Ashley’s Neighbor Helps Out

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andandAshley had just turned 19 and thankfully this was her last day of school. She was starting a new job on Monday and would be leaving for college in the fall. Despite being 19 years old, unfortunately she looked like she was no more than 14. Not quite 5′ tall and weighing about 90#, she was the flattest girl in her class. Since her boobs were a spectacular 32a, most of the time she never bothered wearing a bra. What she did having going for her was her one of a kind personality and a smile that would melt the polar ice cap. Beautiful red hair down past her shoulders, great big sparkling blue eyes, and for being so small, she was always complimented on what a great ass she had.

For the next two weeks she had the house to herself. Her parents had left this morning for a second honeymoon in Paris. And for her graduation they had bought her a brand new Corvette which was sitting in the garage at home because she had gotten a ride to school this morning with her best friend Natalie, who had left early, leaving Ashley to fend for herself. Thus, the reason she was sitting on the school bus, trying to hide from everyone. Ugh, no one who was anyone rode the bus these days.

A late afternoon thundershower lit up the sky with huge bolts of lightening, rain coming down in buckets and of course the bus had dropped her off 2 blocks from home. By the time she stepped on her front porch she didn’t have a dry spot on her. Her white silk blouse sticking to her like a second layer of skin and her short pink skirt clinging to every curve of her body. Her red hair matted to her face and her make up running everywhere.

“What a fucking shitty day, she screamed, reaching into her purse for the door key. Oh, fuck, son-of-a-bitch, I left my fucking keys on the table this morning when Natalie called and said she would pick me up. How in the fuck am I going to get in the house?”

She ran around the house, yanking wildly at the garage door, kicking and screaming at the back door and trying to push open every window she could reach all the way around the house. No luck.

The pouring rain was brutal and Ashley was cold, soaked to the bone and madder than hell at herself. She had no other choice, she had to run next door to ask a man she barely talked too, if he could help her out. He was nice enough, but hell, she didn’t know him. Oh yeah, Bob Hanson, that was it.

Bob Hanson was 43, a self made millionaire, just under 6′ tall, 180#, muscular, coal black hair and brown eyes. A self proclaimed ladies man who never married, but had several women in his life. He was in his downstairs office going over some business papers and listened to the violent storm going on outside when his doorbell rang.

“Who the hell would be out on a day like this ringing doorbells, he thought?” When he opened his door there stood his neighbor John Larson’s daughter Ashley, looking pitiful, dripping wet and izmit escort crying.

“Come on in you poor girl. What happened to you? Slamming the door shut when she got inside, dripping water all over his newly carpeted entry way.

“Oh, Mr. Hanson, I locked myself out, tried all the doors and windows and well, um, I don’t know what to do,” and she started balling like a baby.

“Hey it’s okay, I’ll do what I can. Why cant you get in? Where are your parents?”

“They went to Paris and left me here because they thought I was mature enough to handle it, but stupid me left this morning and left all my keys laying on the kitchen table. Is that mature and responsible? Look at me, I’m like a drowned rat.”

Standing back and running his eyes up and down her, able to see right through her silk blouse, her nipples rock hard and standing up on her tiny chest like pencil erasers. Her skirt clinging to her cute little ass like a glove.

Smiling and trying to hold back a chuckle, he lifted her chin, stared into her beautiful eyes and said, “Hey it’ll be okay. We all make mistakes. It’s not the end of the world. Why don’t we get you out of these wet clothes then try to figure out how we’re going to get you in the house. It’s not that bad. You can call your parents to see about a spare key. Come on, I’ll get you something to put on while I dry your clothes. Okay?”

Ashley smiled meekly, shrugged her shoulders and answered him, “Well I guess so. I still feel so dumb. Thank you Mr. Hanson.”

Putting his arm around her shoulder and leading her upstairs he told her, “Please, call me Bob okay?”

“Well, okay Bob. Thanks again.”

“You can use this room to change in. I don’t have many women’s clothes here since I’m not married. But there are a few things in that closet. Help yourself to anything in there and I’ll meet you downstairs. Bring your clothes and I’ll get them dried for you and you can make that phone call.”

“Thanks again Mr. Hanson, uh, I mean thanks Bob.” She watched him until he walked out and closed the door. She quickly stripped her wet things off, dropping them in a pile on the floor, then opened the closet door, astonished at the beautiful things she found inside. There were dozens of negligees, mostly small sizes like her. A few skirts which she thumbed through looking at the sizes. Four or five blouses which she knew would all fit her. Finally settling on a tiny micro mini that fit her body perfectly. Picking up a thin beige blouse she slipped it on and looked at her self in the mirror covering one whole wall. She could see her hard nipples through the thin blouse and her ass looked damn good in the skirt. Feeling good about herself, despite all her mishaps today, she smiled, smoothed her skirt over her tiny ass, yanked on her nipples making them just a little harder. Picking up her wet clothes, then remembering she had no panties on either since her’s yahya kaptan escort were soaked. She took one last look in the mirror, smoothed out her wet hair just a bit and headed back downstairs where Bob stood patiently waiting for her.

“Thank you Bob. She handed him the dripping clothes then twirled around. I hope you don’t mind, but this is what I found to wear.”

He laughed, “Those are perfect for you. My niece was here this spring and left those behind when she left. I was actually hoping you would pick out one of the beautiful negligees.”

Ashley’s face turned fifteen different shades of red. “Uh. Um. Really?”

“I’m just messing with you Ashley. The negligee’s belong to an old girlfriend, who stops by every few months. Why don’t you call your parents why I throw your things in the dryer.”

Handing her his cell phone, he stepped out of the room and Ashley dialed, her mind running back to the beautiful negligee’s upstairs and how they might feel on her naked body.

She sat on the floor, her legs crossed when Bob walked back in, catching a glimpse of her naked pussy under her very tiny skirt. Feeling his fat cock twitching he turned around, headed into the kitchen and Ashley followed him, plopping down on a stool at the breakfast bar.

“Mom called my grandma when I called her. She has a spare key but can’t make it here until Monday. Mom said I could either ask you if I could stay here until then, or I could go to one of my friends until grandma comes. So can I Bob? Would you mind if I stayed here? If I go to my friends I won’t have anything here to wear, but if I stayed here, well, uh, there are things in that closet upstairs that fit me. (her face turned crimson)

“Young lady, I would enjoy the company. Your welcome to stay if you want too. I have hundreds of movies on DVD, a wide variety of drinks, both alcohol and non alcohol, your choice, and I would love to order pizza and share it with you. I haven’t had pizza in months. And last but certainly not least, I would love seeing you model some of those uh, um things in the closet upstairs. If they look half as good on you as what your wearing now, then I’m in for a treat.”

Ashley could feel her juices beginning to boil, her nipples harder than they have ever been, his eyes burning a hole in her very thin blouse.

“Thank you Bob. That’s very nice. I’ll stay. Thanks for having me.”

He smiled and reached out to smooth her hair falling down into her face. “Oh, but I haven’t had you yet. But I will Ashley, I surely will.” Shall we order that pizza, I’m famished?” I’ll order the pizza and you can go in the den and pick us out a couple of movies you’d like to watch. Anything special you like to drink young lady?

“Pizza sounds delicious Mr, uh I mean Bob. And to drink, I’ll have what your having if that’s okay. I’ll go look through your movies and see you gebze escort when you get there. You know what Bob? I’m glad I had such a disasterous day or I would have never met you. Thanks for being so nice to me. It’s going to be impossible for me to ever pay you back for what you’re doing.”

Whistling to himself Bob dialed and ordered a large meat lovers pizza. He was sure Ashley would be a meat lover. Very sure. Mixing up a pitcher of margaritas, he poured out 2 big glasses and walked back into where Ashley was rummaging through the huge stack of movies he had. Kneeling down and leaning in to reach for some ones he had way in the back of the cabinet, her skirt rose up and Bob stood mesmerized, staring at her delicious, young, very bald cunt from behind. His fat cock throbbed.

“Pizza should be here in thirty minutes he told he? Have you found anything you might want to see yet? I know there’s a bunch to go through, but you’ll find something I’m sure. I’ve already seen something I’m definitely going to be checking into a little later tonight.”

Ashley jumped, startled when he started talking. She hadn’t expected him back so soon. Leaning back, she tried yanking her skirt down in back, and knew he had to have seen her pussy from behind the way she was bent over. Her mind racing, she had found several Triple XXX movies hidden way in the back. How would she tell him she wanted to see them? Taking a deep breath she turned around, carrying her picks tightly in her arms and laid them out on a coffee table near where he stood.

“Oh good, I hope you ordered meat lovers. That’s my favorite. I’ve been a meat lover as long as I can remember. My Dad and my Uncle Steve are always telling me I can never get enough meat. I can’t help it, I just love devouring meat any way it’s served. That’s not weird or anything is it Bob?”

“I’ll just say this Ashley, while you’re here with me I’ll make sure you get all the meat you can handle. Does that sound good to you?”

“That sounds perfect Bob. Thank you very much.” I found a couple of movies but am not quite sure what the titles mean. This one says, “Teen Girls Take It Deep.” It sounds like a swimming in the ocean movie or something. And the title of this one is “Daddy Does The Driving”. Huh, I guess he doesn’t want his kids driving his car huh Mr., oh I mean right Bob?”

“Ashley, I think you know exactly what the titles of those two movies mean don’t you young lady?”

“Ummmm, yes Mr. Hanson. I do.”

“And do you know what else I think Ashley? I think I know a certain young lady who is going to get a very, very good fucking tonight. Do you know who that young lady is Ashley?”

“Uhhhh, Oh I certainly hope I know her. I hope that girl who is going to get her brains fucked out is me Mr. Hanson.”

“Our pizza should be here any minute now. Don’t you think it’s time to get comfortable before we start eating and watching our movies?” There may be something in that upstairs closet you may like to slip into.”

“Uh huh, I know I can find something. I’ll be back Mr. Hanson. Don’t start without me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32