An Introduction to Bathhouse Cruise

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I am waiting in the carpark for your arrival. It is 12-30 on a Thursday afternoon. A time when mainly retired or self-employed folk are likely to be present, not knowing which is your car, I wait for your text which duly arrives. I get out of my car and spot you just up bit from where I am parked.

“Nervous?” I ask.

“Yes” you reply.

“I promise not to leave you and I think you are going to enjoy yourself” I respond.

We go up the ramp and I purchase my entry and you follow me. Being discreet, you pay cash. We are handed towels and locker keys. We have passed from the foyer through a security door into a locker/changing room. There are a couple of men changing and we all discretely assess each other as we find our lockers and open them. Quickly undressing and putting our shoes and clothing into the lockers we lock them, noting the lube and condoms waiting for when we might need them and leave the locker room and enter the lounge. Half a dozen chaps sitting around, some watching TV, others chatting. We turn left, hang up our towels and enter the long shower bay. The water is hot and plentiful and the soap is rich. The showers are big enough for 5 people side by side but we have then to ourselves. Immediately outside the shower is a deep hot tub which has a couple of people relaxing in it.

Past the hot tub are the windows to the sauna which is quite dark and to the right of the sauna is the passageway to the cubicles, TV room (porn) and maze and glory holes. Opposite the hot tub are the toilets and a doorway which will lead to stairs down to the steam room.

We finish our shower and to begin with I take you on a tour of the facilities, excluding the steam room. I am saving that for last, having explored the top floor I lead you through the lounge and down a flight of stairs where we find a large carpeted room with a TV up high on the wall playing porn. This is the area where one can just lie there and wait for anyone to approach you and begin to touch your body. You have the right to gently remove their hand if they are not your type, no one takes any objection. Frequently there are threesomes and foursomes with spectators watching.

Apart from the lounge and the staircases the lighting is VERY dim everywhere.

There are four cubicles, each with a built in bunk covered in plastic with a lock on the door and a basket containing condoms and a dimmer on the light switch. Obviously this is where you go with your new partners to enjoy some privacy whereas in the big room, all comers are welcome. There is an alcove with a long couch facing another TV also playing nonstop porn and a further couch outside there. A ledge dividing the TV alcove from the passage is a convenient spot to lean and watch the video, look down on the action on the couch below you and also, if someone finds you attractive, a hand might gently caress you.

A discreet door opens out to the outdoor area, pool, spa and sunbathing area and walks through the undergrowth. We walk out and up and back into the main building finding ourselves at the end of the maze.

OK, that’s the tour now I take you past the hot tub and then through the doorway and down the stairs to the steam room. We remove our towels and enter the darkness. There are no lights, just a lot of steam but some light filers in through the window in the doorway and you find that gradually your eyes adjust.

The giveaway is the number of towels hanging up outside. Obviously the more towels the more canlı bahis action. There were four when we arrived.

The room is U shaped, with the entrance at one end of the U with a lower and higher bench going around the entire wall. I lead you in to the base of the U and we sit, you are aware of someone sitting just beside you. As your ears and eyes adjust you think you sense action in the deep part of the top of the U and you realise someone is being fucked. One of the worries here is you will get the odd idiot that wants unprotected sex so it pays to be quite sure you feel the cock before it enters you as it is too dark to see.

Then you feel a light brush of finger tips on your thigh. Will you respond?? Yes, you move your hand towards the body beside you and touch his thigh. His hand strokes yours and reaches for your cock and strokes it. He obviously likes what he finds as the next moment he is leaning over and taking you into his mouth. OH YES, dark, anonymous sex, Lovely. You are sensible enough not to have the afternoon over before it begins so you raise him up and reach for his cock.

Your lean over and begin to suck him, he tugs your shoulder and you end up kneeling between his legs, sucking him. You become aware of a presence beside you and peering in the gloom another cock is waiting for you and being a greedy little bitch you leave the first and suck on the second one. You keep alternating between them until the second man brings you up to a standing position, you can see him opening a condom and rolling it on and then he is pushing you down onto the first man’s cock and his finger is slipping lube around and in you. Your hand goes back and feels the condom and then he is sliding into you.

Oh the joy of it all. To your disappointment the chap you are sucking stops you, whispers “It is too nice and I do not want to cum yet” and then stands and leaves. Meanwhile though, you are still being fucked quite satisfactorily but at last he stops as well and withdraws. “Thanks” he mutters and leaves.

After all of this you are sweating – it is a steam room after all, and really need a shower. I leave with you and us both head for the showers and then the Sauna to dry off.

Time for further exploration. There are guys just loitering around the passage by the cubicles and the maze, some of the cubicle doors are open and you can see men lying there. They are hoping someone will come in and join them, the loiterers, if they like you, will try to catch your eye. The thing to remember is that every single soul here is looking for anonymous sex so they can be quite indiscriminate at times. We peep into the video room. The seating is tiered so someone sitting up a bit is quite likely to experience a blow job from someone sitting below him as he watches the large screen porn. It is empty so we go into the maze which, frankly is not that good. Dark corners and nooks, you can stand there and find someone will come up beside you and begin stroking you, I forgot to mention that you usually pop your towel over your shoulder in here to allow easy access. There are a couple of cubicles with glory holes but they never seem to get much action.

A guy you had liked the look of earlier when he was “loitering” enters the maze, the passageway, although dimly lit, allows you to see faces so when he enters the mazer you reach out and stroke his arm. Of course he stops and you both engage in a little feeling up. You drop to your knees and take his rather lovely uncut bahis siteleri cock deeply into your throat and he leans back against the partition and enjoys the sensations. Someone else has joined you and he is teasing your friend’s balls and stroking his nipples as you suck and in turn the chap you are sucking begins stroking his cock. You go for a change and swivel slightly and take his cock into your mouth and then back to the first. You are a cum slut whore and you are in your element. Your first partner suddenly cums into your mouth, “what to do?”, all you can do is swallow and now your second partner is demanding access for his cock to your warm mouth, so on you go. Yet another fellow joins you and now you have a third cock to taste and enjoy. He only stays for a few minutes before he leaves you which is a shame as he had a most suckable cock. Ah well, maybe later.

Your current partner shows no sign of wanting to cum or stop but your knees are a bit tender, you have been kneeling on a concrete floor for 15 minutes so you ease him back and stand.. Your partner whispers “thanks” and departs. What you need is a coffee so off to the lounge where the instant coffee and tea makings are available.

You take your drink to one of the comfortable couches and discreetly look around you. Folk of all ages, shapes and sizes. You enjoy your drink and let your thoughts and emotions sort themselves out. Ah, you see me coming through the entrance, I make a coffee and come and join you.

“Well, was that all fun?” I enquire. “I was standing a couple of corners away watching and you seemed very happy.”

You smile and say yes, so far so VERY well.

“OK, I think you have seen enough to know you are not going to come to any harm so, if you are happy, should I meet someone nice I shall veer off to one of the cubicles with him and not keep an eye on you and in turn, you make your own moves.”

You assent and decide to head for the spa pool.

A couple of men already present and you hang up your towel and climb in. The water has been set to a nice rolling surge and the temperature is quite pleasant. You discreetly scope out your companions. One a beefy young guy is definitely not you type but the other, a chap in his early 60’s good looking and pleasant featured is more appealing. He catches you checking him out and smiles warmly at you and you respond.

To your delight you realise a foot is very gently touching your thigh. It can only belong to this man, the other chap is too far away. The water is too disturbed to see what is happening under the surface. You move your leg and this shifts your thigh harder against his foot and he smiles and begins to stroke up and down your leg.

Then he slides sideways around the bench seat until you are sitting side by side. He is pressed against you and your hand goes and finds his cock which is half erect. Some gentle fingering completes the job and a rather large, cut cock is in your hand. People are walking past the pool and glancing in but they are unable to see anything and that in itself is quite exciting.

You both just enjoy the heat of the tub, the nice feeling of a warm body beside you and the eroticism of your actions.

After a few minutes he invites you to come and join him in one of the cubicles. You happily assent and grabbing your towel you dry off and then you follow him down the passage, he select a specific one and as he stands back to let you enter he says, some have wider bunks than bahis şirketleri others. He follows you in and shuts and locks the door. His arms embrace you and he leans in and kisses you so very softly. You are both still somewhat damp as neither had really dried themselves properly but that is not important. His warm soft lips, his probing tongue that is what is important. Mmmm, you could really get to like this. You unpin your towel and toss it on the bunk and then your hand finds one of his nipples which responds immediately to your touch, your other hand pushes aside his towel and you find his very erect penis and you stroke it softly. He releases you momentarily and reaches to the light dimmer and reduces the light to the bare minimum which is nice and erotic. He removes his towel and places both towels to form a cover on the squab and then sits on the edge of the bunk, legs apart and draws you to him. You kiss again and then he is pressing your shoulders down, you linger at a nipple, sicking, licking and gently biting before you drop to your knees and take him deeply into your mouth.

He has a perfect cock, smooth, suckable and lickable and you find that with little effort you can deep throat him, much to his evident delight. You put your heart and soul into giving him intense pleasure and are quite disappointed when he reaches forward and brings you to your feet. He kisses you and then says “I want to fuck you. Get on the bunk on your hands and knees.” He reaches for the condom basket and removes one and opens it and rolls it on. Then he produces a packet of lube he must have been carrying and lubes his cock before in turn, getting you all sweet and welcoming. His finger slipping in and out is so arousing and you are having some difficulty from cumming with just this sensation.

Then he is behind you, you feel his cock slipping up and down your crease and then he is slowly entering you. Oh that is nice, he is not hurting, he is very slow but the lovely feeling of tightness and stretching and then of his depth is incredible.

“All OK?” he asks and you sigh in contentment and tell him “Don’t hurry, this is so nice.”

He commences a nice easy action, not fast just erotically sensuous and you relax into the rhythm, his cock is rubbing your prostate and that in itself is a dream. You tighten your muscles each time he enters to increase his pleasure.

He withdraws, “roll over” and you oblige, raise your knees back and he enters you again, he bends your legs further back and now he is pounding you, hard and deep and powerful.

You cannot hold back and you begin to cum and as you do you realise he is cumming also.

He finishes, buried deeply inside you and collapses, lying on your chest and he kisses you.

“Thank you that was nice.”

He extricates himself, removes is condom and drops it in the waste bin, looks down at you and says “Thank you, I hope we meet again” and he is gone.

You lie there recovering and eventually you reach for the paper towel dispenser and clean off your cum from your tummy and try to stand. You are a bit wobbly at first but then you gain your balance and venture out. A shower is called for and as you enter, your partner is leaving. He doesn’t spare you a glance, this is true anonymous sex. Having showered you sit in the Sauna to get dry and then go looking for me. To your relief I am in the lounge drinking a coffee and you join me.

“Was that all OK?” I ask and you confirm it was.

“Are you ready to go now?” And you say yes you would, you have had enough for one day.

We change, drop off our towels and locker keys and then we are in the carpark.

“Well, that is life in a Sauna. I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

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