Aisle 12

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She noticed her first on aisle twelve. Her long blond hair was tied up in a ponytail and she was wearing light makeup. Her attire was a jean skirt with a slit up the front, and a white button down blouse. This mystery woman was very attractive and even though Kathy had never had feelings for another woman before, this woman was like a magnet to her. She was drawn to her.

In aisle eight they passed and Kathy could smell her sweet perfume. Kathy loved that scent. She couldn’t remember the name of it but she remembered that she loved it when she smelled it in the mall. She also knew that it was out of her budget.

In aisle seven, Kathy gave a cautious peek in the mystery woman’s direction as she was reaching for something that was on the top shelf. She repositioned herself and was impressed that this woman had chosen a healthy cereal instead of one of the more popular sugary ones. As the woman reached as high as she could to obtain the desired box, Kathy could see the woman’s waist and tummy as it peeked out from below her blouse. She was impressed with how flat the woman’s tummy was and for some strange reason, she wanted to reach out and touch her warm soft skin.

The woman glanced in Kathy’s direction and smiled. Kathy nervously smiled back and turned and quickly walked around to the next aisle. She felt flushed and aroused at the same time.

“What are I doing? I’m a married woman. This is wrong. Why do I feel like this?”. Kathy tried to sort through all these thoughts, feelings and desires that she was having. She wanted to go and talk to this woman, and at the same time, she wanted to run screaming out of the market. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Ok, just calm down. You are Ok. She is very attractive and that is ok. There is nothing wrong with noticing how another woman is attractive, right? But why do I feel this way?”

Kathy decided to quicken her pace. She wanted to go home. While these new feelings were very exciting, it also made her quite uncomfortable. She was not gay. She was not bisexual. She didn’t understand what she was. All she knew was that that woman that was now on aisle five was someone she wanted to hold and kiss and that confused her.

“Ok, the last think on my list are fruits and vegetables and I can get out of here.” Kathy looked down the aisle before continuing on. Good, there was no sign of her. She moved over to the fruit section and quickly grabbed some red apples. She then moved over to the oranges. The smell of orange and sweet perfume entered into her senses and she tensed up. The scent grew stronger. Kathy heard a wobbly shopping cart stop behind her but she was too nervous to turn around. She pretended to pick out a few more oranges.

Kathy reached out her right to pick out a nice, large orange. As her long fingers reached around it, a warm soft hand covered hers. She quickly turned to her right to see who had just invaded her space.

“Oh I’m sorry, is that yours?”

“My god, she is even more beautiful close up.” Kathy thought to herself. She quickly composed herself and said, “No, go ahead. I already have a few.”

The warm smile that appeared on the woman’s face melted Kathy.

“Do you like oranges?” Her voice was like of an angel that had just whispered into Kathy’s ears.

“Yes, I love them.”

The two ladies smiled at one another.

“Hi, my name is Leslie.” She held out her hand, hoping Kathy would accept it. They both shook hands and smiled again.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kathy.” Leslie’s hand was so warm and soft.

The two ladies quickly struck up a conversation. They realized that they had quite a bit in common. They both like to work out, they both liked to eat healthy, and they were both in the same line of work. They were both insurance agents. They also discovered that they were both redecorating their homes at the same time, and this is where Leslie saw her opportunity.

“Hey, I see your almost done shopping, why don’t you come over and see my new kitchen? Maybe it will give you some ideas for your home.” Leslie said with a huge warm smile.

Kathy paused for a minute. So many things were going through her mind. What would her husband think? What harm could there be in going? After all, she needed friends too, right? Who was this woman that was making her feel this way?

“Yes, I would love to come see your kitchen.” Kathy returned the warm smile.

They both finished shopping, but now they did it together. Kathy loved the sound of Leslie’s voice and as they walked they talked and talked. Kathy felt so close to this new stranger, this mystery woman. Leslie made her feel warm and comfortable. Kathy discovered that her new friend was also married and usually worked quite a bit, just like she had done on so many nights.. It was sheer fate that they were in the market together on this warm sunny day. Leslie decided to take a day off for a change and Kathy had decided to only work half a day. They were bahis firmaları both pleased that they would have the rest of the afternoon to spend together.

They paid for their groceries and quickly put them into their cars. Kathy followed Leslie to her home. She was quite impressed. It was a large home in a very nice neighborhood. There were flowers in the front yard and big green lawn. She could tell it had the loving care of a gardener. There was no way such a busy woman could maintain all of this herself. Kathy was impressed that this woman had achieved so much, and she was still a young woman.

Leslie waited for Kathy at the front door. She unlocked it and led Kathy in. The home was just beautiful. Kathy was very impressed. She learned that Leslie had decorated it all herself. She had wonderful taste. It was so warm and beautiful. Leslie then showed Kathy the kitchen. Kathy stood there in amazement. It was exactly what she had wanted to do in her own kitchen. She was taken aback by this woman. They were so much alike. This stranger was so warm and caring and at the same time, she was so sensual and beautiful.

As they talked Kathy stood next to the sink and leaned back against the counter.

“Oh where are my manners? Would you like something to drink?” Leslie asked apologetically.

“Yes, that sounds nice.”

“How about a glass of wine?”

Wine in the middle of the afternoon? Sure, why not, I’m no prude, Kathy thought to herself. “Yes please.”

Leslie smiled and walked across the kitchen, straight toward Kathy. Kathy, a little nervous as Leslie invaded her space, looked down, and let her brunette hair cover her face. Leslie slowed down when she was only inches away and then ever so slowly she pressed her body against Kathy’s. She pretended not think anything of it as her warm body pressed up against Kathy’s. Her left hand rested softly on Kathy’s right hip as her right hand reached up behind this attractive beauty. She reached up slowly and opened the cabinet that was behind Kathy and gracefully picked up a wineglass and gently set it on the counter.

Kathy felt butterflies in her stomach. “Why does this feel so right? She is another woman.”

Kathy could only think of one thing. She only wanted to kiss Leslie. The two bodies were softly pressed together and Leslie’s lips were so close. Leslie’s lips were full and painted in a perfect shade of pink. They called to Kathy.

Kathy could feel her nipples become hard as she felt Leslie’s body press against hers. Her body was so warm, and everything about her was attractive. Kathy could feel herself breathing harder. Only her husband had ever given her this feeling before. She had been with other men, but her husband made her heart pound and moved her. That is why she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. After dating for over a year, she still felt that way, every time she was with him. This woman was now giving her the exact same feeling.

Leslie picked out a second glass and looked into Kathy’s eyes, smiled warmly, and then placed the second glass onto the counter.

Kathy started to lean forward. She wanted to kiss her new friend, and the desire was too much for her to hold back any longer. Kathy suddenly felt overwhelmed. “I uh…I…ahem…I uh…have to call my husband.” She lied, she didn’t have to call her husband, she wanted to. She wanted to hear his voice and she needed some breathing room. Her face was hot and she needed some air.

She excused herself and slid to her right, her body grazing Leslie’s as she moved. She quickly took the cell phone out of her purse and dialed a very familiar cell phone number. She slowly walked to the den as the phone rang. She noticed how warm and elegant the den was. Fireplace, big comfortable pillows on the white sofa, and fresh flowers on the coffee table.

“Hi honey how are you?…I met a new friend today, she is really nice, she is an insurance agent like I am…yeah…she is redecorating her house like we are so I came up to see it, it is really, really nice.”

Leslie lightly walked over and handed Kathy a glass of Chardonnay. Kathy took a sip and the fruity wine washed over her dry tongue and mouth. She was nervous and the liquid eased her tension and washed away her nervousness. This time she took another sip, actually, quite a large gulp. She needed it.

“I’m getting some great ideas for our house…. Ok…yeah…sure…. Ok honey…. I love you too…um; I should be home in an hour or two…. Ok…ok talk to you later…bye”

Kathy felt more comfortable now. She was able to connect with her soul mate and he always managed to calm her nerves no matter what the situation was. She knew what she had to do. She had to remain loyal to him. There was no way she could cheat on him. She had to….

Leslie’s arms slowly moved around Kathy’s stomach, which completely broke her concentration and train of thought. She could feel breasts pressing into her back and it felt to warm and comforting.

Leslie kaçak iddaa held her tightly and whispered, “Only and hour or two? We’d better hurry then.”

The words and warmth melted Kathy. The soft warm kisses on her neck didn’t help her resistance any either. She stood there motionless, not knowing what to do. All she concentrated on was breathing.

Leslie’s hands slowly rubbed Kathy’s flat tummy. Neither woman had ever been with another woman, but they were both enjoying every second of this new territory that they were exploring. Kathy loved the way Leslie’s warm breasts rested on her back, and Leslie loved the way the side of Kathy’s breasts felt against her arms as she rubbed Kathy’s tummy. The two women were so much alike. There was this chemistry that the two women felt. They felt so close to one another.

“Um…. I’ve never done this before.” Kathy managed to whisper between deep breaths.

“It’s ok. Neither have I.” Leslie whispered into Kathy’s ear. Her lips then kissed the outer edge of Kathy’s ear, which completely melted her last inhibition. Kathy couldn’t take anymore. She quickly turned and the two women were now face to face and very close. Their arm instinctively wrapped around each other and their eyes locked on one another.

They slowly moved toward one another and their lips touched ever so softly. Time stopped. The earth stopped. The Universe stopped. It was just the two of them.

Their lips slid over each other and the taste was so sweet. They were the sweetest kisses that either had ever had. No man had every kissed either one of them so wonderfully. The kisses were sweet, warm and magnificent, soft and wet. The two of them loved to kiss and this was beyond wonderful.

Both of them were so used to telling their significant other to slow down, or be patient, but not now. Both of them cherished this special time together. They both were slipping away into a very special place. They were slipping into another realm, and another dimension. It is a wonderful place where people do not need to breathe, or eat. They were slipping into a place of ecstasy.

The two women where so entangled and wrapped up with passion that they hadn’t even realized that they were still standing in the middle of the living room with a picture window fully exposing their lustful exploration. Leslie was the first to wake from her erotic stupor when she happened to catch Mr. Jones, the neighborhood pervert, standing on his lawn pretending to water the flowers, but was missing badly because he was staring directly at the two new lovers.

“We are being watched.” Leslie said, almost out of breath.

“I don’t care. I want to be with you.” Kathy forced out between kisses.

“But my husband…” Leslie grabbed Kathy’s hand and quickly led her to the bedroom.

Leslie’s bedroom was just as Kathy would have expected. It was just so beautiful. The bed was a King sized bed on the far side of the room. It was so inviting. The colors were warm, yet the room was full of life. There was a dresser, which was very similar to the one Kathy had in her own bedroom. A full-length mirror stood in the corner and faced the bed. There were two nightstands and each held a novel that each spouse had started, but there was one thing that caught Kathy’s attention. There was a chair in the room that was near the bed. It was full and comfortable. A perfect place to read or have a cup of coffee in the morning. Kathy could see that a very pretty pair of panties and a bra was on this chair, but that isn’t what attracted Kathy’s eye. It was the way they were thrown onto the chair that she noticed. It appeared as if they had been carelessly thrown, like when a man cannot control his primal urges to be with a woman, and he removes these delicate garments from his girlfriend, wife, or lover, and tosses them aside so that he can enjoy the treasures that lie beneath such garments. The instant thought that Leslie had possibly made hot, passionate love with her husband just the night before drove Kathy wild.

Leslie turned to Kathy and the two quickly began to kiss again. The kisses were just so tender and loving. It was so much better then kissing a man.

Their lips parted and tongues introduces themselves in such a moist, warm way. The Chardonnay was still present enough for each other to taste. They pulled each other closer and their body temperatures increased as their tongues learned each other. They both noticed that a woman tastes sweeter then a man, and they wanted more of this wonderful sweet taste in their mouths. Their lips and tongues slid across one another and it was like silk rubbing silk. No, it was softer then that.

Their hands now started to explore. Their hands knew what a man felt like, muscular, hard, and strong. This all felt so new. The other was so soft, smooth, and so sensual. Leslie was the first to touch Kathy’s breasts over her blouse. Kathy’s nipples had been hard ever since Leslie pressed against her in the kitchen, kaçak bahis and now that this gorgeous woman was deliberately touching her, she was even more aroused. She placed her hands over Leslie’s and slowly moved them all over her chest and breasts. They both stared into each other’s eyes as Leslie felt Kathy’s hard nipples for the first time. Both women began to get tingly.

They began to kiss again. They kissed for 20 minutes, but it seemed, as if it were only two are three. They were totally lost in each other and it felt so good. There was no more thinking, only feeling.

Kathy was becoming less inhibited. She was intoxicated with Leslie’s kisses. Right now she couldn’t stop if she wanted to. She needed to drink her in, and consume her

Leslie was comfortable in her own bedroom and so she really started to relax. She reached up and slowly started to unbutton Kathy’s blouse. She unbuttoned it slowly, and never stopped kissing her as she did so. The blond slid her hands inside Leslie’s blouse and her hands softly caressed Kathy’s shoulders as the back of her hands pushed off Kathy’s blouse. Her hands then traveled down her new lover’s back and she quickly found the clasp that held Kathy’s bra securely on her luscious body. Leslie removed it in one quick motion and let Kathy’s warm soft flesh free from its captor. Both women allowed time and gravity to remove this beautiful bra from Kathy’s petite frame.

Leslie’s small hands felt so different then any other hands that had ever had the pleasure of feeling Kathy’s breasts, but it was such a nice difference. Because Leslie was a woman, she knew how to touch another woman. She wasn’t pinching a nipple too hard or squeezing them like someone was trying to make orange juice, rather, her breasts were being caressed in such a perfect way. Her nipples were softly being touched with the palm of Leslie’s hand, and her knees began to buckle from the sheer pleasure of it all.

Leslie leaned forward and whispered into Kathy’s ear. “Undress me. It’s ok. I want you too.”

Kathy licked her lips and then started to unbutton her new friends blouse as her friend continued to stimulate her nipples. The heat in the room was starting to rise and Kathy could not be as patient as Leslie had been. Her movements were a little faster. She wanted to see and feel her lover’s body. She quickly removed her blouse and bra, and for a moment, the two admired each other’s body. There was no jealousy, no catty feelings that welled up when they looked at other women. There was just admiration.

The two women moved forward, wrapped their arms around each other and kissed one another. They say that there is nothing as soft as a baby’s bottom. Both women would disagree at this moment. With warm, soft breast touching warm, soft breast, it was a feeling that was so wonderful, tender and perfect. The soft skin of each woman’s breasts was so welcome to the other, and it inspired the two women to new levels.

It has been said that when a person has their first kiss, that kiss is implanted forever in the brain and the person always tries to get that same feeling from every kiss thereafter, unfortunately, with every kiss that follows always falling short. These two women just kissed in such a way that it not only surpassed that first kiss, it became the kiss that they measured every other kiss too, for the rest of their lives. No other kiss would be as warm, romantic, full of feeling and passionate as the kiss they just shared together.

As the two women continued to kiss, their hard nipples danced over the other woman’s breasts. Occasionally, the erect nipples would find each other, which would send an intense burst of pleasure through each woman’s body.

The two women started to melt into one being. It was no longer two women kissing; rather, it was like one woman who knew how to fully please herself. Kathy and Leslie had never felt so much for another person. It wasn’t love though; they didn’t know each other long enough for this to be love. It was two women’s thoughts and feelings melting into one action of lust and tenderness.

Kathy rolled her head back and tried to catch her breath as Leslie kissed her neck, chest, and then breasts. Kathy closed her eyes and her lost all thought as Leslie’s warm moist mouth wrapped around Kathy’s erect nipple. Kathy rolled her head forward and wrapped her arms around Leslie. She felt so close to her right now. She wanted to be closer.

Leslie’s hands started to roam more freely as the passion of the two women came together and ignited like an intense fire. Leslie kissed Kathy’s soft neck as her hands reached down. She grabbed Kathy’s skirt and slowly pulled upward. Her fingers clenched the material as Kathy kissed her neck in return. She reached for Kathy’s soft ass but the material from the skirt kept falling in her way

Kathy reached behind herself and unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. Only her black thong remained on her thin frame. Leslie now touched that soft skin that she had been craving. Her ass was so perfect. It was so round and soft. She slowly reached around as far as she could but she could not find what she was looking for.

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