Ass on the Menu

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I was in my junior year of college and was hating life since I was still a virgin. It wasn’t for lack of trying, but my natural shyness overwhelmed my horniness more often than not. I had taken a job in the dining halls as an easy way to make some money and it was a pretty cool job. After I had been there a few weeks, I noticed that one of the full-time workers was talking to me about more and more personal stuff. I was naturally oblivious since I didn’t think a 40 year old chubby lunch-lady type would be hitting on me.

She was cute for an older lady with a dirty blond pageboy haircut, and a cute face. She was friendly to me and I liked her for it. One of the other regular workers laughed a bit after seeing her talk to me and clued me in that Sandy was always hitting on the guy student workers. He told me she’d eventually start hanging on me more and more blatantly. They all thought she was sort of a joke since she was pretty obvious about wanting to fuck 19 and 20-year-old students, but most of them wouldn’t be caught dead with her since she was only 5-2 and about 220 lbs and in her late 40’s.

As I was listening to him laugh it off I was thinking that while he thought she was a fat desperate joke, I was thinking that her big fat ass was kind of fun to look at. She usually wore jeans and I started noticing her jiggly butt more and more.

A few days later she casually asked if I’d like to go to the local high school’s football game Friday night after work. I told her I’d love to go and she gave me a smile and hug and said “Great! We’ll have fun!”

I came in for my Friday shift and she hurried right up. “Are we still on for tonight?” she asked.

“Sure Sandy. Just one problem. The water heater is out in my apartment building and I’m going to feel gross after work. Will we have time to swing by the gym so I can use one of the showers there?”

“Oh don’t do that. We can swing by my place and you can use the one in my apartment. It’s on the way there anyway.”

“Perfect,” I said. “I’ll see you after work.”

Work was its usually mixture of tedious tasks and people getting worked up over nothing. But a few hours later it came to a close and I found myself in the parking lot waiting for Sandy. We hopped into her car and made small talk about work as she drove to her apartment. It was a cute little one above a business a few blocks from campus. She showed me the bathroom and said she’d get some towels. I stripped down and hopped in the shower. I heard the door open and Sandy said “I’ll leave these here for you. Give a shout if you need anything else.”

“Thanks Sandy!”

I peeked out of the curtain and noticed she left the door cracked. Hmmm, I finished up and stepped out of the shower – pretending not to notice the door. I was certain she was watching, so I made a show out of drying off, making sure to spend a lot of time bent over drying my legs.

“Sandy?” I called when I noticed my clothes were gone. “Where’s did my clothes go?”

“I tossed them into the laundry while you were in there. I left a robe hanging on the back of the door.”

The only robe was a pink terrycloth robe so I tugged it on and stepped out. Sandy walked past me into the bathroom and said “My turn” bahis firmaları as she closed the door behind her.

No peeping for me I guess.

I decided to be nosy and started poking thru her drawers. In her night stand I found a vibrator, 2 dildos and a buttplug. I smiled to myself as I thought of her using these. I thought I’d try her own trick, so I opened the bathroom door, poked my head in and asked if I could get something to drink. Her soapy head looked out and said “help yourself”. I saw her smile as I left the door cracked open.

After a while the water turned off and I could see her drying off. Her tits were a little smallish for a plump lady and she had an obvious belly. When she turned around, I could see her jiggly ass was as big and beautiful as I imagined. She seemed to take extra time bent over drying her legs also which made me smile. That confirmed it. She had been watching me.

I retreated to the living room as she got closer to finishing and started poking around her videos so it wouldn’t look like I was a leering pervert (it was her apartment, so she could leer all she liked). I quickly discovered that when someone lives alone, they don’t feel the need to hide their naughty stuff that well and she had several porn dvd’s behind the regular ones. She had some interesting tastes

judging from titles like “Cum to Momma”, “Kiss My Fat Ass” and “These Toes Were Made for Sucking” to go along with some of the more “conventional” porn titles.

I was looking at the back cover of “Kiss My Fat Ass” when she asked if I found anything interesting. I jumped a little bit since I hadn’t heard her come out of the bathroom and tried to act non-chalante as a I answered “Oh, one or two seem to be interesting. Do you have any favorites?”

She smiled and said “Well, that one you are holding there is pretty nice.”

“Well then, lets put it on and see what’s so great about it while we wait for my clothes to dry.”

I could smell her freshly washed hair as she came over and took the dvd from me to put it in the player. She sat next to me on the couch as it started playing. It wasn’t much in the way of plot, but a nice jiggly fat lady was sunning herself in her back year when the peeping neighbor came over and pretty soon he was pulling her thong aside and pushing his face between her fleshy ass cheeks. Sandy’s bathrobe was doing very little to disguise how much I was enjoying this and after the lovely lady on screen was having her butthole worshiped, Sandy started gently stroking my rapidly

hardening cock.

“Hmmm, someone seems to like the sight of a young man licking a big lady’s ass, eh?” Taking a hint from one of her other DVD titles, I asked, “Does mommy want a tongue up her butt too?”

Her purr was all the invitation I needed as I leaned into her and hungrily kissed her. Her tongue was like nothing I’d dreamed of as it danced all around my mouth. I pulled away from her mouth and started licking her ear and she made more pleased noises. I nibbled my way lower down her neck and pulled her robe apart so I could suck her titties. She leaned back as I took first one nipple between my teeth and then the other. After spending several wonderful minutes licking, sucking and kaçak iddaa nibbling her lovely tits, she pushed me gently away and stood up. We both shrugged off our robes.

Sandy say back down and I kneeled before her. She extended her right foot and I took hold of it and started licking along the sole. She closed her eyes contentedly as I worshiped her foot. Licking the sole and sucking each of her toes.

“Mmmmm, Mama likes,” she purred as I switched to her left foot and kept at it until her toes were slick with my saliva. I kissed my way up her fleshy calves and thighs until I reached her wet pussy. The aroma and taste were not what I had expected, but quickly learned to love it as I lapped away hungrily. Her flabby thighs clamped around my head tightly as she came and drenched me in her juices. After her 5th cum or so (I was having too much fun to count) I looked up into her lovely eyes.

“Can mama turn over so I can lick her butt?”

“Yes baby. Come put your face in mama’s ass.”

She turned on the couch and pushed her massive ass into the air. I scooted closer and began to plant kisses all over her massive asscheeks. She moaned as I kissed and licked all over her jiggling ass cheeks. I worked my way closer to her asscrack and ran my hands over her big cheeks, loving every second I was able to be so raunchy with her. Eventually I started to lick all up and down the length of her ass crack. She leaned farther forward to push her ass farther at me and to spread her cheeks farther. My licks began to work deeper and deeper into her asscrack. I had to push my face between her butt cheeks to get closer to her asshole. I pulled her cheeks apart and looked at her little rosebud that was gently winking at me as she moved.

“Oh please baby, kiss mama’s ass!” she begged.

I licked closer and closer to Sandy’s lovely asshole and when my tongue grazed it for the first time, she shivered and pushed back against my face.

“That’s it baby. Mama loves having her asshole licked.”

Sandy started moaning louder as I dug into her asshole with relish. I pulled her cheeks apart further and leaned in as far as I could. My tongue danced all over her twitching asshole. The tip of my tongue alternated between circling her sexy asshole and long licks up and down her asscrack.

Sandy reached back to pull her cheeks as wide as possible, freeing my hands to start spanking her asscheeks. Once I slapped her cheeks the first time she cried out in pure pleasure. Taking my cue from that I started alternating spanks on her left and right cheeks while I kept worshiping her fat ass.

Sandy came twice more just from me working my tongue up into her asshole. She loved when I would work my tongue into her butthole and then she would squeeze against it and force it back out. By that time I was rock hard.

Sandy abruptly stood up after cumming and told me to sit down on the couch. I scooted to the edge of the couch and spread my legs as she knelt down in front of me.

“That’s it baby. Just sit back and let Mama make you feel good.”

She started by lifting my left foot and kissing it gently and then licking the sole. I’d never had that done and it felt different, but good. It felt better when she kaçak bahis started worming her tongue between my toes and gently sucking on them. She had a dreamy look on her face as she did this that told me she was really turned on worshiping my feet. I really liked watching her face as she worked on my toes.

She repeated her ministrations to my other foot as well, and after a while started kissing her way up my leg. She twisted a bit to lick the backs of my knees which was surprisingly fun as well. She kept kissing up my thighs and my cock jumped as her hair brushed against it.

She kissed the head of my cock gently and then pushed my knees up.

She looked me in the eyes and said “Now its Mama’s turn to lick her lil boy’s asshole.”

She smiled broadly as she pulled my cheeks apart and kissed my directly on my asshole. I had played with my own asshole many times while masturbating and had experimented with fucking my own ass with various things (my fingers, carrots, broom handle, neighbor’s vibrator I found while babysitting…), but it was a really different experience to have someone else do it.

Sandy took my light moan as encouragement and started lapping away at my asshole like it was an ice cream cone. Her tongue was digging into my asshole and I started squirming with pleasure. The wet slurping sounds she made were a real turn on, as was watching her work. Her eyes were staring at my nether regions as he head bobbed in and out.

My asshole was soaking wet with her saliva when she moved up to lick the underside of my balls. They were bouncing against her face as she switched from licking them to sucking on them and back. I was in college boy Heaven as this fat lunch lady started licking up and down the shaft of my cock.

“Oh yes Sandy,” I hissed as she engulfed mt cock in one swallow and started sucking her way down it. I could feel her tongue massaging it as her nose pressed against my pubic hair. She backed off to just having the tip of my cock in her mouth and then back down to the base. Her eyes were closed in contentment as she sucked my dick. Before too long, she pulled off my cock and stood up. She moved forward and straddled my hips. She moaned loudly as her fiery pussy slid down onto my saliva soaked cock. Her pussy gripped my cock like an iron glove and she started to bounce on my cock. She pressed tight against me and kissed me. Our tongues were wild in each other’s mouths and she fell into a comfortable rhythm.

I held her tight as we fucked each other with vigor. She leaned back to thrust onto me harder and I reached up to squeeze her boobs. She moaned more as I pinched her nipples in time with my thrusts up into her.

Her moans got louder and louder as her speed picked up. I was getting close to cumming and she was too. I couldn’t hold on any longer and started to erupt into her creamy pussy. A moment later her pussy clamped down on me and she cried out and trembled against me. She held me tight as our bodies came down from the orgasm. We held each other and just enjoyed the closeness as our breathing returned to normal.

She lifted her head from my shoulder and looked at me. “Thank you,” she said.

“No, thank YOU.” I insisted with a satisfied smile. “Well, we seem to have missed kickoff for the game. Any ideas for what to do next?”

“Well, I have a few other videos that I have hidden away in the bedroom that might give us a few ideas,” she replied with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32