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Chapter 110 � I Will Love You Forever



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Adrian Johnson: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Alex Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Alexander Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Andrew & Jeremy Allen: Adopted sons of Mason Allen and Jason Vance

Ariel “Ari” Rebel: Captain, Israel Defense Force (Mossad Kidon)

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Bob Jones: Four Star General, U.S. Army (Base Commander Fort Connor)

Caleb Afolabi: Major General (2 Star), U.S. Army � Fort Connor Adjutant

Carlos Martinez: Adolescent son of Juan Martinez and Roger DeSoto

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Dale Gordon Longdick Allman: Adopted Son of Matt Longdick and Jason Allman

Danny Henry: Four Star Brigadier U.S. Army (Base Commander Fort Connor)

Date Masamune: Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector of David Longdick-Allman

David Longdick-Allman: Son of Matt Longdick and Jason Allman

Dillion Dwight: General (4 star), U.S. Army � Medical Director of Fort Connor

Duke Stone III: General (4 Star), U.S. Army � Protector of Dale Gordon Longdick-Allman

Frazer Sullivan: One Star Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Fort Connor Alpha Zulu 69)

Gerald Isaac: Captain, U.S. Army � Security for Tommy Longdick-Allman

Hank Henry-Jones: Adopted Son of Bob Jones & Danny Henry

Hachiman Kanmu, Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector of Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori

Hayao Kinugasa, Major: U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman)

Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori: Son of Hito Janson-Winter Masamune and Jimmy Yasumori

Hito Jansson-Winter: Son of David Jansson-Winter and Date Masamune

Jacob, David & Uri Leib: Wards of Luke & John Worthington (Israeli Nationals)

James “Jimmy” Yasumori: Captain, U.S. Army � Protector of Hikaru Longdick-Allman Masamune

Jamie Bob Vance: Love of Aiden McIntyre

Jamison Miller: One Star Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Worthington Executive Security)

Jason Bob Vance: (Brother of Billy Bob Vance and partner of Mason Allen)

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Juan Martinez: Major (2 star) General, U.S. Army � Security for Mario Garcia

Juaquin “Jay” de V�zquez: Son of Manual de V�zquez

Lars Alison: Major General (2 Star), U.S. Army � Deputy Base Command, Fort Connor

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Lucas Daniel Fairbairn: Captain, U.S. Army � Protector of Michael “Allen” Roberts

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

Manuel de V�zquez: Physicist/Engineer – Worthington Industries

Mario “Mani” Garcia: Son of the President of Mexico (Adopted son of Juan Martinez and Roger DeSoto)

Mark Roberts: Captain, U.S. Army � Security for Bobby Longdick-Allman

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Michael “Allen” Roberts: Adopted Son of Matt Longdick and Jason Allman

Napoleon Malinois: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Noah Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Randall Masters: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Randy Johnson: Captain, U.S. Army � Security for Shawn LongDick-Allman

Rod Jackson: Lieutentant General (3 Star), U.S. Army � Base Commander of Fort Connor

Rod LittleFeather: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Roger DeSoto: Major (2 star) General, U.S. Army � Security for Mario Garcia

Steven Douglas Worthington: (aka S.D.) (Adopted sons of Robert Allen Gregory and R.A. Worthington)

Taylor and Tyler Worthington: (aka T&T) (Adopted sons of Logan Worthington and Alex Meat-Goodman)

Wilhelm “Willy” Rogers: Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector of Larry Winter-Jannson

Yuuto Meat-Goodman Kinugasa: Adopted Son of Noah Meat-Goodman and Hayao Kinugasa


“Angus” (Name Classified): (Son of a domestic terrorist in protective custody at Fort Connor)

“Biff” Jones (Name Classified): (Son of POTUS and guest in residence at Fort Connor)


*Adam Mann: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

*Anthony Caruso: Four Star General, U.S. Army (Base Commander of Fort Connor)

*Beauty Malinois: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

*Connor Williams: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 (Deceased lover of Doug Meat)

*Doug Meat: Six Star General of the Armies U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

*Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries (a major multi-national defense contractor)

*Harold Manfred, Captain: U.S. Army � Protector of David Longdick-Allman

*Jason Allman: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

*Jax Arthur King: Colonel, U.S. Army – Security for Shawn Longdick-Allman

*Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

*Magnus Savage: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgon

*Mason Allen: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

*Matt Longdick Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

*Oliver Winter: Six Star General, U.S. Army � Adjutant for Generals LongDick and Allman

*Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

*Randy Best: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

*Robert Allen Gregory, Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

*Robert Manning, Captain: U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman)

*Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

*Steven Goodman: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

*Viktor Jannson: Six Star General, U.S. Army � Adjutant for Generals LongDick and Allman


*=Gone but not forgotten



It only seemed like yesterday and we all were at the White House on July 4th. The pomp and circumstance was unprecedented in recent history. Pageantry to the MAX! The Marine Band provided all the hits of Souza and we all knew when we heard the trumpets start “Hail to the Chief” the event of the year was beginning. As POTUS entered followed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff we knew it would be a monumental moment in this history of the military


Before anyone could be seated the “President”s Own” struck up a rousing version of the Star-Spangle Banner a Marine Corp Honor Guard presented the Colors followed by an Army Color Guard carrying the flags of a six star general, five star general, four star general, three star general, POTUS, the Flag of the Army and the Flag of Alpha Zulu.


Assuming their positions, the festivities began. POTUS was hosting this gala and started off at the Microphone stating to the media (as this was being carried live on all major networks around the world) this was an event for the nation. We were honoring individuals who played a crucial part in finally bringing the darkest moment in American History to a close.


After concluding the necessary political babble to all the dignitary”s present the main event was at hand. Considering the large number of presentations it was broken down into two groups: Military and Civilians.


As each name was called, they presented themselves onstage to POTUS and the award was presented:


�         Generals of the Armies of the United States Adrian Johnson.

�         Generals of the Armies of the United States Randall Master.

�         General of the Army Date Masamune.

�         General of the Army James Yasumori.

�         General of the Army Duke Stone.

�         General of the Army Haciman Kanmu.

�         General Roger Desoto.

�         General Juan Martinez.

�         General Dillion Dwight.

�         General of the Israeli Defense Force Ari Rebel.


As the civilian individuals were called forward to receive their award POTUS could only praise them in the broadest of terms due to the classified nature of their work. Most of them were totally unknown until now to the American Public.


�         David Winter-Jansson.

�         Hito David Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori.

�         Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori.

�         Logan Worthington.

�         Alex Goodman.

�         Taylor Worthington.

�         Tyler Worthington.

�         Dale Gordon Longdick-Allman.

�         Hayao Kinugasa.

�         Noah Goodman.


POTUS lead the applause congratulating all the individuals who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom on this most appropriate day.


As the socializing took up the balance of the day (a mandatory part of any General Staff Officers Job Description and any civilian who expected to get ahead in Washington). Finally, as the evening fireworks began and the events of the day concluded we could return to our “normal” lives as if being in the Army and associated with Alpha Zulu would allow our lives to be normal. In the morning we would return to Fort Connor and resume our lives as part of Alpha Zulu and our dedicated Band-of-brothers.


Doc walked into the exam room and was shocked to see Haciman without Hikaru with him. “OK, how bad has that little imp destroyed your ass this time?” Haciman only smiled and commented: “I ONLY WISH”! Over the past year I”ve started getting headaches, minor at first and just the kind “take two aspirins and see me in the morning” variety headaches. Lately, they have been getting worse to the point when Hikaru and I are having sex it feels like my head is going to explode. “You can chew my ass out now for not reporting this too you earlier but I do have my pride.” Doc only commented: “Let me run some tests and we will try to figure out what is happening”.


After spending all day in Medical with Doc being his thorough self and trying to keep this quiet and off the grapevine was accomplished only by Doc threatening his staff with garbage pail duty for the next 30 days if anyone made any public comment.


Finally, shortly before retreat Doc told Haciman he could return to duty and do what he could tolerate. He was going to send the data out two a few good friends for additional opinions. “I”ll let you know as soon as I hear back!”


Halciman asked for as much confidence as possible as I just don”t want Hikaru and the family not to mention the entire base treating me with “kid gloves”. “THANKS DOC, let me know when you get the results.”


In the meantime I”m going to give you some strong pain medication. So don”t do anything STUPID while you are taking it and I doubt if even Hikaru will be able to get you “UP” for any action while you are on this medication.


A few days later Doc called Haciman back into Medical and asked him to wait in his office. “This is the part of my job I hate!” I”ve sent your test results out to four of the top neurology specialists in the country. They all agree with my diagnosis. You have an inoperable brain aneurism and it is terminal. When it ruptures death with be fast and relatively painless. If I had to guess the cause I”d say it was complications to your shootout at the Smithsonian. I would suggest your get your will and any other paperwork you feel necessary updated and your personal life in order as quickly as possible.


Thanking Doc, Haciman had a few major items on his new “TO DO LIST” while he was still able to do them. Haciman asked OPS for a secure video call to SecDef. Asking when he could have an appointment to see him on an urgent and personal matter. SecDef would be in Washington for a few days so whenever you get here, I”ll juggle my schedule for you.


Haciman then placed a call to Logan and asked if he had time to meet with him on an urgent matter either tonight or any time tomorrow. Logan offered: “Dinner tonight, my treat”. OK, I”ll see you about 2000 hours at the Penthouse. Can I beg a room for the night? “YOU NEVER NEED TO ASK!”


Enjoying a fabulous Marriott Prime Rib dinner served in their Penthouse, Haciman passed on the 20 year old Scotch and Pa Vance”s moonshine. “Logan, please don”t ask me any questions and I won”t have to lie to you.” Shortly, you will want to present a Samurai sword to a notable person of the Japanese government. It will need to be equal to or even greater than the swords you presented to our Generals. Time is essential so I hope you will give it your immediate attention. “CONSIDER IT DONE!”


Now I think I”ll splurge with another piece of raspberry cheesecake and a cup of coffee. I hear one of your wonderful beds calling my name.


Enjoying a lite casual breakfast in the Marriott Dining Room the Hotel Manager quietly advised Haciman his limousine was at the Executive Entrance waiting for him. It was a quick trip to the Pentagon and Pentagon security escorted him to the office of the Secretary of Defense.


Warmly greeted by SecDef he calmly asked what he could do for his good friend. “THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO SAY THIS, I”M DYING!” SecDef was in shock! Doc Dwight has run a multitude of tests and has concurring opinions from four specialists who are in agreement with him. I have an inoperable brain aneurism and I have no idea how long I will be on this earth.


I”m tidying up my paperwork and personal life and of grave concern to me is Hikaru after I”m gone. I know Hikaru has never waivered in his love and dedication to me. Whenever we visit the Palace just the look the young Marine who is assigned to assist Hikaro gives him… it is obvious he is in love with the little imp.


Will you talk with your counterpart in Japan and see what you can do to accomplish a little “match making”. The last thing I want is for Hikaru to be alone and mourn me forever. He deserves a life and a wonderful future. No one at Fort Connor is aware of my condition other than Doc so I ask that you keep this in confidence. Whoever you need to share this with in Japan please ask them for the utmost of discretion.


SecDef was barely controlling his emotion at the sincerity of the final gift Haciman wanted to give Hikaru. He would attempt to contact his counterpart in Japan yet today and ask him to give it his highest priority. Please know, you will be in my prayers and that of my family.


Haciman stood and ask for permission to be dismissed. I want to return to duty at Fort Connor as soon as possible. There is a little imp that will be waiting for me when I walk down the plane ramp. “DISMISSED!”


SecDef rarely drinks and never in the office but this was a rare exception. He bingöl escort poured himself a double neat and pondered what needed to be done and in what priority. Asking for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to join him in his office he simply requested that the protocol for the death of a high ranking military officer be updated immediately. Please don”t ask any questions so I don”t have to lie to you. Thank you and DISMISSED!


The Chairman of the Joint Chief didn”t ask any questions or request additional information he just acknowledged the request and commented he would give it his immediate attention.


Asking his aide what time it was in Tokyo he was information it was 2300 hours Tokyo time. Knowing his counterpart is available 24/7 and rarely calls the day “quits” till after midnight… Will you please see if the Japanese Minister of Defense has time to video conference with me. Thank you.


Shortly, the Japanese Minister of Defense appeared on his video screen and warmly asked how he could be of assistance. First, I have to ask for your total discretion in this matter. General of the Army Haciman Kanmu just left my office after advising me he was just diagnosed with a terminal inoperable brain aneurism. An apparent injury left over from the shootout at the Smithsonian. The doctors have advised him to get his personal life in order and one of the concerns is Hikaru after he is gone.


The General commented although both men have been totally honorable the Marine the Emperor assigns to Hikaru when he visits the Palace is obviously in love with him. We need to do a little matchmaking and let Hikaru have a wonderful life and future when Haciman has departed. I hope you will help me accomplish this task. It is truly honorable and worth of the Samurai Haciman is.


SecDef was informed seeing how Hikaru is a member of the Royal Family he will need to discuss this with the Palace and the Commanding General of the Japanese Defense Force. Give me 48 hours and I”ll have a better idea of what we can accomplish. It truly is a last honorable gift to the man Haciman loves.


Captain Matsukaze Kumorigachi! The Brigade Colonel entered his quarters and announced he was immediately ordered to report to the office of the Base General. There is a car waiting to transport you. Dress uniform is required so make it quick!


Shaking in his shoes Matsukaze was in terror wondering why he was being summoned to the office of the General. Escorted into a secure conference room he went into a combination of terror and shock. Seated in front of him was the Imperial Crown Prince, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Japanese Minister of Defense and the Field Marshall of the Japanese Army. Frozen in terror Matsukaze was asked to sit and be comfortable.


The Field Marshall was the first to speak advising Matsukaze that everything discussed was classified and only the five people in this room and the Emperor are aware of what we discuss. If you divulge this to anyone you will be court martialed. Do you understand what I just told you? “YES SIR!”


The Crown Prince was the next to speak that he had been advised you have inappropriate feelings toward his nephew Hikaru? As an officer and honorable Samurai I am asking what your feelings are toward Hikaru?


Matsukaze was in tears as he admitted his true feelings for Hikaru and he knew they could never be share with this wonderful young man. I am a commoner and he is of the royal family. I am totally out of my league. If you feel I have acted inappropriate and dishonored the Army I will resign in disgrace and leave the career I love.


The Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense then told Matsukaze the Emperor is far more modern in his thinking than has ever happened in the history of this country. He wants to appoint you as an “Ambassador-at-Large” to our mission in Washington, D.C. You would have the equivalent rank of a General of the Japanese Army.


The Crown Prince commented from the feelings you have expressed I take it you have gay feelings toward Hikaru. Matsukaze answered from his heart commenting he had intense feelings for Hikaru but had no idea if these feelings were “gay” because he was a virgin.


Will you accept the posting of Ambassador-at-Large on behalf of the Emperor. Matsukaze only commented: “I joined the Army and dedicated my life to our country and to our Emperor.”


Will you follow the Code of the Samurai?

Rectitude. Justice. Bravery. Courage. Benevolence. Mercy. Politeness. Honesty. Fidelity. Sincerity. Honor. Loyalty. Faithful. Devotion. Character. Self-Control. Filial Piety. Wisdom.  

Matsukaze answered: “To honor the Emperor, our country and my honorable ancestors I pledge my sacred honor to the code of the Samurai!”


You might like to know the posting of Ambassador-at-Large gives you the equivalent military rank of a General in the Imperial Army. We will make arrangements for you to be fitted for your new Uniform and you will be presented to the Emperor.


The General stated they had one last questions: “Do you have two friends who know of your feelings toward Hikaru? Please give their name to the General”s aide and we will have them ordered to immediately report here.


As we waited for my two friends to join us the Crown Prince confessed the fact of Hacciman being diagnosed with a terminal injury and would soon join his honorable ancestors. Only the US Secretary of Defense, the Fort Connor base Doctor and Hacciman are aware of the diagnosis. He then commented this isn”t a match making service. If something develops, WONDERFUL! We just ask that you be there to provide support to Hikaru when this traumatic moment occurs in his life.


In all sincerely, we want you to totally evaluate the Alpha Zulu program and submit a written evaluation if it would benefit the Japanese people to implement such a program in Japan. It not only gives you a cover story but it accomplishes a productive task for the Army and our people.


As two emotionally traumatized soldiers reported to the General”s conference room they froze in shock when they saw the individuals present. The Commanding General spoke first and informed them that General Kumorigachi, has been appointed by the Emperor as an Ambassador-at-Large to our Mission in Washington, D.C. General Kumorigachi has advised us you are two people he can trust and we are asking you to accept the assignment of supporting him on his classified mission to the United States.


As an aide to General Kumorigachi you will be promoted to the rank of Colonel. Will you accept this posting and task on behalf of the Emperor and our country? As our two shocked “Colonels” responded meekly “YES” they were advised they were dismissed.


Exiting the base General”s office, a staff car was waiting to take them to their new residence, the base guest house. The flag of an Army General and the flag of Japan graced the vehicle. The driver bowed respectfully and thanked them for the opportunity to serve the General. Your personal effects will be moved yet today. He would pick the General and his aides up after our morning meal to take them to the tailor for their new uniforms.


As they entered the lounge area of the base guest suite, they collapsed in oversized chairs and looked upon a bottle of aged Junmai Daiginjō-shu Sake. Pouring three glasses they collapsed into chairs and his friends asked “General Kumorigachi”… What in the hell just happened?


When we walked out of the shower this morning you were a Captain and we were lowly Sergeants. Now… you are an Ambassador and General and we are Colonels? Matsukaze could only reply: “My mission is classified and as my two best friends I hope you will trust me and not ask any questions. I don”t want to be forced to lie to you.


As the stewards served dinner in their quarters another group of men turned down three beds and advised our new officers they would be served breakfast at 0630 hours in the morning. Their car would pick them up at 0800 hours promptly. If you need anything just press the buzzer any time of the day or night. (Their stewards had to smile when only TWO beds were used that evening.)


Matsukaze was appalled at his gaudy Ambassador”s Uniform. It truly felt like being encased in Samurai Armor and the most comfortable outfit he had ever worn. Within a week and three fittings later his Dress Uniform and Military Tuxedo was completed.


As the three men were relaxing after a wonderful meal the phone rang and the General”s Aide answered it and informed him it was the Palace asking for him. Walking to the phone in a near state of panic the voice of the Grand Chamberlain advised a car would pick him up promptly at 1000 hours tomorrow morning. The Emperor has a full schedule so be on time.


The Emperor warmly greeted Matsukaze and they sat as old friend and talked about his grandson. Hikaru faces much pain and grief at the loss of the man he loves. Not even he knows of Haciman”s pending death. I ask that you be his friend and if this friendship blossoms into love you will have my blessing to become a member of our family. Matsukaze bowed respectfully and the Grand Chamberlain escorted him back to his aides and their vehicle.


The car then transported our “trio” to the offices of the Minister of Defense. He gave them their diplomatic passports, their letters of introductions and informed them the Japanese Ambassador in Washington has been advised their mission was classified and to offer all assistance necessary.


You fly out at 0800 hours tomorrow morning so get a good night of sleep and easy on the Sake. The luxury of first class seating made the long trip almost comfortable. (Definitely was superior to riding in a military transport any day of the week.) Matsukaze had a full day when he landed in Washington… A less than comfortable meeting with the resident Ambassador wanting to know why Matsukaze was sent by the Emperor. The Japanese Ambassador was even more irritated when he was informed the mission was classified on a “need to know” basis and he didn”t NEED TO KNOW! Matsukiaz was presenting to the US Secretary of State and then presenting his documents to the American President.


The last meeting of the day was with the Secretary of Defense and as his aides were ask to wait outside they had a heart to heart chat. Not even POTUS was aware of Haciman”s pending death and only the Doctor at Fort Connor knew. No one knows how much time we have but Haciman is on your side so don”t be terrified to be yourself. He wants you to be there to support Hakiru through this trauma in his young life.


As their regular morning staff meeting started OPS interrupted and advised SecDef wanted to talk to the administrative staff. As he advised Fort Connor was receiving an Ambassador from Japan to evaluate our program to see if it would be of value to the Japanese people. They are fully vetted and are allowed access to all of Fort Connor. I expect your full cooperation. The Ambassador has the equivalent rank of a four star general so treat him with the respect and courtesy of his rank. SecDef concluded: “I trust the men of Fort Connor to help the Ambassador with his critical mission!” DISCONNECT!


As our visiting dignitaries landed at Fort Connor, ID”s were verified and then full military honors rendered. The Generals welcomed their Japanese counterpart and offered their full cooperation. As they casually walked to evening retreat a kinetic ball of energy came running across the field and jumped into the arms of the “GENERAL” (?). “I can”t believe you are here! WHY???


The Emperor has asked me to evaluate the Alpha Zulu program so I”m here for as long as necessary. The soldiers here at Fort Connor answer to your President without question and I do the same for the Emperor. You can be my tour guide as I learn about Fort Connor and Alpha Zulu. I want to redeem my challenge coin you gave me before I leave. Haciman only smiled and hoped his plan for the man he loves gives Hikaru the strength to endure and have a wonderful life and future.


Haciman”s headaches were getting more severe and even as much pain medication as Doc could give him didn”t help much. It was obvious the end was near and as he looked back on his young life he had accomplished much and still loved the little imp he married.


After their evening meal Haciman asked the family to join him in the Great Room. I have to admit my deception to all of you. I only have a few hours left on this earth and I want to spend it with the people I love. I have an inoperable brain aneurism, death will be quick and with little pain. I want to be held in the arms of the man I love till I leave this earth.


Everyone present was in tears… As it became obvious that Haciman had passed on from this life the Glowing Aura again appeared in the room and a little imp by the name of Roger took the hands of Haciman”s eternal soul and walked him into eternity.


Hikaru was so distressed Doc sedated him and moved him into medical on a suicide watch. The entire base was in shock at the loss of another brother-in-arms. As General Date notified SecDef of the passing of Haciman he admitted he had known for months of this inevitable event. Have your funeral at Fort Connor for the men and then transport the body to Washington. The people of the United States and POTUS will demand a State Funeral so prepare Hikaru for the events of the next few days. All arrangements have been made and we”ll assign an aide to make certain you are in the right place at the right time.


Matsukaze hearing of the passing of Haciman was immediate at the side of Hikaru asking Doc how his friend was. “He just lost the love of his life… I”d say he is pretty damn depressed at the moment!” Matsukaze sat at his bedside all night holding his hand. He had no idea if Hikaru would know he was there but he refused to leave the side of this imp he loved.


As the family walked into Medical to check on Hikaru they looked into his room and saw Matsukaze holding his hand and asked the staff how long he had been at Hikaru”s bedside. “ALL NIGHT”… someone had some explaining to do and they needed to do it NOW!


Date, David, Jimmy and Hito locked themselves in the secure conference room and ordered OPS to find SecDef and get his ass on the video com NOW!


SecDef looked at his monitor and saw four very concerned faces that wanted answers and only the truth would satisfy them. “Before you start grilling me, let me explain. Haciman came to me and explain he was dying. He didn”t want Hikaru to be alone and agonizing over his death. He knew the feelings Matsukaze had for Hikaru and he asked me to help and get these two young men together.


The Emperor of Japan, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and the Commanding General of the Japanese Defense Force all signed off on this. But, I”m the one you get to lynch if you feel I acted inappropriate. I was trying to fulfill the dying wish of a man who truly loved his partner and only wanted Hikaru to have a full and wonderful future. And, before you go “head hunting” only Doc and I were aware of what was happening and he was bound by professional confidence.


I love Hikaru as much as I do my son and I only want the best for that little imp and his future. We are not being a matchmaking service but I”m not going to throw Matsukaze out of the country for showing his true feelings. Hikaru needs a crutch to lean on and you couldn”t find a better one than Matsukaze.


Now unless you want to chew on my ass further I have the Navy, the Marines and the Air Force which also require my bitlis escort attention. DISCONNECT!


The funeral service at Fort Connor was truly worth of our brother-in-arms. We all wanted to dig up the corpses of the Knights and put the dead bodies in front of a firing squad. Even being dead and out of our lives the Knights still strike at us from the grave.


Hikaru was a basket case and Haciman was correct… Matsukaze was a strong crutch for Hikaru to lean up and give him the strength to face the state funeral for the people of the United States.


Cards, letters, telegrams, emails came into to Hikaru from unknown people from all corners of the world. They truly appreciated what Haciman had done for our country. Off duty soldiers answered every correspondence thanking them for their concern.


At the State Funeral POTUS gave the most beautiful eulogy and perhaps the finest speech of his life. The people lined the street for miles when the hearse took Haciman on his final trip to Arlington. Full military honors were given to this five star general and holder of the Medal of Honor. Haciman was a rare man and one the country would truly miss.


As the family collapsed from exhaustion in the Penthouse after the State Funeral Hikaru was beyond depressed. There was a knock at the Penthouse door and the Manager said we had a guest asking for Hikaru. Would we allow him to enter.


Matsukaze entered our sanctum and Hikaru ran into his arms. “I”ve come to redeem my challenge coin… is this a bad time?” Hikaru asked David if he could borrow his office… he wanted a private conversation with our guest.


As the door of David”s study closed behind them Hikaru looked at his guest and only said one word: SIT! Why are you really here in Washington and at Fort Connor. (BUSTED!)


Matsukaze confessed and told Hikaru the feelings he had for him since their first meeting. When you offered me that “blow job” I almost had an orgasm and I would have coated your suit with cum. I have to be honest with you, I don”t know if I”m straight or gay… I am a virgin. But, I know I care about you and I”ll do everything possible to help you through this traumatic moment in your life.


Hikaru wrapped his arms around his friend and the hugs and kissed turned into some heavy duty tongue action probing his tonsils and throat. Without warning, Matsukaze shuddered and the smell of cum filled the study. Hikaru only smiled and said: “YOUR GAY!”


They talked for hours about Haciman, Hikaru growing up at Fort Connor, his being adopted by Jimmy and Hito and fun of living around 200+ gay men… They were fulfilling a need for each other and it would only be a few months before Hikaru approached his family and asked for their blessing to be married to Matsukaze.


The minute POTUS heard of the pending nuptials he was on the com to our six star generals and simply told them this would be a full blown White House wedding or he was having the Secretary of State kicking Matsukaze out of the country.


The night before their nuptials (when most men are having their bachelor party) Hikaru and Matsukaze were guests of the Japanese Ambassador at a formal dinner in their honor. As the Ambassador rose to share the evening events he was proud to announce on behalf of the Emperor, Matsukaze Kumorigachi was being awarded the Grand Cordon First Class! POTUS was the guest speaker for the evening and announced he was awarding Matsukaze the Legion of Merit (Commanders Degree).


Matsukaze was in shock as he and Hikaru were finally able to return to the Penthouse that evening. Jimmy and Hito were waiting for the love birds and told them they had one final task before they called it a night. Their Uncle Logan and Uncle Alex were demanding to see them immediately!


As Hikaru was dragging Matsukaze”s exhausted body down the hallway he rang the doorbell to see two smiling face greeting them. Haciman told us six months ago I needed to prepare a special gift for a special person. As Alex brought out what could only be a case for a Samurai Sword they presented it with the love, support and dedication of the Worthington Family.


Opening the case Hikaru and Matsukaze eyes glowed upon a Samurai Sword clustered with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires… Even with room lighting it was beyond beautiful. As Matsukaze said “Thank You” and bowed respectfully… Logan simple said in this family we don”t “shake hands” we HUG! A group hug was a new experience for Matsukaze but something he would learn to love and was a new and wonderful experience in his life.


As they returned to the Penthouse so Hikaru could collapse for the night and Matsukaze could then return to the Embassy. All of Hikaru”s family was eagerly awaited to see the gift from the Worthingtons. Date only commented on how jealous the Generals were going to be.


As Hikaru finally fell into a deep sleep he thanked Haciman for giving him the greatest gift of love. A wonderful man to share his life and future and raise new Samurai”s to honor the ancestors of our families.


Matsukaze was truly honorable and returned to the Ambassador”s residence for the night. He and Hikaru never slept together until their wedding night. He did have some damn erotic dreams about his wedding night and gay sex with an imp he truly loved. Oh well, gay men have lost their virginity before and survived and so will he. (Little did he realize how revealing his “walk of shame” would be the morning after their wedding night.)


Larry and the White House head of protocol worked for weeks to make this the Washington Wedding of the year. Considering Matsukaze was an Ambassador of the Emperor of Japan there were many political considerations as there were personal ones.


The Generals would be the best men for Matsukaze and Logan and Alex would be the best men for Hikaru. All the fathers and grandfathers had to do is show up and make sure to drag Doc along with you or face the wraith of a mighty pissed off imp. Dale was given the honor as Chief Justice of the United States to preside at this “civil wedding” of the century. (The Emperor would make arrangements for a blessing at a Shinto shrine when they returned to Japan.)


After months of planning and a few hours of escorting guests to the assigned seating by the men of Alpha Zulu being ushers… a short service of commitment between two individuals who truly were in love was completed. Then Matsukaze got a new experience of his life… facing the White House “Sharks”!


It was a beautiful day for an outdoor reception on the White House lawn and as the reception began and the toasts were being made POTUS relinquished the microphone to the Japanese Ambassador. As he spoke briefly commenting “This most unworthy servant is most honored to present this gift upon behalf of the Emperor of Japan”. Handing Matsukaze a beautiful presentation case he opened it to find the Chrysanthemum breast badge only worn by members of the Imperial Family of Japan. As Matsukaze and the Ambassador bowed respectfully all the guests present erupted in spontaneous applause and comments of congratulations. Hikaru proudly attached the badge of the Imperial Family on Matsukaze”s uniform. Hicaru then whispered in Matsukaze ear he would give him his “congratulations” when they got to the Honeymoon suite tonight! If it hadn”t been for the breeze and being outdoors the guests would have smelled the cum Matsukaze blasted into his silk boxers.


Finally, they were in a Limo and headed back to the Marriott and into the Honeymoon Suite with Alpha Zulu soldiers posted to assure privacy for the evening. Hikaru had to snicker when he saw Napoleon added to his security detail and only commented he hoped the soldiers brought plenty of doggie treats to keep their furry assistant happy and content.


No one expected our two lovers to show up for breakfast the next morning or even lunch but when Uncle Logan and Alex called the honeymoon suite and invited them for dinner Hakiru only commented he”d see if his partner could walk that far. Alex and Logan lost it in laughter. They all enjoyed a quiet candlelight dinner and YES Hikaru celebrated with two pieces of raspberry cheesecake. Logan slipped Matsukaze a tube of Doc”s super lube as our newlyweds were returning to the honeymoon suite so hopefully he would be able to join the family for a meal tomorrow.


Logan had reserved the entire Marriott dining room for an early dinner allowing the love birds adequate time to try and satisfy their love and lust for one another. When Hikaru and Matsukaze entered we all wondered if Japan would declare war if their Ambassador died on his honeymoon. Hito cornered Hikaru and told his son to take it easy on your lover… we all like him and want him to hang around for a long time. Matsukaze only confided to Logan that Hikaru is an animal in bed, how do you survive with Alex. Logan only commented it can be a real challenge at times.


David cornered his grandson and told him that Matsukaze needed to be able to walk tomorrow because you two are on a jet to our Penthouse for a 30 day honeymoon. So, break the poor guy in easy. You definitely got your hormones from your father.


All the Worthington congregated for the feast and even Angus and his partner attended. (By now Angus and his partner were de facto members of the Worthington clan.) They all assured Matsukaze they had survived their honeymoon and he would also. Although, walking at times will be difficult these will be memories you will have for eternity.


The Japanese Ambassador”s Limo arrived promptly at 1000 hours the next day as they were concluding a wonderful breakfast with their family. Hikaru and Matsukaze thanked everyone for being such a great family and security escorted them to David”s flying palace.


Diplomatic Security and Alpha Zulu would provide the protection for their 30 days of love and lust. (Matsukaze”s aides were kinda miffed when he gave them a list of research he needed done at/on Fort Connor while he was away.) Of course, once the Governor got wind of who was in town an invitation was extended for them to be her guest at a formal dinner party in their honor. Everyone who was anyone would be in attendance and Hikaru accepted his fate and Matsukaze was only starting to accept what his life would now entail.


The only saving factor was being able to return to the Penthouse and then frolic naked in the surf by moonlight. (SecDef was smart enough to recommend to the Secretary of State to only send GAY members of their Diplomatic Security detail on this assignment.)


Finally, returning to Fort Connor and getting settled into a normal routine OPS notified Matsukaze the Japanese Minister of Defense was on Video com requesting him. A very stern face appeared on the screen advising his personal goals and objectives had been accomplished, he had his 30 days of accrued personal time to satisfy his carnal needs with his new partner and NOW he was making an emphatic point that the request for a written evaluation of the Alpha Zulu program and its feasibility of using it in Japan was a SERIOUS REQUEST! Regular status reports on its progress were now required. DISCONNECT!


Matsukaze two aides quickly found out the fact their vacation was OVER! You can enjoy sex AFTER we accomplish our work and he immediately shared an outline of what needed to be done and a timeline in which to accomplish it.


Hikaru was upset that sex was relegated to that which normal people enjoy… works had to come first. He even threated to contact his grandfather the Emperor and get the Minister of Defense off his case. Finally, Date and David had a family meeting and between his grandfathers and his fathers they shared with Hikaru what they had to face and accept when they became young horny lovers and still wanted a military life. Eventually, it will balance out and you”ll have time for plenty of love and sex but right now Matsukaze has an assignment that will help his country, his military and many orphaned children in Japan as well.


The Generals hearing of the stress Hikaru was experiencing thought the perfect solution was for them to start a family and both men were in shock that Angus had already missed the opportunity.


Requesting an immediate video conference with Angus both men chastised him profusely and demanding he correct it immediately. The child needs to be of Asian descent and otherwise just do your thing. The sooner the better and we will adjust our schedule for your convenience just give us a 24 hour notice. As the conversation was coming to a close Adrian asked politely if Angus would include some profiles on children that he and Randy could consider adopting. Angus barely got the words “WITH EXTREME PLEASURE” out of his mouth before Adrian hit the DISCONNECT!


Randy only looked at Adrian and commented: “Why didn”t you tell me I had you knocked up again”? Adrian just smiled and added: “I JUST DID”! Yes, we are still in love and had plenty of love to share. Jeremy and Josh were starting at Harvard in the fall and the thought of being “empty nesters” just wasn”t anything Adrian wanted to consider. “What”s another imp at Fort Connor… after all, they have 200+ big brothers to spoil them and Matsukaze and Hakiru have a totally complete adventure in Japan for their new addition to experience. (Just wait their Matsukaze”s aides learn about that infamous “other duties” clause implied in their promotions.)


The Generals confided their plot to Date, David, Jimmy and Hito. They all agreed it was the perfect time for our two new lovers to start their family. Everyone smiled when OPS advised Worthington Five on final approach and requesting permission to land. Date authorized the landing and the six conspirators headed to the landing strip to greet Angus and his partner.


Angus and his partner were greeted as returning heroes and after having their credentials verified were told they had time to get settled in before evening retreat. You two are getting the deluxe treatment this time and advised security to escort them to the Mansion. Returning for retreat Angus commented he might never leave after seeing his new high end digs. The conspirators all agreed to hit up the new lovers after dinner tonight in the family quarters. I don”t see much sex or sleep in their lives tonight.


The men of Alpha Zulu welcome Angus back as a long lost brother. Even with the disastrous start of his association with the men of Alpha Zulu Angus was truly loved. He has done so much for so many of our former brothers helping them to have a loving family we all knew Angus had paid us back ten fold for any problems he had ever caused us.


This evening was turning into a base conspiracy. Doc and the Chaplain were invited to our quarters and as the family night was beginning Doc whispered into Matsukaze”s ear to tell Hikaru that his medical test had come back and Matsukaze had him knocked up.


Matsukaze had no idea of what they were talking about but these were his friends and it was an easy request… Hikaru had this shocked look on his face and immediately wrapped his arms around Matsukaze, kissing him madly and knew they would welcome an addition into their loving family.


Hikaru turned to Angus and asked who put him up to this… As the combined arms of his fathers, his grandfathers and the Generals admitted their complicity he only hugged and kissed them and now the group explained to Matsukaze what had happened. He was going to be a daddy, something he never dreamed possible. Matsukaze passed out and Doc had to resuscitate him. Doc only smiled at Matsukaze and added “What did you think was going to happen after thirty days bolu escort of non-stop sex on your honeymoon”?


As the evening was concluding, Agnus handed Matsukaze and Hikaru three files on prospective sons and they adjourned to their bedroom to contemplate the future and a decision that would have far lasting actions even they couldn”t comprehend.


As Adrian and Randy tried to silently slip away Angus slipped Adrian the files on three children and only commented he wasn”t leaving until two children have been selected. Your Mess Chow is far better than takeout or pizza.


After their staff meeting the next morning the Generals asked Date to stick around, they had something to discuss with them. When Angus leaves that Mansion is going to be empty again. If it is fit for a POTUS then it should be acceptable for an Ambassador. Let”s move Hikaru, Matsukaze and his two aides into it. It would only require additional security and that can be rotated among the squads. Plus, it will give them amble opportunity to bond with their new son. It might even give Matsukaze some idea of what life is going to be like when he returns to Japan and has to face the Palace and his Emperor on a regular live in basis.


I thought Angus was going to do cartwheels down the center of the mess hall totally naked when Jimmy and Hito asked to see the information on the children that hadn”t been selected. (Plus Angus could have a few more days of enjoying the wonderful food at Fort Connor.) Jimmy and Hito were still young enough to enjoy another child in their life and realizing that Hikaru would be spending more time in Japan as he grew older it would be nice to have kids around in their senior years.


Angus was going the “walk of shame” the next morning after celebrating with his partner most of the night. He had only expected to place one child for adoption and now he had high hopes of giving three children FOREVER HOMES when he finally left Fort Connor.


Hikaru and Matsukaze saw the wisdom of them relocating to the Mini Mansion considering the new addition to their family. Matsukaze”s aides (The Colonels) were going into shock. In the short time they had been on this roller coaster they had gone from living in a barracks, to the base General”s guest suite, to the Ambassador”s residence in Washington, to David”s Penthouse in the US Virgin Islands to the Guest Suites at Fort Connor. And, NOW to be moved into a mansion, life just couldn”t get any better. (Just wait till a little imp comes screaming into your bedroom at sunrise yelling INCOMMING!) Should we warn them it is a quarter mile further to make it to Medical before they can get their nuts packed in ice… NAH… some things are best learned!


Hikaru was ecstatic when he told Matsukaze and announced to the family Angus had called and we could meet our son tomorrow. Date would make the arrangements and Diplomatic Security could either adjust to the immediate request or Alpha Zulu would do it alone. Either way, a child was getting a FOREVER HOME tomorrow. Doc assured everyone that Matsukaze and his aides got chipped on their first visit to Medical… he wasn”t taking any chances either.


Hikaru and Matsukaze were fortunate the child they selected was well adjusted and not the victim of sexual predators. He had lost his parents in a tragic car accident and had no living relatives. (The entire family could relate!) Hikaru and Matsukaze “dressed down” in suits instead of their gaudy uniforms although they did retain their Imperial Family Breast Badges on their suits. Their son came running into their arms with an abundance of tears saying Roger had told him they would be here today. (Matsukaze wanted to know all about Roger and it would take many discussions with soldiers of Fort Connor before he would believe what he heard.) Forms were signed and they returned to their Limo and a fast plane trip back to Fort Connor. Matsukaze still had a Minister of Defense on his ass and wanted his report finalized YESTERDAY!


To say our new arrival was spoiled was an understatement and was treated to way too much vanilla ice cream with hot fudge topping. Hikaru now understood why his fathers threatened the soldiers for giving him such a large quantity of the yummy treat. (Barf bags on the night stand!)


Jimmy and Hito were also lucky to have selected a child that had lost his parents in a traumatic accident. The son had spent months in the hospital only to find out he had no parents and nowhere to go. (It definitely gave motivation to all the Generals and even Matsukaze to offer their services to Angus whenever they could help to raise funds for the Worthington Foundation.) You can”t tell a kid he is lucky to be an orphan and not one to have been kicked out of his home only to be forced sell his body on the street to survive. Yes, he would have emotional scars but the men of Alpha Zulu had faced far worse in the past.


The Generals really stepped up to the greatest challenge of their life… a street hustling older adolescent that no one really cared about. His parents kicked him out of the house when he came out as being gay and when vice officers arrested him and family court removed him from his parents, The only concern of his foster mother was the monthly check she received from the state. He had run away from foster homes and group homes so many times a friendly judge asked Angus if he could find room in his heart and within the program of the Worthington Foundation for him.


As Adrian and Randy were introduced to a cocky street wise teenager he mouthed off and commented I”m gay and I love being gay. They looked him straight in the face and said “We are gay and we love being gay so BIG DEAL”! Then the damn broke and the flood of tears burst forth as they held the young man in their arms and told him no one would ever hurt him again. As he was cried out they asked him if he would like to try us out as parents for 90 days and see if he wanted to become part of our unique family. Barely able to control his emotions their new addition walked hand in hand to the administrator”s office to start the process for him to have a FOREVER HOME!


As Hikaru had the privilege (and free time) to take his son and “brothers” around Fort Connor and show they all the nuisances and the warning he hoped they learned from the other imps and they wouldn”t be forced to learn by firm motivation applied to their naked ass. One way or the other they will learn and hopefully not by the painful method.


As they were walking past the swimming pool the two younger boys giggled and commented the men weren”t wearing any clothes. Hikaru only commented it is called “skinny dipping” and it is their choice just like it is your choice to wear swimming trunks. No one will think any less of you if you elect to wear swim trunks. After the second time they saw their “big brother” tear off his towel and jump into the water stark naked the swim trunks were never used except for when they were at the Penthouse and swimming in the ocean.


The ninety days passed quickly and over a three week period each week one of the three returned to the orphanage for an all-day evaluation by their staff. When they were finally asked if they wanted this to be their FOREVER HOME even our General”s defiant son stated loud and proud YES! At least being a week apart their stomachs had time to recover from the large helpings of cake and ice cream the men of Alpha Zulu spoiled on their new little brothers.


The proudest moment in Randy and Adrian”s life, even prouder than when they graduated from West Point, was when their new son asked if he could talk with them. As he was reminded he never had to ask they would always have time for him even if POTUS had to wait, what can we do for you.


Reaching into his pocket our son pulled out a roll of bills and handed them to us. “This was my get-a-way money I saved from doing “tricks”. I don”t need it any more, I have two wonderful fathers and a family I never dreamed possible. Randy and I held our son, kissed him and only chided him if he ever came running into our bedroom yelling INCOMMING just think about the fact we are too old to be in medical with our nuts packed in ice. Smiling from ear to ear he only commented the little guys aren”t known for have a great landing record.


Jimmy, Hito, Hikaru and Matsukaze were doing an exception job of teaching their sons that just because something was right didn”t mean it was the honorable thing to do. It seemed to be rubbing off on our son and if I saw any problem with him it was he just was too perfect for all he had gone through in his life. He truly appreciated our family and loved the men of Alpha Zulu. The first morning he did the “walk of shame” to flag raising he expected to get grounded for a month from his fathers and was in total shock that we ignored the situation. When he came to us and admitted he had sex with a soldier and asked why we ignored it we told him he wasn”t doing anything we didn”t do at his age so why should it upset us. It was consensual and I hoped you enjoyed it. Now, go to school and make us proud.


As soon as the adoptions were finalized I reminded Hikaru and Matsukaze their relatives in Japan might appreciate knowing there was an addition to the family. Oh, the moment they both had been dreading and they now had to admit to the Emperor he had a new little one in the family. They took the easy way out and Video conference with Hikaru”s uncle and let him break the news to the Emperor. I was in shock when OPS advised it was the Emperor of Japan requesting a Video conference with both of you generals. (Damn, POTUS is bad enough and now we have to worry about an EMPEROR!)


As Randy and I asked the Emperor how we could be of service he was blunt and to the point. “Will you please tell my grandson and his partner if I don”t get an abundance of pictures of my new great grandson both he and his partner will be on bread and water in the dungeon the minute they step foot back in Japan! Thank you for your assistance. DISCONNECT! (He has been taking lessons from POTUS.)


We immediately had OPS asked Hikaru and Matsukaze to report to our office and Jimmy, Date, David and Hito wondered what was happening. As I proceeded to give our Ambassador and our resident delinquent Hikaru the ass chewing of their young lives I gave them one order and it is to be done immediately. “Get some damn pictures taken and send them off to the Emperor… DISMISSED!”


Date and David couldn”t stop laughing as I told them what happened over lunch. The Emperor broke so much protocol the Secretary of State would have a coronary if he found out. Date only commented that wasn”t the Emperor you were talking with that was a mega upset Grandfather to which both David and I can relate. He just played the “Emperor Card” and really rattled your cage.


When Hikaru and Matsukaze joined us at our evening mail they both commented their fingers were so sore from taking pictures, downloading them and they sending them off to the Palace they were brain dead. The entire table roared when Adrian made the comment sore fingers are preferable to bread and water in the dungeon of the Palace any day.


Also, you two best be proactive and get a passport for your son if you expect him to visit his grandfather this summer. You don”t want to use your POTUS card too often because it will eventually cost you. You”ve got plenty of time so get on it first thing in the morning.


Yes, the little guy accompanied his parents to Japan over summer break and broke all the protocols when he went running into the arms of the Emperor. The honesty and innocence of youth melted the Emperor”s heart and he went immediately into Grandfather mode.


Matsukaze ended up spending an immense amount of time with the Ministry of Defense and with Army Generals defending his research and recommendations. Hikaru and his son were given the real tour of Tokyo not just what the tourist see by his nephews. (The only thing Hikaru declined was a visit to a private Geisha club, he doubted if Matsukaze would approve.)


Hikaru and his son made an unannounced visit to the Marine Special Forces unit and after the mandatory lunch with the General and his senior officers asked if the same driver was available to take him around base.


A smiling driver opened the door of his limousine and asked where his Excellency wanted to be taken. Hopefully, the same men are still her on base and I”d like to see them again. Walking into the barracks everyone snapped to attention as Hikaru walked in with his son holding his arm. In nearly flawless Japanese he asked the men to gather round, he wanted to introduce them to the newest member of his family. The men were in love with the little guy and so proud of Hikaru. They wanted to know how their former Captain was doing in his new position as a General in the Army and they all roared when Hikaru told them he was far better in bed than he was in the office.


Hikaru probably ruined their training schedule for the day but he was making friends that he would have for life. Although, when Matsukaze heard about the comment he made to his former soldiers Hikaru was doing the walk of shame after a night of constant make up sex. Yes, the two were in love and now had a family to nurture and watch that love grow into an adult.


Both Matsukaze and Hikaru encouraged their son to start taking courses in the Japanese language. It would only be a few years before the decision would need to be made where he would be attending college. Harvard was a given in the United States but they felt certain his grandfather, uncle and nephews would be encouraging them to consider a school in Japan. So long as the threat level remained low it would make for a difficult decision. If the threat level were to become elevated than Harvard and the Castle was the only safe choice.


The Generals had to smile when Matsuka approached the Generals and requested a formal retreat this evening. Passing the request along to General Date everyone was advised at lunch and you could hear Hikaru grumbling over his damn gaudy uniform. What shocked everyone was when Matsuka called forward his two aides, both Colonels in the Japanese Marines Special Forces and announced to all present on behalf of the Emperor and the Japanese People he was proud to announce both men were being promoted to Generals of the Japanese Defense Force and would be heading up the implementation of an Alpha Zulu 69 program for the Japanese military. The men of Alpha Zulu were ecstatic with praise for their now two good friends.


As two shocked Colonels had their shoulder boards switched out salutes were exchanged and the men of Alpha Zulu proudly passed in review. To no one surprise, the mess staff had a cake and ice cream celebration ready for their evening meal. Matsukaze would be staying in the United States in his Ambassador-at-Large for the Emperor and protecting his partner and member of the Imperial Family of Japan.


As Hikaru and Matsuka were off base at a diplomatic function being hosted by the Japanese Ambassador Jimmy and Hito were in charge of the extra young”n and having a great time spoiling their grandchild knowing all the grief they would be getting from their sons. The old adage of grandma and grandpa spoiling the kid and then sending them back home to mom and dad was coming to fruition.


Just as Randy and I were settling in for a quiet night of sleep after an intensive session of Stress Management our coms go off and Doc was stating he need to see us immediately. Pulling on exercise trunks and our plush Marriott Robes I unlocked the door and waited for our good friend to arrive.


Walking through our door we greeted an obviously stressed out friend who only commented “I need your stars again and I pray we aren”t too late to save another injured puppy”!






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