Another Man for Alexis

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I found myself checking this dating app probably way more than I should but after having such great luck with Travis and Jason I kept pushing my luck. It was almost as if the more sex I got, the more I craved it. I scrolled until I saw Ethan, aged 49, with white hair already made him look very distinguished. Clean shaven chiseled chin and a cute smile. We chatted for maybe twenty minutes online before I realized the chemistry for a great sensual encounter was there. We set up a time for him to come over to my place the next morning, my day off, after he got his kids off to school.

After saying goodnight to Ethan, I continued sorting through messages and noticed one from Travis again.

“Hey sexy, you’re on here again huh?” Travis’ message read.

“Yeah, just seeing what trouble I can get into ;)” I replied.

“Ahh ok well I was thinking Wednesday we could explore a little bit, if you’re interested.”

“Hmmm, what type of exploring did you have in mind?”

Travis was quick to reply, “You mentioned you wanted to try a submissive and Master type thing, I thought I could help you out with that.”

“Sounds good to me. What time on Wednesday?”

“Oh it’d be after I got off of work, sometime around 10pm?”

We continued talking about limits and established a safe word before saying goodnight. I laid down wondering if I was getting myself in too deep with Travis, I hadn’t really done much with BDSM, would I enjoy it as much as I hoped? The thought quickly left my head as I remembered my new ‘friend’ was coming over the next morning.

Ethan sent a message when he pulled up on the side of the road in front of the apartment. I opened the door and there stood a man 6’2 and much skinnier than I had imagined but I thought what the hell and quickly invited him in and shut the door…

He barely got out the words, “How are you doing today.” when I reached up and started kissing him.

He wrapped his arms around my back and slid a hand down to my ass as we stood there and kissed for a moment. I leaned back and smiled “I’m good, what about you?” I started walking towards the room as I said, “Come on in and get comfortable”. He took off his jacket and put it on the back of a chair and slid his shoes off as he followed me.

Once we reached the room he grabbed me and started kissing me, with way more passion this time. He slid his hand over my breast and gently squeezed as he sighed softly through the kiss. I started unbuttoning his shirt and revealed a slightly hairy chest which I let my fingers dance through as I kept kissing him. I reached towards his belt and unfastened his pants and slid them down as I got to my knees and looked up and smiled. I took his boxers off and grasped his hardening cock in my hand and licked the shaft gently before I took him into my mouth. He gasped slightly and stretched his head back as I took him slowly in and out of my mouth and sucked gently. He hardened even more in my mouth and I let out a moan around his girth as I sped up sucking and took him all the way to the back of my throat. He stopped me and grabbed my arms and stood me up and took my shirt and bra off. He reached down and took one of my nipples into his mouth as I started taking off my pants. Once my panties hit the floor he shoved me back onto the bed and kneeled down and licked my pussy gently then grabbed my hips and thrust me into his face as his tongue flicked my clit.

This was good I thought to myself, not as good as Jason, but still good. I let myself relax as he continued with his tongue lapping at the juices starting to flow from me. He continued for a minute and then reached his hand up and slid a finger into me as I moaned from the new sensation he moved his hand in and out and his finger did a come hither motion that made me shutter as I reached a much needed climax.

As more juices flowed he lapped it up with his tongue and became more forceful with his finger and tongue sending me into another orgasm almost immediately. He brought his head up and told me “Now get down here and turn around.” I happily almanbahis yeni giriş obliged, he took his now rock hard cock and placed it just outside my pussy and gently pushed into me as I moaned with a surprise of his girth. Then his hands were on my hips pulling me onto him as he slid all the way inside me. His small grunts told me he approved of my pussy. The thrusting started quite slow but he didn’t take long before he was pounding in and out of me as I came again. My juices now flowed down my legs with every new thrust of his hips into me. I became putty as he wouldn’t relent and made me come over and over again. His cock slid out of me and I almost whimpered at the thought of this euphoria leaving me.

“Get on the bed on your back.” Ethan told me. I smiled with anticipation as I crawled to the middle of the bed and laid down. I let my legs fall open inviting him in. He leaned over and licked the juices flowing from me and got onto the bed. He again placed his cock gently just on the now swollen lips of my pussy and pushed inside me. Oh how I loved that feeling of being entered! I let out another moan of approval and he smiled coyly and began thrusting into me again. I raised my legs so I could feel his entire length inside me. He quickly grabbed my legs and pushed them back towards my head and pounded into me harder and faster as I exploded in an wonderful orgasm that came with an intense squirt of my juices over the both of us.

Ethan looked at me and directed me, “Call me Daddy.”

I was almost in a trance with the only thing on mind being the fact I was about to cum again. I moaned out, “Fuck me Daddy.” He leaned down and began kissing me as he thrust in and out.

As Ethan began groaning through the kissing I realized how close he was getting and I bucked into his thrusts. He growled and began pounding me harder than before and I felt his warm load empty into my pussy. He slowed slightly but continued the motion pushing it all into me as I came yet again. When he stopped I let out a sigh and let my legs hit the bed. Ethan laid himself on top of me, his rod still inside me and kissed my neck as he breathed heavily over me.

He began talking about doing this again and I agreed that if the timing worked out, sure. He mentioned he had meetings throughout this week but he was sure he could sneak out of the office at some point next week.

As Ethan left, my thoughts quickly drifted onto tomorrow’s meeting with Travis, again, hoping it would be half as stimulating as this encounter had been. The ‘call me daddy’ was quite unexpected from him, pleasant nonetheless.

Wednesday night rolled around and I found myself looking through old negligees that my ex never cared for. I wondered if I should even bother when I got a text from Travis.

“What are you going to be wearing when I get there?”

“Whatever you’d like me to.” I replied.

“Mmmm, what are my choices?”

“Well I have a few little negligees or I could be wearing nothing at all.”

“Definitely a negligee. Dark in color if you have one.”

“Sounds good. See you soon.”

“Oh I can’t wait.”

I decided to put on a spot of mascara, messed my hair slightly and pulled on the negligee. It felt awkward to have the silk against my skin yet somehow excitement poured through me. I had no idea what his plans were for the evening but I was sure that it would be fun.

As his truck pulled up I grabbed a quick glance in the mirror and went to the door. Travis walked in, a hoodie, baseball hat and jeans seemed to be his go to look. His deep brown eyes gleamed as he looked me over and reached for my hips. “Damn, I’m not sure I want this to come off tonight.” I closed the door behind him and leaned in for a kiss.

“That’s all up to you.”

“Ah ah, I think you meant to say that’s all up to you Sir.” He grabbed a fistfull of hair and pulled slightly, tipping my head back.

“Yes, it’s up to you Sir.”

“Good girl. A few rules, you don’t cum without permission, you do exactly as I say or there will be consequences. almanbahis giriş Understood?” I nodded the best I could, “Now get to work.” He pushed me to my knees with a growl.

I could already feel a dampness between my legs. Reaching for his jeans I unbuttoned them and slid them to his feet. By the time I was reaching for his boxers they slid down his legs. His hand still gripping my hair he pulled me over his cock as soon as I opened my mouth. He let out a groan as he grabbed my head with his other hand and forced himself to the back of my mouth. I almost gagged at the sudden movement but continued to suck on him. Travis pulled my head in and pushed back again before he thrust his hips into it and pushed himself deep and held me there. No longer able to breathe he kept my head pulled in close until I reached my hands up to his legs trying to push myself away.

“Crawl” He motioned to the couch. I began crawling on all fours as he walked over and sat down. “Back to work.”

“Yes Sir.” I positioned myself between his legs and started suckling gently on his tip.

He grabbed my hair with both hands creating handles on either side of my head and pulled me back over him. I kept sucking, bobbing my head up and down with his direction. One of his hands slid down to my shoulder moving the thin string of the negligee down and exposing a breast. He gasped it and began gently pinching the nipple. I moaned around him in my mouth and slowed down the bobbing of my head.

“Keep sucking you little slut.” He pinched and twisted my nipple between his rough fingertips and pushed my head down burying it in his lap. I slurped away on him, spit coming from the corners of my mouth. He pushed my head back down with a groan holding me in place. I started gagging as he slid deeper into my mouth. “Oh it’s not that big sweetheart, you can take it.” He let me come up long enough to take a breath before he pushed my head back down and pushed his hips up. I felt the tip slide into my throat, as he kept my head pushed down and gyrated his hips back and forth sliding in and out of my throat. “Relax…. Good girl, you’ll be a pro at deepthroating in no time.”

This was way more rough than I had ever been handled but I was loving every second. I wanted nothing more than to please him. Hearing him say ‘good girl’ was all I was craving. I did my best to relax and let him glide in and out of my mouth. Travis took his hand from my breast and reached between my legs, finding I was already wet. The simple touch of his fingertips on my clit sent me into overdrive. I moaned out and forgot to keep sucking. A light slap came across my cheek from his hand, just hard enough to get my attention. I looked up at him as he continued to rub on my clit. “I never told you to stop sucking.” I nodded and opened my mouth, taking him inside me again. Bobbing my head up and down over his rock hard cock, I could feel my own orgasm building. His fingers barely slid inside me as a wave of bliss flowed over me and a stream of juices covered his hand and the floor beneath me. His free hand grasped my hair again and pulled me off of his rod. “Now did I say you could cum?”

“No Sir, sorry Sir.” I whimpered out as he slid his fingers in and out of my dripping pussy.

“You ask for permission, you understand?” His eyebrows raised as he growled back at me. Being completely in his control had me on the edge again.

“Please.” was all that I could say trying to hold back.

“Please what?”

“Please Sir, can I cum?” I begged him as he smiled back at me.

“No!” His hand moved faster, sliding a third finger into me and thrusting hard in and out of me. I wiggled, I couldn’t help myself, I knew I was about to explode. He pulled my head back so I was looking straight into his eyes. “Cum now!” He commanded and I immediately convulsed into a full body orgasm, my juices exploding from me and soaking the floor further. “Mmm, good girl.” His hand slid up from my pussy and he brought it to my lips. I knew what he wanted and opened my mouth to clean his fingers. His stern almanbahis güvenilirmi touch turned soft as he stroked my hair. “Now you didn’t ask for that first orgasm, did you?”

“No Sir.” I remembered his words about consequences and wondered what he had in mind.

“Stand up and bend over the couch.” He kissed my lips lightly as his hand slid down the silk nighty.

I stood up, legs slightly shaky and positioned myself over the arm of the couch laying my arms on the cushion. He stood behind me and gave me instructions to count when I felt his hand. I nodded, “Yes Sir.”

His hand moved the nighty up, exposing my bare ass. Tracing his fingers along my curves lightly and then took his hand away. His hand came down onto my ass making me jump. The pain quickly turned into pleasure though, “One.” I moaned out.

“Oh, you enjoy this huh? Well sorry to say this is a punishment, I want you to remember the rules.”

Another blow hit my ass but much harder, “Ow, two.” I hissed out as the third came down immediately and right over where the second one hit I pulled away slightly, “Three.” His hands grasped my hips to reposition me. As the remaining hits came down I counted them out for him, trying my best to stay in position. After I said ten his hand came back down lightly onto my bottom and he slid his hand over my red cheeks.

“You did well, now to the room.” I felt almost outside of myself as I walked to the room, feeling him walking directly behind me. I felt his hand grasp my shoulder and he pulled lightly so I faced him as I got to the bed. I turned towards him. “Your punishment is over, now if you behave you’ll get pleasure.”

Though the swats to my ass hurt I definitely liked feeling them come down on me. It was already a pleasure to get that punishment but I nodded in agreement with him anyways. Travis smiled at me as he bent me over the bed and aligned himself behind me. His one hand was pressed firmly onto my back as the other one guided his cock into my opening. I moaned out as he slowly slid himself in and out. He quickly became more aggressive in thrusting. He was in a perfect position, I could feel every inch of him filling me up, I was about to burst. Then he pulled out, I whimpered, wanting to feel him more.

“On the bed.” He ordered. “I hope you’re remembering the rules.”

“Yes Sir.” I crawled onto the bed and laid on my back. I had almost forgotten to ask permission again.

“You enjoying yourself?” He stated more than asked.

I nodded to him as he climbed on top and positioned me. My legs were together and he held them slightly to the side and below his chest as he began fucking me again. Before long I could feel an orgasm building. “Please Sir, can I cum?” I begged.

“Yes.” He locked eyes with me as he began pounding into me harder. A spasm came through me as I came and my juices soaked us both. “Gah I love how wet your little pussy gets.” With that he moved me again, pushing my legs apart and down next to my head without missing a beat. I could feel all of him again as he thrust as deep as he could. I was stunned at how good it felt, I could barely move. The grip he had on my legs loosened on one leg as he reached down and placed it around my throat. I came immediately as he tightened his grasp on my neck. He chuckled a little, “I’ll give you that one.” He pulled out of me again, “Flip over, ass in the air.” His voice was authoritative and made me instinctively listen. His hands were on my hips as he glided his cock into me. He pressed a hand between my shoulder blades as he used the other to pull himself into me. “Now where do you want this load at?” Travis grunted out as he pushed deep inside me.

“In my pussy.” I moaned back.

I felt a hand slap onto my ass, “Your pussy? I think you mean my pussy.”

“Yes Sir, your pussy.” I whimpered as he pounded harder into me.

Travis grasped both of my hips and thrust in and out of me furiously. He pressed himself deep inside of me and I could feel him explode inside my pussy, sending me into another orgasm.

Travis laid himself beside me and let out a deep sigh. “Mmmmm, I think we both need a shower after that one,” he grabbed the blanket from my bed and lifted it slightly, “and a change of sheets.” He laughed out loud. I simply nodded to him with a smile. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to walk just yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32