Adult Situations Ch. 31-32

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Chapter 31 — Wedding, Part II

Roy Marten and Daryl Wills had apparently teamed up at Crystal’s suggestion. She wanted to be DPed on her wedding night, and chose those two young hunks to do it.

Roy and Daryl were friends and lovers of Maitland and Jackie, respectively; both women that I’d had fabulous fuck sessions with as Crystal Blue Photography made ‘private porn’ videos for the women to present to their husbands for some special occasion. They were at the wedding, but I didn’t see them much. I knew that Carol was talking to both women about making their videos public on a commercial porn site.

Crystal was lying back in one of the living room armchairs, with Roy’s cock in her ass, and her legs spread wide over the arms of the chair. Daryl was in front of her, feeding his cock into her gaping cunt. From the look of ecstasy on her face, I knew she had become the Mayor of Slutville that night. I’d seen her earlier with two other men, fucking like her life depended on it. She seemed to be getting around rapidly to the male population at the house. Of course, others were taking a break to watch the arousing double penetration of the new bride. I hoped she was starting a trend for future weddings.

The two men were moving slowly in and out of her body and my new wife was making long, low, growling sounds that suggested she wanted to eat the men up after they’d fucked her raw. She was, however, not the praying mantis type.

The female holding my hand said, “That’s your new wife, right?”

I chuckled, “Yep, she sure is. She loves to fuck, and getting DPed is not anything new for her except for it being her wedding night.” I broke into laughter.

Elynn smiled, “I might like to try that some night. I only did anal sex for the first time about two weeks ago with Paul.” Paul was a man that worked in the same investment house with my father and Elynn. I found out that she worked there, too, as a business analyst.

I sympathized with Elynn. The poor girl had a physical problem that probably had people discounting her skills and capabilities. Elynn was built like a brick shithouse, and was another woman I’d met recently that had the intelligence of a Mensa meeting. She was sharp as a tack, remembered every detail of anything she saw, did, or read, and had nearly instantaneous recall.

Elynn was in her late twenties, just a couple of years younger than me — probably about the same age as Crystal. She had a model’s face that made her very photogenic, a point Crystal had commented on earlier that evening when we were all standing together drinking wine.

When Elynn was standing facing you, part of her body was much nearer to you than the rest — her breasts and pert nipples. At least for the wedding reception and orgy gala that evening, she’d opted to wear a nearly translucent cocktail dress with nothing underneath except a thong. Staring at those beautiful orbs of tit flesh with the large areolas turned me on, and we’d both explicitly said we’d get together later.

I asked, “So, are you and Paul an event?”

“Nope, just fuck buddies. We’ve never done any serious dating — a dinner or lunch here and there. Our prime attentions are elsewhere, I guess.”

After a pause, Elynn asked, “Do you like my tits?” She had a coy smile.

I chuckled and grinned, “I love your tits, but I do want to get to know the person displaying them so graciously to me.”

Elynn smiled, “Thank you. You’re one of the rare guys that doesn’t just want to motorboat me, maybe get a tit fuck, cum on my knockers, and then dispose of me.”

“I kind of feel sorry for your situation at work or socially. I bet you have trouble getting people’s attention. Paul said you were really nice. I hope my father has behaved himself, too.”

She nodded, “Men and women pay me attention as you suggest. Paul and Ross are two that see the inner me as well as my boobs, but they don’t let my tits get in the way of what we’re there to do for our clients. I have thought about breast-reduction surgery. I’m still thinking about it.”

“Maybe you just need a better crowd of friends that don’t think of you in a singular way. You’re multi-dimensional, like the rest of us.”

She continued grinning, “Multi-dimensional with big tits. I sure hope you like to suck on them and do some serious fondling and pinching. They are a source of pleasure for me, and I kind of like some of the attention — when the time is right. All tonight is right, by the way.”

Elynn and I adopted a chaise near the edge of the pool. We sixty-nined for a while. I rather liked feeling her large breasts against my stomach area as she sucked on me and I ate her sweet pussy. I focused on her fine and carefully manicured cunt.

As we made love, Elynn would feed me her breasts, encouraging me to suckle the nipples and large areola. Since Crystal and Trish were much smaller, the time with Elynn was a treat. Kim had large breasts, even enhanced to keep their great and youthful bahis siteleri shape. Carol was also pretty well endowed. Elynn topped them all. She could bury my head between them.

“Do you want to cum on my tits?”

I kissed her again, “I want to cum wherever you want me to cum. I may not squirt too much at this point in the day. Like you, I’ve been with some other people today, including my new wife.”

“You don’t mind her fucking other men?” I thought about that quick turn in conversation. I saw her high IQ coming into play. She could process multiple conversations and topics simultaneously.

I shook my head. “I know that we’re committed to each other. We’re also pretty good communicators and we don’t hide emotions or concerns from each other. We have talked out the various polyamorous and swinging situations that are evident here, and are not worried about doing this or our future together. Those two things are well integrated into our lives in a compatible way.”

Elynn observed, “Ross is your father, and he married Crystal’s sister, and you swap partners back and forth. I think that is so cool. I wish I could find a romance like that. I don’t have a sister or brother to contribute to a relationship mix, however.”

I shrugged even while thrusting into her tight fuzzy pussy. “Don’t give up the idea. Even look around here. I’m guessing that half the men here are not tied to any particular partner. In fact, what are you doing with me? You should be with someone that has more potential to be in your life in a significant way.”

Elynn rolled her eyes. “You just proved my point to myself, namely that I’d get some of the best conversation and responses from a liberated married man in a flexible relationship. I think your advice and adages are worth remembering.”

“I’m honored,” I chuckled. ‘You may be the first to think that. Even I have trouble with what I say. Most of it isn’t worth repeating.” We laughed.

The F-F-M threesome on the chaise next to us finally ended after everyone had an orgasm: Greg, Molly, and Kit. They headed off towards the patio bar, and I heard them talking about finding new partners for another encounter. Young Derek and Jade quickly replaced them on the chaise. Jade was asking him to keep going until she pleaded with him to stop. Derek could just keep fucking and fucking, and cumming and cumming, nonstop.

Jade and her new husband Carl had hired Crystal Blue Photography to film and photograph their wedding, as well as the ‘consummation process’ after the reception that also involved the best man and matron of honor, as well as Crystal and me. Their wedding became an inspiration for what we could do with ours.

After we’d fucked some more, Elynn said, “There’s a lot of stuff happening here tonight that I’ve never done before. I want to do it all again and again.”

I chuckled as I spooned in behind Elynn and fed my cock into her twat from behind. I could use both hands and fondle those gorgeous mammaries and kiss her neck. As I did all that, she purred in great contentment.

I told her, “The first time is an experiment. The second time is to be sure you really liked it. The third and all future times means you want it become a habit. What’s been new for you?”

Elynn was holding one leg up, displaying our genital connection to Derek and Jade, and anybody else that looked towards the pool.

Elynn said, “I’ve fucked four men tonight — so far; that doubles the number of men I’ve ever had sex with. You’re number eight in my life. I’ve never fucked in a group setting before, and I do find it sexy, arousing, interesting, and idea generating. I’ve never touched another woman before in a sexual way, but a little teenager named Madison ate one man’s cum from my drippy pussy, and then I ate her out because she was in the same condition. Ergo, I’d never tasted cum before tonight, either direct from the source or second-hand from a teenage cum bucket. That’s what Madison called herself — a teenage cum bucket. I like that concept, too. I may work on that for myself. She further astounded my by pointing out her mother getting plowed raw by some guy two chaises away from us.”

Elynn had spit out that entire paragraph in almost one breath. She took a huge gulp of air, and went on, “More than that, though. Those are some of the ‘actions’ that I did. I’ve had all sorts of ’emotions’ that I’ve never felt, and I like some of those, too.”

I teased, “You felt like a slut.”

Elynn leaned back, studied me over her shoulder, and kissed me. “You’re right. I did and I do, and I like it. I like being a nymphomaniac. Maybe fucking four different guys in one evening did it, but it pushed me over the edge. I don’t want it to stop.” She giggled, “I need cock. I need cum. I need pussy. I need sex. All this started when Paul was fucking me three weeks ago and then asked whether I’d like to go to a real sex party — an orgy. He then spent the rest of the evening telling me what it would be like, and I’ve been revved up sexually canlı bahis siteleri ever since.”

I again teased, “So, you masturbated a lot.”

“Six sets of batteries tell you anything. Normally, I was doing two sets over a year, instead of six sets in three weeks. Even at work! Fuck yes, I’ve been so horny just thinking about your wedding and this after-party.”

“Oh, the after-party really starts at breakfast or sun up. Since it’s still dark, this is still the wedding reception. Some people, I suspect, might not ever go home.”

Elynn teased, “I might be one of them.” I was sure she looked at me to see whether I approved. I did. I kissed her to emphasis the point.

“Fine with me. I think you’d fit in well with the other children. We all play well together. Just hang out with all of us. That will also give you fucking rights, and probably get you all the sex you could possibly want. Of course, there are the relationships that you’ll find and build — non-trivial ones.

“Since Ross and I met Crystal and then Trish, it has been a rare night that it is just the four of us. Some weeks there has always been somebody around. Carol, of course, has really moved in with us, and I don’t think of counting her as an outsider any more. She’s become like our other wife, and I’ve been thinking of doing something to formalize that.

“Kim Stanley hangs out with us a lot. If she’s not traveling somewhere in the world, she’s apt to be here on the patio, naked and on the phone putting a deal of some kind together. She tends to spend more time with Ross and Trish, but is also with the rest of us.

“The teens — Wendy, Derek, Lisa, Harley, and Madison — also seem to like it here at the house. Harley is the newest of that clique. He’s Lisa’s classmate and is as loaded with sex hormones as the rest of them. Heck, as all of us. He has a high IQ, like you.

“I could go on, but the point is that we run a constant ‘open house’. If you like us, we’ll like you. We’re especially accepting of people with a set of knockers that put you in the upper 0.01% of the female population. We care for the person, not their physique. Look around you. Yes, there are beautiful people here, but quite a few of us are pretty normal, and even chunky here and there. There’s no formal invitation that’s needed. You don’t need approval ahead of time. Just be here when you want. You’ll be welcomed and included. If you decided to live here, we’ll find you a bedroom. No one will challenge your presence. That’s about all the invitation you’ll get — and that covers drop-ins or overnights or even permanent residence.”

Elynn and I went at it some more. It was very romantic actually. I felt we were inspiring Derek, who, best I could tell, came four times in Jade before she stopped him after a massive earth-shaking orgasm. By then Elynn and I were just cuddling and kissing. I was definitely heading into recovery mode again.

Eventually, Elynn and I went to the bar area. She went off with a new man named Sean that I didn’t know and who was a friend of Stacy’s. I connected with a pretty older woman named Jill Timms.

Jill was married to a flight instructor that specialized in corporate jets. She worked in the city library. She also fucked like a mink, meaning that she was energetic, well beyond her more mature age. She loved to kiss and do oral things. We spent about twenty minutes just doing all the things we could think of with our lips and tongues. They went everywhere on the other’s body.

Jill was impressed when I ate her out, despite the presence of several loads of cum. She confessed to a swim and pool shower a couple of partners earlier, but she’d again become ‘polluted’ before we hooked up — her word, for it. I loved surprising my partners with that particular kink.

Jill and I were in the living room on one of the long sofas. We weren’t alone. Carol was engaged on another sofa with a guy deep in her pussy — very deep and trying to get deeper. He was hung, too. I learned his name was Aaron, and that he was a friend of Sheri Rawls. Sheri was the first of the ‘private porn’ clients of Crystal Blue Photography to put her video up on the Internet for public consumption. Aaron was one of her steady lovers, and according to her, he loved to give copious quantities of orgasms and cum to his lovers. Ergo, he was right up Carol’s alley.

On the adjacent love seat in the living room, Cory Thomas and Stacy Landry (Madison’s mother) were also having intercourse. Their lovemaking was like watching two sloths in slow motion. A quick glance and you’d think they weren’t moving, but they were really taking their time and feeling every part of every inch of every stroke of his cock into and out of her clutching body. They appeared to be very romantic with each other, as well.

My partner Jill looked the role of the little librarian. She’d been a pure brunette, but was getting some gray hair filtering into the mix. She wore no make-up, although I didn’t think she needed it, and wore large canlı bahis round glasses. She was pretty without needing to doll up with expensive cosmetics. Her cheeks had a natural rosy glow. She was also on the small side.

Jill was also hornier than a Louisiana tree toad in the springtime. Horny, as in, “Oh, God, Dave; I love your cock pumping all that man meat into my little hot cunt. I hope when you cum, you fill up my twat with your splooge and then maybe your new bride will come along and eat it all out of me.” That kind of horny.

Jill knew a lot of dirty talk and used it all to advantage of making me really aroused. I guess librarians read a lot. “This is the best fucking party that I’ve ever been to. I love that there’s no masking why we’re all here — no pretense. If I want to fuck somebody, all I’ve needed to do is ask. I love to fuck — did I tell you that already. I’m sure I told others. I love cocks like yours sawing into my cunt, and the more cum they put in there, the better.”

I teased, “Oh, then you should come around here when we’re really worked up and horny.”

Jill looked at me funny. “Do you really do this ALL the time?”

“No, we need to sleep, eat, and do some work so we can afford to do this the rest of the time. Otherwise, the answer is yes.”


“We are a very sexual group of people. Ross claims we’re all hypersexual. About a quarter or third of the people here are guests of our regular partners. We seem to be adding in people though. There’s no specific requirement in order to hang out with us, and there’s no invitation. You just show up and hang out. Sex is sooner or later on the agenda, but we do want to really know the person in the end. We want to make love and not just fuck.”

“So, Adam and I could come by any time?”

“We work during the day and sleep late at night, otherwise, yes. Weekends are a little better because we’re mostly around all the time.”

“Be careful what you wish for,” she said in a humorous aside. I did wonder what the post-wedding attendance at our Saturday evenings would be like.

“Adam would love this as a steady diet. He’s worried that he’ll start to fade soon, so I’m sure he’s thinking about getting in his last licks. He hasn’t had to resort to chemistry yet, but that’s always an option. His philosophy has become to use it or lose it.”

“How’d you get started in this lifestyle,” I asked her.

“Adam and I were dating in college together. I was over at his apartment one day and we were fucking like bunnies when his roommate came back from a cancelled class. He watched us for a bit, expecting Adam or me to tell him to get lost, only we never said anything. We let him watch.

“Bart, Adam’s roommate, realized he wasn’t going to get kicked out of the room, so he started to rub his pants. I motioned him over and I took over for him. Pretty soon, I unzipped his pants and undid his belt. Out popped this nice big cock that was already aroused from watching us. Adam was still pumping into me. We were laughing.

“I started to suck on Bart, and Adam thought that was hot. I checked with him before I got started. Pretty soon, Bart was as naked as we were. When Adam finished cumming in my little twat, Bart moved right into position and gave me a nice long fuck that ended with lots of cum adding into my small receptacle. After he pulled out, I sat and oozed out jizz as they watched me and stroked themselves back to hardness.

“They took turns fucking me the rest of the day and evening, until we were all too tired to move. I loved it, and told them that I wanted a steady diet of that kind of sex. I didn’t have to convince them. That started my favorite semester in college.

“There were other men that got included — not a crowd, just some other close friends. I also brought in my roommate, a girl named Loretta, and we’d spend part of everyday fucking like crazy. There were other girls that came and went, too. We did that until we all graduated.

“Adam proposed to me just before we finished college. He’d been Air Force ROTC, so had a commitment to serve. I thought it’d be cool to be a military wife, so we got married that summer, right before he started his tour of duty and all that. Of course, I went with him to various bases he was stationed at, at least in the states.”

I commented, “So, you stopped the swinging?” I kind of knew the answer.

Jill laughed, “FUCK NO! The Air Force turned out to have a hornier and better-organized group of swingers than anything we knew about in college. Being the youngest and not bad looking, we were sucked right into a group that lived in base housing. We were always fucking somebody other than our spouse. One time, I went two weeks and didn’t fuck Adam, but we were both having sex with one or two other people every day. It was wonderful. I was so full of cum some days that I thought I burst.

“Adam did some combat duties overseas, and came back with several thousand hours of flight time under his belt. He became an instructor for the guys transitioning to jets. He loved it and was exceptional at it. He also did some special charters, even flying the vice president a couple of times in Air Force 2. We even stayed in for another tour.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32