable of thinking.

Evan kaçak iddaa lifted me upright against Artur. Tonguing me, he traveled down my body until—I felt my cock slip into his soft mouth. My eyes close. Him, bent before me, enlivening my senses and whorishly accepting more of me each time Artur’s thrusts pushed my cock forward. I faintly noticed Evan’s fingers, groping under my ass to Artur. With a gentle push, my hole– already gorged on Artur’s dick– widens with three fingers. They are both inside me. Fucking me. I flicked my eyes wide open, looking down only to sink into Evan’s ocean eyes, swallowing me, flicking his tongue and fingers inside me as if demonically testing my responses. I was choking on them. I would do anything for them.

…Still more?

Perhaps, that I frantically wrapped my legs around Artur’s when he pounded my ass, my toes tight around his. That I clenched handfuls of Evan’s hair below me for support. That Artur’s thighs accent against me loudly, splashing, tickling me with his hair. I dropped my head back on his chest and pressed my forehead into his neck, my eyes shut and eyebrows hopelessly tensing with each pulse. Sound escapes my parted lips because there is nothing more I can do to restrain it. That he looked down at me with perfect control, “j’adore comme tu gémis,” and kissed me tenderly while ravaging, pounding, using me. The moans he drew from me spilled into his mouth.

The ebbs and flows that Evan and Artur willed grew unbearable. I was now kaçak bahis wet with the sweat and kisses of both boys, anointed. I neared fainting, for the air was thick with our exhales. Artur is fucking me voraciously, hitting into my g-spot and leaving no time between each electric thrust. I pull Evan’s hair harder and let my shining body melt onto Artur’s, twitching with violent pain and pleasure. I slur helplessly: Vas-y…. S’il-te-plaît, défonce-moi. Putain oui. Baise-moi… Plus, oui. I was a thoughtless and savage creature riding—straining, my ripping neck pulling back tightly by my hair—to the surface, my lungs near bursting. I desperately find the words to alert them, breathlessly repeating “je vais jouir… j’vais jouir… j’vais jouir…” Artur clasps my body tightly and bends forward, gasping for air— gasping in the most vulnerable, boyish way, as if I am the door to salvation and his verge our key. I am practically screaming; Artur gasping. His final strike sends me crashing violently into a wave; a wave crashing into me and rushing through me– out of and into with salty, frothy spurts. We come.

Our climax- our heaves, his aftershocks spilling his sweetness into me- hung. The waves subsided and our bodies dissolved, Artur guiding me as we sank peacefully downwards, until we reached the humid bed– Artur pressing above me and regaining his breath with soft moans, my consciousness swimming, Evan gently resting his head against mine and caressing my damp, disheveled hair, kissing me. My eyes heavy, everything swam an orange glow, the warm, love-scented water around us lapped my body— I could sleep. We belong to each other.

I feel at home.

Did you feel it?

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