Aunt Janet’s Farewell

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Aunt Janet and I had enjoyed a quick shower and had gotten dressed. For having just turned 30, she certainly seemed to have hit the fountain of youth concerning sex. Aunt Janet had on shorty shorts and a skimpy camisole. She had a smoking body. She looked hot with her big, dark nipples poking through the fabric, barely hiding her assets. I started to get a tingle in the groin thinking about sliding my cock between those tits.

Then Roxanne came through the front door. My wife of two months was only eight years younger than Aunt Janet. They had grown up like sisters. Roxanne looked as if she had run a marathon. Her hair was messed up and her clothes just weren’t fitting as smooth as when I left her this morning.

“Did you get the hot tub fixed?” Roxanne asked.

“It was just the circuit breaker,” Aunt Janet explained.

“What were you guys doing all morning then?”

Aunt Janet was making sandwiches for lunch as she replied, “I kept Billy busy!”

After lunch Roxanne told Aunt Janet that she could see her boobs under the camisole. They were in full view when she leaned over. With that bahis firmaları Aunt Janet walked closer to Roxanne and slid the camisole off.

“Would you like a closer look?” as she took Roxanne’s hands and placed them on her boobs. “Pull on my nipples,” she commanded Roxanne. Aunt Janet’s nipples were growing more erect and getting bigger as Roxanne pulled on them. “Now suck on this one” as she placed her right nipple in front of her mouth. As Roxanne started sucking Aunt Janet’s nipple, I slid my cock out from my shorts and started to stroke it.

“Come here Billy.” Aunt Janet commanded and I walked over. She grabbed my cock in her hand and started to stoke it. “We had lots of fun Roxy,” she told my wife. “Would you like to see me deep throat your husband?”

“Oh yes, let me watch that!” Roxanne moaned.

Aunt Janet turned and swallowed my 8 inches. She bobbed up and down, swallowing my whole cock and then coming up for air and then back again. Roxanne moved closer to me and started to kiss me, murmuring “That is so hot!” Soon Roxanne was pulling hard on Aunt Janet’s tits. Grabbing Aunt Janet’s kaçak iddaa nipples, Roxanne was pulling those boobs as far off her chest as possible. Then she let go and started again. Aunt Janet was moaning while sucking my cock. The Aunt Janet told Roxanne it was her turn to blow me. Roxanne told me to sit on the kitchen table and was soon bent over sucking my cock. Aunt Janet was behind Roxanne and licking her back and ass. Then she grabbed her butt cheeks, pulled them apart and ran her tongue over and in Roxanne’s puckered anus. Roxanne moaned in pleasure. Aunt Janet graduated to her middle finger. Slowly she inserted it in Roxanne’s anus. Then she pulled it out and then back in. Soon she was finder fucking Roxanne’s asshole faster and faster. Then to two and three fingers. Slowly she stretched out Roxanne’s asshole.

“Roxy, Billy is going to fuck your asshole now. Take your mouth off his cock, spit on it and then get ready!”

Roxanne remained bent over the table as I mounted her anus from behind. As I entered Roxanne’s anus, Aunt Janet slid her finger in my anus as well. “Roxy, I’ve got my middle finger in kaçak bahis your husband’s ass while he’s fucking your ass! Do you find that hot?”

“Fuck yes! Finger his ass!”

Aunt Janet wanted me to come on Roxanne’s face, so I pumped faster and faster in her ass. Her finger was deep in my asshole as I pumped my wife. I’ve never felt like this before. I couldn’t delay any longer. I pulled out and Roxanne turned to take a load on her face. It was centered on her nose and eyes. Aunt Janet came to Roxanne and started to lick it off her face. Then she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth and let me taste my own cum. Then she went back for more.

After we were cleaned up, Aunt Janet told Roxanne that she and I had been having all sorts of kinky sex the last two days. Roxanne acted shocked that I would have all those different kinds of sex. She had never known that I liked that.

“I’m not sure that I knew either.” I replied. “But I know now. I want to visit your Aunt more often and I think that we should have a three way more often. And remember that you promised to fuck me with a strap on tonight and then I can fuck your ass again.”


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32