Allison Wonderland Ch. 02

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Authors note:

Hey guys! Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement for my first story and adventure. Just a warning if you haven’t read chapter one, maybe do so. Also, this is a long story, with sex at the very end. Want a quick fix? This probably isn’t the story for you. This story Is slightly more darker then the other, but stick to it, hopefully it excites 🙂


“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!” I screamed, storming from room to room and slamming my doors, I knew the tenants and landlord would be angry but I was seething. It had been a month. A whole month of HER. Every time I turned around she was there with a nasty comment or prank to pull. I couldn’t even visit the club on Saturdays when she worked; it was too frustrating and distracting. But she was smart, and she always kept under the radar, but I wasn’t one to back down easily. Where she had a comment, I had a snappy comeback; where she had her foot out to trip me, I had my arm out to drag her down. We had been boiling under each other’s skins for a month and I was at exploding point.

I turned and raised my fist to punch a hole through my wall but paused. I couldn’t afford to fix it, and I sure as hell couldn’t do it myself. My anger dissolved slightly and I was able to turn on my heel and walk down the hall. My reflection caught my eye as I turned into my room and my anger rose once again. Hair sticking up at all angles, it suddenly made sense why everyone was snickering and pointing at me at TAFE. The strands had a very sickly green colour and were curled into mess. She had messed with the can of hairspray I kept in my bag, I know it. I just don’t know HOW she did it. But it didn’t matter; I’d get her back… But it would take time.

Hatred and lust are funny things, such a thin line separating the two that they often mix. One day you find yourself grinding your teeth at a bad habit, the next you’re moaning to it. As long as I knew this logic, I justified to myself why she turned me on… More then I’d like to admit.

It was nearly time for work and I had to fix my hair. God knows I couldn’t go in like this. I shrugged out of my red jumper and form fitting black tee-shirt. My black skirt and matching panties followed till I stood in my faded converse shoes. I kicked them and my socks of and turned on the shower. Stepping into the stream was, like always, a long awaited heaven. I always loved my showers, especially after a stress filled day. The stream of liquid heat travelling down my muscles and skin was pure ecstasy. I dipped my head and poured shampoo on my hair, scrubbing and scrubbing till the water was pooling green at my feet. I sighed and continued to scrub until the water was clear and my hair was brown again. Damn her, I cursed as I turned off the water and stepped out, fixing a towel around my waist and blow drying my hair. My uniform never felt so good, I put it on and hurried downstairs to get to work before I was late. If I was fired I would so kill her.

I drummed my fingers on the work bench and looked at Drew. He was whistling as he scrubbed the oven. I had to roll my eyes; he obviously had a good night.

“What was her name?”

“Hmm… It was either… Jessica or Jacky, it definitely started with “J”… Maybe Jodie?” he continued to whistle before pulling his head out and grinning to me, his arms covered in pink rubber gloves and grease.

“Blondes do have more fun,” he winked.

I just groaned and turned back to the front, slumping down onto the counter. I knew I wasn’t hot, but I was definitely pretty, cute at a stretch but I am too tall for cute. But I hadn’t been laid in weeks. I had a few offers but they just didn’t catch my interest. Which was weird, Jason always joked that a wild cat could catch my attention. He then always followed that up with a “pussy” pun.

Drew looked over his shoulder at me and smiled. He always somehow knew what was going on with me.

“Dry spell, princess?”

I shrugged my shoulders and stood up straight, leaning my hip on the cash register, “I just… I’m not interested in anyone,”… Well that was a lie.

He gave me a sad smile, “Sarah?”

“It’s not her this time. Maybe it’s just stress from TAFE,” Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie.

He patted my shoulder with his elbow, the only clean part of his arm, and went back to scrubbing. Drew never pushed for details and I loved that about him. He understood silently that I just needed space sometimes. I served customers with a fake smile that I had mastered and time seemed to drag on, Wednesday nights were our slowest. Suddenly the bell ringed and I looked up into ice blue eyes. She smiled slowly and calmly at me, her eyes travelling up and down my outfit slowly.

Drew came to my side and flicked his gaze from me to Allison before clearing his throat. She continued to grin like a Cheshire Cat and slowly folded her arms over her chest.

“Oh how cute, you make sandwiches for a living, look at your little outfit,”

I glared at her and snorted, “And you being eye bets10 candy for a living is much better? You’re like an underpaid stripper who gives out the occasional drink.”

Her eye twitched but the cold smile stayed on her face.

“I would like and chicken sandwich,” she stood with her arms folded, smiling.

I gave her a blank look, “what bread?”

She grinned and tilted her head innocently, “What kind of bread do you have?”

“Italian herb, white, multigrain, three grain, soy and lien and honey soy,”

“Hmmm….” She drawled, tapping her chin with a long red fingernail and then smiled at me, “white please,”

I grabbed the white bread and laid two slices on the board, placing chicken on one slice.

“Any extra meat?”

“How much does it cost?”

I stared at her, while gritting my teeth, I’d dealt with difficult customers before. “One dollar for ham and bacon; one fifty for white or red meat.”

She smiled and pointed at the salad bar, loaded with fresh salads, “I want that, that, that, that and that,” her finger slid over the glass with a squeak with everything she pointed at.

Drew chuckled softly under his breath and tried to play it off as I cough. I bent my foot back and kicked his shin, earning a soft grunt.

“I’m sorry, MA’AM, I didn’t catch that. Will you use the names of the ingredients?” my voice was sickly sweet with forced cheer.

She glared briefly at me before smiling again, “Sure!” her voice was overly cheery, imitating me, when she answered, “lettuce, rocket, carrot, beet root, cheese and carrot with a touch of onion.”

I frowned at the sandwich as I filled it with the ingredients I have in mine, putting a bit of onion on top. I looked up and watched as she opened her mouth to complain then shut it. She glanced up at me under her lashes, “and olives.”

I added a few olives to the sandwich, staring at her as my hand moved mechanically. She stared back at me, slightly confused as her head titled to the left. We were staring at each other for a good two minutes before Drew, obviously finished with the oven, cleared his throat and spoke up.

“Sauces, salt and pepper?” He said with a smirk in his voice. I kept my eyes on her but I could tell when he was being mocking. Her blue eyes slid to him before returning to mine, “Mayonnaise,” her voice soft and intense. I nearly shivered, having to close my eyes and glance away for a minute and look back at her.

I lowered my eyes and mentally shook myself; we are enemies, not lovers. And I want nothing to do with her. Except to taste every inch of her sweat soaked body. I shook my head again and added the mayo, clearing my thoughts from the bad images. I put the sandwich together, cut it and wrapped it, and put it in a logo printed bag. Drew took her money as I kept my eyes down. Sliding the bag onto the counter, I kept my eyes forwards and walked out the back.

I waited until I heard the bell of the door ding before walking back out to see Drew with a shit eating grin on his face.

“Stress from TAFE, huh?” He grinned wider.

“Oh shut it,” I said, my face flushing deep red.


Drew had gone home early, leaving me to finishing closing. I had just stepped out of the shop and was locking the back door when a shadow covered me from behind. The shriek had left my mouth as a hand clamped over it. My body was spun around, the fear felt like cold water running in my veins. As my back slammed into the door I looked into the amused blue eyes of Allison. My eyes fluttered slowly and I leaned heavily on the door, gasping against her hand. She pressed her body to mine and held me to the door as she gently eased her hand away.

“You’re even cuter when you’re scared,”

I rolled my eyes, “ha ha, now let me go Allie, I have to get home,”

“Allie?” She raised her eyebrows, her hands sliding onto my hips gently.

“Al-Allison. Whatever. Let me go,”

“And what if I don’t want to?” She muttered, leaning in close to my lips, taking my air with each breath.

My eyes bore into hers, not being able to answer her question. My breath was shared with hers and my heart rate was still above normal. We leaned on the door and her arms gathered me up, one leg sliding between my own. I heard my throat catch as she pushed me to the door and pulled me closer at the same time. I watched her eyes darken and her pupils dilate the same way they had a month ago. A tiny whimper escaped me and she pushed her nose beside mine and covered my lips with hers. I felt fully engulfed by her, her body felt like it was covering mine and my being. Her tongue flicked over my lips gently before she pulled back and bit my lip harshly. I recoiled hard and my head banged against the door. She chuckled and pecked my lips once more as I swore heavily.

“Thanks for the sandwich,” she whispered on my lips before releasing me and walking away. I was too stunned to follow her, or question her. What the fuck? Did she wait for me to finish just bets10 giriş to kiss me and bite? She makes no sense.

I walked home slowly, my hand on my bag and can of mace, with my iPod on soft. Even if it was a short walk you could never be too cautious.


“I fucking. Hate. These things.” I grunted through clenched teeth, looking around through the haze of cigarette smoke and bodies tightly packed. Sarah fidgeted by my side and clasped my elbow with her free hand, turning me to look pleadingly in my eyes.

“I… I know Fee but- Mark.. He loves these… A-and you’re the only one I can talk to,” she hopped from foot to foot, her hand jigging with her red solo cup of cheap beer.

Neither of us drink much; especially not this cheap excuse of beer, and I certainly stay away from house parties like the plague. But Mark had dragged Sarah and Sarah asked me. Lord knows I can’t stay away from her, as much as I try. She gave me a weak smile and scanned the crowd; she bobbed her head and sipped her beer, trying to look like she wanted to be here.

I sighed, shaking off her hand and dumping my cup in the bench behind me “Give it up, Sar. I know you don’t want to be here and you know Mark is nowhere to be seen,”

She shivered and turned to me, her blue eyes wide, she looked almost scared “Oh, I know Fee” she put on a fake smile and laughed, “I’m just trying to have fun,”

“Uh huh” I said with an eye roll, crossing my arms and leaning back against the counter.

Sarah had always dressed herself up for her boyfriends but this time was different, she was wearing a tight black dress that fit like an extra skin and pushed her cleavage up to exploding point. Her matching black heels looked new… and expensive. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, with her long ringlets following down her back, and she wore simple gold hoops in her ears.

I looked around the crowded and noticed many easy looking girls wearing the same short dresses and skirt, with heels. The men were dressed casually in jeans and tee shirts, some even wearing singlets. It seemed like a very casual party so I wondered why Sarah dressed herself up so much. Maybe it was a special occasion for her and Mark and that’s why she was nervous.

I looked down at my own jeans, black and skin tight, cupping my firm ass, and my singlet top with beads around the neckline. Smart but casual. As always I wore my converse, I wore them everywhere I could get away with, they were so comfortable. Over my singlet I wore my small leather jacket, cut nicely midway up my back and curving to zip up from my belly button height.

My eyes returned to Sarah as I saw her shiver, there was a slight chill to the air. With her thin body and small clothes, she could definitely feel it. I sighed and slid off my jacket, holding it open for her. She looked so fragile as she smiled at me and stepped into the jacket. She pushed her arms through with her back to me and I curled the sides around her, pulling her back against me in a hug as I zipped it up.

Sarah sighed and leaned against me, tremors slowing slightly as she warmed in my arms. I felt her head drop against my shoulder as we watched the crowd and I held her to me.

Something caught my eye and I turned my head slightly, seeing Mark. My hand rose to show Sarah before I paused, noting what he was doing. I saw him barely through the crowd as he stepped out of a room, adjusting his zipper. My thoughts naturally turned to bathroom before a girl stepped out behind him, wiping her lips and pulling her skirt down. Before I could tell Sarah the girl had left and Mark had stepped up to his buddies. Growling low in my throat I watched as he high fived a few of them and turned to grab his beer.

I spun Sarah around with me, so she faced my chest; the party behind me in the lounge room. She was leaning on the bar table at the edge of the kitchen. She looked up to me, clutching my singlet in shock at the growl and the sudden switch. I kept her in front of me, blocking her line of view to Mark.

“What’s going on?” Her voice wavered slightly.

“Nothing, we are leaving,” I said darkly, looking down at my phone I pulled from my pocket.

“We are?” A deep voice asked behind me, signaling Marks arrival. He has awful timing. Or I do.

I kept thumbing through my phone for the number of the taxi company, holding Sarah’s hip in place in front of me. She squirmed and slid out to hug Mark, while I glared daggers at him. He smiled at me and grabbed her ass.

“Yes, we are, come on Sarah,” I said in my low menacing voice.

Mark looked at her and raised his eyebrows, “Well?”

She sat there opening and closing her mouth, looking between Mark and me before closing her mouth and looking at me. Her eyebrows rose in sympathy and she held Marks hand.

“I-I’ll stay here with Mark, Liss… B-but you go on if you want to go home. We’ll catch up tomorrow?”

I stared at her a long time before clicking my phone off and turning bets10 güvenilir mi and walking to the door. I couldn’t tell her what I saw; even if she did believe me it’d break her heart. But I couldn’t let that scum bag get away with cheating, so easily too. He had no guilt at doing it, after telling Sarah to dress as his whore. I had no doubt that his suggestions were the reason for her sudden dress change.

I stepped out onto the porch and clicked on my phone, just as a voice rose from the darkened side of the porch.

“Well, look who it is,”

I sighed recognizing the voice instantly, and continued to stare at my phone, raising it to my ear and waiting for the taxi company to answer.

A small red light floating in the corner of my vision indicted Allison was out here for a cigarette, and not just a spawn of Satan to show up at the worst times. But we couldn’t rule that one out too early. I saw the light fall then splutter with the thud of her shoe. She floated over to me, clad in a pleated leather skirt and fishnets. As she came closer I saw her typical stilettos and tight grey sweater under a thigh length leather jacket. She was the image of dirty sex with her red hair tousled and dark eye makeup.

I had to force my eyes to stay forwards as I got the recording machine and redialed. She walked to my side and trailed her fingertips up my shoulder, laughing softly beside me as I flicked her hand away.

“You won’t reach them, not on a Friday night this late. The lines will be strung for hours.”

I grimaced, getting recording machine again and hanging up. My arm was aching to throw the phone, as I gritted my teeth and willed my arm to stay by my side. I shook with the tension of having her at my side and keeping my anger level. I closed my eyes breathing deeply. My grip eased and I slid my phone into my jeans pocket, sighing.

“Look Allison, I’m very much not in the mood for games, so just leave me alone,”

She raised her eyebrow and slid herself between me and the rail of the porch, a very thin gap dividing us.

“And how will you get home?”

I scowled and looked away from her, down the street, “I’ll walk”

“Don’t you live close to your sandwich shop?” She asked innocently, leaning closer.

I stared at her slowly raising an eyebrow. What. The. Fuck? How did she know where I lived? How accurate was her knowledge about where I lived? Did she follow me? All these thoughts raced through my head while she just smiled and chuckled at me.

“Relax, sugar, I saw you walking home from your shop that night so I assumed you couldn’t live far… Unless you like walking for hours”

I frowned and turned my eyes back to the road, rolling my shoulders, “It won’t take that long,”

She scoffed, “It would take half an hour by car, let alone foot. Come on, I’ll drive you,”

Glaring at her I refused to fall for her trick, “No. You’ll probably leave me in a desert somewhere,”

“Now why would I do that?” She asked innocently.

“Because you’re a bitch, and we hate each other,”

“We do?” She stared at me, unblinkingly and innocently with her hands in front of her crotch. She looked 100% fuckable.

My mind clouded with images of forcing her around and bending her over the railing of the porch before I mentally shook myself and grit my teeth.

“Yes. We do.”

I walked down the porch steps, unsurprised to hear her following. My fists clenched while she walked behind me to the street before climbing in her black Mini Cooper, it looked older, but still amazing.

I keep walking as I heard the engine turn and the car creep up beside me. She leaned over the passenger seat and looked out the half open window.

“Felicity, Get in or I’ll run you down,”

“Oh, that REALLY makes me want to get into the car with the maniac who beats me up and tells me to stay away but then kisses me.” I paused and turned to the car, my vision clouding red with anger.

“What the fuck is your deal anyway? Why are you such a bitch? And why are you hell bent on toying with me? I don’t want this, and I don’t want you in my life. Leave me alone.”

She looked briefly hurt before turning off the car and jumping out. She walked around to my side and raised her hand. The slap could’ve echoed down the street for all I know. Pain erupted in my cheek and my vision blacked out momentarily.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” I screamed at her and punched her in the nose. My fist collided with her nose and she fell back against her car as I fell back clutching my hand.

Her body lurched forwards and she tackled me, blood streaming down her face. I felt it, hot and wet trickling down onto my lips and chin as she hovered above me. Her fist hit my stomach and the breath left my lungs in a gust. The pain ached deep in my muscles as she laid into me with her fists. I managed to lift my arms and shove her off me heavily. I swung myself onto her and punched her cheek and shoulder. Boy she was strong. She tossed me off her body like a sack of potatoes and sat up, ready to launch once more.

I scrambled up to my feet and backed away with a limp, having twisted my ankle in the fall. The pain thumped up my body and I grimaced, raising my hand to my swollen cheek and busted lip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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