Ashley’s in Trouble Ch. 01

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Craig’s heart thudded in his chest. His breathing fast almost matching his racing heart rate. He sat back in the family office chair and combed his hand through his dark brown hair. Taking a deep calming breath he leaned forward and continued reading.

I know I miss you too baby! He’s not leaving again until the week after next!

That email was just posted the previous evening. Looking at the time stamp it must have been when she was taking a long bath behind the locked door. He scrolled up to the response back.

Nooo! LOL. Can’t you go out and “visit your girlfriends” again? I promise not to get you in trouble again ­čÖé

Craig thought back to when his wife had a night out last with her girlfriends. It had been three or four weeks ago right before his business trip to Atlanta. She hadn’t come home until after 2am and snuck into their bedroom. She’d woken him when she shut the dresser drawer and let the handle drop back against the hard wood. He’d lazily peeked out of one eye expecting her to climb into bed with him but instead she turned and left the room.

He slipped his feet into his favorite slippers and sleepily ambled out thinking he’d kiss her goodnight then get a drink of water. He was surprised that all the lights were out and there was no sign of Ashley. Before turning into the kitchen he saw a sliver of light below the guest bathroom. As he walked over to the door he wondered why she wouldn’t use the master bath.

Before knocking he heard the shower running. He thought it strange that she would shower so late. It was out of character for her. The next morning he was even more confused as she’d washed a load of laundry. Feeling like something was going on, he offered to fold them the next day and noticed the clothes she’d been wearing had been washed as well.

Thinking back to that night Craig realized how easily he’d overlooked all the signs. He and Ashley had spent years talking about and fantasizing about swinging or her having sex with a guy in front of him. It had been a lot of fun but was slowly forgotten about as work and kids kept them busy. They decided that if she ever had the opportunity, she’d speak to him before doing anything. Nothing was off the table.

Based on this, Craig never thought she’d go behind his back and cheat on him. For the most part, he’d assumed nothing would ever come from their fantasies and thought that even if they did, she’d communicate before anything happened.

He scrolled up again to her response to his idea.

lol no way! You were a bad boy last time. Not only were my panties a mess but you got some on my blouse too! I had to wash them in the middle of the night. Not to mention the fact that I couldn’t very well sleep next to Craig with you leaking out of me all night ­čÖé

We’ll have to just be patient and trade pics. I promise I’ll make it worth the wait!

Craig sat back again. The growing bulge in his pants not only surprised him but was becoming uncomfortable. He reached down and adjusted himself amazed that his wife was full of some other man’s seed that night. His mind felt like it was in a tornado with emotions swirling between hurt, angry, insecure and full of an unimaginable lust.

He used his left hand to slowly stroke himself as he read through the rest of the more recent emails between the two. She’d sent him a picture of her naked body right after she’d gotten out of the shower that morning. He’d responded with a picture of his flaccid cock and a comment about how lonely it was.

A picture of Ashley getting fucked by that cock flashed into his mind. The affect of that picture in his mind was immediate. He sat back as he thought about what the man had done to her that night. He’d fantasized before but knowing it had actually happened caused him to start masturbating furiously. He came within seconds his cum covering his shirt and half pulled down pants not caring that the office door was wide open.

The rest of the day Craig read through their emails. Every time the anxiety or sexual frustration welled up to high, he would masturbate to release the flood of feelings. He still didn’t know what he was going to do. Regardless of their deal or their mutual fantasies, she’d lied and deceived him. She’d cheated on him by not communicating and doing it behind his back.

Finally, ten minutes before Ashley was due to arrive home from work Craig sat back down at their computer planning on logging out of her secret email. He was going to confront her but just didn’t know how yet.

Before logging out he noticed there was an unread email that must have just arrived. The subject read “thinking about you this afternoon”. Craig hovered the cursor over the email wondering if he should open it. He wasn’t familiar with the email service and didn’t know if you could mark them as “unread” after opening it. He didn’t want Ashley to find out that he knew yet.

Before he could decide the inbox seemed to refresh on its own. The new email now showed as “read”. Ashley had just opened it bahis firmalar─▒ from work. Craig glanced at his watch and realized that she would be home any minute. She must have opened the email while driving. Finally deciding, he opened the email and quickly scanned the text. He didn’t have time to read it and wanted to see the picture this man had sent.

Craig startled as he heard her garage door start to open. He only had seconds. He clicked on the link inwardly cursing the internet for not downloading the picture quicker. His heartbeat started to pick up again as he heard the garage door shut. Knowing that he’d hear her high heels click clack on the front porch any second he peeked out the blinds. She was just walking out of the smaller garage door looking flustered and walking fast.

Looking back to the screen he saw the picture had finally opened. His jaw dropped as he looked at the high definition picture. The picture showed the lean upper body of a man as he knelt doggy style behind a woman. The man must have been holding the camera up by his face pointing down to her ass. His large swollen cock ┬ż the way in a glistening wet pussy. It looked like he was pulling out when he snapped the picture as the woman’s inner lips were pulling out along with his cock.

The quantity of juices around her pussy and his cock was surprising and Craig new it was all natural. In the very beginning of their relationship, she used to get that wet for him too.

He pulled his eyes away from the stuffed pussy and took in all the other details. The nicely proportioned ass and hips. The puckered little asshole. The pencil head sized mole just above the crack of her ass. He was looking at another guy’s cock filling his wife!

The front door banged shut bringing Craig out of his hypnotized stare. He grudgingly closed the picture.

“Hey hun. You home?” Ashley called from the front door. He knew she’d be putting her jacket up and taking off her heels.

He clicked the Sign Out button then quickly navigated to a news website he frequented.

“Hey Ash. I’m in here.” He called back to her. He hoped his face didn’t show as red as it felt. He also hoped she wouldn’t notice the bulge in his pants.

She walked into the office her bare feet lightly slapping the hardwood floor. He turned his upper body to face her as she walked into the room. His eyes scanned her from head to toe seeing her in a new light.

Her sandy blonde hair was up in a bun on top of her head. Her face must have been as red as his as she flashed a fake and nervous smile. She was neither skinny nor overweight with average to large boobs, great hips and ass, and long legs. He ended his inspection on her shapely calves and feet. She had such nice and manicured feet. A few years back they’d joked about getting her a Hotwife ankle bracelet.

She searched his face for a second wide-eyed before looking at the computer screen. She sighed audibly when she saw the news website on the screen.

Realizing she was standing their silently, she caught herself and came over for a quick kiss. “You ok? You look flushed.”

Yeah, you should see yourself. Craig thought. She must have remembered that she didn’t sign out of her email that morning. “Yeah I’m good. Worked out a bit earlier and am still a little winded I guess.”

All concern left her face as she realized she must have logged out of her email. “I’m going to go change and lay down for a bit.” She said stepping back.

“You ok?” Craig wondered if she wasn’t feeling well or wanted to reread the email her lover had sent.

“Yeah I’m good. Just a little headache I guess. I’ll be upstairs if you need me.” She turned and walked out with a little more energy than you’d expect with a headache.

Craig watched her leave looking at the curves of her ass under her suit pants. The picture flashed in his mind again and he spun back to the monitor in case she turned around.

Five minutes later Craig decided to confront Ashley. He didn’t know what he was going to do or say but he wanted to tell her that he knew. As he walked across their large house he tried to understand his feelings. He was hurt, angry and scared. No doubt about it. However, he also had a deeper yearning to explore whatever she was doing. The though of her doing those things with that guy overloaded his thoughts with a level of desire he’d never known existed.

He tiptoed closer to their closed bedroom door without thinking about it. He wasn’t sure what he expected to find when he opened the door but was determined to surprise her. He slowly turned the door handle and silently opened their door and looked inside.

Ashley’s clothes were carelessly dropped on the floor next to her side of the bed. Her bare leg up to mid thigh was uncovered and bent at the knee. The rest of her body was covered by their heavy duvet but he could still tell that she was on her back and her other leg was in the similar position. He heard the telltale noise of her pleasuring herself and by the sound of it ka├žak iddaa she was completely wet. Near his side of the bed lay her iPhone with the screen facing up and lit. He couldn’t tell but he was pretty sure it displayed the picture he was obsessed with minutes ago.

All his emotions flooded into to him at that point. His pants grew painfully tight around his crotch. His hands began shaking in anticipation and excitement as he took off his belt and shoved his pants and boxers to the floor.

He was already kicking out of them before Ashley finally heard him. She screamed as she dove over grabbing her phone. The duvet fell off her upper body revealing both tits with her bra just pulled down below them. She pressed the top button that locked her phone. Satisfied that he couldn’t see what was on the screen she glared at him in half anger and half surprise.

Before she could speak Craig threw the duvet off the rest of her mostly naked body and climbed on top of her. She didn’t say a word as he sat up and pulled her thong the rest of the way off.

He reached between her legs and felt the soaked pussy. His thumb gently stroked her clit and his need for her increased as he found that she was swollen larger than he’d ever felt before.

Still confused she laid back down. Not knowing why her husband was so horny or really caring, Ashley reached up and grabbed his shirt pulling him onto her. She kissed him hard. Her tongue diving in and out of his mouth. Craig had the presence of mind to wonder what she thought of him barging in like this. He didn’t know if she wanted him or was imaging he was the other guy and frankly he didn’t really care at the moment. He just wanted to fuck her.

Even in his rush to use her wet pussy he knew she always wanted him to take his time before she could get into it. They could spend 15-20 minutes in foreplay before she’d want to go further. He couldn’t wait that long but also knew she’d push him off if she wasn’t ready. He leaned forward then reached down to start playing with her clit.

This time she pushed him back with one hand and reached for his cock with the other. “Just fuck me!” She growled acting like he should have already been inside her. Craig pushed into her groaning and the silky warmness. She didn’t wait for him to start thrusting but wrapped her long legs around his waste and started fucking him!

Her breathing was deep and loud as she moaned in his ear. He’d always known she was strong but was surprised how powerful her legs pulled him into her. Her arms circled under his arms and grasped his shoulders using them for leverage.

“Don’t cum! Don’t cum yet!” She angrily whispered as she increased the pace even more. Now she was grinding her pelvis into his after each thrust. Craig fought to keep from cumming. She’d never been like this in their 12 years of marriage. She was an animal.

Just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore she exploded in an orgasm. Her short nails raked down his back and she groaned loudly as wave after wave of pleasure washed through her body. Her head pushed backwards into the pillow as it slowly subsided. Craig felt a pang of jealousy as she untangled herself from his body. She was imagining that her husband was him.

He was also left unsatisfied as his still raging hard cock slid easily out of her. He knew he wouldn’t be able to release his own massive orgasm he felt building. She was always too sensitive after her own and couldn’t be touched for hours after.

Ashley finally opened her eyes and looked at him almost sheepishly. He had sat back thinking if he’d helped her cum that hard maybe he should just jerk off and cum on her. Of course, she’d never let him finish. Something like was degrading in her opinion.

Looking down at his still throbbing member, she looked embarrassed. “Sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I’ve just been so horny all day and when you came in the room so forcefully, I just couldn’t take it.”

Craig wanted to call her a liar but bit his cheek. She’d been horny because she was staring at that picture of her boyfriend fucking her. He caught himself looking at her phone. She followed his gaze and stared at the now black screen. After looking at it for a few seconds she looked back at Craig still kneeling with a hardon.

“Come here baby. Let’s take care of that.” She turned and lay on her stomach and raised her ass back against him. She moved her hips up and down as if searching for his dick. He felt the wetness of her as she rubbed against his forearm. “What are you waiting for?” She purred.

Craig was a strong man both physically and mentally and he wanted to resist. To yell at her and call her names. To demand that she explain herself. Of course, he couldn’t resist her inviting pussy.

As he positioned himself he knew she was thinking of him again and how he’d taken her in that picture. She was using him like a toy while she thought about their time together. He felt inadequate as he looked down at his average sized cock knowing it wouldn’t ka├žak bahis fill her the way her boyfriend’s had.

He slid easily back inside her and started thrusting. He slowed as he realized this was “normal” sex for them. Not the fact that they were doing it doggy style, they never did that anymore, but the fact that she wasn’t into it. She wasn’t moaning like before. In fact she wasn’t even moving. She just laid there with her head on her pillow with her eyes open. He followed her gaze and saw that she was looking at her phone again.

Anger built up in him then. She was just letting him use her because she felt bad. She didn’t want to fuck him like she wanted to fuck her lover. She just wanted him to finish so she could sneak off and email him. Jealousy welled up then. Did she like fucking him more? Of course she did. The past 5 minutes were proof. Did she love him? Maybe.

“Well, come on? Did you finish already? Don’t come in me. I don’t want to feel squishy all night.” That was the Ashley he knew. He loved her but in the bedroom she could be a bit of a prude. Until today anyway.

He started mindlessly thrusting in and out again barely feeling it trying to push the thoughts of jealousy and deception out of his mind. He looked down looking at her mole just above the cleft of her butt crack. He looked at her tight puckered butt hole. Did she let him lick her down there? Does she let him fuck her ass? He reached over touching the small mole.

“Does he ever kiss you there like I used to?” He quietly asked her remaining still. His heart started throbbing again understanding that he asked that out loud.

“What? Does who kiss me where?” She asked in a very flat tone.

Angry that she wouldn’t just tell him the truth he blurted out, “I saw the emails. I saw the pictures. Don’t even try lying to me! When your lover is fucking you from behind, does he ever pull out and kiss your mole like I used to?”

His hands held her hips tightly. He was buried all the way inside her still not really thinking about what he was doing he slowly started thrusting again. She was quiet for a few seconds. He watched the side of her face as she pondered the best way to respond.

“Craig, I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry.” Her face scrunched up as tears started falling. She started pulling her hips away from him so she could lay down for the coming verbal assault.

“Answer my question Ashley.” He pulled into her even tighter keeping her from being able to lie down. Craig couldn’t believe he was remaining so calm but he wanted his questions asked.

“No, he doesn’t.” She sobbed.

“Do you suck his cock?” His voice was unsteady.

She paused again confused by his questioning. “Do you?” He demanded.

“Yes! Now stop so we can talk.” She sobbed.

“Do you like fucking him? No, of course you like fucking him. I saw the pictures of his cock. It’s definitely bigger than mine.” He started fucking her harder as he spoke. “Tell me you like fucking him. Say it.”

Ashley stopped sobbing as she realized he was fucking her faster with each question.

She knows I’m turned on by this. Craig thought.

“Answer my god dammed questions Ashley! Tell me you slut!” The last word came out of nowhere. Craig had never called her a slut before and would never dream of it.

Angry herself Ashley pusher herself up onto her elbows. “Are you sure you want to know this?”

“Just fucking tell me!” He yelled at her his pace quickening even more.

She closed her eyes and whispered, “Yes, I like fucking him! I love fucking him and I cum everyday thinking about the next time I can fuck him!” She finished almost in a yell.

Craig winced as if slapped at her response. He was quickly brought back to reality as she started pushing back into him. She’s getting turned on by this! He thought. I’m getting turned on by this! He started thrusting slower. He wanted this to last.

“Tell me about the last time. The night you came home so late. What did he do to you?” He didn’t need to explain more.

She didn’t pause this time. She laid her forehead on one arm and reached back with her other. Craig could feel her fingers grazing the bottom of his dick and she started rubbing herself.

“We kissed on his couch and felt each other over a bottle of wine. I sucked his cock right there while he played with my pussy and ass. I told him I wanted to go to the bedroom so he could fuck me but he was so turned on he picked me up and set me on my back.”

Craig closed his eyes so he could visualize. He rubbed his finger along with sides of her sopping pussy using the juices as lubrication. She cutoff in a moan as he slowly started fingering her ass.

“He knelt between my legs pulling opening them wide and pulled my skirt and panties the rest of the way off. He grabbed the base of his dick and started rubbing it up and down from my clit to my asshole. I was so wet that it easily slid up and down. Every time his head crossed my clit I had a mini orgasm. I kept pushing forward begging him to stick it in but he wouldn’t yet. I knew he wouldn’t I pulled my blouse top down over my tits and started feeling them and pinching my nipples. He loves it when I do that.”

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