Angie Returns The Favour Ch. 02

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Angie walked naked back to her bedroom. She felt exhilarated. No doubt she hadn’t cum as much this time, in fact only once. Yet, she felt satisfied in a different way. Her calling the shots gave her pussy a different kind of tingle. Her ability to be kinky with Steve gave her a new thrill. It was true what they said about the best sex being in the stimulation of the mind.

She moved her hand between her legs and touched her pussy. Her lips were swollen and aflame with desire and she was soaking!

It had been ten minutes since she had left Steve tied up in the other room. Time to work on the second part of her plan. Angie walked to the laundry basket and picked out a pair of used cotton panties. She put them on then tied up her hair in a pony-tail. She walked back in to the other room.

Steve looked a sight! He was spread eagled on the bed, her panties in his mouth. His eyes were half closed and his legs were splayed. His cock lay on one thigh. As he saw her, her mumbled something, his speech muffled by the panties in his mouth.

“Hush lover,” Angie said gently as she slowly stroked his thigh.

His flaccid cock started to stir and she moved away from the bed and stood facing him, leaning on the wall. She raised her hands, showing off her breasts, then slowly brought her hands down to cup them.

“Would you like to suck on these breasts?” She asked Steve, in a low sensual voice as she cupped bahis firmaları her breasts and squeezed them.

“Would you like to squeeze them and tease my nipples?” she said sexily, doing to herself exactly what she was saying. Steve nodded, his eyes wide and fixed on her. His cock was stirring to life very quickly now. Angie put on a show for Steve, running her hands all over herself.

She spread her legs and moved a hand into her panties. With her eyes fixed on Steve, she fingered herself, her other hand furiously rubbing on her clit. Her eyes never left Steve as her moans became louder. Her hips were thrusting on her fingers.

Steve looked at her pleasing herself. His rod was now stiff at attention. He could feel his cock throbbing hotly. He watched her please herself as she came hard on her fingers. He watched her pull her fingers out of herself and slowly walk over to him.

She reached down and pulled the panties out of his mouth. He started to say something but knew better. Angie smiled at him and offered her pussy coated fingers to him. He reached up and swallowed her fingers, tasting her juices on them.

Angie giggled again. “I’ve got to pee.” She said as she removed her fingers from his mouth. Steve lay on the bed, more excited than he had ever been. He was seeing a whole new side of his wife. She was being a real slut with him and he loved it. He could hear the sound of her peeing. kaçak iddaa His hands were getting a little numb and he wished she would come back out to him.

Angie appeared, completely naked and holding a small bucket. “I brought you a little present,” smiled Angie. She walked over to Steve and lifted her panties from the bucket and held them over his face. They were wet!

“Open up!” ordered Angie.

Steve opened his mouth and Angie stuffed her panties into his mouth again. They were soaked in pee! Steve felt his cock lurch and butterflies in his stomach at the way Angie was taking charge. He could taste her pee on his tongue. It was hot, pungent and musty. Her panties were soaking with pee and he could feel it running down his throat.

Angie climbed over him and slowly lowered her pussy on to his cock. She sat on him and reached out to stroke his chest.

“You like my pee?” she asked in a sweet voice.

Steve nodded, his cock embedded deep in her cunt. Angie worked her pussy muscles, squeezing his cock as she stroked his chest. Slowly, she raised and lowered herself on his cock, giving him a slow fuck. She could feel his cock so very hard in her and she knew that Steve was super turned on by what she was doing. She could feel an orgasm building in her as she sped up her movements.

She moved her hands away from his chest and placed it behind her on the bed. She started bouncing on kaçak bahis his cock now, using her hands as leverage. Harder and faster she fucked him, totally enjoying the control she had over him. Steve’s eyes were glassy as he watched her. Angie came in a shudder but continued fucking his hard. His cock was aching for release as his hips thrust upwards, meeting Angie’s buttocks as she fucked down on him.

Angie started mouthing off.

“I’m fucking you, you bastard.” “You like this hot pussy on you?” “Drink my pee as I fuck you.” “Cum on, cum with me. Make this slut cum hard.”

Angie fucked harder and faster. Steve’s cock was really getting deep into her. She could feel him meeting her thrusts more urgently now and she knew he was close. She was too.

“Shoot in me baby. Give me your cum!” She moaned as an orgasm shook her. She was still cumming as she felt his cock throb and then shoot inside her. His cum splashed deep into her pussy, triggering another climax for her. She kept fucking him, milking his cock as wave upon wave of ecstasy swept over her.

Steve bit hard onto the pee soaked panties in his mouth as he squirted into her. He was cumming so hard and she was squeezing every last drop out of his cock, and still she kept fucking up and down. Finally, she collapsed onto him, her breath short and fast. He felt his cock growing limp in her. She looked up at him and reached over to pull her panties out of his mouth.

“Oh Baby!” Steve said. “That was really something!!”

She kissed him hard on the mouth and realised that Steve had been right. Sex was all the more fun when she was a filthy slut for him!!!

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