Aurora Ch. 04

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I was sitting by the bar, where a muscular young gay guy served me a Martini while talking about his boyfriend, when Olivia entered. She looked around confused, searching for me, but at the same time scanning the unfamiliar environment.

I sipped on the Martini as she came closer, finally recognizing me. I guess, me wearing a tight bodysuit with a short orange miniskirt and a fishnet top was enough of a change from the drab teacher dress she knew me in that I wasn’t immediately recognizable. Or maybe it was the stark makeup that I wore in favour of the stupid aurora lipstick. Who knows.

The bar was called ‘Silhouette’, and the interior would’ve almost matched the half-red-and-orange lipstick colour. That, combined with the strange moody lighting made everyone around look like they were in black and white. I rather liked it, I decided.

“Hi,” I said smiling as she reached me. “I’m so glad you found it.”

“Hey,” she replied, nodding. “Yeah. I… ‘ve never been here. What kind of place is this?”

I giggled. “My kind of place,” I said. “For my kind of people. I thought since you’re all hot for pussy, we might as well meet in a gay bar.”

“Oh,” Olivia said, astounded. For a moment, she looked like she didn’t know if she should stay or go.

“Martini?” the bartender interrupted her.

“What? Yeah, sure,” she answered. I watched her as she took a seat next to me. She was looking nice, I had to give her that. A little too nice for a girl that gave peep shows in bathroom stalls. Plain white dress, almost knee length, with a nice cut that did display her cleavage in the most highlighting way. She had puffed up her hair a bit and wore some lipstick, but that seemed to be the whole extend of length she went to dress up for the occasion.

Not that she needed any more dressing up. For a moment I was jealous and wished back the times when all I needed was to throw on a skimpy thing and felt sexy enough for anything. We clinked glasses and sipped.

“So,” I said, “I’ve got a little quiz for you, just to break the ice.” She smiled, nodding.

“Let’s say,” I started, “that you’d really, really wanted to get between my legs.” Now she looked down shyly, probably all flustered which wasn’t all too easily visible in the reddish lighting. “Aw, don’t be shy,” I said, placing a hand on her leg, laughing. “We both know that’s why we’re here, right?”

She shrugged and took another sip, more like a gulp. “Well, I’ve already been between your casino şirketleri legs, so it would only be fair, wouldn’t it?” I mused. “Anyway, so what would you say when I told you that in order to get there, you would first have to give head to a random stranger, and then let him take you up the ass?”

Now her brow furrowed. “What kind of question is that?” she asked, upset.

I laughed. “I know, right?” I said. “There was this guy, once, who, like, totally had the hots for me. I mean totally. So I asked him the same question.”

Relieved that I was seemingly telling a tale instead of testing her fortitude, she laughed lightly. “And what did he say?” she asked curiously.

“Well,” I replied, enjoying the moment. “There’s nothing quite like your first cock, is there? I mean, feeling the size of it in your mouth, the strange, unfamiliar feeling, that somehow seems all too natural, for some reason. The way it fills you up, hits the back of your throat, the different ways you try to suck on it, munch on it, feel the reaction it gives…” I sighed.

She purred in response. “Mmh,” she said. “I know what you mean.”

“Right?” I asked, laughing. “So I was actually jealous that his first cock was such a nice one. I mean, gay guys have the nicest cocks, don’t they? And this one was particularly well hung, so I’d have traded his first cock for mine any day of the week.”

“Oh wow,” she answered. “So he did it? All of it?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know,” I said. “Let me show you something.”

I put down my glass and took her by the hand, not waiting for a response. Gently, I dragged her behind me to the back door, where famously the more raunchy action was taking place. It opened into a small, secluded, dimly lit alley, where a few crates and boxes were strategically placed to provide a little cover and at the same time give easy accommodation, should anyone need to lay on their backs at hip height.

Like the tall, muscular bearded guy with the well hung dick, for example. He had reclined on one of the crates and his thick, stiff, neat cock moved into the young man’s ass with ease, who was riding him and seemingly enjoying it. His own dick was all hard and erect, flopping up and down with the motion, hitting his belly every time he descended back on the copiously lubed shaft and took it a little further into his virgin ass.

Mesmerized by the motion, it took her a little until she recognized him. “Darrell!” she finally gasped.

“Aw,” casino firmaları I said, “right, you two know each other from the bathroom. Well, he was just as eager to get between my legs as you were, so I thought we’d make a little threesome out of it.”

A whole range of emotions played across her face: Disbelief, anger, disgust, fascination, arousal, shame, lust, wonder, admiration and confusion. She knew she couldn’t rightfully be angry at him for cheating, since she was here to do the very same thing to him, and so finally, I pulled her close and placed a long, deep kiss on her lips, easing her turmoil.

She welcomed it, embraced it, hung on my lips like a lifeline, sucked on my tongue as it entered her mouth deep and glanced sideways, making sure her boyfriend watched it all.

And he did. His eyes followed her as she went down on her knees, running her hands up and down my thighs, pushing the skirt up slightly to nuzzle her nose against the bodysuit across my crotch. Undeterred, he bounced up and down on the cock, stroking his own with one hand as she pulled the thin strip of fabric aside and without hesitation licked long and broad across my labia.

I gasped at her sudden eagerness. She was just as inexperienced at licking pussy as her boyfriend, but she was a woman, after all, and knew what women like. Her tongue flicked across my clit with ease, before she sucked at it gently, pulling it deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt her enter me with one finger from underneath, pushing up into my hot, wanton little cunt, that hasn’t gotten any all day, despite the many occasions it could have. Finally, I was getting fucked.

And I enjoyed it, running my fingers through her hair as she sucked on me, pushed up harder and faster inside me, fucking me with a finger that was sadly all too thin and short. I looked over at Darrell’s cock, longingly. His eyes met mine, and he groaned deeply as the hulky guy he was riding grunted and shot his load up inside him.

Darrell came, copiously, strings of cum splashing up against his own torso, the rest running down his dick and balls. When the big guy wanted to cuddle, he just climbed off of him and came over to us, kneeling besides Olivia and helping her lick. They kissed, having come to terms with the situation, and I leaned back onto a box, pulling myself slightly up on it and spread my legs invitingly.

It didn’t take long for him to get the message. Olivia was sucking him hard again, licking his cum off güvenilir casino his body and swallowing it, getting his dick back up in no time. She was much more proficient at giving head than licking pussy, I had to concede.

Finally, he stood between my legs, looking at me. “Mmh, you worked hard for this, my sweet boy,” I said, grinning up at him. “You must really want it.”

He nodded, running the head of his cock along my labia, as he did before in my office. “Well, then give it to me good,” I purred, looking sideways at Olivia. “And you,” I said to her, “come here and let me taste you.”

His dick entered me with force, drilled up inside me deep and hard, all the way in. He grabbed my legs and pulled himself in and out, grinding his hips against mine, fucking me senseless. Olivia joined us, and with some difficulty I pulled her on top of the crate, straddling my face. The white flowery panties she wore underneath her dress had me disappointed at her decency, but the young stud was hammering me so good that I got over myself and just pushed them aside, hungry for more.

Her puffy slit was right above my nose, and I grabbed her butt and pulled her down hard, until my lips docked with her labia, sucking hard at it. She moaned and shuddered, as I expertly clenched her clit between my teeth, munching and pulling at it, while her boyfriend pounded their teacher’s cunt mercilessly.

Above me, I could hear them kiss and moan together, when I ran two fingers along her twat, dipping them into her cunt juice, but then inserted them into her sweet little asshole. Being already used to that, she took them in easily and, if anything, got even more wet from the intrusion. I fucked her little asshole in the same rhythm that her boyfriend was pumping into my muff, nibbling and sucking on her clit. She gasped, shaking slightly, pressing her crotch just a little more down on my mouth.

Finally, I bit her, as his thrusts intensified and I could feel him building up to a climax. I bit her clit hard, slapping her butt with my other hand until it stung. That did it for her. She started a long, high-pitched wail and her legs began to shiver and shake, and just as I felt Darrell’s creamy sperm hit my insides, her cunt exploded in my face, gushing all over me.

I came hard, over and over and over, revelling in the feeling of cum inside me, cum on me, slurping and swallowing it from her pussy, then coming some more as she bent down and licked his semen out of my muff. It was a long stream of climaxes, and it left me thoroughly exhausted. Yes, I finally thought, I don’t think I had any more objections of sharing the bathrooms with students.

In fact, I might just start a show of my own.

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