Amber and the Toilet Slave

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My eyes were groggy, I felt numb, and I was unaware as to where I was. I looked up and saw what appeared to be a bathroom. I saw the sink, the shower, the blue tile floor, but I felt as if I was down low, near ground level.

I tried moving, I realized I was stuck. I was utterly dumbfounded, completely shocked. Where was I? Then it hit me. I believed I had been attempting to get in the pants of some very tall, blonde, Dutch girl named Amber. After that, I couldn’t remember a damn thing.

All of a sudden, somebody walked into the room. It was Amber, wearing tight yoga pants that showed off her shapely ass, and a slutty tanktop. I was excited, but then timid and worried. I appeared that I wasn’t mobile, nor did I remember anything.

“Hi there, little buddy,” Amber said. She had a vaguely condescending and fake sweet voice in her voice. I was becoming even more worried.

She went on, “I’m sure you’re a bit concerned, maybe worried. Maybe you don’t remember a thing. Last night was actually quite fun, but you wouldn’t remember. No, we didn’t fuck, but I had something else in mind. Gee, the roofies seemed to have worked.”

I tried to speak up, and mustered up “How, why…why did you do this?”

She sighed and explained to me in a sugary sweet voice, one that reeked of condescension and sass.

“Right….you’re my slave. I know this sounds baffling, but I probably embody sociopathy. A woman has her needs, and mine is using men as literal canlı bahis toys, even toilets,” Amber said looking down at me.

That’s when I realized, my head was in the top of a mock, fake toilet bowl arrangement. I couldn’t move, and my face turned red. I was no fool, and I thought I was dreaming some sick dream.

“I’m going to cut straight to the chase,” Amber said.

“I own you now. I literally possess you. I will keep you tied up here for as long as I like, and to survive, you will have to swallow anything I shove or push down your bitchy little throat. Deal?”

I was dumbfounded, I felt like I was crawling out of my own skin. My heart raced. I was a what? Toilet? This was unreal, it just couldn’t be…This was the sickest, most vile thing I had ever experienced.

“Surely, you’re not serious, Amber…” I muttered timidly.

As I said that, she pulled down her tight yoga pants, and seductively tossed them on the tile floor. Her ass was then directly over my face, I could smell her feminine, raunchy scent. Her puckering anus was inches away from my face when I saw it…

It was a brown, glistening turd that inched slowly out of her anus. I closed my mouth solid, and the shit flew all over my face.

“Eat it,” she said. “Eat it, or else you’ll be even more severely punished.”

I couldn’t believe what she was explaining to me. This was madness, absolute and utter madness. She then lit a cigarette from her pocket, and as she bahis siteleri was about to throw it into the mock toilet where my head lay, I forced myself to swallow every last bit of her shit.

She chuckled maniacally, but didn’t walk out. She hovered her feminine, shit stained ass right above my face and seductively said,

“You don’t expect me to walk away with no toilet paper, do you?”

I was even more reluctant to act as literal toilet paper, it was disgusting, degrading, horrible.

Before she did any more, I vomited, but this backfired horribly, as it sprayed more into my mouth, and little specks into the asshole of hers that I would clean.

“Lick me clean, piggy,” she said while giggling a scary feminine giggle.

I swallowed my pride and began licking. The taste was acrid, and I sobbed. I didn’t know how long I’d be trapped here, how long I’d be doing this, I was truly scared. Amber then left the room, and I sat for long hours, into the night and drifted deep into sleep….

The next morning, I felt a toot above my nose. All of a sudden, my sinuses went crazy. I was being farted on. The smell was acrid, bitter, noxious….I puked again.

“Good morning, slave. I’m sure you’re hungry after a long night, so I’ve prepared you breakfast,” Amber said giggling.

I was no fool. I knew what this meant. I refused, I said “No, I will not be eating breakfast.”

Amber looked infuriated. She glanced down into my bowl bahis şirketleri and said “It looks like you’ll starve unless you obey me.”

For what seemed like days, I sat in my bowl. I thought of home, friends, american breakfast food, and freedom to pass the time. I felt like I was losing my sanity. After what I told were three days, I experienced the largest levels of thirst and hunger I had experienced for my life. Then, Amber walked in.

“I know you’ll give in,” she said.

She was right, and I opened my mouth, against my better judgments. Immediately, her ass hung over my face, the feminine smell and musty scent coming back to me. Then, a warm liquid sprayed all over my face. She was pissing on me. I desperately attempted to catch all of this liquid as I was dehydrated and delirious. I was almost thankful, but far from aroused…

Then, I saw a unfortunately familiar sight. A brown, glistening turd hovering above my mouth. I swallowed every last bite, chewed it, and swallowed the bitter, vomit inducing turd. As I swallowed it, I saw another one exiting her anus and entering my mouth. I sobbed as I ate that one as well, having to hold in the vomit. Three more logs were dropped into my mouth, the last smeared over my face.

As a result, the stench was overwhelming, and I couldn’t wipe it up with my hands. Her ass still hovered over my face, and it reeked of shit. I hesitantly cleaned it up whilst sobbing like a baby….


It has been three months here. I am gaunt, I feel nauseated constantly, and I feel as if I am near the end. Every morning and night, I eat shit and drink piss, and I do it willingly. This is my life, I am nothing but a toilet.

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