Amnesty Program Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of the story that began with Amnesty Program.


The email from Professor Denton was waiting for Jason when he woke up the next morning.


Your report from last night was very complete and Professor Suarez and I are pleased with the results. We realize now that we should have let you know that the kinds of exercises we are asking you to complete could result in sexual attraction. While we believe that the kinds of sexual experimentation and play that you have been engaging in with Rebecca are healthy, please understand that the tasks we are setting you do not require sexual activity in order to be successful. We will note this possibility when we orient new subjects into our experiment.

I have a different kind of task for you today. We have discovered that many students that find their primary affirmation by means of their grades become insecure in other areas. They have difficulty believing that people actually like them. This happens with both male and female students, but female students often feel especially insecure about their physical attractiveness. This insecurity can hamper their social lives, causing some women to withdraw. Your task today is to find a way to affirm Rebecca’s attractiveness to her in a way that she will accept.

This is a task we had prepared for later, but given your very fast progress yesterday, we think it will be beneficial to both of you to maintain your momentum. This should be considered a first attempt, and you should not consider it a failure if she does not respond positively initially. Just beginning the conversation is our goal here. I have not communicated this material with Rebecca and I will let you decide whether you will share it with her.

Professor Dalton


Jason rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and read the email again before rolling out of bed and heading for the shower.

“Why are you smiling so much,” his mother said at breakfast between mouthfuls of scrambled eggs, “you look like the cat that ate the canary.”

“It’s nothing. Just had a breakthrough at school yesterday.”

“Well that’s not nothing,” she prodded, setting her fork down. “Tell me the good news.”

“I have a new study partner.”

Jason’s mom deflated. “A study partner. That usually doesn’t go well.”

Jason scooted his chair back. “This one can keep up.” He grabbed his backpack and went for the door. He heard her call “What’s his name?” as he unlocked his car and his smile widened, but he didn’t answer. —-

“So. Anything interesting happen after I left last night?” Jason was walking across a wide lawn at the university with Rebecca. She wore a red sundress that had him struggling to keep his eyes straight ahead.

“No.” Rebecca smiled to herself. “Yes.”

“Okay, this is why guys don’t understand women.”

“Yes, I know.”

“So…” Jason ran his hand through his hair, trying to formulate a meaningful question, “What didn’t happen that’s interesting?”

“Emily’s going out with Nathan tomorrow night.”

“That’s it?’

“She’s uncharacteristically freaked out about what to wear.”


“Well, think about it- she wants him to forget what she was like the night they met, but she wants him to remember too, so…”

Jason sighed. “I guess I’d be freaked out too. It doesn’t really matter though.”

“What?” Rebecca stopped walking. “What do you mean?”

“Emily won’t have any trouble making whatever impression she wants to make no matter what she wears.”

Rebecca crossed her arms and grinned at him. “Are you saying that you find her attractive?”

“Yes. More than she knows.”

“More than me?”

“Not more than you. Yesterday changes how I see you.”

“So if I hadn’t given you a blowjob under the table last night, Emily would be more attractive than me?”

“You’re trying to trap me,” Jason said carefully, “but it’s not going to work for two reasons: your model of attraction is flawed and your evaluation of your own attractiveness is weighted to the negative.”

“You’re sweet… and you’re just trying to get more blowjobs.”

Jason stepped in and embraced Rebecca warmly. “Honestly, I can’t stop calculating the distance,” he whispered in her ear, “between my cock and your lips.”

“Me too,” she squeezed him back and whispered, “twenty two inches.”

“Twenty one.”

“You think I’m wrong?”

“No,” he smelled her hair, her perfume, “the distance just changed.”

“I like that,” she cooed.

“Yes, but now I’m going to have to walk around with my jeans all bulging in front… I guess it won’t matter much though.”

“Really? Why not?”

Jason smiled at her. “I’m with you, and you’re wearing a red dress. That makes me pretty much invisible.”

Rebecca snorted and stepped back. “That’ll be the day. You’re in some sort of hormonal reality distortion field.”

“You want to make a bet?”

“Sure- how are you going to prove it?”

Jason thought for a moment. “We walk the sidewalk from here to the sociology seyranbağları escort building at the next break. I’ll count the number of guys that check you out and you can count the number of girls that notice my, uh, condition.”

Rebecca looked at him skeptically. “That’s a long walk. You might not stay in ‘your condition’ the whole way and that would skew the results.”

Jason shrugged. “I don’t think this is going away anytime soon, but I’m sure a girl with your imagination can think of ways to make it fair.”

Rebecca thought for a minute, and a wicked smile spread across her face. “All right.”

“So,” Jason said, “When I prove you wrong I get to do another round of attractiveness research with you as the subject.”

“If. If you prove me wrong. If not… I get to write your daily report to Professor Dalton tonight. Agreed?”

“A factual report?”

“Not remotely.”

Jason swallowed. “Agreed. Classes get out any second now.” Students were already starting to trickle out of the buildings.

“Well it’s not fair for you to be the only one poking your clothes out.” Rebecca reached behind her back. A couple of shrugs and she was grinning at him and asking him sweetly to hold a strapless red bra for her. Jason took it, stunned. Rebecca had thrown her shoulders back and was arching an eyebrow at him. Just as he noticed her nipples poking at the fabric she leaned forward and touched them lightly to his chest. She tipped her chin up and kissed him slowly and deliberately. Her hands wandered up and touched his forearms.

“Nineteen inches?” she asked, her lips still touching his.

Jason groaned. “At most.”

“Perfect!” she said. She grabbed his hand to keep him from covering himself and pulled him to the walkway.

Jason folded the bra as small as he could with one hand and tried to walk naturally. He noticed that Rebecca’s new flirty bounce had cooled to a smooth stride so she wouldn’t attract as much attention. He started to wonder if he could win after all.

“One,” Rebecca said, grinning as she walked.


“The one in the yellow sweater.”

“That was a guy.”

“Counts.” She looked at him out of the corner of her eye. “Don’t argue. Two– girl with the red glasses.”

Jason felt his face burning, but then he caught four guys in mid-stare, following Rebecca shamelessly. “Four for you,” he said, “from the barber shop quartet. And the guy on the phone makes five.”

At the halfway mark, Jason had counted sixteen guys checking Rebecca out and she had seen six people ogling Jason, including Yellow Sweater.

Rebecca needed to even the score. She talked out of the corner of her mouth. “When was the last time you masturbated?”

Jason’s face flushed. “Yesterday. You were watching.”

“I did it this morning,” Rebecca let her voice get a little louder, “while I thought about how good it felt licking the tip of your dick.”

Jason opened his mouth, shut it again.

“That’s not all.” Rebecca slowed her pace a little. “I was imagining what your tongue will feel like on my pussy. What do you think that’s going to be like?”

“I, uh…” Jason started to worry about coming in his pants.

“I mean, do you think I’ll feel all zing, sharp and tingly exciting or will it be swirly sweet, warm and wonderful?”

Rebecca counted two more, silently.

“That’s what I was thinking about, playing with myself this morning. Your tongue all over my pussy.” She sighed dramatically. “I didn’t make myself come though. It was very hard to stop.”

“You stopped?” Jason’s voice was a little strangled. “Why?”

“I wanted to share,” she said quietly, smiling, “with you.”

“I’m not going to make it to the sociology building.”

“You’re about to come in your pants?” she asked incredulously.

“Yes. Please… just… sheesh.”

“I can’t ever remember,” Rebecca said conversationally, “how to do hexadecimal conversions.”

Jason had his hands on his knees. “What?”

“Do you know? I mean, like, what is 931 in hex? How would I convert that?”

“Uh, you divide by two hundred fifty six first. It’s easier if you can remember the highest number in each place.” Jason stood up, took a deep breath. “fifteen in the first place, two hundred fifty five in the second place…”

“Four thousand ninety five in the third place, sixty five thousand five hundred and thirty five in the fourth place.” Rebecca finished for him. “Can you make it to the sociology building now?”

“Yeah,” Jason grinned at her. “Thanks. I lost count though.”

“That’s fine,” Rebecca stopped and grabbed her bra from him, slipped it into a pocket in his backpack. “You can win. I’ll be your research subject. I’m going to make you pay though.”


“I want to do my own research first.” She took his hand and squeezed it. “Come with me.”


Jason hadn’t ever been in a women’s bathroom before. Rebecca just led him right into the women’s in the sociology building like it was the most natural sincan escort thing in the world and he followed. He didn’t know what she would have done if someone had been at the sinks. She slipped into the first stall with him and bolted the door.

“Put your hands on the walls.”

Jason did what she said. He was facing the toilet with Rebecca behind him. He could feel her breath on his back. His cock was uncomfortably hard.

“Don’t move them.” Rebecca reached around his waist, unbuckled his belt, and loosened his pants. She worked with her eyes closed, the side of her face resting against Jason’s back. She could hear his breathing and the beating of his heart. She smiled. She pulled his pants down just enough, slipped her thumbs into the sides of his boxers and pulled. They got snagged on his cock and Jason drew in a sudden breath.

Rebecca stifled a laugh and peeked around under Jason’s arm so she could stretch the elastic of his underwear to clear his penis. It stood up straight. She never touched him. She went up on tiptoe, put her lips next to his ear.

“Don’t talk, okay? Just nod or shake your head. If any other girls come in, I don’t want to stop, and your voice…”

Jason nodded.

“Good. I want to know exactly what I said that got to you out there. What pushed you to the edge? Was it that I told you that I played with myself this morning?”

Jason paused, shook his head. His cock bounced a little.

“Was it that I was remembering your cock in my mouth?”

His cock bounced again and a tiny drop of clear fluid appeared at the tip, but he shook his head again.

“Was it… that I didn’t let myself come this morning? That it was hard to stop?” She touched her nose to his neck and inhaled deeply. “I know what 931 is in hex because I did that one this morning so I could wait for you. It’s 03A3.”

Jason’s breaths were coming faster. He shook his head slowly.

The bathroom door opened and two girls walked in, talking loudly about a recent episode of something on television.

Startled, Jason’s took his hands off the walls momentarily, but he quickly put them back.

“So,” Rebecca whispered in his ear, “it was when I imagined what your tongue would feel like on my pussy?”

Jason let out a shuddering breath. He nodded.

Rebecca slid her hands up under his shirt, over the firm sculpture of his stomach.

“Because that was exciting for me too. I think it’s going to be sweet and hot when you lick my pussy. I imagined feeling the tip of your tongue on my little damp lips down there- slipping up and down, slowly. You made circles and spirals. You brushed my clit with your lips. You blew on me softly. It made me squirm and wiggle.”

Jason’s head was down and he was trying not to breathe too loudly. The other girls finished touching up their makeup. Their chatter faded quickly as the bathroom door closed. Rebecca’s breasts were brushing his back.

“But do you know what was the most exciting for me?”

Jason shook his head. She watched his cock twitch rhythmically.

“If you don’t already think I’m a pervert, you will now.”

Jason grunted a half laugh. Shook his head. The head of his cock turned a dark purple and a clear drop slid down and dripped from the edge of his crown to the floor.

“I imagined I was you,” she pressed her body into his back, “and I was licking my own pussy. I felt every taste bud on your tongue rub across my clitoris. I tasted myself. I felt my fingers tangle in your hair, pulling your face in closer. When I started to come I slipped your tongue into my pussy and felt it squeeze.”

Rebecca felt Jason’s stomach muscles spasm a fraction of a second before he came. His come splattered against the back wall of the stall and got all over the chrome valve. A few drops got on the seat. His body was hunched forward, the tips of his fingers white, pressing into the walls. He let out a groan, his teeth clenched. Rebecca scratched Jason’s stomach lightly with her fingernails and felt his whole body shudder as his orgasm played out. He gulped for air and finally dropped his arms, his penis still standing straight out from his body. The last drop of semen stretched from the tip and finally fell.

Rebecca spun a length of toilet paper off the roll as Jason leaned against the tile wall, exhausted. She smiled at him as she wiped off the seat. “That,” she said, “was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”

The door opened and a woman went into the stall next to them, slamming the door.

Jason’s face went white and he stood stone still. Rebecca sat down quickly on the toilet. She put her finger to her lips. Her eyes sparkled at him and she raised her eyebrows. She mouthed two words at him, “watch this.”

She waited for the woman to sit, then called out, “Excuse me? Sorry. No TP.”

Jason heard the roll rattle in the next stall and a few seconds later a woman’s hand appeared under the partition holding a neatly folded bundle of toilet paper.

“Thanks!” Rebecca said, grinning hugely. sıhhiye escort She wiped the tip of Jason’s cock with the paper, then cleaned up as much of the chrome as she could while he got his pants up. She flushed and nudged him out of the stall and they ran.

Rebecca started laughing in the hallway, holding Jason’s hand and running for the outer doors. The startled look on Jason’s face softened as he ran, turned into a grin. They burst through the doors and on to the lawn outside and collapsed in the grass, both of them laughing hysterically.

People walked around them with their heads down on their way to some class or other, not even curious.

Jason was on his back with his breathing finally returning to normal. “That was… yess” he sighed, and Rebecca curled up next to him, her head on his shoulder. “I made you come with my voice,” she said, with a hint of awe.

Jason smiled at the sky. “You made me come with your mind.”


“So I just have to stand around at the mall?” Rebecca was in the passenger seat of Jason’s car as he pulled out of the parking lot.

“Yes. I’m going to collect some data.” He was happy and relaxed.

“All right, but I’m not wearing this. Can we stop by my apartment on the way so I can change?”

“What are you going to wear?”

“What I would have worn two days ago.”

“Hot librarian?”

Rebecca giggled. “No. Just plain librarian.”

Jason pulled into a parking space at Rebecca’s apartment. “We’ll see about that.”

He followed her to her door but before she opened it she turned around and looked up into Jason’s eyes.

“I like playing games with you. You’re sweet and smart and when I’m with you I’m excited,” She stepped towards him, “all the time.”

Jason wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, let his hands travel down her back, over the swell of her ass. He pulled her into his body and held her there.

“I have a little question,” Rebecca said, breathlessly between kisses.

“Yes?” he said, moving his lips to her neck.

“Do you think I’m a pervert?”

Jason laughed, then saw that she was serious. “Why are you asking me this now?”

Rebecca was quiet for a moment. “I just realized that I care what you think of me…”

“What you said in the bathroom,” Jason said, looking directly into her eyes, “was true and vulnerable. You were more naked in there than I was, and you saw what it did to me. As far as I’m concerned, you’re only as perverted as your lies.”

“Thank you. You’ve been so patient.” She closed her eyes and hissed as his lips lit up the skin behind her ear. “I thought guys always wanted to get, you know, right down to business.”

Jason stepped away a little and looked in her eyes thoughtfully.

“This is business. This and the stall and messing with Emily’s head and everything all the way back to that terrifying talk in the elevator.” Jason grinned. “Our games are fun because they’re new, and they’re only going to be new once.”

“I like that about you.” Rebecca smiled at him, turned, and went into her apartment. He was going to follow her all the way to her room to see if he could get his head under her dress, but he stopped short in the dining room.

Emily was sitting at the table, eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. “Well now,” she said, around a mouthful, “that’s a record-breaking boner.”

Jason looked down at himself. His cock was sculpted into his jeans. He covered himself with his hands, realized the futility, and gave up.

“You should have seen the first one.” Rebecca called on her way to her room.

Emily’s eyebrows rose. “Really? Sit. Talk.” She pointed her nose at the chair across from her at the table.

Jason sat, grateful for the concealment of the tabletop, uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was going.

“You look like you’re about to put your clothes through our laundry again,” Emily teased.

“I hear,” Jason said, getting some composure back, “that you can’t decide what to wear for your second date with Nathan.”

“Tou-fucking-ché.” Emily drank the last of the milk from the bowl. “Looks like you’ve made an impression on Rebecca.”

“She’s made an impression on me.” Jason said, reaching for the box of cereal.

“So, have you two been discussing my sorry dating life all morning?”

“Nope.” Jason tossed a couple of mini-marshmallows in his mouth. “We’ve been having a scientific discussion.”

“Right. Scientific like yesterday?”

“Yes,” Jason smiled, “just like yesterday. You might have come up once or twice.”

“Just how pathetic did you decide I am?”

“Not pathetic at all. Smart, beautiful, convincing.”

Emily raised her eyebrows. “You said that to Rebecca?”

“She can take it. I told her it doesn’t matter what you wear. You’ll make your point.”

“What do you think my ‘point’ is?”

“Forget, but don’t forget.” Jason dug more marshmallows out of the cereal.

Emily’s nose wrinkled. “And they say women are confusing.”

Rebecca came out wearing a knee length grey dress, short sleeves with buttons up to her neck, her hair up in a bun held with a couple of Dixon Ticonderoga

pencils. She wore Mary Janes.

“I’m ready,” she said.

Jason stared.

Emily looked at her, then back at Jason. “Oh honey,” she said to Rebecca, “this one’s a librarian pervert.”

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