Audrey , Judy , Pete Pt. 03

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After three weeks, Pete and Jim Nelson had hammered out a final agreement with Exxon. Audrey would receive $5. 5 million up front plus $10,000 per month for five years or until she remarried. Jim had bought Jack’s share of their partnership for $250,000, with $50,000 down and the rest paid over three years with 10% interest. The penthouse condo was turned over to a realtor for sale; it was expected to net over a half million.

Audrey was obviously on “Easy Street” for life. But she joked that she couldn’t “afford” to find and marry “Mr. Right” for at least five years, so she would have to continue to “impose” upon Pete to fill her sexual needs until then! Pete said he’d just have to grit his teeth and do his duty!

Audrey decided to move to California and live with Judy and Pete indefinitely. She sold Jack’s big Mercedes sedan and bought a Mercedes sports coupe in San Diego. Pete’s Rancho Santa Fe home had over 6000 square feet, a four-car garage, and a beautiful heated outdoor pool with a huge hot tub. The 3-acre property was professionally landscaped, secluded and enclosed with a high block wall for security and privacy. A coded electric gate controlled vehicle access. Audrey moved into one of the large guest suites. She planned to resurrect her neglected modeling career; she was happier than she’d ever been in her entire life!

One morning after the move, Audrey stepped from the shower, picked up a large pink bath towel and rubbed her glistening body vigorously. She scrubbed her teeth, fluffed her hair, dabbed on some exotic perfume, wrapped the towel around her torso and sauntered down the hall to the master bedroom. As she entered the room, Pete and Judy were sprawled naked on the huge bed. Judy lay on her back, Pete was half on top of her, and they were kissing fervently. Pete had one arm around her neck teasing a big nipple, and his other hand played with the other voluptuous breast. Judy was gently stroking Pete’s swelling cock with one hand and her blond pussy with the other.

Pete casino şirketleri looked up at Audrey and said, “C’mon, Audrey, join the fun.”

“No, thanks. I’ll just sit here in this love seat and watch the action.”

“You know you won’t be able to stay away. You’re too much of a sexpot!” said Pete.

“Oh yes, I can!”

“I’ll bet you a steak dinner you’ll be joining us before we’re through!”

“You’re on” Audrey answered, but she slipped one hand beneath the towel to play with her stiffening nipples.

Pete whispered conspiratorially in Judy’s ear and she smiled and giggled softly. Then she turned on to her left side, facing Audrey, and Pete snuggled tightly against her velvety ass. She bent her right leg upward, and reaching through her legs, pulled Pete’s rigid cock in between the gaping lips of her oozing pussy. As he thrust gently back and forth, she held the head firmly against her protruding clit. Pete’s hands continued caressing both swollen breasts, and Judy twisted her head to duel with his tongue and devour his mouth. She moaned loudly (for Audrey’s sake) as Pete gently twisted and massaged her rigid nipples.

Judy gazed directly at Audrey through hooded eyes, running her tongue over her moist lips. She said breathlessly, “He has lots of pre-cum. And it’s so slippery. I love to rub it all over his big hard-on. And now I’m rubbing some into my cunt to make it nice and juicy. For what comes later! And on my clit. It’s so stiff and swollen! Oh, Audrey, I’m so excited! Come and join us! Or join us and cum!”

Audrey just mumbled something in reply. She slumped forward to the edge of the seat, and moved one hand between her legs to play with her hungry pussy as she intensified the mauling of her erect nipples.

As Judy continued rubbing Pete’s cock hard against her now throbbing clit, she suddenly cried, “Oh, I’m cumming! So harrdd! It’s so GOOD!!”

Then she arched her back slightly, pressed the head of Pete’s cock into the entrance to her cavern and slowly casino firmaları engulfed his long, hard prick. Pete began gently pushing in and out.

Her breath coming in huge gasps, Judy cried, “Dear Sister, you shouldn’t have to masturbate like that. Not when there are two people here who adore you. You need a hard cock in your cunt, not your fingers. Or a lover’s lips on your pussy! Come on over, Audrey; let us take care of you! Ooohh, I’m cumming AGAIN!!”

Audrey threw the towel completely aside and jammed three fingers vigorously into her flowing cunt, and rubbed her throbbing clit with the other hand, finally reaching the orgasm she’d been striving for. But still, it wasn’t what she really wanted and needed.

So she lurched from the love seat and clambered onto the bed, saying, “You win! How do you like your steak, Pete?”

“Medium rare! Just like your pussy . . . . pink and tender. Moist and delicious!!”

Audrey lay on her left side, reversed beside Judy, put her face in Judy’s cunt and began devouring it and laving Pete’s plunging cock. At the same time, she pushed her pussy at Judy’s head, bending her right leg up to allow better access. Judy put her head on Audrey’s soft thigh and began sucking her hot pussy and clit while shoving two fingers into that swollen cunt.

In no time, Audrey went over the top, sobbing, “Oohh, God! At last!!” And she pulled Pete’s cock out of Judy’s flowing cunt and engulfed it with her ravenous mouth.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned. “You’re right . . . . I needed Pete’s cock!” But then she stuffed it back in Judy’s gaped-open pussy, and resumed sucking her protruding clit.

As Judy felt Pete’s thrusts becoming more frantic, she cried out, “Darling, don’t come in me! Save it for Audrey! Back off! Please!”

As Pete withdrew, Judy held tightly to Audrey and rolled over so she was on top. Both girls continued to lick and suck and tease until they both came again, crying out in ecstasy.

Then Judy pushed herself up on her arms, keeping güvenilir casino her dripping pussy pressed against Audrey’s devouring mouth. “C’mon, Pete. Fuck her now!! She needs it!” And she reached down and began lovingly kneading the hard nubbin between Audrey’s legs.

Pete moved around between Audrey’s widespread thighs and kneeling, rubbed his swollen prick up and down between the gaping lips of her cunt. Then holding himself up on his arms, he pressed his stiff erection completely into her flowing pussy. Audrey’s groans of pleasure were muffled in Judy’s cunt. Pete began kissing and sucking Judy’s jutting breasts as he drove vigorously into Audrey.

As Judy continued moving her pussy back and forth against Audrey’s hungry mouth, she exploded again.

“OOOOOHH, Lord! It’s wonderful! Audrey, you have a marvelous mouth!!”

Pete leaned back on his knees and lifted Audrey’s squirming ass onto his thighs, continuing his powerful thrusts. Judy’s magical fingers on Audrey’s clit pushed Audrey over the edge again.

“MMMMNNGGGHHH!!” she wailed into Judy’s spasming pussy.

Judy threw her arms around Pete’s neck, mashed her mouth to his, pressed Audrey’s head into the mattress and came once again, wailing with rapture.

Finally it was too much for Pete. He drove hard all the way into Audrey’s throbbing hole and began spurting deep inside.


After many wrenching spasms, he withdrew and slid down to the bed on his side. Judy, still coming, leaned down and fastened her mouth to Audrey’s clit, plunging two fingers in and out of that throbbing cunt. And Audrey came again, screaming softly into Judy’s gushing cunt. The girls continued for several more minutes, pleasuring each other and coming again and again! Finally, sated, they rolled apart. Pete crawled between their sweating bodies and hugged both his lovers.

Judy said softly, “When we get our strengths back, we’re going out and get the best steak we can find. And it’s Audrey’s treat!”

Audrey replied, “That’s okay, it was well worth it. I’ll buy steaks all around every day we equal that fantastic love session!”

Pete groaned, “I’m so drained. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fuck again!”

“Wanna bet?” Audrey chuckled.

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