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The cats come running to the sound, hoping for a spill, as I fill my blender bottle with ice before heading out the door to the 8:45am session at ATF. I transition to water from the fridge and mentally make sure I’m ready to go while the ice cracks and both cats meow at my feet. I’m sporting my black gym shorts and bright orange, sleeveless dry fit top with my ATF strap and pod already in place, tightly around my strong chest. Unlike most days where I return home after class, I’ll be heading straight into the office today so I’ll shower at the studio and change into my work close there. I grab my packed bag of clothes with toiletry items and head to the garage while wondering what type of workout is in store for me today.

I pull out of the garage and into the bright, sunny weather and smile as I remember that today’s class is being led by my favorite coach, Aria. Not only is she stunningly gorgeous and a real treat for my eyes with her fit, strong, sexy body and thick, long, jet-black hair surrounding a beautiful and often mischievous looking face; she’s also extremely proficient at her work. She always demonstrates each floor exercise perfectly while giving extra options to those that need an easier alternative, or a harder challenge. I can’t ever help myself from undressing her with my mind and letting my naughty imagination run wild as I watch her sexy body work and her muscles flex from the strain while in class. I wonder if she ever catches me longingly staring at her.

As usual, I park in the back and leave my clothes bag in the car as I walk around front to check-in. I pick my favorite station, number 13, so I can be even closer to coach when it’s time for her demos. I decide to start with the strider to get really warm and loose before it’s my turn on the floor. I keep catching Aria’s eye whenever we transition between paces and I’m curious what’s on her mind. Of course, I’m always checking out her sexy ass when she skips by my location and I think she knows that I like it. The more she tries to inspire the class, the harder I push myself. The more she looks at me, the more she pulls out of me as I exert myself to the limits of my abilities. This is what a great coach does and I love it!

The warmer I get from exerting myself, the more I imagine forcefully stripping Aria out of her tight black gym leggings and burying my face right in her wet pussy. I feel sweat drip down by back as I finish an all-out minute and I imagine my hands wrapped around her petite waist from behind, right above her sexy hips, as my rock-hard cock pounds into her hot little pussy from behind. I take a long sip of my cold BCAAs and try to shake these thoughts out of my head because I can feel my cock stiffen which would become very obvious should I allow them to continue.

Thankfully, it’s time to transition to the floor and I’m eager to get closer to coach. I’m about to get off the strider as she comes closer to hand me a wipe and our eyes meet as her long fingers linger just a moment longer than necessary on mine. I smile as she continues to the floor and I clean my machine while my mind is racing to interpret these seemingly obvious signals. I get to my station, and my favorite part of class, and watch coach Aria show the class how to perfectly execute each exorcise and position for maximum results. I watch each movement intently and pretend to be thinking about the movements when I’m really thinking about grasping her long pony tail tightly as I kiss her full, sexy lips. When she’s using the bench, I imagine holding the sides of her head and looking into her sultry eyes as I expertly guide the tip of my stiff cock into her hungry mouth and gasp as her lips seal tightly around my thick shaft before she sucks me to the back of her throat.

I’m in a daze and failed to realize she had finished and the class around me has resumed. Finally, Aria walks right up to me, puts a hand on my shoulder and says in a serious voice with a concerned look on her face, “are you ok?”

I snap out of it, look her right in her eyes and smile before responding,

“I’m better than just ‘ok,’ I’m great!”

She smiles back and I proceed to complete the floor program exactly as she demonstrated, being sure to include each challenge she proposed. I work up a good sweat completing the floor block while enjoying the perfectly curated music which makes a huge difference for me and of course, sneaking glances at coach Aria at every opportunity.

Class finishes and we begin our cool down stretches. I’m in the perfect position to check out Aria’s sexy little ass while she bends over with her legs spread to demo the hamstring stretch. The fabric of her leggings is so tight against her skin and I begin to imagine grasping her hips again as I thrust into her from behind when she catches me staring at her between her legs while bent over. I don’t look away and meet her upside-down gaze for what feels like a whole minute, but in reality, is just a few seconds and then she does something truly unexpected. She winks at kaçak iddaa me while smiling. It was very deliberate and intentional and she then proceeds to demo each remaining stretch as if she was putting on a show just for me. It doesn’t seem anybody else notices, but I do and so does my naughty imagination.

Class ends and everybody files out the door to high fives and fist bumps from Aria, but I stay and make sure I’m the last person in the studio. I linger at my station and continue stretching various muscles. I see Aria at the coach’s station checking her cell, but I feel like she’s also checking on me out of the corner of her eye. I decide to investigate that wink further and check for the intent behind it.

“Great class today. You do such a terrific job pushing people to their limits and squeezing the best out of them,” I say.

“Thank you so much! Fitness and helping others are strong passions of mine so I feel lucky that I get to do what I love. Did I squeeze the very best out of you day?” she asks with a devilish grin on her gorgeous face.

“I don’t know; I think there might be a little more you could help squeeze out of me this morning. I need to grab a shower, but please join me if you think there’s more work for me.” I casually respond as I walk out of the studio.

Even just saying that gives me a shiver of excitement as I jog quickly to my car, grab my bag and head right back in before the door closes and pop into the closest shower room. I intentionally leave the door unlocked and start the shower water flowing as I strip my sweaty clothes off and leave them in a pile on the floor. I step into the powerful stream of hot water and let it cascade over my fit body and begin to relax my muscles. I reach for my fresh smelling soap and lather my entire body while thinking about sexy coach Aria and wondering what she’s thinking about. Is she tempted to be bold and join me, or was that just some light and casual flirting? I hope that she lets go of any doubt or hesitation and doesn’t let the structure or expectations of our lives prevent her from proceeding. We’ve only got one life and it’s meant to be lived!

As I rinse off the soap and then turn off the shower, I hear Aria yell, “Yeah, I’ll close everything up, you guys have a great rest of your day,” from what sounds like right outside the door.

I reach for my towel and begin to dry my hair and face when I hear the studio’s back door slam shut. I pause as the quiet stillness of the shower room and hallway outside envelops me. I then hear a click and begin to smile as I see the handle on the door turn very slowly. I wrap my white towel around my neck, leaving the rest of my fit body totally exposed. The latch now disengaged, the door begins to slowly open and I watch as Aria pokes her head in and our eyes meet. We smile at each other and I feel my cock begin to stiffen simply from the sight of her gorgeous face as she begins to let her eyes travel down my body, still partially wet from the shower.

“I see something that definitely needs some extra work,” Aria says while staring directly at my growing cock. “I hope your invitation still stands…it certainly looks like it does,” she adds as she steps into the room and closes the door behind her.

“It most certainly does,” I reply. “Please tell me what you have in mind as certain parts of me are aching for your expert attention,” I add.

“How about I just show you instead?” she replies as she travels the few steps towards me, drops immediately to her knees in front of me, grabs the base of my now stiff cock with her right hand and engulfs him entirely in her hot, wet mouth. I let out a long guttural moan as my hands move instinctively to her head, grasping her gorgeous jet-black hair on both sides of her beautiful face that has expertly begun sucking my dick in and out of her hot mouth. The pressure of her lips around my shaft is perfect; firm, but not too tight. I can feel the texture of her tongue press nicely on the underside of my steel soldier as she almost reaches my base and then travels slowly up to my tip before repeating the pleasurable process.

I’ve dreamed of this moment, this extremely erotic fantasy, with this woman many times. The fact that it was actually coming true overwhelms me as it’s even better than I imagined. This stunningly gorgeous, sexy, fit and fun women I know as coach Aria was now greedily sucking my hard cock in the shower room merely a few steps away from the studio where I so often watched her every move during class and fantasized about this very moment. I snap back to reality as Aria sucks my hard cock all the way out of her mouth and then taps my sensitive tip on her flat tongue while looking up at me with her sexy eyes.

“That feels so good and I’ve wanted this for so long,” I say as you stroke my cock with your hand.

“Would you believe it if I said me too?” you reply.

“Then what took us so long?” I ask rhetorically as I guide my rock-hard cock, glistening with your spit, right back in your hungry kaçak bahis mouth. You simply moan and continue expertly polishing my steel pipe with your sexy little mouth. After one particular deep suck that makes me quiver, I take him out and tell you to gently lick and suck my hairless balls which you do eagerly. I moan as your hot pink tongue slurps at my heavy balls while I slowly stroke my cock while watching you.

You smile up at me as I share, “They’re so full of hot cum for you, Aria. I’ve jacked off so many times thinking about sharing some time alone with you like this.”

“Mmmmm, I can’t wait to taste you and hope you shoot every last drop of your hot, salty protein right down my cum hungry throat!” you reply which makes me squeeze my shaft hard to prevent an early eruption. Oral cum shots are my absolute favorite, especially when my partner swallows. There is nothing hotter to me than my partner desiring this from me so to hear that sentence from this gorgeous, fit, sexy woman who I’ve fantasized about for so long made my head swim in lusty pleasure.

“Aria, you could not have replied to me with anything sexier than what you just said,” I say.

“Oh really? Hmmmm, I do love a good challenge.” you say. “What if I said that I can’t wait until you fuck my tight little pussy and cum all over this gorgeous cock and then taste my sweet pussy juice on you before sucking a big hot load of cum right out of you?”

“Fuuuuccccckkk!” I groan in reply as I help you to your feet, push you back up against the wall and press my lips firmly against yours while my hands begin exploring your incredibly sexy body. Your mouth parts and our tongues meet which sends electric volts of passion throughout my body. My hands are frantically touching you everywhere, desperate to feel what I’ve only looked at for so long. I begin pulling at your tight gym clothes as I need to feel your hot flesh against mine. I break from our kiss and immediately pull your leggings straight down and off of your legs. I pause briefly as the sight of your strong, bare legs is something to behold.

I begin kissing and licking my way up your sexy legs and your smooth skin feels like it’s on fire. I reach your crotch and decide to leave your sexy panties in place for the moment. As I reach your torso, I continue my kisses up your sexy, toned stomach and then slide my thumbs under your tight top and tug it up and over your sexy little tits. You raise your arms straight up to help with the removal of the top and then my mouth goes immediately to suck your hard nipples into my warm, wet mouth. I love hearing you gasp and feeling your strong arms wrap around me as the tip of my tongue teases your terrific tits. I much prefer small petite breasts and yours are absolutely perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

I could spend all day devouring every inch of your hot, sexy body, but I need to be inside of you. I need to feel my hard cock penetrate your tight wet pussy and proceed until you are full of me. I need to look into your eyes as we passionately connect our bodies together. But first I need to taste you and I want to make you cum right on my tongue. I kiss my way up from your breasts and kiss your amazing lips again before stepping back and pulling the wood bench away from the wall. I grab my towel and fold it over longways once before laying it down for some cushion. I then grab you by the waist and help you sit and then lay down on your back. I feel my hard cock throb in anticipation as I see this stunningly hot dark-haired beauty laying down in front of me in nothing but a skimpy black thong and gym shoes!

I kneel down between your legs and kiss each of your legs before removing each of your shoes. I then kiss my way up your inner thighs, alternating between your right leg and left until I reach your crotch. The thin fabric of your panties is barely covering the wet, sensitive folds of your lips that I want to kiss, lick and suck. I slip my fingers under the panty fabric at your hips and slowly slide them down your sexy legs. Now you’re laying completely naked in front of me and I’m so incredibly hungry for you. I begin to tease you by kissing and licking all around your engorged lips. I sense you squirming, needing some relief so I finally lick your hot pussy and pause as I suck your hard clit in my mouth and flick her with the tip of my tongue. Your moaning makes my hard cock throb once again and I repeat that process over and over again until you’re writhing on the bench! I know you’re close so I reach my right hand to your mouth and you instinctively suck my index and middle finger coating them with your spit. Now wet, I plunge my coated fingers in your hot little cunt and finger fuck you hard while continuing to suck your clit. You grab my head and pull my hair at the same time as your legs tense up around me because a body shaking orgasm rips through you fit, sexy body. I stop sucking your sensitive clit, but continue to saw my fingers in and out of you until the orgasm subsides and you need a break.

I illegal bahis watch you laying there, your sexy body glistening for exertion as I bring my wet fingers to my mouth and suck them clean. Your eyes were clenched shut, but opened just in time to see me pull them out of my mouth.

“I taste good, don’t I?” you say. Your confident attitude turns me on so much.

“Yes, you do,” I reply. “And now you need some cock.” I continue.

I push you slightly back on the bench which is easy since you’re still on the towel. Now there’s enough room for me to join you and position my aching cock right in front of your still hungry pussy. I stroke myself a few times and see some slippery pre-cum ooze from my tip which I proceed to rub up and down your already wet folds to tease you further. I can tell that neither of us can wait any longer so finally, after all of these years of dreaming about this moment along with everything we’ve done so far today, I slowly penetrate you and slide myself into you, inch by inch until I bottom out and am completely inside of your hot, wet, tight pussy. We both gasp together at the sensation. We look into each other’s eyes and nothing else matters right now. Not the drama in our lives, not our current relationship status, not the weather, or gas prices or anything. In this moment we’re just two humans that have chosen to enjoy some intimate time with each other without expectation or commitment. The feeling of letting go from reality and fulfilling a fantasy that I already know will be replayed in my mind over and over again until I cease to exist in this world is exhilarating and liberating at the same time.

I snap back to reality and marvel at the beautiful woman before me. I smile down at you and you smile back right before your brow furrows in pleasure as I slide me cock almost all the way out of you and then slam him back in, hard. I can tell you like it so I do it again, and again, and again. The sound of our fit bodies connecting and slapping into each other fills the small room. My hands reach down to your perfect tits which I squeeze and tease during each power stroke into your hungry hole. You reach down and grab my naked ass and pull me into you as if helping me fuck you harder with every thrust. I could do this for hours and explore every position I know and likely learn some new ones that only an elite cheerleader, such as yourself, would know about, or could perform. Knowing your hot, fit, flexible body could do all sorts of things makes me wonder if you still have your cheerleader outfit because I already know that you would still fit into it perfectly. I save that thought for later.

I decide that we shouldn’t go too much longer, but I do need to feel you cum on my hard cock before I give you exactly what you asked for earlier. On one particular deep thrust, I wrap my arms under your back and easily pick up your small frame while I’m still inside of you. You instinctively wrap your strong, smooth legs around me as I proceed to press you against the wall while continuing to fuck you.

I look you right in the eyes and tell you, command you, “I want you to cum all over my hard cock. I need to feel your hot little pussy squeeze me and then I promise to feed you my hot cum right in this mouth.” I then proceed to kiss you deeply, our tongues dancing again, your hot body rising up and down on my hard cock, your hands around my neck and in my hair, my hands on your perfect, firm ass. Then it happens, you break the kiss and squeeze me tight before yelling….

“I”M CUMMING!” you scream!

It takes every fiber of will power I have NOT to wash the inside of your womb with my hot seed as I continue to fuck you through your bucking orgasm. Your body is small, but so powerful that it’s like hugging an angry racoon as you twitch and convulse through your euphoric pleasure with your eyes clenched shut. Finally, you calm down and your eyes crack open. We look at each other and smile like we can’t help it. You’re still pressed against the wall, I’m still rock hard inside of you.

“Do I get my reward now?” you ask. “I think I was promised some protein after this hot workout,” you continue while winking at me as you did earlier in the studio.

“You certainly earned it baby,” I reply.

I lift you off of me and you immediately drop to your knees and take me into your hot, hungry mouth. You can taste yourself on me which only makes you more desperate to taste me. You continue sucking while you looking up at me and also begin stroking me hard with your right hand. I can tell you want it and that drives me over the cliff of pleasure. My body and mind move past the point of no return and I can feel the extreme waves of pleasure emanate from my cock that is expertly being services by your sexy mouth and travel through my entire body as I explode into your waiting mouth. I can feel jet after jet fire out of me which are gulped down by you to keep up. My pulsating cock finally begins to subside and you open your mouth, squeezing the last few drops out of me and onto your waiting pink tongue. You make sure that I see you and your prize before closing your mouth and swallowing again. You smile as you notice my body shutter at your little show for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32