Bad Girls Go Everywhere Ch. 02

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It had been weeks since Bobby and I had met at the hotel. Christmas and New Years had passed and family had left and still I hadn’t heard from her. She had my phone number, my cell number, my address, my god-damned email and still nothing! I felt like such an idiot! She had done things to me I would never have allowed another woman to do. I was a self-proclaimed heterosexual and in one evening she had changed me forever. I no longer just looked at men as sex objects, but now I wanted women too!

One evening I was just finishing up paying some bills online when my phone rang. It was mother again, asking me to run some errands for her. She needed a few things at the store and didn’t want to risk the roads with her bad eyesight. Quickly dressing, I drove to the all night Quickway and once inside set about picking up the few things on my mother’s list. Walking down the dairy aisle, I was startled to hear a voice I recognized. Looking up I noticed two women chatting and shopping. One of the women was Bobby.

I must have made a noise, some small exclamation or something because both women looked up from their musings to see me gapping at them like an idiot. “Rena, how great to see you!” Bobby exclaimed walking over and giving me a brief, friendly hug. “Honey, this is Rena, I think I might have mentioned her before. She’s a former co-worker of mine,” Bobby explained, willing Rena to go along with her little white lie.

“Oh yes, of course,” Bobby’s wife, Lynn answered pleasantly. She was shorter than Bobby and more plump with small breasts and a fleshy ass. Bobby probably liked spanking that ass, I thought to myself. Lynn had short black hair and big brown eyes that seemed intelligent and kind. She seemed so nice as we all chatted for a few minutes, not at all the cold-hearted bitch Bobby had accused her of being. Flipping through my file-cabinet-like brain, I mentioned two co-workers of Bobby’s that she had mentioned during our chats, hoping I sounded convincing. Having a history of getting involved with married boyfriends had paid off. I could retain the most useless of information.

“Well, I guess I should pay for this stuff and drop it off at my mom’s,” I finally said, eyeing Bobby with regret, wishing I could ask her to call me. I missed her so much.

“Are you doing anything special tonight? Going out with the boyfriend?” Bobby asked walking to the counter with her items.

“Umm, no, no, he’s ah… He’s away for the weekend,” I answered wondering why she would make up a fictitious boyfriend. I figured we had fooled Lynn pretty well with our story and Lynn seemed like a nice lady who would never think a bad thought if it smacked her in the face.

“Yeah I know that feeling, I’m driving Lynn to her mom’s after I leave here, right honey?” she said, looking at Lynn as she handed the cashier the correct change.

“Yes, my mom’s got that bad stomach flu and isn’t able to care for my dad, he’s got Alzheimer’s,” Lynn explained, grabbing taking the plastic bag from Bobby. “So it looks like our weekend is screwed,” she smiled walking towards the door, waiting for Bobby to finish our conversation like a good little wife.

“Yeah, so maybe we should catch a movie or something tomorrow,” Bobby suggested, eyeing my tits beneath the tight black sweater I was wearing. Feeling my insides clench, I told her I’d like that and to give me a call.

Walking out with them to the parking lot I noticed how pretty Bobby looked with her light blond hair, she looked a little like an elf, a pretty, naughty elf. Her skin is so smooth and perfect, not a blemish and her lips red and full, like a blond, smaller version of Angelina Jolie. I couldn’t wait for her to call me. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait until tomorrow.


Four hours later, I was in the tub and up to my chin in bubbles. My night had been shot after seeing Bobby. All I could think about escort bayan was her and so instead of finishing paying those bills I had fantasized about the things we would do and ended up masturbating three times. I was drifting into another sexy fantasy when my telephone rang. “Hello?” I asked wondering who would be calling me at 10pm at night. The caller i.d. showed a private number.

“Hi Baby, it’s me,” Bobby answered smoothly. “Are you alone?”

“Yes,” I breathed deeply into the phone, not expecting her voice. “Where are you?” I enquired hoping she wasn’t far.

“I’m in my car, about 4 miles from your apartment. I could be there in 15 minutes Baby. Are you game?” Bobby’s voice was like a feather to my insides.

“Yes, yes please, I’m game,” I agreed, almost breathless at the thought of her coming to my apartment, of her playing with me again.

“I want you to unlock the apartment door right now Baby. Then go into the bedroom and wait for me. I want you naked. Do you understand Rena?” she ordered sternly.

“Yes, I understand,” I answered quickly.

“Yes, what?” she enquired softly.

“Yes Mistress Bobby,” I answered meekly and heard the click of the line being terminated. She wanted a game of submission, she would get it. I would do anything to keep her happy.

Rising from the bathtub, I grabbed my towel and hurried to the door, unlocking it. I quickly dried my wet, excited body and tried to calm my nervousness. Walking to the bedroom, I threw back the covers to the bed and then second-guessed myself and made the bed again. She hadn’t mentioned the bed. Should I be sitting on it? Should I be laying down on it? After debating with myself for 5 minutes, I decided to lay down on my side and calm my nerves with some breathing exercises I had learned once.

I had almost succeeded when I heard the click of an opened door and footsteps. The echo of her light walk sent waves of desire rushing to my centre. Rolling onto my back, I spread my legs and waited for her commands. I wondered if she would want my knees bent, opened and exposed to her strict instructions.

Finally, she appeared in the doorway, fully clothed in her jeans and leather jacket. She had something in her hand, but I couldn’t see. We looked into each other’s eyes as she walked slowly to the bed. “It’s cold out there tonight Baby,” she stated, sitting on the bed carefully, her eyes drifting down my body to my opened cunt. “Bend your knees Baby. I have a surprise for your hot cunt,” she told me, as one hand drifted up my thigh. Her other hand quickly found my centre and I felt the cold, bitter snow she had hidden in her hand enter my cunt.

“Fuccck!!!” I screamed as the icy, hard snow melted into my hot pussy, soaking her hand and my cunt. The constant activity my pussy and clit had gotten that night, making it more sensitive to the bitter, frozen treat.

“Oh yesss, I knew you’d like that,” she whispered leaning over and kissing my hungry lips. Our tongues wrestling and battling against each other. I was torn with resentment that she could do this to me and that she just might leave me again.

Her thumb rubbed against my clit, making me squirm and buck. Two fingers entered my body and plunged inside to the warmth that lay there, wetting her hand, feeling my liquid heat. She moaned against my lips and I grabbed hold of her head forcing more of her tongue into me, tasting her, wanting her sweetness to envelope me completely. My body needed her in ways I couldn’t explain.

Pulling back from me, she got up from the bed and began to pull off her clothes. Pulling off her jacket, her sweater and pants and shoes, she stood before me in just her black thong panties. Turning her back on me, she bent completely over, her ass before me, my gaze running over her pretty, white body. The bedside light casting soft shadows on her perfect skin.

“I want you to get on the floor Slave. Get on the floor and take my panties izmit eve gelen escort off with just your mouth. Do you understand, Slave?” she demanded, her hands touching the floor, perfectly posed like a statue.

Quickly getting to the floor, the liquid between my legs leaking on to my thighs, I fell against her ass. Rubbing my face against the cheeks of her ass began to nibble and lick at the band of the thong. I could hear her breathing increase as my tongue and teeth grabbed the band and gently pulled it down, when it was halfway down her ass I licked the line between her cheeks, tickling the vulnerable skin there, digging my tongue in to taste her. She moaned and pushed back at my face, signalling she wanted more. I continued sucking an licking for a few seconds more before pulling the panties down her ass to her feet.

Stepping out of the panties she raised herself up and spread her legs. “Now lick me Slave, lick me until I tell you to stop,” Bobby ordered.

“Yes Mistress,” I replied, obeying her command. On my knees still, I arched my back getting between her legs and licked and sucked at her pussy, moaning my enjoyment.

“Yes Pet, that’s right, mommy likes it when you do that. Lick me there, yes Slave. Such a good girl,” she praised my tongue and hands. I reached back and ran my hands up her ass, fingering her opening, loving the heat that emanated there. “Mommy likes it when you touch her there Pet,” she purred, spreading her legs wider.

My tongue, flicked her clit, eating her with my greedy mouth, while my hands rubbed her ass and played with the little bud that hid inside her lovely ass cheeks. I eased my index finger into her ass and fucked her with it. She hunched her cunt into my mouth, holding my head firmly in her hands. If she had a cock, I probably would have gagged on it at this point. She was so controlling, I felt like an inexperienced child next to her.

I continued fucking my finger in and out of her ass, my face pressed to her wet, dripping cunt, her smooth, bald pussy sliding against my nose and mouth. Her scent was in my nose now. She was ready to cum, I could tell. I latched onto her clit and sucked it hard. “Oh Goddd!” Bobby yelled ramming her body against me. Plunging three fingers into her cunt, I shoved them high up into her body, her cunt flooding my wrist and hand. “Yes! I’m cumming! Fuck me!” she screamed grabbing my hand and slamming it hard against her slot.

I continued humping her ass with my index finger and licked and sucked her as she calmed, digging her hands into my long brown hair, caressing and patting me like a good little dog. “Good girl, so good. I really needed that Slave,” she explained, holding me to her tightly. “Get up and lie on the bed now my little Slut,” she ordered softly, gently shoving me away.

Dragging my weak body to the bed, I laid down on my back, “No! Lie on your stomach!” Mistress Bobby yelled. I quickly rolled over, my hair half caught under me and as I tried to pull it Bobby grabbed my hair and pulled hard. “Ouch!” I screamed as she twined the hair around her hand dragging my head back sharply.

“Is the safe word “ouch” Slave?” Mistress Bobby mocked.

“No Mistress,” I answered, closing my eyes to beat back the pain.

“What is it Rena?” she asked coldly, pulling harder on my hair.

“It… It’s vanilla ice-cream, Mistress Bobby,” I responded quickly.

“So do you mean “ouch” or “vanilla ice-cream” Slave?” she asked sweetly, her eyes angry and stern.

“I mean “ouch” Mistress,” I clarified, praying I hadn’t disappointed her.

“Fine,” she twisted my hair firmly again, eliciting an exclamation from me. “Don’t ever say “ouch” again, say “vanilla ice-cream” because I will ignore every scream, whimper, sob, shriek, complaint, but if you say “vanilla ice-cream” we can all get along just fine, right Slut? Hmm?” she asked rubbing her face into my hair.

“Yes, izmit otele gelen escort yes,” I agreed licking my lips and pushing my head back at her hand, wanting her to do anything she wanted to me.

“Ok my Pet,” she smiled, releasing my hair and climbing onto my body, her front draped over the back of my body. “I think you need a long, slow fuck right now though, don’t you Pet?” she asked. I could feel her small breast digging into my back and she slipped one of her legs between mine, opening my body. Her knee slid up, pushing into my cunt, rubbing against my wet heat.

“Yes, it’s been so long Mistress,” I groaned pushing back at her knee, spreading my legs more.

“Have you been with any men Slut? Don’t lie to me Rena, I’ll know!” she demanded.

“No,” I gasped, humping her knee. “No one .. Ah .. Uh … No one since you Mistress!” I confessed. Tears coming to my eyes as I realized I didn’t want any other man, I wanted Bobby.

“No one’s touched you Slave? No one’s sucked on your perfect breasts? Hmmm? Tell me Rena? I need to know the truth,” Bobby once again demanded, wanting complete loyalty from me.

“No one, I promise, on my mother’s life. There’s been no one Bobby. I didn’t want anyone else,” I explained, my tears wetting the pillow.

“I believe you,” she whispered against my cheek, kissing me softly, licking my tears away. “I’m sorry, I had to know Rena. It’s been hell for me too”

When my tears had stopped, she once again began moving her knee, her hands running down my sides. “I love the feel of your skin Slave. You’re so soft,” she smiled, moving my hair off my neck and kissing me there, slowly, sweetly running her tongue up my neck to the edge of my ear. She took the edge of my ear into her mouth and sucked and then ran her hands down my side and dipped them under me searching for my soft inner flesh there. When she found my clit, she opened me, digging her knee in more securely, feeling me tremble and buck.

Bobby could be so sweet, so kind and gentle with me when I needed it. I hadn’t realized how loving she could be, not just sexy and exciting but loving to me. I needed her body though more than anything else right now and she knew that. She knew it had been too long for me. I wasn’t use to denying myself and I had been without a man in my life for over a month.

“Please Mistress, I need you! I need to cum,” I pleaded, sobbing into the pillow.

She played with me, bucked her hips against my ass, rubbing herself, bringing the pleasure back into her own body. I could feel her wetness leaving a trail on my skin.

I pushed and shoved and rode her knee, my hands holding on to the bed post for leverage. My long hair falling free over both of us, tangling under her body, getting wet from her juices, from my fuck juices.

“What a juicy little thing you are Rena? Do you get this hot with a cock inside? Hmm? Do you want me to get a cock? I could ride you Baby!” she grunted fucking her knee into me, her hands exploring and bringing me unbelievable pleasure.

“I just want you Bobby. FUCK ME!” I whimpered, feeling the trigger being pulled that said I could cum any minute. I ground my pussy harder onto her bony, beautiful knee, feeling like a puppy humping its owner. My moans turning to gibberish and my panting to high pitched squeals and wheezing.

“I’MM … cuMMinggg!” I screamed, both of us bucking against each other, her fingers rolling and rubbing my pussy and clit.

“FUCK ME,” I whimpered and pleaded. My body tossing so violently that she almost slid off me.

“OH GODDDDD!” I yelled and came against her pistoning knee.

She gently soothed my tender flesh, rolling me over onto my back, she laid between my thighs licking the liquid that pooled there. I could do little more than sigh in approval, loving the feel of her tongue on my sensitive cunt. I pushed my hands into her short blond hair, pulling her up to my waiting lips.

She opened her hot mouth, taking my tongue inside, rubbing her’s against mine. I wanted to keep her forever. She was so much fun. “Mmm .. Did you like how Mommy made you cum? Hmm?” she grinned into my eyes.

“Yes, definitely,” I smiled back. I think I’m in love.

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