At The Car Wash

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The new automated car wash had succeeded in drawing a number of drivers who were willing to pay over the odds to get their car cleaned and waxed. The queues were often down the road with people putting in their money and putting their vehicle through the machine. The car wash itself was a low building with huge windows which allowed the casual observer to watch the brushes and sprays clean, buff and polish before depositing the cars out shining like new with a coating of super tough polymer coating.

Jackie Smith had seen the queues and curiosity had got the better of her, she was not naturally car proud but thought that her old Ford Focus could do with having the layers of mud and muck washed away. She pulled into the petrol station and joined the queue, she was on her way to work where she would become WPC Smith, a mounted police officer, she day dreamed as the cars moved forward until she was almost next in the queue. She pushed down the clutch to move her car forward when a silver Mercedes sped into the gap before her. She shouted out before opening her door and stepping towards the car. She knocked hard on the window.

“Excuse me madam, you have jumped the queue.”

The well dressed business woman pressed the button and the window whirred down. “Oh piss off some of us are busy.”

“Madam, may I advise you that I am a police officer.” Jackie was fuming but trying to keep herself calm and professional.

The woman looked her up and down. “Really?” She drawled. “Lost your horse have you?”

“Step out of the car…”

The woman just laughed pulling her car forwards and pushing her credit card into the payment machine ignoring Jackie. She pressed the button that would start the wash cycle and closed her window.

Jackie would later admit that she had been wrong in what she did next, leaping towards the car and dragging the woman from her seat had been highly unprofessional. The woman shrieked, swearing at Jackie.

“Get your hands off me!” She snarled. “I pay your wages and don’t you forget it!”

Jackie lurched forward but the woman was fast, pushing Jackie back. “Don’t you touch me!”

Jackie fell backwards landing heavily on güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the wet floor, she struggled to her feet and went to step towards the woman but found her right foot was caught. Looking down she saw that her right boot had slipped into the conveyor track which pulled cars through the car wash, the track would normally grip a car tyre but had closed on her foot and was pulling her backwards. She tried to free her foot but it was locked into the machine now, there was no escape, at least not until. Jackie looked over her shoulder as the brushes started to whirr into life behind her.

The woman saw what was happening and laughed loudly. Jackie snarled, reaching behind her back she pulled her hand cuffs from her belt and reached forwards slapping one cuff on the laughing woman’s wrist.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” The woman hissed coldly.

Jackie smiled “Well, you did want a wash didn’t you?” With this she locked the second cuff on her own wrist. The woman suddenly realised what was happening as she was started to be led into the machine.

“You stupid cow!” She tried to pull back but was unable to get free. “Give me the keys!”

“They are in my car.” Jackie laughed. They were both pulled into the machine just as powerful water jets hit their bodies. They both gasped and spluttered as they were soaked. Jackie’s white blouse became almost totally see through revealing a frilly black and red bra. She blushed for a moment, she had left the washing and this had been the last one left that was clean. The other woman’s perfect hair was soon slicked to her head, she was opening and closing her mouth soundlessly in shock. As suddenly as the jets had started they stopped, both women looked at each other.

“It looks like someone has pressed the stop button. When we get out of here I will report you to the chief constable, he is a good fiend of my husband, they play golf together..-” Her sentence was cut short as the machine started the next part of the cycle and jets all around them started to spray thick white foam over their bodies. The woman shrieked as she became coated in the thick foam which had the consistency güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of shaving foam and had coated them from head to toe. Jackie was blinking trying to see through a thick coat of foam, shaking her head she felt a pull and was dragged deeper into the machine.

“Oh shit!” Jackie looked back and saw that the brushes were next. They were multicoloured and were now spinning rapidly, she tried to struggle free but it was useless. The first brush hit her back, it was not unpleasant but was forceful, she felt it pulling at her blouse before the damp material ripped and was tattered down her back. The business suited woman fared even worse, she was engulfed by two brushes which tore at her jacket and skirt. As the brushes moved towards each other she disappeared into their clutches, Jackie could hear her shrieks and moans. It was almost a minute before the brushes moved back. The woman was shell shocked, her suit was in tatters and her silk blouse almost non-existent. She was now standing in a pure white bra and panties and black stockings and suspenders. Jackie looked away, she was rather embarrassed to find that the sight of this woman before her, even in her ruined state, was somewhat exciting.

There was a clunk behind Jackie and she realised that it was her turn for the full brush treatment. They embraced her, pulling at her body like a thousand feathers, she moaned as the brushes stroked her jodhpured thighs and legs and tickled her breasts through her bra. She sighed as the brushes pulled back. Both women stood looking at each other, there was an unspoken moment, there was still an electricity of anger in the air but also a different tension.

The business woman was about to speak when she was hit with another wave of foam, she had paid for the top wash and so they were going to get the works… She stepped forward and embraced Jackie. Initially Jackie made to pull back but as the warm foam covered them both found herself wanting to be held more tightly. She nervously opened her mouth to kiss the other woman, she hungrily kissed her back, tasting of soap and expensive lipstick.

Jackie gasped as the brushes hit them both güvenilir bahis şirketleri again, she shuddered as the joint touch of the woman and the brushes over came her previous shyness. The moment was cut short as they were sprayed with a wave of hot water. She felt herself being dragged on until they were in a clean area of the wash, standing on a grid. The brushes behind them stopped. There was a silence for a moment, Jackie started to speak but the other woman put her finger on her lips.

The silence was broken by the sound of pumps, the two women looked around they noticed that there was a box above them. Jackie was about to ask what this was when there was a clung and the box opened engulfing them in a heavy sludge. Outside the car wash the window was printed with the words ‘Polymer Coating’ and text explaining that it sealed your car and prevented dirt and damage. The two women just felt the heavy gunge sliding across their bodies. Jackie sighed as the business woman reached down between her legs, loosening her jodhpurs and sliding her hand into her panties before starting to use the warm polymer as a lubricant for her already wet sex.

Jackie did not resist for long as the orgasm flooded her body, the other woman was skillful and smiled as she held Jackie in her arms. The gunge stopped flowing and they were left standing dripping the blue liquid. They kissed deeply.

Ssuddenly there was a whirr, above their heads a massive fan heater started running. Jackie gasped as the heat started to set the polymer. “What is this?” She stared wildly. “You were supposed to have switched that off!”

“Shit sorry Jack’s” The woman frowned. “I was a bit excited!” She smiled. “This is quite nice…”

“Nice…” Jackie hissed. “The polymer is setting…” Jackie’s voice became quieter as the sticky gunge was setting like glue. On a car it would run off and a thin coating would remain on the bodywork, it had reacted with their skin and clothes and they were coated with a thick coating which had glued them together.

The car wash cycle ended and Jackie was dragged out of the machine, her boot released from the conveyor. The crowd which had been watching what had been happening cheered as the two woman emerged a blue tinged statue.

The fire brigade laughed when they arrived. Simon Jackson the watch leader approached the women. “Is that you Jackie?” She flickered her eyes. “And Sue?” He sighed. “And another accident?” He smiled. “Okay, we will get you free… Again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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