An Angel’s Surprise

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I have a very dear friend that knows all my secrets. We have been friends since childhood and shared a lot of awakenings together. We’re the same age by a couple of months and it was Angel who usually initiated most of our games. We went from, show me yours and I’ll show you mine to I’ll touch yours, if you touch mine in the summer of our tenth year. Angel always managed to find new ways to make the game more interesting.

We use to go up into her parent’s attic and play dress-up when it rained. It was then that I got my first taste for cross-dressing. I remember the first time as clearly as if it happened only yesterday. It was a game we called “The Wedding Day”. Usually, Angel would be the bride and I the groom. This time she decided we should change our roles because she was bored with it that way. At first I was a little hesitant about wearing the bridal gown, but she could talk me into almost anything if she tried hard enough. So there I was standing in front of our make believe alter saying our make believe wedding vows. We were twelve at that time, just going through puberty and from the moment the gown went over my head a strange feeling began grow inside me. My chest felt tight and my breath became labored. I felt a tingling that grew out of abdomen to encase my whole body. My erection became painful after only a few moments. My hands shook and my palms got wet.

When we said our “I do’s” and Angel pronounced that it was time to kiss the bride, she wrapped her arms around me and we kissed. I could feel the heat from her flushed face and realized that she was as excited as I. My whole body shook as her abdomen came into contact with my penis.

“Wow,” she exclaimed,” You’re thing is really hard. Let me see”

Without waiting for my answer she lifted the gown up and grasped my hard-on and squeezed. In my over-excited state I had my first ejaculation in her hand with just that one fantastic squeeze. My knees went weak and I fell against her and we both ended up on the floor. I watched as Angel brought her hand to her face and sniff at my cum. She tasted it, then licked up a little more and kissed me again and giggled as we shared my first ejaculation. The game took a new lead from then on, and every time it rained or the weather was cold enough to be allowed into the attic, we reversed roles.

We lost our virginity to each the next year after Angel saw an x-rated movie at a slumber party she went to. She also introduced me to oral sex. Every chance we got, we would go out to the bushes that started at the end of our street to our little secret place. Hidden in among the trees, we would undress and bring each other to an orgasm using our mouths on each other. Sometimes together and sometimes we took turns pleasing each other.

We became roommates after high school. I got a job at the local grocery store and Angel went to the community college. That was when Angel discovered lesbism and decided that men where not for her. The only time we shared any intimacy was when she dressed me up. Which had become a daily thing now that we lived on our own and had canlı bahis all the privacy we needed. I had even begun taking hormones, and my breasts where just starting to develop.

It was right after New Years Day, after one of our sessions that I confided in Angel about my desire to have sex, in-fem with a man. I had never been outside dressed and wasn’t sure if I was ready to take that step yet. Though Angel assured me that I was cute enough that no one would know, I just didn’t feel ready.

A couple of months went by and I had almost forgotten about that conversation. It was my day off work so I was up early and spent the morning shaving, pampering and applying make-up. I dressed in some fancy lingerie that Angel had picked out for me. I finished dressing with a black see through shirt and form-fitted jeans we found in a thrift shop.

I just finished brushing out my hair when I heard the door open, startling me. I didn’t expect Angel home this early and for a moment panic set in thinking my secret would be found out.

Then I heard Angel’s voice as she came through the kitchen,” Oh good, your dressed already and don’t you look hot.”

Looking me up and she continued,” I have a surprise for you, something you said you wanted at New Years.”

I was momentarily stunned as dragged to the door and I tried to think of she might be talking about.

She flung the door open and yelled,” Happy birthday.”

I went into shock. There standing on the threshold was a really cute guy. He was a little shorter then I and had long black hair. We looked each other up and down and I noticed he had a large bulge in the crotch of his pants. Angel saw where my gaze stopped and whispered in my ear that she was told he had the biggest cock on campus.

He stepped in and held out his hand,” Hy, my name is Dave. Angel showed me your picture and said you weren’t seeing anyone I bugged her for a week to introduce us. I hope you don’t mind.”

I took his hand in mine and realized my palms were sweating. When he gentle squeezed, I suddenly was reminded of how I felt the first time I came in the attic while Angel and I played dress-up. I was getting that feeling again and felt my knees weakening.

Angel pulled him in and sat in the only chair in our small living room leaving only the coach for the two of us to share. I looked at Dave and he motioned for me to sit down first. I think he must of sensed my nervousness, when he sat down he sat about a foot away from me.

We just sat around and talked for about for about twenty minutes drinking some wine, I felt myself relax as we talked. Every once in awhile, my vision would stray to his crotch and my excitement and nervousness would return.

Angel got up to get another bottle of wine and placed on the table in front of us and whispered in my ear to have fun and to call her at her mother’s place when it was safe to come home. Then with a laugh and a wave she was out the door before I could stop her.

I looked shyly over at Dave, he smiled and asked,” Am I making you nervous? I don’t mean to. It’s bahis siteleri just you prettier in real life than in your picture.”

“Thank you,” I replied in shy voice, ” It’s just that I’ve never been on a date with a boy before.”

“Don’t worry, we can just sat and talk if you’d like?”

“That would be nice.” I answered ” but I’m so nervous being close to you that I’m not sure what to say.”

Actually I was scared to death that he might realize that I was a guy in drag. Dave reached for the wine and my eyes found their way again to the bulge in his pants. It looked bigger than before and then it twitched and seemed to expand more. I felt the tightness in my chest increase as I stared at that monster and the tingling in my groin became intense. When I looked up he staring into my eyes waiting to hand me my glass.

He leaned towards me and whispered, ” You really are a beautiful woman.”

I closed my eyes and felt his lips touch mine. My body shivered with excitement and I kissed him back. I knew at that moment I’d do anything. I was becoming obsessed with sight of that growing bulge. I just wanted to touch his cock.

Our lips parted and I opened my eyes to see Dave staring at me with concerned looked on his face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.


“I’ve never seen anyone ever react like that to a kiss.”

“I’ve never been kissed by a boy before.” I said whispered shyly.

I took my glass from him, sipped some wine and placed it on the table. I smiled at him and placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned towards him to continue our kiss. Dave was receipted and gentle. I’m sure he thought I was a virgin and technically in this situation I was. Also, I was enjoying the gentle manner in which he was treating me.

I leaned back on the couch as our tongues wrestled in each other’s mouth. He kept his hand on my neck the whole time gentle rubbing little circles at the base of my neck with his fingertips. Shooting sparks of current down my spine.

Dave began to kiss his way to my neck. I reached up and took his hand and moved to my chest. He moaned into my neck and I shivered again as his hand gently kneaded my budding breast.

I slid my hand along his arm to shoulder, then slowly down his side back to his waist. I could feel him fumbling with the buttons of my blouse and push into the collar and kissing my shoulder. I couldn’t wait any longer, my hand slid down to his lap until I felt the base of his huge cock and slowly began to feel the length. My hand traveled at least a foot before I felt the flare of glands and the damp spot at the very tip. I shuddered at the immensity of the thing and right now it was all mine.

I rubbed up and down the length as Dave found his way into my bra and started to play with my nipples. I crossed my legs. My hard-on was threatening to free itself from its satin nest and I didn’t want to spoil this moment for any thing. I closed my eyes and melted as I felt Dave suck my nipple into his mouth while his hand began to twist the other.

The wet spot on his jeans grew larger bahis şirketleri and I thought of all, that delicious pre-cum going to waste. So I reached up with both hands to tug at the button and zipper of his pants. I felt him groan against my chest and the vibrations sent a rush up my spine.

While I tried to push his pants down to get at that cock, Dave tried to reach for the snap on my jeans. He didn’t fight me when I pushed his hand back to my breast.

Whispering in his ear I told him,” I’m not ready for that yet.”

“That’s okay.” Was all he said before sucking my other nipple between his lips.

I did manage to get Dave to lift his hips enough to see the base of his penis. I forced him back away from my now exposed breast to lie back against the arm of the coach. He let me pull down his pants. The base looked like it was over two inches in diameter and I had to almost to his knees before his penis sprang free standing straight up in its glory. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. The glands would easily fill my mouth. I could see the dampness from escaping pre-cum. His almost hairless scrotum almost filled both my hands as weighed them before trying to suck them into my mouth.

My body was a quivering mass as I grip Dave’s cock with both hands and started to stroke it, watching the pre-cum slid from the very tip. I was in awe, as it throbbed in my hands. Dave’s breathing came in pants and moans as I moved closer to his magnificent cock and licked up the pre-cum and savoring for a moment while I enjoyed the silky feel and the heat that it emitted against my lips.

Both our bodies shuddered as I sucked in the head between my lips until it hit the back of my throat. Dave’s hips jerk as I pulled off until I could stab the end of my tongue into the little slit searching for more pre-cum.

I used both hands to jerk on his huge shaft as bobbed up and down on the large glands and swirling my tongue as fast as I could. In what seemed to me, only seconds I heard Dave warn me he was going to cum. I swabbed the underside of the head and jerk the shaft as fast as I could, looking him straight in the eyes until I felt his penis start to throb. I could feel his sperm rush up through his shaft and blast into my mouth, before I could swallow the first another blast slammed into the roof of my mouth. There was so much I could feel leaking it from the corners of my mouth to run down the shaft before I swallow it. I was so enrapt by giving a man a blowjob for the first time. I didn’t even taste it until he stopped spurting. I spent quite a while licking up the spillage, enjoying the feel of his monster cock as it slowly shrank to about eight inches.

I heard Dave sigh as I rested my head against his stomach and sucked the last few drops from his cock.

“That was fantastic.” Dave said touching my shoulder.

I’ll I could think about was the little hard-on nestled inside my panties. I was debating, now that I had gotten what I wanted, whether I should tell him the truth or just wait and jerk-off after he left. I could call Angel and tell her about my night and maybe she’d help me out. But for right this moment I thought to myself. I’ll just play with the cock in front of me for a while and see what happens.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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