Ashley and Mia Ch. 07

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I wake up and stretch, I soon realize that Ashley is no longer in bed next to me. I walk out into the hall and hear the shower running. I quietly open the door and can hear Ashley humming some pop song. I walk slowly to the shower and yank back the shower curtain.

“Jesus Mia! You scared the shit out of me!” Ashley says.

“Sorry babe.” I say laughing as I step into the warm shower. I move Ashley out of the way of the shower head so that I can get under the hot water. Once my body has warmed up I pull Ashley close against me. My hands roam across her chest. “Damn I really did scare you, didn’t I? Your heart is racing!” I say as my hand rests over where her heart is.

“Yes you did scare me, but it could be racing for other reasons.” she replies.

“And what reasons might those be?” I ask.

“Well one, my super hot girlfriend is naked in the shower with me, and two, you are touching me.” she says turning around so that she is facing me. She grabs my hands and places them directly on her tits. She presses herself against my palms and her lips latch on to mine.

“I don’t know why but I can never get enough of you.” she says pulling away from me. I feel her hand travelling down my stomach; once she reaches my pussy her fingers tease my entrance. I moan and grab her hand while I shove her against the wall keeping her hand locked near my pussy. I bite down onto her neck and force her fingers closer to me before sinking myself down onto her fingers. I bite into her neck harder as her fingers fill my pussy and she plunges them deep inside me. She places her mouth on my neck and starts sucking on it. My hands are back on her tits. I pinch her nipples hard, rolling them between my fingers, and tugging on them. She starts kissing me and fucks me harder the longer I torture her nipples. Her fingers are going so deep my legs start to give out. I don’t realize how hard I am squeezing Ashley’s tits until I hear her say “ow babe!”

“Sorry baby.” I say my legs threatening to give out more and more. She can sense that I can barely stand and withdraws her fingers. I sigh and give her my best pouty face. She gives me a quick kiss on my lips. I try to deepen the kiss but she pulls away.

“Come on jelly legs we can finish this in the kitchen.” I give her a puzzled look, but before I can ask any questions she wraps a towel around herself and tosses me one. I dry off and she grabs my hand and leads me to the kitchen. I see a black satin blindfold on the island counter.

“Do you have something evil planned?” I ask her. She gives me her classic sexy evil eyes and smirks at me. She pats the counter top with her hand signaling for me to sit there. I lift myself up onto the counter and try to ignore the extreme cold of the granite against my bare skin. Ashley places a sweet kiss on my lips before moving her mouth to my neck.

In between her kisses, sucks, and bites she says, “I’m going to put this blindfold on you and trace letters on your body with my mouth. You have to guess what they are and tell me the word I spell. If you get it right you will be rewarded, understand?” I nod my head. “Good, let’s begin.” she says placing a kiss on my lips as she slips the blindfold over my eyes. Ashley kisses down my neck to my chest.

“Ok first letter baby.” she says. I feel her soft breath over my right breast. I feel her tongue draw a circle around my nipple and I gasp. At the end of the circle I feel her tongue slide up my boob in a straight line.

“Was that a d?” I ask.

“Mhmm.” she says and moves her mouth over to my left breast. Her tongue moves in a straight line directly across my nipple and a small moan escapes my mouth. Without lifting her tongue, she traces what feels like a “c” around my nipple.

“e” I say. I feel her lips against mine and her tongue enters my mouth. I take the kiss as a sign that I was correct.

Ashley bites my bottom lip before saying, “Ok next letter Mia.” She kisses me in the middle of my collar bone, then I feel her lick from my chest down to the top of my pussy in a straight line. I shiver under her touch.

“That was an l.” I say.

“Correct baby.” she responds. Her tongue glides up my stomach and she places a kiss on my belly button.

“i” I tell her. She traces a half circle around my nipple with her finger.

“c” I say. She licks up my tit and lifts her mouth off of me before biting my nipple.

“i” I groan. bahis firmaları

Ashley grabs my hands and gently pulls me, “stand up and turn around” she says. I hop off the counter and turn around. She grabs and squeezes my ass. She lightly traces a circle on my ass. Her touch is so teasing and light I barely feel it.

“That’s an o” I say. She slaps my ass and spins me back around. She sucks my right nipple into her mouth then her tongue travels down my stomach then back up until my left nipple is sucked into her mouth. My hips buck, “mmm that felt like a u”. I feel Ashley’s hands push against my thighs, signaling me to spread them. I do as instructed. She kisses her way down my stomach and her mouth is inches from my pussy. For a few seconds, but what actually feels like hours to me, I don’t feel or hear her. Suddenly I feel her tongue snake back and forth across my pussy in a winding motion. I moan and grip the edge of the counter.

“I didn’t quite catch that one baby.” I say. She repeats the same pattern on my pussy.

“z?” I ask.

“No baby.” she says. She licks my pussy again with the same winding pattern. I moan and can’t help but laugh.

“What is so funny silly girl?” she asks.

“It was the letter s.” I say with a big smile on my face.

“You bitch! You knew it was an ‘s’ from the very first time, didn’t you?!” she says. I can’t help but laugh as I nod my head yes. She pulls the blindfold off my face and kisses me hard. She leans her body into mine and presses me against the counter as she deepens the kiss. Her tongue snakes in and out of my mouth. I desperately want to feel her bare skin against mine. I pull at the towel that Ashley has secured around herself and it falls to the floor. My hands are on her tits instantly. I run my thumbs back and forth across her nipples until they form hard peaks under my touch. I feel her moan into my mouth and my pussy throbs.

She pulls away from me, “What did I spell babe?” she asks.

“Delicious, you dirty girl.” I say as I smirk at her. She licks along my collar bone and I moan.

“You are correct and now for your reward…” she says. The look in her eyes makes my pussy drip. Her hand dances down my stomach until it reaches my pussy. She runs her fingertips back and forth across my slit. They get coated in my arousal and when they are wet enough to her liking she lightly skims them over my clit. My eyes automatically close and I lean back against the counter as her fingers continue to tease my clit.

“I love how wet you get for me baby.” she says. Her words snap me back to reality and I push her hand away from my pussy. She looks at me with a confused look on her face.

“Babe what’s up?” she asks.

“You got to play with me and now it’s my turn. I’ll take my reward later.” I say to her and wink. “Get on the counter and lay down.” She does as I tell her and I put the blindfold over her eyes. I rummage through the fridge and pantry pulling out various food items. “I’m going to make you eat things off my body and you have to guess what it is.” I say.

“Damn baby that is hot.” she replies. I pick up a strawberry and bite into it. I hold it in my mouth, lean down, bite into it, and kiss Ashley on the lips. She opens her mouth and I slip the piece of strawberry into her mouth. She chews it and swallows; a smile spreads on her face. “Mmm strawberry my favorite.” she says. Some strawberry juice is left on her lips and I slowly lick it off. When I pull away I can see the disappoint on her face from the absence of my lips.

“Sit up baby.” I tell her and help her sit up so she doesn’t fall off the counter. I grab the pint of vanilla ice cream, using my finger I scoop a little out and rub it over my left nipple. The cold feels good but Ashley’s warm mouth would feel even better. I guide her face towards the ice cream. “Lick baby.” I instruct her. She sticks her tongue out and it comes into contact with my nipple. I push her head forcing her whole mouth to cover my nipple. Her tongue swirls around my nipple over and over again eliciting several moans from me. I manage to pull her mouth off of me so I can move on to the next food item.

“Vanilla ice cream, almost as sweet as your pussy” she says with a smile on her face. I giggle and give her a quick kiss on the lips. I take the can of whipped cream and spray a little over my right nipple. Again I guide Ashley’s face towards the targeted area. She kaçak iddaa sucks the whipped cream off my nipple and straightens up trying to find where my face is. I can’t help but laugh while she blindly tries to find my lips. I nibble her ear lobe and whisper in her ear “looking for these?” I lean in and kiss her. She slides her tongue into my mouth and I can taste the whipped cream on her mouth. I suck her tongue in and out of my mouth a few times before releasing it.

“Are you making me a sundae baby?” she asks.

“Get on all fours babe I’m going to slide under you in the 69 position and you will lick the last food item off of me.” I say. I grab the bottle of chocolate sauce and squirt some down my body, starting at my belly button and ending right at my pussy. The second I slide underneath Ashley her mouth is all over me. It takes her no time at all to find the chocolate sauce trail. She licks it all up in one long stroke.

“The smell of chocolate and your pussy is the most amazing smell ever, and I was right you are making me a sundae.” she says. “But where is the cherry on top?” she asks while pulling the blindfold off. She looks down at my pussy and says “ah there it is”.

Ashley leans down and buries her face into my pussy. She licks my clit in big long strokes. I buck my hips letting her know I need more. She obliges and pulls my hood back and gently sucks my clit into her mouth. I reach out to grab something because the pleasure is so intense but there is nothing good to grab onto on the slick countertop. I open my eyes and Ashley’s tight round ass is right in my face, the perfect thing to grab onto. I smack her ass before grabbing and squeezing it. I pull her so that her pussy is closer to my mouth. The smell is intoxicating and I can see how wet she is. My mouth waters and I have to taste her. I glide my tongue along the full length of her pussy. She moans and stops her assault on my clit. She swings herself off of me and hops off the counter.

“No baby I have to give you your reward first, no pleasuring me yet.” she says.

“Your pussy in my face is a reward.” I tell her. She smiles at me then grabs me and scoots me forward to the edge of the counter.

“Lay back and relax baby, let me take care of you. I also want to try something on you.” she says. I lay my back against the cold granite and spread my legs for her. Her mouth is back to sucking on my clit and she adds her fingers into the mix. She slips her middle and ring fingers into my pussy. They glide in easily from the combination of her spit and how wet I am. Her fingers work my pussy expertly. She knows every spot and motion that drives me crazy the most. Her tongue is flicking my clit fast and her fingers are concentrated on my g-spot. I can feel my g-spot swelling and I’m getting closer and closer. Ashley can sense this and she starts fucking with her fingers even harder. She takes her other hand and places it on the spot just above my pussy. She pushes down causing even more contact between her fingers and my g-spot.

Ashley removes her mouth from my pussy and looks me right in the eye, “I want you to squirt Mia. Let yourself go.”

“I don’t know if I can squirt…” I reply, worried I will disappoint her. With each stroke of her fingers on my g-spot my pussy clenches tighter.

“Don’t think about it just go with the feeling.” she says. She keeps fucking me while looking at me and I know I am about to cum with her intense gaze on me.

“You look so hot while you’re being fucked you dirty slut.” she says.

“Fuck…” I groan as my pussy clenches hard around her fingers.

“That’s it baby cum hard for me like a good girl.” As I start cum Ashley’s fingers quickly press on and off my g-spot; I feel like I am going to black out. I feel her fingers pop out of me and a rush of liquid comes gushing out of my pussy. My whole body is trembling and I somehow manage to lift my head up and look at Ashley. She has liquid splattered across her arm, chest, and stomach.

“Fuck Mia you are so hot, and guess what you just squirted baby.” she says to me. My head is spinning and I can barely comprehend what she is saying.

“Huh? I did?” I ask. She laughs and gives my pussy a really gentle kiss.

“Yeah that’s how I felt the first time it happened to me.” she says. “Come on babe I think it’s nap time.” She pulls me off the counter and walks me to the bed. I flop down on the mattress and she kaçak bahis curls up next to me and holds me in her arms. In a few minutes I am fast asleep.


I wake up a couple hours later and roll over. Ashley is sitting in the bed with her knees pulled up and a textbook in her lap. She looks down at me and smiles. She places a kiss on my forehead.

“Did you have a nice nap?” she asks. I stretch and sit up then lean my head against her shoulder.

“Yes I did baby. I’m proud of you for studying.” I say.

“Aww thanks. I gotta get my studying in while my constantly horny girlfriend is sleeping.” she says. I kiss her shoulder and climb out of bed.

“Pftt whatever babe.” I say. My legs wobble as I try to walk to the bathroom.

“Whoa babe, be careful.” Ashley says.

I manage to steady myself, “I will don’t worry. I’m going to take a bath, k? Plus that gives you more study time.”

“Ok, then we can get some dinner afterwards.” she replies.

I run the bath and add in some scented bubble bath. I put on some relaxing music and sink into the hot water. I lay my head back and let the music and warmth of the water remove all my stress and worries. About 15 minutes later I hear Ashley knock lightly on the cracked door. I open my eyes and smile at her. She pushes the door open and then shuts it behind her.

“May I join you?” she asks.

“Of course baby, let me get us some fresh warm water.” I reply. I drain the water and 5 minutes later the bath is full of steaming water again. I climb back in to the tub, and Ashley climbs in after me and settles between my legs. She lies back against me and I love the feel of her bare skin on mine. I can’t help myself and soon my hands are on her chest massaging her tits. My fingers tease her nipples and she leans into my touch. Her nipples become hard under my touch and I twist and pull them. Ashley moans and I can see her hand moving under the water.

“You dirty girl. Are you playing with yourself?” I ask.

She laughs, “maybe…” she says. I grab her hand and pull it away.

“That’s my job.” I say as I start to rub her clit in slow circles.

“Fuck baby I love how you touch me.” she says. I start rubbing her clit faster and side to side. Ashley moans and humps against my hand.

“Sit on the edge of the tub babe. I want to use the showerhead on you.” I say. Ashley eagerly sits on the edge of the tub, leans back, and spreads her legs wide. I turn on the shower head and check the water temperature making sure it is warm but not too hot. I mess with the settings until the water is coming out in one thick powerful stream. I slowly bring the water up to her clit, and she jumps a little.

“Damn that is intense.” she says. I reach for the handle to turn the water down a little, but she grabs my hand. “No baby I like it.” I lift the showerhead to her clit once again and this time she is able to handle the pressure. I press the showerhead against her clit and slide it up and down, mimicking how she would ride my face if the water was my tongue. She bucks her hips against the shower head, lifting her ass off the edge of the tub so she has full range of motion. I move the showerhead away from her clit, moving it closer and farther rapidly, ramping up the intensity and then backing off. She gasps and moans, gripping on to the edge of the tub. She sits back down on the tub giving me full control of her pleasure. I take the opportunity to slip my middle finger inside her pussy and fuck her slow as I pull the showerhead slightly away from her clit, allowing the water to hit directly on her clit, full force.

“No teasing baby. I need it hard.” she says. I can tell she is already close because of the water spraying against her clit and I decide to give her what she wants. I fuck her hard with my finger going as deep as it can then almost completely withdrawing it before thrusting back inside her pussy.

“Fuck I’m going to cum Mia.” Ashley says. She barely gets the words out before I feel her pussy clamping around my finger. Her legs shake and she pushes the showerhead away from her pussy. I turn the water off and slowly slide my finger out of her. I stick it in her mouth then lean in and kiss her deep.

“You cum like such a good girl.” I say.

“You make me cum so good.” she responds.

I kiss her nose, “I love you babe.”

“I love you too baby. I’m starving, let’s go get something to eat.” she says.

“Ok sounds good.” I say. Ashley grabs a towel and starts drying off while walking to her room. I stare at her ass as she leaves and smile knowing that is all mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32