An Orgasmic Encounter

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A pair of feet meandered across the courtyard of a dimly lit commercial complex and soon found themselves halted at the entrance of a locally owned coffee shop. It was four past nine on a Friday night and these feet were already aching to retire for a long weekend. The sign on the door read, “Closed.”

The barrister, a true picture of athleticism and scholarship, quickened his amble in sight of the gorgeous woman outside his shop. Once he picked up a menu, he strolled over to the door. “I’m sorry! We’re open, ma’am. Just one second.”

“Thank you,” replied a soft voice as the welcoming gentlemen opened the door. “The sign said you were closed!”

“Well, you’re our last customer of the evening,” her rescuer beamed. “So what can I get for you?”

“Umm, well, first I’d really like to sit down,” the new patron replied nervously, glancing down at her long, slender limbs. She was, in fact, exhausted.

“Oh, of course!” blushed the young man. “Right this way.” Once she was seated at a table a hat’s drop away from his counter, he asked, “What can I get you this evening?”

“What do you recommend?” she rasped while fidgeting with her purse.

“For you? Let me think.” Something sweet for the lady, he thought. “How about a Raspberry Chai Latte?”

“Sounds nice,” she grinned. “May I have that chilled?” she inquired as she loosened her shirt to reveal more of her voluptuous breast.

“Of course.” It was hot outside and getting hotter inside every moment she opened those tender lips to speak. “Do you mind if I join you?” he asked.

Surprised by the forwardness of the request, she hesitated.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have ….”

“No, it’s okay,” she offered as he began preparing the drinks. He smiled.

Neither of them knew what to say next. It was if they were both caught in a daze. When the drinks were prepared, he brought them out. He sat hers on the table and stood – drink in hand – waiting for his invitation, convinced she would change her mind.

She laughed. There was this beyond handsome man waiting, at her beckon, complete with the dorkiest grin she had ever seen in her life. He sort of reminded her of the geek who had a crush on her in the sixth grade. But what a sight he was! This fellow was certainly no Bill Gates, Jr. She stared into his pretty green eyes welcomingly. “Sit down!”

He sat down. “Thank you,” he smiled, his mouthful of pearly whites shining.

“And what may be your name?” she asked.

He swallowed hard. “I’m Liam, and you?”


“Hi,” chuckled Liam.


“Soooo …. ” he sighed.


Rayanne sat patiently with her straw poised between her delicate lips, carefully taking deep, pleasurable sips as the strapping young man in a muscle t-shirt scrambled to finish his sentence.

“Soooo,” Liam paused, “Is this your first time here? I’ve never seen you come in on my shift before.”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “I’m sort of passing through town on a visit. My family used to live here when I was a kid, but this is new.”

“Really?” he asked, interested. “I’ve lived here all my life, but I’m thinking of moving. I graduate from college in May and I already have a job offer in Chicago.”

“Chicago?” she asked, somewhat disappointed. “A little far, isn’t it? I live about seventy miles north of here on the other side of the river. It’s a small town. You probably never heard of it ….”

“Well, hey, I like small towns. After all, look around. We’re in one right now.” he pointed out. “So where are you staying tonight?”

“Hotel. Two blocks from here on Main St. It’s a Best Western, I think. I don’t know. My friend made the reservations and handed me the directions in a hurry. She apparently has plans for this evening, which, believe me, I did not know.”

“Damn. That sucks,” he offered sympathetically. “So she just blew you off like that last moment?”

“Not exactly. She knew I was coming, but I didn’t specifically say if it was going to be this weekend or next, and she got mixed up and made other plans. So, here I am.”

Liam wanted to ask her to stay at his place, but he was finding it hard to work up the nerve. Perhaps it was time for her to come to his rescue. “So, you’re going to be staying at the Best Western tonight. I hear it’s pretty nice there.”

“Well, I am unless you have a better suggestion,” she caught on flirtatiously and quickly downed the rest of her drink with one quick and eager slurp, the sucking noise becoming escort ankara quite loud as she got to the very bottom of her glass.

He chuckled and smiled. “You can stay at my place, if you’d like. I don’t mind sleeping on the couch.”


After the two finished their drinks, Liam closed up shop and they both got into his car sped away to his apartment.

A dog barked heavily at their arrival. “Trey, shut the f*ck up! Or I’ll have to wrestle it out of ya, you mangy ass,” he barked back. “Sorry about that. He’s a little neurotic when it comes to new people.” The door opened and out rushed a long haired Golden Retriever.

“Kind of like his daddy, huh?” she teased.

“Hey!” he pouted. “No fair.” They locked eyes for a brief moment, and every fiber in his being told him to kiss her, but he hesitantly resisted, not sure if he should or not. Clearly noticing this, she returned his pout.

They walked inside, and Liam closed the door. “The bathroom’s down the hallway to the left. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be in the bedroom – straight across – straightening up.” He rushed passed her and slammed the door behind. As he did so, he momentarily brushed his hard body against her frame. It took all the composure she could muster not to squirm.

Rayanne sighed and walked, a little flushed, into the bathroom. She had to pee very badly, so first things first, she took a seat on the thrown. When she pulled down her pants she could see and smell her womanly fluids, and this aroused her even more. She relieved herself right away and quickly drew her hand between her thighs towards her nether regions where she aimed to run copious amounts of her own goo through her fingers while she to progressed to please herself. No sooner did her hand meet warm flesh then did a steady rap on the door interrupt.

“You left your bag in the hallway,” sounded a deep voice. It was Liam, his ample cock hardening from the mere curiosity of what lied beyond the door. It took all his effort to divert his thoughts from his member and its longing to explore his new friend, in depth.

Oh, shit, she thought. “Leave it there. I’ll be right out to get it.” With that, she wiped her privates and zipped up her pants. She could feel her heart racing. If she didn’t get some pleasure soon, she would surely explode.

She dutifully acquired her bag and took it into the bathroom with her. Closing the door, she started to undress. First to come off was her top, then her pants, and finally her bra, which revealed her beautifully perky breasts. Her panties came off last. She slid them off slowly, peeling away the sticky crotch from her pubic hair.

At last her naked reflection greeted her in the mirror. Her soft, tan skin was flawless from head to toe. Her taut little tummy, a picture of perfection, would seem to the passerby to say, “come hither.” Her supple breasts heaved with sexual desire, and her small but firm nipples were clearly at attention.

Rayanne washed her face, gingerly pressing her fingers over its exquisite form. A pair of marvelous brilliant blue eyes briefly focused on each other in the mirror, as she whisked a strand of long dark hair out their way. It had been way too long since she had experienced real pleasure, and she was hungry for it.


Meanwhile, Liam finished making the bed and tidying up his room for Rayanne. He thought of how super sweet she was and how much he would love to keep company like that on a regular basis. She appeared to be everything he always wanted in a woman. It wasn’t just sexual – at least he didn’t think so.

Trying very much to be a gentlemen, he ignored his erection and did his best to minimize it. Playing with Trey ought to help so that’s what he did, and eventually it subsided. But that could not prepare him for what happened next.

“MMmmmmm…….” Was that moaning he heard? Okay, this was too much. He had to go investigate, now.

“Rayanne?” he knocked on the door.

“Yes?” she answered, sounding flustered.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine!” she replied. He pressed on the door, and she noticed it opened a crack. Her heart rocketed. She was speechless. Was this really happening? She’d just met this guy an hour and a half ago, and here she was ready to pounce on him like a cheap tawdry whore. This was so unlike her! But she was reveling in the desire to proceed. Her mind was now made up. His dick was hers, and she delighted in anticipation. “Would you come in mamak escort for a moment?” she asked him. “I have something I want to show you.” With that, she quickly draped a towel around her naked body.

The bathroom door quickly burst open as symbolically the flood gates of passion were now opening for the both of them.

Neither said a word. Pure, unbridled animal instinct took over. Rayanne helped Liam remove his clothing piece by piece until the pivotal moment of his cock’s exposure. He leaned back with the sight of it throbbing and growing larger by the second. If he had been born at an earlier time, perhaps he would’ve been mistaken for a god and his likeness carved in stone for all subsequent generations to marvel at his physique.

He was broad shouldered slender to the hips, his well defined chest and back perfectly hairless. With a great bound forward, he took the woman in his powerful arms. As they finally kissed, his gorgeous green eyes transfixedly penetrated hers with desire and excitement.

Rayanne embraced the feel of his body next to her, his cock pressing mightily. Their lips met over and over as his tongue caressed hers. She leaned back against the vanity and loosed her towel. The sight of her flesh was nearly enough to overcome Liam. With his large, uncut cock he pushed inside her as her legs enveloped him. With a singular movement he jolted her up and carried her into the bedroom.

He laid her down on the bed and slowly pushed the entirety of his cock into her pussy, inch by inch. The feeling of his fullness was immediate rapture to her. She could barely believe this was all real. She spread her legs as wide as she could and pushed her pelvis upward to meet him as he gradually worked himself into a slow, hard rhythm that made her relinquish various sighs of ecstasy. His pace continued for as long as he could go, and then he would stop momentarily and continue, making no attempt at release until he could sense her raging orgasm impending.

Her hips rocked back forth as he fucked her faster, and she enjoyed every second of it, mauling him with her lips and frantically grabbing onto any body part she could to keep him as close to her as physically possible. At last she could not take it any longer, and her pelvis quaked thunderously. His penis, immediately taking her cue, let loose with a violent explosion of its own.

Sweaty and panting the two embraced, still joined together, for the next several moments.

Liam whispered to her, “You’re a dream come true,” and they kissed and cuddled waiting for that insatiable urge to resurface.


It didn’t take long. Liam’s resilient member was large and in charge in no time, and neither had any desire to waste such a beautiful thing!

Rayanne took his cock in her hand and breathed her hot breath on it as she played with his balls using her other hand. Greedily her mouth closed in on its prey and engulfed the tip, her nimble tongue making tapping and swirling motions around the swelling foreskin. She breathed warmly on the member again and intimately embraced it with her lips like it was a long lost friend she hadn’t seen in much too long. His balls were her toys as far she was concerned. She worked them readily and wouldn’t stop for anything. Slowly she slid the shaft of his penis into her mouth and began sucking feverishly. He jolted at the first plunge.

“Deeper!” he exclaimed as he moved her head along his cock, and she obliged, sending shivers down his spine as he suddenly found himself deep inside her gullet. Liam was loving it, and she loved giving him that pleasure. She moaned passionately, and the vibrations shot up his penis, making his hips quiver with excitement. He was ready to explode so she pulled away from him and let him blow his load on her pretty face. She licked the cum off her mouth eagerly, and he felt compelled to help with the rest of it as they locked lips once again.

“My turn,” Rayanne hissed with anticipation.


Liam was ready to devour. He licked his lips and submerged his faced into Rayanne’s warm mountain of pubic hair, searching for her treasured bud. His was greeted with the abundant scent of juices. As his tongue came out of his mouth for a taste, she shivered. Her clitoris was red and bulging, ready for his touch. He kissed and sucked it and swirled his tongue around it passionately. He fell in love with her sweet taste immediately and gulped it down like it was a delicacy. Every time she squirmed he laughed yenimahalle escort devilishly, and his warm breath made her squirm even more.

While he pleasured her, his fingers searched for her vagina. Upon finding it, he jammed two of his fingers half way in as hard as could manage, without hurting her, in hope of stimulating her g-spot. He kept at it steadily and it worked like a charm. A feeling riveted Rayanne’s body that she never felt before. She violently shook and panted. Damn, he’s GOOD at this! she thought.

All the excitement from tasting her and getting her off had Liam hard again. “I want to fuck you in the ass,” he said.

“What?” she said, surprised.

“I want to fuck you in the ass. Lean over,” he commanded.

She complied hesitantly. “Okay, you can fuck me in the ass only if I can fuck you in the ass later,” she retorted half-jokingly.

Liam generously lubed up Rayanne’s orifice before slowly sliding his dick inside. At first, she winced in pain, but once it was in it wasn’t so bad. In fact, she kind of liked it actually. It really made her pussy wet, and she started playing with herself as he worked into a rhythm. “Slow!” she demanded, and he slowed down. At this point she was dripping wet again.

“I’m going to cum,” he warned, and she felt his fluids flow into her anus. As he reveled in his release, she managed to masturbate to orgasm soon after.

“So, you know I’m going to have to do you up the butt now too, right?” she grinned. Of course, she was only teasing, but he seemed to like the idea. Wow, she thought.

Liam disappeared and reemerged with a strap-on. “Try it on,” he smirked.


After a few moments of skepticism, Rayanne worked up the nerve to slip on the harness. She felt strange with this big thing attached to her. For a moment she wondered what it would be like to actually have a penis. That very thought excited her and her hips involuntarily shook.

Liam lied on the bed with his ass up in the air, ready for her to make her move. “It’s alright, baby,” he assured her. She spread his hole with her fingers and worked the business end the dildo inside him. He groaned. “Use your weight to push it in,” he said. She did, slowly but steadily. A forbidden primal urge seemed to be at play, and the farther it went inside him the more turned on she got. His penis began to throb with delight as the member stimulated his prostrate.

She began pumping him like he was her bitch, and he was enjoying it immensely. As his penis grew she reached around and stroked it for him, feeling it get harder with every down beat of the rhythm. It couldn’t be long before he came. “Faster!,” he groaned and she sped away, savaging fucking his ass as he moaned for more. Finally he could stand it any longer. “Pull it out now!”

His hardened cock was about ready to burst. He very suddenly changed positions with her and slid his cock inside her vagina doggy style, before she knew what was coming. She moaned in pleasant surprise at the reversal of the situation. Her pussy loved the feel of his cock inside her. In the rush, they both were spent, and her vagina filled with a massive gush his manly fluid.

After all that beautiful fucking, they both felt it was time to rest so they held each other until morning, tenderly embracing as they slept.


When Rayanne woke up at the start of the next day, she was surprised to find Liam was gone. Strange, she thought. So she gathered her things and let herself out, leaving her number on his dresser for him to call. As she shut the door, she thought she recognized a familiar face out of the corner of her eye. Could it be?, she thought as the door slammed shut. On the mantle was a picture of a boy she once knew, the sixth grade geek, Liam!

No way! She gasped at the very thought.


She drove home, unpacked, and fell asleep on the couch that evening. The whole experience had been quite exhausting. She slept like a baby through the night.


The next morning the phone rang. Rayanne, hoping it was Liam, jerked up, “Hello?”

“Are you coming over this weekend?” a friendly voice inquired.


“You know we talked about it last week, you weirdo.”

“Wha –” the disoriented Rayanne started but couldn’t finish. Her friend, Tara, was on the phone asking about this weekend.

“Don’t tell me you forgot!”

“I didn’t forget, but it’s Sat—“

“Uh, no. It’s Friday, hon. What on earth got into you?”

Rayanne blushed thinking about the answer to that question. She hesitated.

“Hello?” Tara sounded concerned. “Are you still there?”

“Yeah, I’m here.” It was all a dream, she thought. A lovely dream


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