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We walked down the dark foggy street in silence, hand in hand. The unspoken communication of anticipation. My heart was racing with the feeling and yet I still had uncertainty. Did he feel it too? We came to the house and we strolled to the door, I tried not to let my nervousness show.

I stood next to him as he smoked. Taking long drawn out breaths in, savoring, then letting the curling smoke into the freezing night air. His lips around the cigarette more sexual to me now than ever. His tongue tip lightly touching the edge of the paper, awaiting the next inhale.

I pretended to be patient, but my patience had long run out. I took a deep breath in, steadying myself and finding the courage to do something, anything to relieve this.

I pushed him up against the brick wall, my hands on his shoulders, my body colliding with his. All the need I had inside welled up as my lips reached his and with open mouths we both breathed each other in, kissing frantically. It was like a bolt of electricity as he pulled me harder into him, ignoring the lit cigarette he took hold and ground my hips into his. Almost unconsciously I was grinding more, moaning into his mouth as I did so. The anticipation once again took over all my senses, my body totally aware of what may follow.

We continued güvenilir bahis to kiss, our tongues playing back and forth, my lips between his teeth, his lips brushing seductively over mine. For what seemed like an hour he made me quiver with only his lips and tongue, and by the time he stopped to take another long draw of his cigarette, I was panting and shaking against his warm body.

He unlocked the door, my hand in his free hand, pulling me inside and to him straight away. His lips locked to mine he slid his hands over my shoulders, dropping my black coat to the floor, and reaching for the zipper of my shirt. Our clothes quickly ended up on the floor and table, my only remaining clothes a bright red lace bustier and panties, both which he insisted stayed on. My addiction to his warm lips was fast cemented as he continued to plunder my mouth with his tongue, teasing and playing. While he kissed me with this passion I hadn’t known he dragged me slowly to the set of carpeted stairs which led to his bedroom. Another shiver of anticipation made me shudder, the thought of a bed, and the awaiting delights it held.

At the top of the stairs it was dark still, three doors waiting to be entered. My expectations were turned upside down as he pushed me up against the nearest wall, slamming himself against türkçe bahis my body, creating an amazing wave of pleasure, and eliciting a loud moan from my lips. He smiled wickedly at this, keeping my body as close as possible to his, my head dropping once again to be claimed by his soft but commanding lips. This time he knew how to tease me, at his mercy like this, he used the hard metal of his tongue bar to stroke my lips and tongue, setting off a million thoughts. A simulated pleasure of what he could do to me. And this was exactly what he wanted me to know.

His hips held me in place against the wall while he moved against me, letting me know his intentions, his cock hard through his jeans, a teasing touch, that was right where I needed it, yet so unsatisfying. One hand helped support my weight gripping my ass hard, his other moving down my body, making me arch up as he palmed my breasts through my lingerie, tweaking my nipples till I moaned, then moving on to tease me through my underwear. Unbearable torture that made me moan again, and his grin in the dark let me know that he was very aware of what he did to me, and the way he affected me.

By now I was writhing in his arms, his hand expertly stroking my clit through my underwear, begging to be fucked. Shamelessly I moaned out load, shaking güvenilir bahis siteleri and struggling to escape his grip, and his torture. Finally, slipping two fingers inside me, I came hard, relieving all the built up tension and shuddering out my orgasm as we both leaned against each other and the wall.

Released back onto solid ground, we found ourselves on the floor at the top of the stairs. He lay underneath me, his anticipation now a sweet revenge for what he had done to me. He breathed hard, gripping my hips and waiting for my next move. I was shaking myself as I moved my body down, letting him in, that first wave of pleasure blurring my vision. Closing my eyes as I saw his darken while I moved slowly up and down, not only getting used to this feeling, but savoring the absolute filling of myself.

He moaned too, we moved together, this dance of bodies, ancient and primal. An almost unbearable friction built between us, frantic and steady at the same time. No thoughts passed, only instinct, as he fucked me as hard as I moved on him, moved me this way and that, finding what made me scream, orgasm after orgasm, discovering new ways to pleasure each other.

No time was paid attention to as we continued, the stairs acting as leverage as I was bent over, the final act of this play. I screamed, my fingernails digging into the soft carpet, his movements constantly harder and faster as we came together, hardly able to take a breath. Our bodies together, sated at last, after a night of utter anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32