All work and no play – prologue

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Author’s note – If I receive positive feedback on this installment I will continue to flesh out the rest of the storyline. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your continued support.


“Really guys, I just want to thank you once again for all the hard work you’ve put in over the last few weeks. I know you’ve had to deal with a lot of changes this past month and I’m the first to admit, I’m not always the easiest person to work with,” Susan laughs, as if it’s a joke.

Boy that’s an understatement! I think to myself.

Jake and I chuckle politely.

“Seriously though, I really appreciate all the extra hours you both put in and for making me feel so welcome. There is no way we would have landed this account without your extraordinary effort, dedication and talent. Here’s to the best team a gal could ever hope to have!” Susan is beaming and slurring her words slightly as she raises her glass to clink it against Jake’s and mine.

She is definitely feeling no pain and takes a sip of her Martini after completing her toast. We’ve been at the bar for about an hour and a half and I believe this is her fourth drink, not to mention the two glasses of wine she had with dinner earlier in the evening.

It’s odd to see the normally straight laced, slightly uptight design director, so relaxed and happy. Before tonight I didn’t think she even drank alcohol. Shit, I would have suggested we go out for drinks much sooner if I knew they would soften her up this much!

Susan (not Sue, and definitely not Suzy, as she made perfectly clear when she first introduced herself to us) was hired by ‘AD-on Creations’ to head up our design team a little over a month ago. She’s a real go getter and very well known in the industry so it was a pretty big deal for a smallish company like ‘Ad-on’ to recruit her.

Not only did she bring with her, her expertise and drive for excellence, but also an impressive list of clients. Right away we got an opportunity to pitch to a heavy hitter and we just finished busting our asses wowing them with a killer presentation.

We wrapped up our meeting at 3:00 pm and received an unofficial call from the head of their advertising department (a close personal friend of Susan’s) two hours later, letting her know that we were a lock to land their account. There were drafting a proposal at that very moment and would present it to ‘AD-on’ within the next day or two. Susan was so delighted she insisted we celebrate after dinner.

“Okay ladies, please excuse me, nature calls!” Jake says with a chuckle as he rises from his seat, draining the last ounce of his third beer before heading towards the men’s room.

As Jake turns away Susan leans over to me and says with a smirk, “He sure is cute! You are very lucky,” as if we are just girlfriends hanging out and she is not actually my boss.

“Yes he is,” I agree with her as we watch Jake’s cute butt walk away and turn the corner at the end of the hotel bar.

The alcohol is really doing wonders to break through her normal stone wall of professionalism or I’m sure she never would have made such a comment. I catch a hint of lust in her voice and a bit of drunken sway in her posture. I watch her and smile, thoroughly amused, the way sober folk often find inebriated people funny.

Personally, I never get drunk and I never lose control, at least not anymore. I’m slowly nursing my second drink of the night. I learned my lesson years ago. Sure, I may have a couple of drinks and I’ll allow myself to get buzzed, but I haven’t actually been drunk since my wild days at university.

Jake and I met on the job and have been dating for a little over a year now. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve dated more than my share of guys over the past few years and this is definitely the longest relationship I’ve ever had. Not only is he super cute, but he’s very talented and his wacky, inappropriate and offbeat sense of humor matches mine perfectly. Oh, and did I mention that he is abso-fucking-lutly awesome in bed!

Susan takes another sip of her drink. She is smiling, but I sense a touch of melancholy behind it.

I focus my attention back on her. “How about you? You dating anyone right now, Susan,” I ask nonchalantly even though I’ve been dying to know for awhile. I’d love to find out a little dirt on my new boss. She’s normally pretty tight lipped about her private life. The only thing I’ve heard from office gossip is that she went through a messy divorce a few years back.

“Who me, no, no, I’m much too busy,” she answers matter-of-factly, but I sense an undertone of regret. “I really haven’t had an opportunity since my divorce.”

I take a beat to process the implications of what she just said. She’s been single now for almost three years. Has she really been alone since then?

“Since your divorce?” I izmit escort say surprised. “But that was years ago. You haven’t dated anyone in all this time?”

Susan may be a little uptight normally, and can be a bit of a controlling bitch at times, but she is physically quite attractive and only in her early forties. I have no doubt if she applied herself she could easily have a number of suitors.

Maybe it’s the alcohol or maybe I’m just feeling a little vindictive after having to put up with her shit for the past couple weeks, but I mutter, “Man, I could never live without sex for that long!” I say it as if I’m thinking out loud, but I definitely want her to hear it.

“I do miss that too,” she says with a little laugh, “but it helps me to focus my energy into my work.” She does her best to say it with conviction but I get the feeling she is really just try to convince herself that’s true.

“Damn, I’d be climbing the walls after a month without sex and would’t be able to focus on work at all!” I confide in her. “I don’t know how you do it. What’s your secret to a sex free life?” I laugh.

Susan giggles, “A good vibrator and access to the internet! Oh my God, TMI!” She bursts out laughing.

I’m shocked that she is being this open, and deep down there is a devilish part of me that’s thrilled because I know she is going to feel pretty embarrassed in the morning! I’m really getting off on hearing that my normally robotic boss is a prisoner to lust and desires just like the rest of us.

I can’t resist trying to push her for more details.

“I have to admit, I love watching porn too!” I lie. I never watch porn and think it’s kind of gross actually, but I say it to bond with her, hoping she will confide in me. “Especially when I’m horny and Jake isn’t around. What kind of porn do you like?”

Please alcohol do your thing! Tell me something juicy, Susan!

I can see her blush even in the dim lighting of the bar and on top of her alcohol induced rosy cheeks. “Oh it’s too embarrassing! I couldn’t possibly say. It wouldn’t be appropriate!” she responds, but I get the impression that she is dying to tell me, she just needs a little prodding.

“Oh come on, we are both adults! It’s just us girls. Nothing wrong with a little porn as long as it doesn’t involve kids or animals, right!” I chuckle, playfully patting her arm.

“Oh God no! That’s disgusting!” she says looking horrified.

She scans the room quickly, “Okay, as long as this stays just between us girls,” she smiles wickedly. “Well, I guess my absolutely favorite thing to watch is fellatio, followed by threesomes, and I probably shouldn’t admit this, I’m not gay or anything, but I find large beautiful breasts very erotic!” she says giggling like a teenager.

“What do you like to watch?” She asks me with happy curiosity as she takes another sip of her drink.

What should I say? Should I be honest and boring or say something kinky? Of course I already know that I’m going to try my best to fuck with her head! I’m so evil sometimes!

I chuckle and say, “You promise this stays just between us right? You can’t even tell Jake?”

She agrees eagerly.

Actually, I can’t wait to tell Jake all about this. He’s going to crack up!

“Okay. Well I really love huge hard cocks! Especially black dicks!” I tell her excitedly.

I’ve never even seen a black dick before, but I thought it would be extra raunchy to throw that in.

“I’m not gay either, but secretly I really get off on lesbian porn! Something about seeing two women together is so hot!” I try my best to act embarrassed by my “little secret.”

I continue, “And, I don’t know about you but I love watching chicks receiving anal or girls fucking their boyfriends in the ass with a strap on!”

That’s fucking hilarious! I can’t even imagine Jake taking a dildo it in the ass! It’s so difficult not to burst out laughing! I can’t wait to tease Jake about this!

Susan is so excited by my revelations that she is leaning in closer and closer, hanging on to my every word and smiling at me intently, really getting off on my debauchery.

“Do you like to watch any of those things?” I ask her coyly.

“Oh my God yes! Alice, I had no idea you were so naughty!” she squeals with excitement. One of my greatest gifts is that I have that innocent, ‘all American, girl next door’ look. I’ve been told I look a lot like Sarah Michelle Gellar when she was my age. It does wonders to mask my devious wild side!

I should probably stop right there but I’m having so much fun teasing her that I can’t resist trying to come up with something that will really blow her mind! I try and recall any other depraved acts that I might have heard of.

I think back to a boyfriend I had in college who loved porn. I izmit kendi evi olan escort actually found it annoying and broke up with him because of it, ironically. I remember once, he insisted I watch some video of a woman that squirted when she came.

I was confused because it just looked like she peed on the guy that was fucking her to me. He said some people do like getting peed on but that’s called a “golden shower”. Supposedly this was actually cum from her orgasm squirting out, not pee. I didn’t understand any of it at the time, and I’m still not sure if these are real things or not, but I decide to throw them out there.

“Oh and I also love ‘golden showers’ videos and women having squirting orgasms!” I say beaming proudly.

She gives me a kind of shocked look.

Hahahaha! There it is! That’s the look I was hoping for!

Looking around slightly, making sure no one can over hear us, she says softly, “I’ll tell you a secret, my ex loved when I peed in his mouth, and…I squirt when I come!”

Touche! Game, set, match! Susan drops the mic and walks off stage!

Now it’s my turn to be dumbfounded! I stare at her speechless.

“Wow, I don’t know about you but I’m sooo horny!” Susan confesses. “It’s a good thing I packed my vibrator in my suitcase!” She cracks up. “Don’t leave home without it!”

Well, at least I can rub it in her face that I have a man and she doesn’t!

I laugh with her and joke, “Maybe I should just lend you Jake for the night!”

She laughs louder, “Yes please!

Now we are both laughing really hard. “Oh I bet he’d like that more than you!” I add.

She tops me with, “I really doubt that!”

We are still laughing hysterically when Jake returns. “What so funny? What’d I miss?” he says looking so cute and innocent that I give him a kiss.

“Oh nothing, just “girl” talk!” I say, as Susan and I continue to giggle.

“Well if this “boy” isn’t wanted why don’t I go get us another round,” Jake says cheerfully.

“Oh God no! I’ve had too much already! But I’d do anything for a glass of water!” Susan says giving Jake a sultry look.

Jake glances at me, his expression saying ‘What the fuck?’

You horny bitch! I think to myself. Well the jokes on you, because you’ll be in bed with your vibrator an hour from now, and I’ll be in bed with Jake’s big dick in me!

“I’d like one too hon, thank you.” I say to him with a wink.

Jake is off again to fill our order.

“Excuse me, I really need to use the loo,” Susan says, unsteadily attempting to stand but having to put one hand on the table and the other on my shoulder to prevent herself from tipping over. “Oh my, I’m so sorry, I think I’m more tipsy than I realized!”

I get up quickly and grab her elbow putting my other arm around the small of her back. “No worries, I’ll go with you,” I say.

I can see Jake looking over at us from the bar to see if I need a hand. I shake my head letting him know I have things under control and not to worry. Arm in arm, Susan and I head to the ladies room.


“Will you be okay?” I say to her as she opens the stall door.

“I’m fine now thank you, Alice.”

I step into the stall next to hers and sit on the toilet. Even above the music the bar provides to help mask the normal sounds of toilet activities, I hear Susan moan slightly as she pees forcefully into the toilet water. “Oh God, what a relief!” she adds.

It makes me think of our earlier conversation and can’t avoid picturing Susan peeing into some guy’s mouth. I don’t get it. Do some people really like that? I push the thought away and try not to think about it.

Later, after having washed our hands and as we stand next to each other facing the restroom’s mirror fixing our hair and freshening up our lip stick, I glance at her again but with a more discerning eye.

I hate to admit it but Susan keeps herself very fit and has a great body. Her bust is probably around a 34C (Ha! Got you beat there bitch! I’m a 34 DD) and her waistline shows no signs of a pouch or belly. Her butt looks pretty firm and nicely proportioned, but her legs, which are muscular and beautifully sculpted, are arguably her best feature. If that’s not enough she’s actually quite pretty, especially when she isn’t hovering over you, barking out orders and micro managing everything you do.

I’m not gonna lie, if I wasn’t smoking hot myself I’d be kinda jealous! I joke to myself.

What I am honestly jealous of is her wardrobe! Everyone of her beautiful, exquisitely tailored, incredibly expensive suits or piece of clothing, is meticulous crafted in places like Italy, France, and England, and are the perfect blend of executive professionalism and femininity with just the proper amount of sexiness to titillate.

I have no doubt that after years of dealing with the “old boy’s club” she’s learned how to take full advantage of her looks, giving herself an edge whenever possible, to help her navigate the still male dominated world of commercial advertising. She really knows how to dress to impress!

As for me, being 27, “artsy”, and sadly poor as shit (God damn you student loans!), my own personal style tends to be much more casual, and a blend of China mass produced fast fashion and thrift store found quirky gems. We may not have the same style but I can definitely appreciate the sharp sophistication and quality of her clothing.

“You know Susan, you are a very attractive and successful woman. You could easily have a bunch of guys fighting over you. If you’re having trouble meeting men, why don’t you try one of those internet dating sites. Everyone does it these days. It’s very easy and there’s no shame in it,” I explain.

She looks at me for a second before answering. “I know, I probably will at some point. It’s just that…well, I guess I’m just afraid of getting hurt again. My husband, my ex…he wasn’t a very nice person. He…he was rather abusive actually. I’m just not sure if I’m ready to let myself be…vulnerable again.”

Looking into her eyes I see past her powerful professional facade for the first time, catching a glimpse of her pain. I witness a damaged human being who has gone through some horrible ordeal and who is trying her best to be strong, doing what she can to rebuild her life.

Damn, I’m such an asshole!

I feel awful for teasing her earlier, especially now that I understand why she has been so emotionally distant. I may be a prankster a bit of a minx at times, but I’m not heartless and I’m definitely not cruel. I genuinely feel bad for her.

“Ohhh, honey!” I say, and step over and give her a hug, wrapping my arms around her, running my hands up and down her back. She is wooden at first, stunned I guess by my show of affection, but after a second or two reciprocates.

I reached out to Susan instinctively out of empathy for her pain, but standing in our embrace, the feeling of this voluptuous woman in my arms unexpectedly triggers a distant memory, forcing my mind to involuntarily race back more than half a dozen years to a certain end of term Holiday party thrown by my sorority, Alpha Sigma Sigma.

Most of that night remains a blur, my memories fragmented, like looking down at the broken pieces of a shattered vase and trying to picture its overall shape. I don’t think I was ever as drunk, before or since, as I was that night.

I do know I ended up making out with more than one of my sorority sisters over the course of that party. The next day, despite some wicked hangovers, we all laughed off most of what we did, chalking it up to drink, drugs and hormones (and a bit of sexual exploration).

In the sober light of day it was easy to laugh off most of the hazy, crazy, drunken shenanigans of the night before. Most but not all. Especially not that one “incident” that I never, ever, talk about. Not then, and not now.

Most of that I do remember.

I can still see Emma and I stumbling along, arm in arm searching for an unoccupied restroom.

I’d know Emma since freshman year, and although we were friendly we never really bonded until that night. She was very sweet and very cute but I often found her to be a little too ‘goodie two shoes-ie’ and a touch too religious for my taste. I can still hear her preaching celibacy until marriage and that was not something I ascribed too.

I remember she had just broken up with her long time boyfriend and had vehemently decided to really cut loose at that party. She said he had accused her of being “boring” and she was out to prove him wrong.

Looking back, I can recall seeing her smoking cigarettes earlier in the night which I found odd because I had never known her to be a smoker, and she certainly drank way more than she usually did, which really took her out of her shell (party drunk was the norm for me back then).

God, I had to pee so badly!

I remember us laughing hysterically as we roamed the halls of our sorority but I can’t recall what we found so funny. I guess when you are that drunk everything is either hilarious or depressing or pisses you off, depending on your personality.

Our search took us to one of the upper floors, away from the main body of the party, and I can still see us passing couples making out here and there, or engaged in random acts of sex.

I was never so relieved (literierally!) as when we finally found an available toilet because I was seriously afraid I was going wet myself! I remember woozily standing up after I finished peeing and pulling up my panties but stumbling into Emma’s arms because my jeans were still around my knees.

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